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Triangle Ufo recorded in Copacabana Brazil

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posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:01 PM
This is getting interesting. A new triangular Ufo video has been released
in Brazil and it looks very similar to the one from Pasco. The footage
was taken on February 1, 2008 by a young man inside his apartment
in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

The video gets better as the witness switched the camera to nightshot.
There are references and a posible second Ufo to the left, saucer in

Here is the link to the video.

The witness wrote: This is one of the most impressive things I've seen
in my whole life. It left me paralyzed. Thank God I was fine after some
minutes but I don't want to experience something like this anymore.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:14 PM
yeah, looks a lot like the pasco sighting.

except for the lack of rotation, it's uncanny.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:34 PM
Wish I could understand what he's saying...but thanks for posting it on here, very interesting. After watching the Fox News clip yesterday of the other triangle sighting, it's odd the similarities yet dissimilarities. The Fox news clip is the only clip I have personally seen where the orange/red light seems to move around independently of the rest of the object...anyone else?

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by SecretGoldfish

I was thinking the same thing!

Can anyone translate?

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:40 PM
It seems to me that he switches his nightvision on but then points the camera down,then he switches it back off,and then points his camera back to the object again.
Why did he do that.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by thethirdofthestorms

Yes I noticed that as well, and the bars, were those a balcony or railing if so, why is he filming through them and not over them, if indeed it's a waist high balcony? Perhaps bars covering the whole window?

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posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by LateApexer313

It looks like the entire window is covered with bars.
The object doesn't seem to be moving an inch.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 04:05 PM
I don't think it moved, whatever it was, neither it was getting closer, as the guy says. It looks like he just zoomed in and said it was getting closer.

Someone on YouTube asked him to film the same area during the day.

My translation (I am not sure about some things because I did not understood it well).


From his apartment in south area of Rio de Janeiro a young man sees a very curious object in the dawn. He turns off the camera at the end with fear and soon after that the object will disappear.


My goodness.
On top of a building here in Copacabana in the Rio de Janeiro.
My god.
I am alone at home and that object is stopped up there.
It moved, there.
The buildings are...
I turned on "night shot".
I am inside my home, in the dawn, and you can see this are the apartments, here.
What is that?
I must say that I have seen many UFOs. Triangular.
It's getting closer. Oh my god! I am going to turn off.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 05:17 PM
This case was investigated by the Centro de Ufología Brazileiro who
made their own evaluation and published the report. The witness is
named Ronaldo. So far the sighting is considered legitimate.

Here is the report by Milton Frank from the CUB. Unfortunately is in
portuguese but there are translation services online.

Centro de Ufologia Brazileiro


Não fazem 3 dias que recebemos matérias com filme de um mesmo objeto

O que é legal, e que em Copacabana no Rio de Janeiro está ocorrendo algumas
atividades de SUPOSTOS OVNIs de madrugada.

Vejam isso:

Relato de avistamento de nave-mãe em plena Copacabana

*Por Ronaldo para o site do CUB*

Estou aqui para dar um relato rápido, mas assustador que presenciei no dia
primeiro de fevereiro de 2008.

Fui comprar cigarros, pois fiquei sem, às três e meia da madrugada no
quiosque do Posto cinco, em frente à Rua Souza Lima em Copacabana no Rio de

*Direto ao assunto: *

O objeto observado era enorme com duas luzes parecendo dois faróis
extremamente brilhantes em forma de retângulo, Entre as três e meia até as
quatro horas da madrugada, um outro objeto redondo e muito vermelho, muito
menor, luminoso e fosco, surgiu no alto descrevendo uma trajetória de
elipse, e adentrou, ou foi para o meio do outro objeto enorme e desapareceu!

Nesse momento pude perceber a dimensão do que estava acontecendo sobre a
praia de Copacabana! Pareceu-me incrível!

Só eu e mais os dois rapazes que trabalham no quiosque e que ficamos
assustadíssimos vimos!

Visto que o evento durou das três e meia da madrugada até as quatro e
poucas, quando cheguei às cinco horas e quarenta e cinco minutos, ou um
pouco mais em casa.

Acredito tratar-se de uma imensa nave-mãe estática, "sem pudores de se
mostrar", atrevidamente em uma região tão populosa.

Agora no dia 12 de março de 2008.

Milton Frank

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 06:24 PM
Very fascinating! One thing that I have noticed about this video, the Pasco video, and the Belgium video is that the red "light" inside the triangle seems to drift out of sync with craft. Perhaps the pressurized mercury plasma magnetic field disruptor is causing a gravitational anomaly that causes the light to lag a bit due to skewing of space-time. Whewww... I need a break after typing that. These are exciting times. Where do sign up to fly one of those babies? My local flight school only has Cessnas.

One other observation. The three points of light that make up the triangle are almost certainly the visible effects of the propulsion system, either plasma, ion or both.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by free_spirit
It seems our friend from Pasco went to Brazil for vacation, I wonder what the Cat will say about this one --- balloons mabe???
We are seeing similar objects around the world and with the same type of lighting system so we need to rule out the tight hot airbag theory on this one and many others, to many coinsidences rule out this lame theory.
And by the way nice find.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 07:24 PM
Great connection
, they definitely do all look like a similar craft, man made or not.
When it goes to night shot, its like you can see that theres something there thats solid against the night sky.
Not sure about the second UFO, it seems to be saucer shape, or maybe its a craft with just one light on it??

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

I would like to point that this witness is not the same as the one who made the video. And the witness report does not match the video.

Also, that site has a statement saying that they are not aware of any analysis of that video.

PS: I do not have the time to translate that text, those that do not know Portuguese must wait for someone else to do it or use one of the available translation services on the Internet.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by ArMaP

Thank you for your time translating what you have It makes a big difference for the linguistically challenged like myself, have a star.

You don't know anybody who can translate Ukranian do you ?

Incidently I am serious about the Ukranian.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by sherpa

Maybe Arthx can translate Ukranian.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 01:16 AM
When I read this title, all I could think of was Barry Manilow reworking the lyrics to his song Copacabana.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by Rotoplooker

I think it's a little less complicated then that. Think of it as an elongated three sided upsidedown triangle with a white light on each corner and then the red light on the point of it.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 07:20 AM
Great find, its a perfect triangle, with a center light...which could represent an eye.. hmm interesting.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 07:41 AM
Ok, this may be a 'not so bright' observation on my part, but from the vantage point of the person filming, is this thing pointing straight up? It seems to me to get that kind of a shot the object would have needed to be overhead.

I can almost make out mountains (?) in the very background, so this object must have been very low.

[edit on 17-3-2008 by hsur2112]

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 08:02 AM
At last, a video of a Lunar triangular 'Mother Ship' with attendant Lunar Sphere, as seen on so many Lunar Orbiter photos that all the would be debunkers refer to as 'glitches'. We are seeing the spheres virtually every day now.
Great find, not long now, they will be landing soon, then the 'weather balloonists' and 'swamp gas merchants' can eat crow.

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