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posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:17 AM
Maybe I'm having a mental blockage, or perhaps I'm just being too simple, then again I might not have had enough coffee yet, but can someone explain a few things to me?

I see all this talk of the markets headed for disaster. I see all this talk of money becoming worthless. Homes getting repossessed. Another depression coming. Food shortages to hit the world. It's all doom and gloom... but I don't care and I think nobody else should either because are we that backwards that we place all our value in material goods? Maybe we all lose our jobs, maybe there is a food shortage, maybe the bank says they own your house. Your house is still there right? There would be a big change for some people they may have to live somewhere else. Then what if it gets worse?
From what everyone says I'm picturing this black and white vision of people begging for food, and living homeless in the streets and rioting. Just a general breakdown, all because we don't have money.

I have some land, I know enough people who have land, and I know where there is land. Whats to stop us all just planting our own food, and raising some goats and pigs. Sure it's some work, and you may need to learn a few things. But you won't starve. You can eat, you can live with warmth and comfort with your family. You might not have your big screen tv and your humvee, but I've never had that to begin with so you surely can live without it. All our brothers and sisters in the city... there's plenty of country out here, so come on, plough a field, sow some seeds, get your hands dirty and lets live in peace and be happy. We don't need to be slaves to a system, and we don't need to die when that system dies.

Am I wrong? Is it money or death?

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by MrDead

Are you sure you "own" your land? Even if it is paid for, there is still the matter of property taxes. If you can't pay your taxes on your land, then you don't own it then, either, do you? Ever consider that one?

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:41 AM
What you say is true. But when money is meaningless what does it all matter?

Who's going to stop me living?

[edit on 18-1-2008 by MrDead]

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by MrDead

One of my favorite movies was Blast from the Past with Christopher Walken. He builds a huge fallout shelter that he and his family live in for like 30 years. I would imagine you would almost need to do something like this to survive some of the worst.

If the stock market crashes, this could be when the so-called New World Order steps in and takes over. I have my doubts that so MANY people could otherwise just live in the woods etc. and not get picked off by armed militias in search for food etc.

And these types of living situations would also most likely be illegal anyway. I think the NWO has just about covered all of these things in their laws and implementations.

No doubt there are a few people who manage to do this, but imagine if there were thousands and then satelites etc. looking for you.

Let's not forget some type of alleged pandemic or outbreak in which people could not have their own livestock. It's not about money, it's about controlling the masses.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 10:17 AM
Thank you for saying what's been on my mind. I agree with you. I've especially noticed how material things and money seem to rule my teenage grandchildren. They all have ATV's, cell phones, ipods, computers and all the other trappings of this age we live in.

God forbid something happens to one of their possessions. They act like it's the end of the world. Unfortunately they then ask to borrow my to borrow my toys.

When I was a child I found great wonderment in nature. We had our tree forts, swimming hole and enjoyed eating fruits and veggies fresh out of the garden. We would play chase or hide and seek till it was too dark out to see.

I still grow veggies and have fruit trees . i am starting my own seed bank in my freezer. I will harvest seed from my first crops and try to keep them from sprouting if the power goes ca-put by sealing them in cosmoline and burying them. I'm doing all the survival preparation and getting ready for the worst case scenario.

Many people will perish, many will try to take what we have. I'm ready fir that too.

It is said that each generation tries to make it better for their children. We may have gone too far. Too much Value has been put on having material possessions just so they will have what their friends have. We don't want them to be left out. We have done y them a great injustice.

It just may take some hard times to get people to become self sufficient and to be able to entertain themselves without all the props afforded us by our gadgets.

I believe in an emergency the older experienced people will be invaluable to assist the younger generation in the simple way of taking care of themselves through gardening, livestock raising and health Care. There are many other valuable things we can teach. Double entry bookeeping by hand is a lost art. I am proficernt at it. The list goes on.

MrDeed we will survive and who knows? We may come out of a disaster a much better people.

Please forgive my writting errors as my delete button seems to be not working.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 11:22 AM
Thanks for the replies, especially DD.
I can see how such an economic disaster coupled with some control elements would force us all into begging for government help. We can't fight a virus alone, but I think, I kind of hope and pray there's enough good left in humanity that we can make it through, even if there was an armed force to fight. I think the freedom of the people, all the love could just bring everyone together. I don't think we'd roll over and give up. It might be hard. There may be some jackboots who say no you can't do this, or some self serving groups of people who are too lazy to make it themselves and come through to steal what we grow. Maybe I'm being naive , and humanity is too far gone and we're too dependent on the material goods, but any kind of economic disaster doesn't bother me. I can live without money. I can live with out electricity. Anybody who wants to live in peace with us is welcome. We may need some bullets and we may have to dig some graves for our enemies, but in the end I think it will be a positive experience. I think we would all learn to live together and really appreciate what matters. We would survive. We don't need gold. All we need are the tools to grow our own crops, and to not hate our neighbour. We need to welcome people, teach them how to live for themselves by living with others.
There's so much hate in the world and it all comes from greed. Its stupid and I look forward to it all just getting washed away so we can really see whats important.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 11:49 AM
A damn men dizzie, Mr. dead, that is a wonderful idea, it surely would be nice if we could all pull together and accomplish something. I have a feeling it will be like what aleon said, we will be regulated and treated like cattle. But if that happens I will choose death instead of being treated like a slave.

I think I was listening to Alex Jones the other day and he summed it up pretty good. He said, our ancestors built this country on hard work, determination, then comes us, we are so damn spoiled worried about this and that, most people dont even know how to plant a damn seed. Somethign to that effect, but it really made alot of sense to me, people dont know how to take care of themselves. In putting their lives in the hands of the government they have signed their own death warrant. There is something to be said for being self sufficient, I am lucky enough to have property that my dad owns to be able to raise and harvest our own food. I will be damned if some damn government agent will ever take that away.

You know dizzie, it is sad to see what kids are turning into now a day. I am thirty, we didnt have the stuff these kids have now, but there were video games back then. We had a nintendo, we played it at night, during the day we had two choices, either go out and play or stay at home and work. That was it, and sometimes, we didnt have any choice but to work, what awful mean parents I had. Given the choice of staying inside or goign outside, I would have chosen to be outside anyhow, but we didnt have the choice. I see with my step brother, that darn kid will sit inside all day long and play that damn nintendo. He has over twenty acres to mess around on, explore, shoot birds, catch fish, build a damn fort, ride a bike. However he sits inside, drinks probably ten sodas a day, and never helps around the house. It drives me nuts, and I really dont know how my dad puts up with it. It is just a 180 from our childhood and what was expected from us, and what we wanted to do.

My brother and I knew every fishing spot, every place that held quail, every little stream that was filled with frogs and polly wogs. We knew where the best places to find snakes and lizards were, we had every piece of our territory down. Ah, I just got a little nice feeling thinking about my childhood, I grew up in a great beautiful place in Northern California. I closed my eyes and could smell the spring time air, the dafodils, ah nice. I think my upbringing my exploring, watching wildlife, being cold and hot outside, but just keeping on is going to help me and my family someday.

Good thread mr dead.

posted on Jan, 19 2008 @ 11:43 PM
There was lots of land in Ireland growing wheat for England during the Irish potatoe famine. Still they starved.

This collapse of the economy has happened before. Ever since the Rothschilds sewed up the money supply for England and the U.S. its been their game. The only answer is a worldwide general strike but it won't happen til its too late probably. I'd gladly come out to help you on your farm though.

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