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DogHead Speaks (?)

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 09:08 PM
This is a thread in an appropriate forum to encourage all manner of questions for Doghead, (and a blatant attempt by me to generate huge ATS points which I will duly pass on to my handlers

Doghead is a relatively new member from Australia (albeit born in USA with other countries in between) who professes to have spent time directly employed at Pine Gap the controversial US run base near Alice Springs, Australia. He claims to have written a number of books, mostly fiction, and produced some documentaries. According to Doghead, none of the details of these can be revealed here on ATS however due to the current circumstances of his willingness to discuss certain aspects of his former work and other ATS related matters.

In a relatively short time doghead has put a number of things on the table which can be reviewed in the following threads:

Pine Gap Underground Entry? (where he discusses pine gap among other things)
Mels Hole (where he plans to mount an expedition)
The Andronicus Tapes (about a UFO channelling cult in Oz)
Alien Hair from Australia (...)
CIA Infiltration of UFOlogy

Well the list goes on... starting over 40 threads in 40 days!

Shall I open the bidding with, Doghead, at some point are you going to 'come out' from anonymity on ATS, especially given the prolific nature of your work here, and intended IRL expeditions?

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 09:31 PM
The deal I have made in relation to going public is when the businesses which I invested in passively have matured and when the principals of those businesses (many of whom overlap) are comfortable with what I am doing then yes I will reluctantly permanently lose my anonymity.

The principals of the businesses are my primary concern. Some have military, financial or security backgrounds themselves and are not to be harmed in any way by my fringe interests, especially since I arrived initially as "rich idiot" as one of them called me rather than "trusted ally".

The expeditions, experiments and research stuff is all being bankrolled right now, there will be some publicity on some of these things at least in Australia. In the course of those stories being aired then I am guessing I will be in shot at some point. But not voluntarily. Not my style.

Publicity is not what I want for its own sake at all but sometimes it is a really good solvent for caked on secrecy. Get some mainstream journalists pursuing leads in competition with each others and the trees get shaken well.

Oh I got some email etc. spamming me about my screen name and initials and all that jazz- my real initials are ZH, not that it matters or is anyone's business at this point. I am not a public principal of any business in which I invest. I am not CEO CFO or MD of any business in which I invest. In most cases taxationally I can't be and still derive the benefits I want to derive from the businesses.

Hope that clears THAT up.

I would also like to say that I am game to answer some questions here I guess but I never claimed to be a Conspiracy Master or the like. And I still don't. I wasn't claiming a crown, so there's no crown to take away. I saw ATS as a front bar where some real lightweights were bullying the ordinary drinkers and I am happy if now the drunken battle is a general one. If that makes any sense.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 09:49 PM
If members wish to debate the relative merits of these threads he/she may do so within the confines of the individual threads linked above and available in DogHead's profile.

Thread closed.


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