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Free music

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 07:57 PM
Hey I just posted a guitar instrumental of mine Candlelight.

Give it a listen... I am making it a free download for ATS friends.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 01:31 AM
Really great.

Anyone who clicks, would be doing themselves a disservice, if they don't listen to the rest of your selections as well. Well done!

Gotta like that "Funky Cat" too.

Your arrangements remind me of some of Satch's early stuff.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by spacedoubt

Hey thanks man! I really appreciate that. I love Satch and Vai and company!

Bigwhammy --> whammy bar - get it?


posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 06:23 PM
Oh yeah, I got it.

Bump, so more people get a chance to hear some BTS talent.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by spacedoubt

Strats and Gibsons and well lots of guitars... I get GAS gear acquisition syndrome

This my main axe now...

The coolest thing now is recording gear. What used to cost a fortune in a pro studio is peanuts now because of computers... 10 years ago you couldn't get that quality w/o a lot of money

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 08:58 PM
Wow, that is a beautiful guitar.
The finish is outstanding.
They call the the "flame" don't they? That wood pattern.

I used to play a lot..hours a day. Acoustic mostly, but I do have a Tele-copy.

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 10:39 PM
That is Hawiian koa wood and yes that's a flame pattern...
usually its flame maple that you see. That is a pretty special guitar made by Taylor, who usually makes acoustics. It will sound like any guitar you can imagine, from acoustics to heavy rock. It is semi hollow as well. Teles are cool. I've owned 2 or 3 myself. Great work horse guitars... almost everyone in Nashville plays one.

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 06:56 AM
Very nice, wish I could play. I have guitars, cant play though.

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