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How we could get faster "Worldwide Extraterrestrials Diplomacy" with earth coming faster.

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posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 08:43 PM
Long post, skimmed to tell the truth, but if I were an EBE and wanted to spread the word ASAP on a planet... hookup a simultaneous world-wide TV broadcast.

That way you can bypass all the world governments on initial disclosure.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by senshido
Long post, skimmed to tell the truth, but if I were an EBE and wanted to spread the word ASAP on a planet... hookup a simultaneous world-wide TV broadcast.

That way you can bypass all the world governments on initial disclosure.

Do you mean now that kind thing with that "Hook upping a simultaneous world-wide TV broadcast" that kind thing at like "Michael Weatherly" in "dark angel doed". Can you tell more about those EBE and ASAP longer names because when i put those in google, there comes many sites with different companies and things.

He was somekind truth speaker or somekind in dark angel, watch that serie and you will know. That kind thing have much effect to population because that kind thing can be transmissed over the planet worldwide and message what you want send is seen and heard radio and tv and everywhere where is some radio or tv and because we all have some radio or tv, these messages could be heard worldwide. Question come's here, what message we could send worldwide like this way? What we tell to people?

Now here we must think what message have most effect to population before we send through worldwide some message.

In dark angel he was anonymous and because of that no one didn't can't track where he is, his eyes only did have seen in tv when he sended messages.

Here was something about that thing, some series have some good plans too what are effective, so plans are everywhere. Everywhere is plans, movies, series, videos, everywhere. We must just look what of them are effective plans because non effective plans have no effect in population. Words are effective in population. We can speak words from our mouth or show them to others with paper or somewhere other place. We can read words or listen words. Pictures with words makes things more effective in population.

Here was something, i continue from here next time from this plan.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 10:56 AM
Only way to get this plan to done is at we need somekind code master.

Like in dark angel he was somekind code master who doed some program what he send through media someway. I think it was somekind coded program what he did can send through worldwide next at that.

And now we go to next plan - - - >

You have seen sometimes paintings at street. But what if they are not paintings what we see mostly.

- Plan is at we do paintings where is E.T picture allways from some E.T. You can paint gray, reptalian, nordic, sumerian, atlantian, who ever what race you want paint picture. Next, we not sell these, but we go to streets and place around streets these pictures with wooden thing what keeps it still and wind can't throw them to sky. We try this around the world, everyday new pictures. But what we must remember when we paint? We do those pictures looks happy. If you have been abducted, do painting from it and give it to streets where people then go look that painting. You can paint it with computer or hands. But what we need still? We need text under the picture. Write from them and their culture, do not say cursing stuff from them, that only make people fear E.T people more than make them get interested about this. If you have abduction experience, you can write from that if you paint picture from your abductions. Remember, we need to do this worldwide, everyone have at home some paper and pencil to paint to paper some pictures. But what we need still? Roof what will protect the paintings. We need still one thing to do before get these pictures to outside at streets.

We need somekind sticky paper what we can place over the painting to protect it from cold and hot. That kind sticky paper where you can see through. Now all should be ready and placed. We have much people who can do somekind woodworks so we are not alone with this if we going to try this.

Now to effects.

Effects: Big effect. First when people go streets, they think first what are these paintings here, why those paintings are here. Then they go closer look and they feel warm and happiness from the paintings. They then start read things from under painting and come's to interested about these paintings and about E.T people more. Maybe in week people start changing and become stronger, because they get power from paintings and when they become stronger, they start thinking more things and see more from things at is this ok how i have lived now today. What is big change in people that time its "They don't feel anymore pain of fear and suffer", they all maybe come positive to E.T people and people change that way at they not anymore think at E.T is just E.T, they maybe will start thinking more from E.T people.

But now there was something, i continue next time more.

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posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 02:10 PM
I have been thinking todays at many of ATS don't want this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T". Many of you want keep E.T just E.T and nothing more. Sometimes i have been thinking at this is wrong forum to ask help to this kind big thing what i would want and others too, where everyone together working its own way like cooperate. Yes, even those who giving helping hand to those who can't help themselves, do not do thing done alone.

There have been meetings "Disclosure project", somekind other ufo meetings, but we didn't cooperate with others even after these. We wait and wait and wait. I can't work with this thing if i just working alone, i can't do it alone so im not going to start working alone. Everyone just want discuss and discuss but most of you do not want help get this thing be more than just threads. First time when i was this helpless feeling, i sometimes thinked about suicide, many of people have done suicide because of this because they feel at noone want help with you get this thing done so they suicide because they don't like live like this kind planet anymore, mostly its because of people, i feeled same kind way too because of people, people who don't want see anything, they are just silent eyes. Thing what we do done is this at we can make "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T". Now i haven't anymore thinked about suicide, because i have become little stronger to keep on. I talked about my first time, there i was minotaur labyrinth where i am now too. I can't find solution what to do, but im now stronger so do not fear at im going to do it, im not doing it because i want help with you who want this thing get done.

I found solution about 4-6 years ago why people are like that . When i trained energy feeling ability to that level at i feeled people energy around me. I talked about that "Pain of fear and suffer" energy feeling, that was why i know now why people are like that. That time i stopped thinking suicide, that time i knew at i need to help because im stronger to be against it so i wanted help the weaklings who can't help themselves because they are so vulnerable. I still just and just cry almost everyday because of this energy feeling what i feel from people, even if im not close at people, its allready in my mind how it feels. Sometimes i ask myself, "Am i really alone with this thing". If i try alone help population to become stronger, people just ignore me and i become hated, that's why im not trying help alone this Worlwide diplomacy with E.T people become real than this is just here in this thread.

You don't maybe understand what im talking about, but if you were me, you could understand. I have my own history here earth like you have your own. When i sometimes become sad about this thing or just and just cry, some first words what i sing sometimes from some song what i really don't know, words just coming out, words what coming out is somekind this.

I fly away from here, someday i meet you from other galaxies.....sometimes i sing that song from that galaxies thing......I meet other races from galaxies. I usually sing this song when i looking myself from mirror to my eyes. Usually those first words are same what i writed there. Sometimes its...I fly away from here someday. Those are feelings what coming out, no alien language or alien songs, just feelings what coming out with song.

I talked little about me so you know something about me. I will tell some other time when i can tell more about what i feel to this, because telling from my feelings from how i feel to this E.T thing is taking much energy and its so sad story so it makes me really hard cry but i try keep most of sadness inside me but it still try make my eyes make water so i take some break now and continue after that this because that feeling from people coming inside me and trying take place in me, so i freeze down my mind - Cooling mind - so i can continue better from here.

I continue after break this. So its now bye.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 04:42 PM
Now i can continue again and think more better after this break what i taked because it was so sad feeling what i feel inside me that energy what they have leaked from themselves.

I start telling now why those words coming in song in that feeling, why that kind words. I allways have feeled in that time at i have wanted seriously leave this planet to behind because i didn't want be anymore here because of that feeling what maked that kind thing feeling is because of earth and people. I really wanted get out from here when that feeling popping in myself, that so sad thing.

If you look closer at earth, you will notice soon what so sad thing at earth. There is much things what is sad. But most sad thing is this "Pain of fear and suffering", people can't fight back because they are too weak to fight back that what makes them feel pain and that's what make them fear and suffer. To me its like looking group of cows what lions have have trapped to ring, cows mooing and try to escape, but they are too weak to escape from ring. They give up soon and let the lions eat them without fighting. Or did lions eat them.

Some one cow runned through to out from lion ring to freedom, because that cow didn't give up. Lions didn't attack to that cow because they got more in ring. That cow didn't fear lions so he goed back and wanted free his own cow population from ring what lions have did. Cow rushed through lions with his horns and throwed lions up and different ways and protected those cows who were too weak to fight back to lions. Lions escaped because they looked at that cow is more trouble than easy target. Now all cows are saved and next time cows were more stronger against lions, so they did protect together their own cow population from lions at lions could not do anything wrong to their own cow population freely.

In that story, that one cow didn't want see own cow population suffer so he saved them. He didn't fear them so he was strong enough fight back them and save own cow population from suffering. Fear maked in there ring them so weak at they even wanted try to escape or when they tryed escape, they feared so much at they turned back to ring again after trying escape. There was some 4 lion and in ring there was some 9 cows. One escaped so first there was 10 cows but after that one escaped there was anymore 9.

So what i have faced is at i first feared to questioning things and look them closer because i feared become different. After sometime i faced then that fear face to face and i didn't fear be different anymore because i want stand there where those who want be in there group of sameness, i want stand there and protect and help those become stronger who can't help themselves and get be an different fear go off in them at they could not feel be an different anymore hated or somekind wrong thing, like cow helped those own population cows out from lion ring. He didn't fear do his own way that thing, he doed it because he didn't want see his own cow population suffer in that ring. Be an different means at you be fully your ownself. Being your ownself fully, means at you control yourself fully and choose what way you choose your own will. Sameness means at you be like others, you not control yourself fully, you control half of you and other you fly in air with others. Like in cows in the ring. Because you wanted be in group of sameness, you thinked at if you try escape from that ring alone, you will become different so you followed others what the others doed, if others give up fighting back against lions, you give up too.

Ok there was something about cow and lion story. And something again from me too. In here in this forum, some of here fear be an different like in cow and lion story, so some of you try stay samekind things when posting threads because you feel at if you write little from other kind text, you feel at its somekind wrong or not acceptable thing in population. Don't think others, use your own will.


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