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Omaha mall shooting - Black Op?

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 08:01 PM

Originally posted by Trauma
reply to post by Grozny07

Has anyone else heard reports of a second young adult being found at the scene hiding under a bench near the shooter and was being questioned? My father said he had seen this on Fox news the day of the shooting. He also said he heard them report that the shooter was wearing a black trench coat, which I think was mentioned in another thread.

Yes, I saw both reported on both CNN and FOX

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 11:36 AM
Wow. I made that last post of mine and didn't come back on here for a couple days and I get 2500 points from people who liked the post
Thanks guys. Usually when I talk about the weirdness behind Columbine people think I'm just a conspiracy freak. All I'm saying is look into it and you might be surprised what you find. There's all kinds of stuff I didn't even mention.

There's one theory that both shooters were sexually abused/beaten by a cop a year before the shootings one night when they were arrested before breaking into a van. Eric and Dylan were read their rights. 90 minutes passed until they were taken to the station. At the station, Eric was asked to draw a detailed map explaining everything that happened. On the map behind some bushes is an image that looks like a bent over person with another person standing behind it with a star on it's chest. Eric points out it's him that's bent over, but he never said who the person with the star was. People think he was referring to the cop (star being a badge) raping him. The 90 minute gap in time is never explained by Eric, Dylan or the cop that arrested them. When the cop was asked about that later by a reporter he became angry and left the interview. This same cop was accussed of beating others he's arrested in the past. Eric and Dylan were ordered to take anger management classes after this incident. Why were they ordered to take anger management classes for breaking into a van?

In all the notes Eric and Dyaln wrote, they refer to their hatred of cops. If you look through all the stuff both of them wrote they actually had a very huge amount of hate towards cops more than anyone else including the jocks of the school. In Eric's yearbook, Dylan wrote about the revenge they'll have for January's incident. That incident being the night they were arrested breaking into a van.

Dylan's full autopsy report has never been released. When asked why, the answer is always "the findings would be ofensive to the community" and nothing more is said.

It's true that over 100 bombs were found in the school. I believe 4 of which weighed over 100 pounds. They said Eric and Dylan brought all these bombs into the school the day of the shooting unoticed. How in the world did 2 students carry in bombs weighing 100 pounds and nobody saw them? One was found in the kitchen in a cooler. There wasn't one kitchen worker that didn't notice a very large object in the cooler that usually isn't there?

Eric and Dylan's cars were both filled with bombs. Their bodies were found covered with small pipebombs. One officer, who was later fired, said that it looked like those pipebombs on their bodies were put their AFTER they apparently commited suicide. Noting that the pipebombs had no blood on them at all when everything else on them was covered in blood.

Dylan Klebold apparently commited suicide by shooting himself in his left temple with his Tec-9. In the photos showing their bodies, the Tec-9 is in his right hand. The strap on the Tec-9 was also wrapped around his right arm. The hand was laying under his right leg. Dylan was left handed. In all images released shwoing the shooters. You see Dylan carrying the Tec-9 in his left hand with the cord wrapped around his left arm. the bullet was never found.

One student who said he was a friend of Dylan said he was running down a hallway when Dylan came around the corner surprising him. The student stopped and asked Dylan "why are you doing this?". He said Dylan stood there with a blind look on his face as if he was completey out of it. Dylan starts crying and says "I don't know. I honestly don't know". He looks at the student and says "run. don't look back just run". The student runs past Dylan and gets down the hallway when he turns around to see Dylan holding his face in his hands and he goes back to having the blind look on his face and just randomly shoots things.

Another student says he saw Eric Harris with a shotgun shooting under tables in the cafeteria. He described Eric as looking like a zombie that had no control over his actions. He said Eric shot under one table and the shotgun kicked back into Erics face and blood started gushing from his nose. Eric raises his hand to his face and sees the blood on his hands and suddenly drops the shotgun. Eric then started screaming in a rage "Why am I bleeding?". Then suddenly went calm and back to the zombie look, picked up his shotgun and went back to shooting under tables.

The principal said that the library where most of the killings apparently happened, didn't have a surveilance camera in it. This was proven to be a lie when students said there was one in there and one directly outisde of it. The principal later took back what he said and admitted a camera was in there but "it wasn't recording that day".

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 12:11 PM
More about Columbine...

Snipers were set up on the roofs of people who lived near the school. It was said that none of these snipers fired off any shots. Later on when the owner of one of the homes was working on his roof, he found empty rifle shells on his roof. He reported it to the police and they took the shells and thanked him. Since then he's been ignored when he's asked why they were on his roof in none of the snipers ever fired any rounds that day.

Another person was taking pictures of the school during the shootings from their home. In one image is a man on the roof of the school in all black, crouched down and wearing what looks like a black ski mask. Later on the police said it was a school janitor hiding on the roof. The school janitor they referred to said he NEVER went to the roof that day and was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, not all black.

Students reported windows being busted out by what looked like baseballs. Baseballs were found all around the outside of the school. There was a car parked in the schools lot and the trunk was slightly open. When it was looked into, police found 4 potato launchers. They looked like bazookas, but shoot out potatos, oranges, apples, pretty much anything that will fit into it. If you ever lived in the country you've probably seen or used one as a kid.

Police said Eric and Dylan killed themselves sometime between 11:00 AM and 12:15 pm. Yet the sounds of shots and bombs going off went well past 2:00 PM.

In one image that was taken from outside of the library windows after 1:00 PM. You can clearly see two people holding guns in the library through the busted windows. One is standing up and the other is laying on the ground and looks like they're aiming outside and you see a puff of smoke where the gun would be at. This is when the shooters have apparently been dead for at least an hour.

Multiple students reported being shot at by a student wearing a South Park t-shirt. You might remember a student being aressted outside the school during the shootings wearing a South Park t-shirt and wearing camo pants. I can't remember his name, but multiple students reported him as a shooter and he was let go. Eric and Dylan weren't wearing a South Park t-shirt. They were wearing shirts that I believe said: Natural Selection and Independent.

Eric and Dylan weren't members of the Trench Coat Mafia group at the school. They were actually hated by the TCM group. The TCM members said Eric would constantly ask to be a member and they'd say no and that he took their group way too seriously. They said they were nothing more than a group of friends who wore trench coats. The student wearing the South Park t-shirt was a former member that had a falling out with a member of the group. Just thought I'd add that back when I was in high school 95-96, we actually had a small group that wore black trench coats also. I still own mine and wear it to this day. Although after Columbine I got a lot of crap for that. I couldn't walk down the street without being called a freak and I had nothing at all to do with Columbine seeing how I lived on the other side of the US. I didn't wear that coat for a while and one day I thought "Screw it. I've owned this coat long before those damn shooters ever had one"
That just shows how our society can be. I was being judged just for the type of coat I wore.

I'll end all my Columbine talk here, I think I went on long enough. I also apologize for any spelling errors. I have a nerve condition that sometimes causes my vision to blur and it's a little hard to type right now.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 07:00 AM
I completely forgot that people modify their SKS rifles to take a thirty round magazine. That would certainly clear up the confusion as to why the media couldn't make up their mind whether or not it was a SKS or an AK; with the "banana magazine" a layman might confuse the two weapons.

One thing I'm not clear on though. I used to own a SKS and I looked at those silly 30 rounders. I could be way off here, but I thought that those magazines were not quick change. I thought you still had to charge them via stripper clip. I don't think you can pull the whole mag out without some disassembly. Which would put us back to the AK. Not to get off topic, but inconstancies bother me. Not that you guys are inconsistent, but that the media is/was.

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