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When would you like to...

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posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 03:54 PM
...leave this earth for Home?

Go ahead and answer, but let me explain this:

We each are soon about to leave a marriage here on earth for each a Home of our own for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, for healiness or for sickness.

Home for you might be a furnace fire in this realm, Home for you might be an ideal everything.

How will we leave? These material bodies wont leave, but our consciouses will by a grand finalized telepotation. You will either be a sorrowful servant or a joyful ruler for ever once you arrive to an unfinal destination.

When will the grand teleportation be? Some time this month. Dont think of it as the Rapture, think of it as the Awakening.

Why will all this happen? Simply because the true asuring program ran is finished. It was about my right hand actually my left hand which a dishonorable alien race is as. That race lives in the temple of where our consciouses are supposed to go. They know who they are. I've re-enforced the request(ion) which they refuse to do a deed on. It was my them turned their me. Therefore they act as one worthy and ready for the furnace fire altogether.
I've come to blind the alien race I had given the name of devil to. It was so written in books and confirmed true. Their ego which is their as their traveling self is highly hated because it offended for wicked purposes.
It'll be cool once it's seen I decieved the field they cheatfully over work.

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