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Join vs become

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 08:31 PM
Would you rather join or become anything else until a certain goal of your's is accomplished?

Picture if you will the birth to a re-enforced superpower subconsciously called "I am" or "Am I" by many. Picture it that way for temporarily till the matter is resovled.

Planted? No! Bought? No! Sold? No! Built? No! It's simply unplanned and will just activate live like a freestyle for many's brightest hour over a dark one.

The matter deals with the unlawful ppl operating up the latter from law enforcement to etc in government aspects. And it deals with a paranormal matter turned evident by the unlawful some in operation. For things are overseen where another hand watches the other.

The West (the U.S.) may fork over it's full authority and body to another country temporarily. It'll be the West (the U.S.) turned there, here! Implying here will turn into there the East (Russia) as far as authority goes. For there then rise true "I am"s or "Am I"s by live programmers.

By the way, what might relate is that the g.o.a.t. promised Death Row East. He mentioned along the lines of: You believe in God? Believe in Death Row East.

^^In God has to do with being God as a person standing on this earthly ground. Death = Birth

Anyhow, the clue is whom is in an I am or Am I. So far a few believe our government (or an aspect of our government should I say) is running "I am" or "am I" tactical tricks with messages from Osama Bin Ladin. Even the coverage about the ship provoked a while ago could be an "I am" or "am I" trick. The part in an aspect of our government running remote viewing as an intelligence should know where Osama is. Like what in hell are they doing if they dont know? The only answer is they been behind Osama because Osama is one of them.

You want to know just who they learned "I am" or "Am I" from? Ha! I wont say with the brain to teach a whole nation. Well the "I am" or "Am I" manifests into a full power far from being a trick anymore as you may come to find out in due time.

In Dan to the Gospel the he g.o.a.t.'s horn points to "the" of the sacred place right by YOU (non-paranormal ppl) live. A point signifies the top aswell, does it not? The point will shatter the sacred place.

Substitute Christ in "saying, I am Christ" with anything else that has a name (be it a person, place, or thing) and you'll get it. We're dealing with the paranormal vs us. "Seperation is self-destruction. What's needed is unification"--the g.o.a.t. The I am or the Am I is a final chapter of the unification authority wise as a power over the paranormal persons. If another owns your body or has authority over your body, then whom is an "I am" right there.

The birth of the paranomal that's as every man that is far from being paranormal.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 08:50 PM
Hey there. I don't know if it is just me or not but I am having a hard time trying to understand what it is exactly you are trying to say. If you can could you please try to explain what it is you are tying to get across, a few bullet points or something.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 09:39 PM
"Promise if I have a seed--O my God, I'm right!"--the goat on blasphemy

^^The seed is the promise of a birth about Death ("Birth") Row East. I'm right = "I am" right. if = hypothetically. The paranormal is hypothetical in how it can be concluded along side other overseen loop hole evidence.

If one person is in one room and on another floor is someone else in a different room, and yet the one person in the one room mentions what that someone else is doing in a different room without humanly being in their presense and without any cameras, then what else is there to conclude? There is your evidence humanly concluding the hypothetical unhumanly aspect. When you oversee that you know what you're dealing with. You're dealing with a person being some other person to know things to where someone else is. The middle person is unseen when awake and is God. Though what God? And what kind of God is working for that person as a spy of some sort?

Do the math and you'll understand the paranormal ppl are as foes in the sacred place. That middle (second) person causes the "whom" to become of you when you mistakenly think you're by your lonely. And all dreams are by the paranormal ppl that got you buried in the paranormal person of them. What's a person consist of? Look into my other topic called consist of or how the person is in hell. Then you'll understand. So if you do have dreams then you are buried. Your esteem gets stolen or turned into different esteem by the paranomal person(s) effecting you whenever.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 10:56 AM
"I saw Arnold Swordzenegger bust somebody in the movie, now I wanna do it too."--the goat

Aint that guy Arnold Russian whose now the governor of Cali?

somebody = so close me close body. So the goat was referring to Total Recall where that fat woman body Arnold was under started acting up on him to where he then took the head off, threw it, and it exploded.

The goat knew about the paranormal obviously and is written about in the very book called Daniel just as well as me. The he goat is the g.o.a.t. His horn is me as a point person. Rough was the he goat, but smooth is the horn inbetween the eyes when you think deep on it. The goat did things rough, I do things smooth. Ha! The rough life turned the smooth life just like Christ turned the Apocalypse.

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 03:41 PM
The I am East (Russia) will be born (given birth). It will be raised by the I am West (the U.S.).

"Though I'm East coast born, I'm west coast raised"--the goat

^^The line appear on a track that was away from the 7 day theory. It's kind of thought of as the 13th track since the 7 day theory has only 12 tracks. The goat died on the 13th and it's like this track with the line in it is as implying born or given birth actually rather than given a death to.

The track is seperate for a reason. The paranormal ppl will understand the seperate action that's different than anything prior action used as a tactic.

Where the goat passed was a seperate locaction than Cali. And the state he passed in has battle "born" written on its flag. See Nevada state flag.

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posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 08:52 PM
For the U.S. Russia is as a country taking then far journey which left its power, defined as gave authority to (that in brief) its servants, defined as to (that in brief) every man its work, defined as commanded "the" president to (that in brief) watch (wait attentively).

Watch (Wait attentively) the self (the ego) there close fore: for the self (the ego) know that the master the power summer close the host, at even, turned at mid close night, turned at the cock close crowing (understanding), turned being the morning:

Being case summering suddenly whom find all (You that are the paranormal and as the self/ego it concerns) sleeping.

Request I write to (that in brief) all (the paranormal) I write to (that in brief) all (the paranormal), Watch (Wait attentively).

1st and last as the 5th addition to the 4 is just the request. Wont be a requestion in this case. It's maxium overload as the reason. The goat said 5 at max in hate mail he received. The other end of a pointed horn is wider and sounds off to the highest who was as the he goat in flesh and is as me in the flesh as well.

Who is as if on the pointed end of me (the horn) as though sounding through me and because of me to the highest? The president of the West.

The president of the East of the then country here-to-there come coming is as a born leader. The appointed president! Authority by the East will flood the authority of the West till the matter is over.

The matter will finally be over once the highest does the key task for us and as us even. Watch!

The paranormal will be cast into hell fire for whatever in hell they thought it was worth by being wicked. Let this sink in, paranormal watchers.

Sleeping means not doing a job. The person who comes has full access by the president (aka the porter/door keeper). The paranormal shall know the sent "am I" 'ever close hell' on this planet to that planet that's a star.

We going all out!

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 08:57 PM
This reads like a random-cohesive content generator, like spam mail uses... Maintains a disjointed content but beyond that....

Kind of like that paper that was published a few years ago using random scientific sounding terms but really meant nothing-to prove nobody paid attention to the substance of what was being published...

posted on Mar, 22 2008 @ 11:43 PM
Arnie is a german/austrian. And yes he is the governator of california. Even your analogies are confusing not because you're so smart but because of a common writing mistake. You fail to distinguish the 2 or 3 people in seperate rooms. Maybe you should give them names label rooms. Like colonel mustard with the knoose in the kitchen.
I'm gonna reread this stuff it's like trying to solve a puzzle could be fun.

Just wanted to add after reading a post it would seem. That Mabus is defining the word define in the paranthesis and defining the word watch. I find this freaking awesome.

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 11:40 AM
The paranormal left right infront of the other paranormal that watch the president. The president realized evidently the humanly not (concerning who left the apprehension in some other way) by hypothetical paranormally not. All that is realized to be encasing the president as a problem to the president. The paranormal witness the president summering as on to them or something should I say.

I'm meaning the president of the West. The invasion is seen clear as day that surrounds the president.

The encasing will be left. Every person will see. For the glory the East will have these paranormal ppl encasing buried. Say good-bye to rules to war or else it would have been the UN. Instead it'll be Russia. "Switched sides guess his new friends wanted him living."--the goat

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 01:30 PM
What does "g.o.a.t." stand for?

What, specifically, is the "I am" or "Am I"?

Join vs Become till goal reached? How about neither?

What is your definition of "God"?

"In Dan to the Gospel the he g.o.a.t.'s horn points to "the" of the sacred place right by YOU (non-paranormal ppl) live."
--- Are you referring to the book of Daniel in the Bible?
--- points to "the" of the sacred place -- do you mean "points to the sacred place" -- "the" has no direct object since it's followed with the preposition "of"

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by OmniVersal

G.o.a.t. = Greatest of all time.

The I am or Am I is something or someone another can become.

God = conscious alien mystery person. A person you dont see by you awoke that can be noticed by other senses when present. God is of an alien being's created energy. What's God doing alien working for the paranormal aliens come to live as the person in some ppl tells you it's a foe that can be sinister or whatever. Remember someone being evil knows how to give good gifts. That's even how they blend in and infiltrate certain aspects of government till they can come out the closet to do wicked things to ppl they encase physically and superphysical.

Book of Daniel is correct.

"the" is next to what wont be told by me. The "the" itself is as first/last entry/exit of the paranormal encasing ppl that are far from paranormal. Therefore "whom" is in the working. The whom become is as an I am or Am I and there will be another to come inside that first/last entry/exist by the porter (the president) who is already encased. The president has power to hand over authority in the kind of situation Daniel and the Gospel describe. Daniel and the Gospels go together like an easy puzzle.

[edit on 23-3-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 02:20 PM
In Dan 7 the second beast is like a bear with ribs in it's mouth. Look on a world map and you notice Russia shaped like a bear with ribs in what looks like a mouth part.

No coincidence because the rest of the beasts mentioned in Dan 7 have shapes to countries also. Though I'll leave it up to the readers to do some work themselves.

Leopards are spotted and have tails. The U.S. is spotted by it's many states and has a batch of island out in the pacific like a tail. The fowl on it's back is the invasion of the paranormal obvious as day.

As for the lion looking beast (Europe) it had wings of an eagle (U.S. related missle shield ring a bell? And those other countries that look like wings for it on a map) but those wings were plucked up. Plucked up by? Russia has a problem with that whole U.S. missle defense sheild thing, remember?

I'll leave it at that.

How did the author Daniel know a country would have the shape of a bear, and etc? Makes you go hmmm. Makes you think that you are actually reading what's by the highest being. It's the highest being vs God, by the way.

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Thanks. Here are some more questions.

The I am or Am I is something or someone another can become.

Are you referring to paranormal possession, individual transcendent potentiality, or something else entirely?

God = conscious alien mystery person.....

Your definition of God would be a "good alien" then? Whereas the "bad aliens" will infiltrate your mind and tell you "God" (good aliens) are actually bad? And that the bad aliens use "good gifts" to entrap the minds of the non-paranormal (physical people)?

"the" is next to what wont be told by me.

A paranormal alien infiltrates the body of the president and then hands power over to Russian?

posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by OmniVersal

It's like living clothing encasing you. In that case the living clothing is as the "I" (or as the "Am") while you are as the "am" (or as the "I"). That makes up the "I am" or "Am I" altogether. It's a "whom" then instead of just a solo "who".

The clothing is paranormal in a sense that you either possess it or it possesses you. When you possess it you are in control. How is it possible to possess the paranormal? By what's with God. All things are possible "with" God. What's "with" God is the actual human body which an alien operates as while living here. By the human body can the alien as it get caught up, captured, etc. That's how to be in possession of the paranormal by getting it by its roots or main part it cant be here entrapping another without.

Infiltrate doesnt have to mean cause another to do anything. There is mind control, but it is far from being that strong. Infiltrated though is this West country by far by the paranormal ppl. The paranormal ppl encase ppl with God in a fore way, and then, tend to look to encase ppl by doing things physically with the human bodies they (the aliens) live as.

So the president can hand over power and access as an own solo decision to another person when precieving an infiltration in the government up the ladder. The president could do this because of the infiltration surrounding him in his very own government when perceived as about to get him. Who the person is that gets handed over the power would get defined as appointed by many.

Once the matter that is as a grave danger/problem is taken care of, then the temorary hour to cleanse things should be turned off. Though one never knows how long it'll take when dealing with wickedness that wont stop. Though the highest will step in to once and for all rid the problem by casting God and God's reapers (the aspects living as humans--which is the potent aspect) into the sun (the furnace fire aka hell fire).

Ha, God is good turned evil when it desires to by the reapers. The reapers are as a tree that bares corrupt fruit. Therefore is that tree known by its fruit as wickedly corrupt.

The reapers can make God as the sacred ghost feel good to any person in chruch or anywhere else. Though in the dark, behind the scenes, they make God as the sacred ghost feel wicked by harming and disrespecting ppl with it.

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