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What do they (Aliens) want? an interseting theory by Bill Foster

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 01:05 PM
Interesting theory by Bill Foster on why Aliens especially Grays are here.
I found it a good read... enjoy

Two questions :
1) What are the aliens doing?
2) And what do they want?

An interesting theory:
The grays are here to fulfill a specific agenda of their own. This agenda appears rigid, inflexible, urgency-driven and it will be completed, in spite of any attempt humans may make to interfere with it. There is also no compelling reason the grays should reveal their overall plans to us, and they have not.

Alien agenda on earth has three main goals
Hybridization, Research, and Emotional understanding.

If there are hybrid aliens, there must be some definite reason for this breeding program. there are three possibilities. The aliens intend to use the hybrids to:

1. blend with the human population of earth.
2. populate another dimension, planet or planets.
3. replace alien crewmembers, if indeed the grays are a "dying breed," as some folks have postulated. (There is a widespread theory the grays are incapable of reproduction within their own species.)

Accoring to the Bill Foster, Aliens have a great interest in Human emotions, and it is very difficult for them to understand because they have no emotions.

Though Bill claims being abducted multiple times and analyses his experiences...please note I consider it as a theory, so dont rush on me on this

Please share your thoughts on his theory. Be polite enough to allow everyone to share their understanding/acceptance/non acceptance on this theory.

Hers the link for the complete article Link

***Mods please put this thread in Alien/UFO forum***

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by communicator
Alien agenda on earth has three main goals
Hybridization, Research, and Emotional understanding.

The time traveler agenda in present day Earth is:
Avoid direct public interaction to minimize timeline variation, sample and track DNA lines (for some unknown reason).

The thought manifestation agenda (which is external) is to:
Appear in physical form to allow actualization of a potential future. Activities are expressions of the Freudian id.

The incorporeal demon agenda is to:
Confuse humankind enough to allow them to manifest in physical form and/or infest in human hosts.

Or something else.

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by Nohup

Time travel is the theory I think a lot about. It gives you all the reasons of the visitors non disclosed way of working... but it always leaves me with one question... who are these grays... are they future human... this is how we will look...

this is where I feel time travel only one aspect but not all
somewhere in my mind I want humans to have a future in space... they should populate other planets... its very important also... if we distroy our planet... humanity should survive.

thanks for your post... I want to believe humans survive through all which is going in this world rt now... and they have future

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 03:34 PM
Are they really very curious about human emotions? Is Emotion unique to humans??

then they can never understand out stock markets... because they are driven my human sentiments

posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 04:49 PM
What I wanted to discuss here is people who know the abduction or have been abducted... do you agree with Bill Foster...

did you had similar experience, did they allowed to retain some part of the abduction in your memory?? Where they intersetd in this emotions stuff??

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 04:54 PM
Demon Agenda is totally out of the question unless you can show me in scripture where a demon can actually produce anything material, either in OT or NT.

Originally posted by Nohup

Originally posted by communicator
Alien agenda on earth has three main goals
Hybridization, Research, and Emotional understanding.

The time traveler agenda in present day Earth is:
Avoid direct public interaction to minimize timeline variation, sample and track DNA lines (for some unknown reason).

The thought manifestation agenda (which is external) is to:
Appear in physical form to allow actualization of a potential future. Activities are expressions of the Freudian id.

The incorporeal demon agenda is to:
Confuse humankind enough to allow them to manifest in physical form and/or infest in human hosts.

Or something else.

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 06:21 PM
After reading this list: which used to be posted on the Oregon MUFON site, I realized that most of the symptoms listed I had. My story goes like this...

When I was about, 6-7 years old, I was adopted and still sleeping in my crib.(yes, the Foster parents were like that of Harry Potter) There was a small walkin closet oppiste the room, which had a small 4'x4' window in it. Ii 'had 2 steps to walk up into it. I remember, one night, feeling like there was someone in the room when I was sleeping and woke up, turned over and saw 2 small beings which for some reason i thought they were angles. However, I heard them tell me "(used my middle name which I've always gone by instead of my first which no one ever has explained to me why to this day)...someday your going to be very special"

With that, I crawled out of the crib, and practically fell down the flight of stair to get to the living room to my older sister! As I saw her, everyone was shocked to see me there, I ran up to her and gripped her neck with such force that she had to tell me to lighten up because I was hurting her. Everyone keep asking me what happened, and I whisper to my sister, " monsters".. "Monsters!?" she exclaimed. When she tried to remove my arms, I'd only grip tighter.

Twenty minutes later, I was sitting on her lap as someone went up and checked the entire room. She led me back up to the room but I wouldn't go. We went back downstairs and the foster mom, my sister and my foster sister(?) went up with me to put me back to bed. When we got to the door, I blocked myself so hard they could not push me through. I fought them with everything I had. They finally gave up. My foster mom took me back down stairs and let me clam down again in sissy's arms/lap. About 20 mins later, mom, asks if I would like to sleep in her big bed, which I remember to be a king size bed. I had nodded yes, but sissy had to take me by the hand and then mom kissed me on the forehead goodnight.

After she left with the light on, I closed my eyes and saw in my mind(?), the 'typical' Grey with big black eyes and centimetersfrom my face posted here

In my high school years I had another direct encounter but, somewhat of the 2nd kind, I heard a noise out side my bedroom, which was on the 2nd story, which was overing out side my window. I've post this experience on ATS within the last 3 wks but can't remember where..

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 02:24 PM
That is a really big question!

As i believe we might be visited by several species i think it could be difficult to figure out what every species agenda is.

The 'Greys' agenda seem simple but i dont think it is that.
I believe the greys to be robots acting on someone elses instructions.

The 'Nordics' mostly seem to be here to observe (reports of intercourse) sometimes they interact with us.

The reptilians, well really, do they want anything?

And then we have the 'Fallen Ones' from old history.
These could actually be the ones that are mentioned in the saga about Atlantis(?).
Their agenda or wish, is that we evolve more spiritually so we can join the Intergalactic community.

There are other species mentioned also, but as all this is only speculative thinking...........

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by Komodo

humm... in all these yesrs, did you feel like Greys are interseted to understand your emotions??

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 11:57 AM
Abductees please come forward and let u know what you find the agenda or the Greys (or whoever abducted you)

What is their intention? are they studying us? or they already know what they want?

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:13 PM
I wish I could give you an opinion but I just do not know. Right now there are too many unknowns. I have certain leanings but I refuse to allow myself to accept any idea as a belief until there is evidence to support it and strong evidence at that. I know these things exist. I know we the general public do not know their nature or origin. Beyond that little is known.

I am not sure I would even accept having a grey speak to me even telepathically and telling me an agenda because how do I know they are being truthful or deceitful? How do we know that any of these beings are ever being truthful with us or just telling us what they want us to believe?

It is a dilemna

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:29 PM
I simply cannot buy that highly advanced civilization needs humans for ...anything. They want DNA - it is so easy to get without abductions or even coming here. Send a cockroach rover (they can call it "Roach Spirit" or "Grey Opportunity) and in a week you have DNAs of thousands or even tens of thousands. Clone and breed. Yuck.
Research? - it is so easy to get without abductions or even coming here. Just listen and learn. We tell everything about ourself.
Emotional understanding. This is tough. Probably needs abductions. Except that .. Why? Why would ET life form need human emotions?
I have real problem with accepting that highly advanced Alien civilization is so obsessed with our much lower advanced one so it will waste energy,time,alienpower
and resources to abduct people and mutilate cows. These aliens will need not emotions but a good exo-psychiatrist.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:33 PM
Aparently they are really here to feed on us.
That's according to another thread.

Right out of the Twiglight Zone. To Serve Man.

Somehow, i dont think we can discount this.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by communicator

"Aliens have a great interest in Human emotions, and it is very difficult for them to understand because they have no emotions."

Many of the greys are cybernetic droids basically like robots programmed to do specific tasks for the Draconians/reptilians. This is why they show no emotion however some of the greys are not cybernetic and do show emotions and understand it well, there are many cases of this in abductions and the droids look about the same as the tall greys so there is a mixup from abductees with their stories because not everyone gets to be visited or even seen by an elder or real grey with a soul they only overlook the abductions. Greys do in fact have emotions just like we do as humans, those that are not artifical and programmed that is.

The grey hybridization program is to create hybrids that can help assist in their upcoming wars as they know there is an upcoming battle for this planet among others. You will notice in many abduction stories that people will say that they have some kind of mission, and many will talk about how they were trained to pilot one of the alien craft. Many even humans have been trained for this battle not the hybrids alone, they are using every resource they can but unfortunately the battle may be between ourselves in other words some humans will turn on other humans as a result of these abductions. They are working for the Draconians/reptilians afterall who look upon the human race as we look upon cattle.

These abductees have memories implanted into their brains of future events and they have in fact been programmed to help battle out the upcoming war which will happen it's just a matter of when. The greys which have souls that are not robots can see the past, present and future as their is no time in the dimensions that they step in and out of so all of these things they are planning are already forseen. Whatever it is they are preparing hybrids for plays a big roll in everything.

The hybrids are also an insurance policy for the greys on our race if all are destroyed as they need us for their survival as we need other living organisms, animals, plants and life under us, many humans, animals and life has already been transported to other planets and bases. It is forseen already what is to come so as most can feel and sense something around the corner, well I believe the time is coming soon when all of this will unfold right before everyone's eyes. Movies of events are in plain sight because they are obvious and we as humans have been brainwashed through education, religion and media to overlook the most obvious so when we hear about WW-III, world wide concentration camps and the NWO with alien invasions in movies we tend to dis-believe quickly when someone says it's all for real and say. "Didn't I just see that on a movie, you have to bee fnnn kidding me" and laugh about it. lol

Well the joke may very well indeed be on us!
Keep the peace and love!

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by ZeroKnowledge

I star to your very thoughtfull reply

Than what is their motive... are they the creator or they want us to learn something... are they modifying us??

Bill Foster says that they are not able to understand human emotions and they are studying that...

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Alien_Question

You reply scared me... if it is something near truth...
I think we will not know till the day comes... they have big plans for sure

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by communicator

In my,very humble ,opinion UFOs are there. A lot of people see them,and calling everyone a hoaxer is very narrow minded. I have 3 personal theories - that i use to explain it to myself. In the descending order of personal credibility.
A: UFOs are military technology. "Alien stories" backbone hides them better then cloaking device would. And it has another benefit - aliens and UFOs stories tend to appear when public attention is needed to be diverted from something. Especially "semi-paranoid" conspiracy-seeking public which is dangerous at those times.
B: UFOs are time travelers crafts. Tourist, historians ,time cops - whatever. This explanation recently took a blow, but it was never number 1.
C a: UFOs are aliens ,those contradictory stories are real,people publish books and make movies not just for $ ,i do not know a lot of stuff and underestimate our human race.
C b: Here is least credible mix of angels?,spiritual stuff?,dimensional stuff and reptilian stuff.
My own perspective, by far less respectful compared to one that you presented. However i can have my opinion too.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 02:33 PM
Seeing as we are dealing with something entirely alien - I think it's a little bit silly to apply humanistic objectives to them.

I like to look at it from the point of macrobiology.

Take our relation to many different animals. We perform tests on them, or use their unique traits to enhance our own abilities - such as training dogs for various defense and regulatory objectives.

Similarly, I think we should look at the Greys. I've never 'gotten the feeling' that Greys have the interest in us that they do out of the goodness of their hearts. Other species, perhaps, but their behavior tends to be rather similar to a hive-mind - as it is described.

Why would the Greys be interested in us?

There's several possible reasons I can think of - and it could be one or a combination of all of them.

First-off, we are capable of sexual reproduction - and if the reports are true that these creatures are having difficulty reproducing of their own accord, then we would certainly be of interest to them (as would most intelligent life forms that could reproduce).

Second, they likely can appreciate the value of a "primitive" way of looking at things. They become so engrossed in higher-level physics and technology that it would be very possible that many of their own problems can be solved in rather simple ways that just elude their minds, which are more focused on more elaborate concepts.

Third, look at it from their perspective. They came and checked up on us 300 years ago, and we were just discovering gunpowder after chipping away at stone for the past couple thousand years. Then, they check up on us 200 years ago, and we're setting up complex steel working and industrial centers, as well as developing and studying new alloys. They check up on us 90 years ago, and we are flying around in paper planes and gassing each other with chemical agents - and a mere 20 years later, we're blowing each other up with fission reactions, developing complex polymers, playing around with DNA, and shooting electrons all over creation.

You can bet that's turning some heads in the interstellar community.

I have a problem with the whole "aliens are smarter than us" bit. Not because I'm an arrogant human, but because - looking at what technology they have been able to demonstrate, and assessing their relative age (millions of years) - we will outpace them, technologically (and assuming we don't destroy ourselves) in the next century. Flying saucers haven't changed a whole lot in the past 4000 years, yet look at where we have come in the past one hundred. Perhaps this is some sort of 'mental block', or some sort of plateau that is hit by most civilizations - but I somewhat doubt it. Our extremely competitive nature and mental capacity yields us an exponential growth in technology, especially combined with our inquisitive nature. Other intelligent creatures may have the mental capacity, but not the same drive as we do, to learn - thus our passion for learning could turn out to be highly beneficial to them.... so long as they can keep us from learning ourselves out of existence.

Fourth is one that is a little far out there. I've developed a theory, after my research into a number of paranormal/psychic phenomena, that humans are multi-dimensional and/or trans-universal creatures. Part of us exists completely separate, but linked, to our existence in this universe and set of dimensions. We are simply too arrogant to realize it, believing we have the universe by the tail and are calling the shots around here. Which... ironically, our trans-universal property would give us a margin of control over our universe, though minor now, it wouldn't necessarily have to be restricted to causing anomalous outputs from Random Event Generators - but actually bending the universe to our will.

As I don't have every life form in the universe sitting before me to study - I can't say how regular or irregular that would be.... but it would be of extreme interest to a creature that only has one form of existence and/or is seeking to integrate that ability into their own race (hence another possible explanation for the obsession with our reproductive system - attempts to figure out how the other 'half' of us reproduces and links with our existence here).

While I don't feel the Greys are out to destroy us.... they certainly do not be too concerned with our 'rights.' Any concern they seem to have for us is simply to keep us alive and viable for study and benefit to them. Once that is exhausted, we will likely be considered an unnecessary risk (the proverbial 'loose end') and we will be dealt with how they see fit (likely we won't be completely destroyed, as we may prove to be of use in the future).

Of course - it's really all highly speculative.... We have conflicting theories about the motives of our own political parties, and those are shown on the evening news and of our own species...... aliens are... well - alien... and we don't exactly have televised interviews with them.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 02:49 PM
My feeling is they are actually us,traveling back from a future time,trying to correct a mistake that has or will happen.Mankind is currently on a destructive path that may lead to an evolutionary change for the worse rather than the better.Perhaps we loose our emotions and ability to reproduce properly.Just look at how desensitized we are becoming to things that would have in the past brought a feelings of horror.The ever increase in bizarre viruses that are wreaking havoc with our ecological and biological make up.Just a theory.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Aim64C

Thanks Aim64C... star from me...
Your theory of trans-existence is a new food for my thoughts

You know, I read a lot of Ancient civilization stuff, if they were really true... I mean, I see all religions talk about heaven and hell, Angels and demons... and gods from heaven above earth. so there should be something to it.

All this sometimes makes me feel that, it may be possible that Human were very advanced earlier and due to their disputes they blew up everything and lost all knowledge etc. or maybe somenatural disaster did wipe everything... what remained is their existence.. and the stories, which are passed from generation to generations.

It may be also that humas might had a big name in the universe... they might have helped other species on different planets to develope. These other being might also have seen the disaster Earth has seen... now what they are doing is to repay their loan and help Humans to develope again... They were not interfearing earlier but now when they see that we have no better future, they are trying to change thing here and improve...

or maybe humans are the hostile species... which are ignored by the universal beings????

whatever is true... if their is no one out there and we are alone.... than it is very disappointing... you know what I mean

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