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My Dad has Stage 4 Renal Cancer, Can alternative therapies help him?

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 07:54 AM
My dad had the same type of cancer, although heart failure was the cause of his death. I would like to mention a company called Geron. They have developed a "teleromase" inhibiter. A cancer cannot live without this chemical. The drug is in human trials now and your father may qualify as a candidate. I would pray he does and it would cure him. I know how the early loss of a father affects you.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:32 PM

My Dad passed away at 9:45 am this morning.

I am sorry for you loss.

I have one kidney. I live a dirty life renovating condemned buildings. For anyone else reading this looking for advice, this is how I keep my one boy alive:

Rice, Beans, fresh organic fruit and greens. Clean Water.

Not much else but vegetables from the garden, grains and a few home raised eggs.

No chemo treatments or pharmaceutical grade anything in my body.

If I'm 'feeling my kidney', lots of headaches, blacking out when I stand up, I follow this regiment:

1 tsp health food store grade "pure cranberry concentrate" daily (not juice, definitely not 10% juice)
3 leaves of fresh plantain daily; a common weed.
Agaricus bisporus mushroom extract daily, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off
yogurt with active culture once weekly
kombucha with active culture once weekly
250 mg niacin once weekly

I spend time where it is green; listen to the prophets and angels.

om shanti,

Sri Oracle

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 01:00 PM

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 12:10 AM
It looks like Jerry Brunetti - Food as Medicine video has been taken down but you can still view or link to it at

reply to post by idontbelieveit

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 02:03 PM
Im so sorry to hear your dad didnt make it. This info takes some amount of time to research before you can apply it properly coz practically nobody has heard of it before, incl. Blood Electrification and Colloidal Silver and there's a lot to know in order to be able to perform it correctly.

Like i said in a previous post in this thread, both these methods have worked for thousands all over the world who have reported their cases on dozens of internet forums such as plus many more and there are also a lot of doctors now looking into this too, thanks to the net.

I was so amazed by what i found that, being a web developer, i set up my own portal website with information all about these very topics but especially Colloidal Silver and Blood Electrification. I do have some products for sale on the site (which is more of an affiliate setup) but my primary goal is to get the information out there and there are specs on how to build your own machines if you'd prefer not to buy one.

I bought 3 different machines myself over the past year and a half, an RSG-1 for my parents, a TII for myself and my friend recently bought a SilverGen SG6 which im thinking now might be the best out of them all.

What i've discovered since about these methods are they are great for killing parasites, bacteria, viruses etc. but they are not great in building your body to a healthy state again where it can defend itself from re-infection. For that, you will need LOTS of Vitamin D which is responsible for so many things in the body that without it, your immune system will remain low (coz of our crap food/diets etc.). It's especially used to build your immune system and is the main cause why so many of us get infected with things during the winter months (lack of sun = lack of Vitamin D).

So, now im thinking that the be all and end all is:

Colloidal Silver and/or Blood Electrification
Vitamin D - 5000iu per day

With this combination, you just wont get sick with anything, ever.

For more information, check out my site:

I havent put up any info about Vitamin D on it just yet, but will be very soon!

Go onto YouTube and search for Vitamin D, you'll find videos from Dr. Mercola, Dr. Len Horowitz and many others about Vitamin D and how great it is for killing swine flu, among others!

Another project i just started is a new Documantaries site similar to YouTube with all this type of info (still in development) but i will be adding lots of these types of videos onto the site in the coming days, this info is all completely free!

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