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UFO CuatroCienegas

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posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 01:34 PM
Hi guys, this is my first post here, i have been around for a while never posted before because i never have had something to share with you, at least that what i think XD... anyways, i took this pictures in Cuatrocienegas, Coahuila Mexico in a place known as "Poza de la Becerra"

-The firs pic you can see a large view of the valley and in the middle left side of the pic you can see a lake, you can zoom and you'll find nothing in there
-The secund pic is a close pic of that lake, if you check the date/time i took both pics at the same time(with a few sec. of diference of course), you can see a strange form that havent there before.

I really dont know what can be this but for sure is not a bird or a rock

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 02:22 PM
I see what you mean...
Looks a little like a windblown weather balloon... but seems to have blown thru very fast...

also seems to have a slightly retangular (on edge) profile...

It also appears to have about the same amount of "fuzzyness" due to the distance relative to the background field...

that seems like a very high def picture, so maybe someone can take the original file, and digest it through a photo ap, and see what else may be discovered...

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 05:02 PM

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong

that seems like a very high def picture, so maybe someone can take the original file, and digest it through a photo ap, and see what else may be discovered...

I have no problem in share them, if some one is interested in make some kind of test or whatever you wanna call it, just send me the email and asap i'll send the files.

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 05:13 PM
Did you saw the object yourself ? Can you tell us the how fast it was moving and the direction of it? It seems to me that you got the object moving.

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 07:14 PM
Hi hibat, i am from monterrey, mexico too..and thats cuatro cienegas coahuila isnt?? well id id check the pictures but i dont know what is it....hope it was a better or more closer the picture.

You go there often??

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 07:25 PM
No, i didnt see the object, after the first pic i zoom in the far lake so i can took a better picture of it and after 2-3 weeks when i downloaded all the pics to my pc and start to check them, i realized that i had something weird in that pic.
As far i know Cuatrocienegas is a very special place with alot of endemic species and some kind of biological thing that is related with mars, you can check on google and see what im talking about

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 08:09 PM
Pretty interesting photo. I took the liberty of running the provided images through PS and this is what I came up with:

Note: I ran a auto contrast filter and ran a slight exclusion (24%) to bring the object out of the background. What I found is that this particular object appears to have a rather bright light directly on top that I had not noticed in the original.

More than likely a drone (unmanned craft..) or UAV or UCAV. Kool find, I always enjoy analyzing different photo's and finding items not previously viewed.

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 08:27 PM

Originally posted by 1nL1ghtened

wow that looks better than the original file, thanks for the time to do it

Originally posted by AlexDJ

You go there often??

yes we have a ranch there and most of the time we go there for fun, there are alot of interesting things you can see at night like strange lights or big balls of fire, but only in the far areas near the mountains

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 09:23 PM
Good photo there amigo
also looks like a shadow on the water at the
objects 8:00 ???

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 10:10 PM
Nice pictures. I have studied about the area before. NASA is always doing tests there because there is no place like it anywhere else in the world. I live in Texas, but I was born in Coahuila. Anyway, I'll send you a U2U with my email address. Could you provide me with copies of the original pictures?

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 12:11 AM
Is there by any chance a road where the object is? It looks like a car/truck being distorted by a mirage.

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 12:21 AM
Yes nasa has go there to cuatrocienegas to research it (dont know if they go that often or exporadict times) a protected area or natural reserve by the mexican goverment because there are species that only lives there and that some of this could have lived in mars (or still does..who knows).

Hey habitad you can send my U2U id you have Msn Messenger, i have some ufo stories we talk about it if you are interested. Its cool you have ranch over there because its a very beautiful place

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 06:16 AM
Awesome photo - it's good to see a UFO with some level of detail present. Given the millions of photos people take daily on this planet, I'm sure these things appear alot more often than mentioned. What's very odd too is that many of the unidentified objects I've seen in photos have the same (or similar) tilt - approx. 45 degrees. I can only assume that has something to do with the propulsion of these craft.

I took a photo in Vanuatu in 2004 and caught a vaguely similar object in the frame (which your photo reminded me of due to the tilt). I leveled the horizons in both your photo & mine in Photoshop and compared them. They're not exact, but close enough to make it clear that something's going on here.

Original thread for my pic can be found here:

...and heaps of UFO pics can be found here:

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 07:04 AM

Looks like one of those rare photos that I can't readily explain due to a bird or rock ...

Looks authentic whatever it is! Lucky you noticed it when you were going through your photos, wonder what it is?

Take care,
- Naz

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 12:35 PM
This is the most resemblant ufo i've been able to find on the web:
The caption reads: USA, East - 2002
Comparison ...

Another shot ...

It's only a vague resemblance, IMHO ...

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