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Real Cure for Cancer! Possibly aids too?

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posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 04:44 AM

Real Cure for Cancer! Possibly aids too?

According to a report due to be released in Decemeber in the American Cancer Society's Journal, Cancer, during the experiment, six rabbits with liver tumors were injected with a nanoparticle solution and placed inside Kanzius' radio-frequency machine. Two minutes later, the tumors were completely gone and there was no major damage to the surrounding healthy cells, according to the report.

"My jaw dropped when I heard how the experiments went, because they only ran these experiments on six animals and the results were perfect; one after the other," Kanzius said.

(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 04:44 AM
This is interesting, especially in light of some other recent news on curing diseases through lasers or electromagnetic waves with specific frequencies.

Here's another approach, again using electromagnetic resonance (in this case with lasers) to destroy pathogens.
"Superfast Laser Turns Virus into Rubble (tunes to specific frequencies, possible aids cure)"

Here's another, elctromagnetic, frequency tuned approach to curing cancer in Australia.

And then there's Royal Rife. A doctor who researched this kind of approach in the 30s, produced a machine, and claims to have documented frequencies for many illnesses and virus cures. Many have claimed that suppression of his technology was a way to increase pharmaceutical industry profits. Don't know about that.

Perhaps we'll actually start seeing some huge advances in really being able to cure cancer and other diseases. While the approach seems real and actually makes sense, I'm still skeptical these cures will get to the masses very soon.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 04:56 AM
I have also read that they can both create and remove tumors with this technology. The thing is, its bound to be used as a weapon before its used to treat people. No money in the cure, is it...

Until the world changes, it will always be more profitable to keep people sick.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 05:36 AM
I just can't wrap my head around the reported 'disappearance' of the tumors "in 2 minutes"
that sounds like a Star Trek transporter function.

a mass of cancerous cells can't just disappear, they have to be floating around in the torso or the bloodstream or somewhere.

sounds suspicious to me


as for cures not being profitable, i don't think thats the whole truth...

this radio-frequency machine could be used on condemed convicts
to repair faulty organs that will be 'harvested' and be sold to the wealthy
westerners in transplant operations...
i recall that asia has a growing underground market of organs going on.
Now, what if this curing machine was not made available to the public
and one still had to go through the organ buying & surgery we now have.
.....the auction of organs and the specialist surgeons doing the transplants
and the agents in every step of the organ transplant scheme would be raking in small fortunes.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 05:58 AM
Reading the article, it doesn't seem like a new idea. I remember reading a few years back about a possible technology where carbon nano-tubes where placed inside of tiny little particles of something (can't remember what) that cancer cells absorb 1000 times more than healthy cells. It has something to do with cancer metabolism. You then bombard the body with infra-red radiation, which heats the nano-tubes, destroying the cancer cells, but leaving healthy tissue intact.

It was undergoing trials when I read about. Maybe this is the same thing, can't remember. Glad to see it is being discussed openly, though!

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 06:08 AM
Nano technology is simply the most amazing stuff. It is as revolutionary as computers, but hardly anyone knows anything about it. The implications for nano-tech in even just everyday life defy comprehension.

My eyebrows shot up when I read "two minutes". That's pretty amazing.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 07:00 AM
As much as I'd love this to come into public use and knowledge, I just can't see it happening. The World and the powers that be revolve around money. The amount of money made through treating cancer and aids etc is too high for them to bring out a cure.

Sounds absolutely sick doesn't it, but trust me. They know of cures right now, and we all know that aids was man made. The pharmaceutical business would lose out on millions of pounds pumping into governments around the World.

As unfortunate as it is and as much as I'd like it too happen, a cure for cancer and aids is not going to be around the corner, due to financial crippling of pharmaceuticals.

The reason progress stopped in curing cancer is because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural substances, and it is patents that allow them to make their billions of dollars in profits. With a patent you have no competition, meaning you can charge whatever the "market" will pay. In other words, if a treatment for cancer came along that used only vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc., all from nature, the pharmaceutical industry would not make any money on this treatment plan, or if they owned a vitamin company (which some of them do), they would not make very much.

You sometimes (well I have) hear of ancient tribes around the World who confess that they know of natural remedies out in jungles etc that they have used for decades to treat cancer. Okay, this laser isn't a natural resource/cure, but the loss of cash maybe too high for a 'total cure' to appear.

[edit on 4-11-2007 by Arawn]

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 07:18 AM
Whilst big Pharmaceuticals might not want this to become mainstream, the cost of cancer to the economy in general is staggering. Loss of work-days, sick pay, etc all run into the tens of billions.

I think alot of other companies would like to have this treatment available so they can have healthier and therefore cheaper, workers.

I understand everyone wants to see a conspiracy angle, but me thinks that the Pharmaceutical firms would lose out to every other industry that would want this for their workers.

Also, to the above comment about patents. People have and are continuing to apply for patents to chemicals they discovered in nature. In fact, most medicines are found in nature and then synthesised for mass production.

People are even patenting human gene's.

A patent doesn't necessarily have to pertain to the actual creation of a chemical, but rather it's applications and production. Like I said, most medicines are discovered in deep, dark jungles, but the the process of turning the gum of the Yam-Yam-Booby tree into a pill that can be used to treat disease is what is patented.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 07:32 AM
If a natural cure were found for cancer, for example, oncologists and the whole traditional “cancer fighting” network would be looking for another specialty. Or another line of work. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to find a natural cure for cancer because there is no profit in a cure.

Nothing to do with conspiracy mate, it's just knowing that money rules the World. Simple as. Seeing people die of a disease whilst you rack in the cash is great. Aids was man made and injected into the countries wide vaccinations decades ago to control population. We all know where that has left them now right? Aids is spiraling out of control. African AIDS was the result of the smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted by the World Health Organization during the 1970s. It was not an accident. It was deliberate!

Reseach blood electrification and you see that aids can be treated with just a simple current charged through the blood.

In the Fall of 1990, two medical researchers, Drs.William Lyman and Steven Kaali, working at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City made an important discovery. They found that they could inactivate the HIV virus by applying a low voltage direct current electrical potential with an extremely small current flow to AIDS infected blood in a test tube. Initially, they discovered this in the lab by inserting two platinum electrodes into a glass tube filled with HIV-1 (type 1) infected blood. They applied a direct current to the electrodes and found that a current flow in the range of 50-100 microamperes (uA) produced the most effective results. Practically all of the HIV viral particles were adversely affected while normal blood cells remained unharmed. The viral particles were not directly destroyed by the electric current, but rather the outer protein coating of the virus was affected in such a way as to prevent the virus from producing reverse transcriptase, a necessary enzyme needed by the virus to invade human cells. Reverse transcriptase allows the virus to enter a human T cell line (called CEM-SS) and commandeer the DNA reproduction machinery.

Rumour has it that many celebrities who are 'in the know' and who had aids have had this process. Natural and easy remedies for many things only treaded by pharmaceuticals are out there, but the knowledge is suppressed.

The 1971 Flow Chart is the blueprint for the development of AIDS. It is the quintessential missing link document which provides absolute proof of the U.S. origin of HIV/AIDS. It is located in one of the 15 progress reports of the federal program entitled “The U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program.” I believe the term “cancer” was a misnomer to misdirect the actuality of the HIV development. It provides, again, absolute, absolute evidence of the U.S. origin of HIV as a synthetic biological agent.

Back to the cancer studies and cure, I'd love for a cure to happen, but like I said I can't see it happening. It's bloody sick, but they would lose out on cash, unless of course this laser treatment was at a very high cost. But even then I can't see it happening. Treating somebody for 10-20 years through cancer with medication, radiation treatment etc is far more profitable. Absolutely sickening!

They do not and never will release a cure for cancer or AIDS or any other disease. If they did that, then they would go out of business, They make millions of $$ with the excuse they are STILL doing research. If you find a cure, Then the disease is gone then they are OUT OF A JOB ! I truly believe that the hardcore research into finding a cure for these horrible diseases has fallen by the way side. Forward progress is so slow. What's happened?

Since the 1920s, more than 100 natural treatments for cancer have been developed that are far superior to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Every one of these treatment plans, which yield better cure rates and less pain. Heart disease prevention progress has also stopped in its tracks. Considering the direction political corruption is moving, progress will never start again. At the current time there is an "information conspiracy" to crush the truth about alternative treatments.

Oh and on a side note about patents being easily done for the natural remdies, let us suppose they were able to modify one of the natural molecules and totally cure cancer in a patient in a matter of days. Would they make this substance known to the world? They would not because patents are only for a fixed number of years. When this number of years is up, it could be made generic and that would be the end of their gravy train.

As much as I'd love to believe the poster above that it's all a conspiracy, things add up to profits and financial backing to keep people believing they are researching a cure. Virtually all cancer research funding in the world today is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry directly or indirectly (i.e. indirectly via its political clout in Washington D.C. and its control over such organizations as the ACS). It is easy to see how they make their decisions as to which projects to study. The more expensive, the more exotic, and the projects with the least potential for quick cures, get the money.

[edit on 4-11-2007 by Arawn]

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 07:33 AM

Originally posted by Arawn

Sounds absolutely sick doesn't it, but trust me. They know of cures right now, and we all know that aids was man made.

You sometimes (well I have) hear of ancient tribes around the World who confess that they know of natural remedies out in jungles etc that they have used for decades to treat cancer.

there are no cures for cancer...i friggin hate when people start to spout this stuff. there are treatments to HELP treat cancer but there are no cures.
not gleevac and radiation and not vitamin e and carrots....

anyone in this thread knows the cure for cancer, please let me know...

we have debated this numerous times on ats and i have had several people tell me they KNOW how or have seen people cure cancer, yet they never say how....

so if ANYONE in this thread knows of these amazing methoda, please, let us all know.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 07:47 AM
Arawn, I see your one of these "all-natural" types that akin to Miss Information from South Park, despite me trying to explain to you that nearly all medicine, in one way or another, comes from nature.

All the pharm's do is try to figure out the best way to produce them and control production.

Besides, they make enough money off other, less lethal diseases, so I do not see why, when these people have families themselves, they would suppress the knowledge. You honestly expect that this could be kept quiet? Imagine this, CEO of Big Drug Inc has a wife who contracts cancer. She tells her friedns, before he comes along and says

"Honey, come with me. Keep quiet though"

So she come's along, gets cured and goes home happy.

Her mates, however, wonder why she was cured so easily.

They become especially irate when another one gets struck down with the same type of cancer and her doctor tells her that she will die, so the wife arranges for her to be cured.

That persons father then get's lung cancer from the big Cubans he's been smoking. So the wife's friend who was cured arranges to get her father cured. So on and so forth.

Eventually, things like this snowball. People find out.

Also, I'd bet that while your healthy now, you'll sing the praises of dung tea with carrot flakes as a cure all for ebola.

But, I'd bet a huge some of cash that if you were diagnosed tomorrow (God forbid) with cancer, you'd be more than willing to listen to your doctor than place your life in the hands of "Dr" Moonbeam and his hippy herbal remedies.

If it didn't involve you getting sick and more than likely dying a painful death, this is a study I would stump up the cash for, as it would settle the debate once and for all.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 08:07 AM

Originally posted by stumason
Arawn, I see your one of these "all-natural" types that akin to Miss Information from South Park, despite me trying to explain to you that nearly all medicine, in one way or another, comes from nature.

Deary me you have much to learn. Try not to use sarcasm, it's the lowest form of wit. So let's just leave that right there shall we. I'm not a tree hugging hippy, I just know a lot more about cures for these horrible diseases that exist than most people WHO THINK, they know better.

Believe what you want. Go ahead and get nuked with radiation therapy if you believe that's THE ONLY way to get help for any cancer treatment. Virtually all cancer surgery is unnecessary. Chemotherapy is nothing but toxic sludge, yet the medical community is spending a vast, vast percentage of their research money on "perfecting" this virtually useless cancer treatment plan. Knowing how much damage chemotherapy does to the immunity system, the person's vital organs, the person's DNA, etc. is yet another absurdity in the "scientific evidence" that is used to get the FDA to approve the toxic chemotherapy sludge.

You stick to the doctors orders and I'll stick with my knowledge then. I mean we can't criticize each other for doing that, as we are quite entitled to go about with our daily lives.

So why is cancer research intentionally headed in the wrong direction? If I were to list the 50 overall most expensive and most profitable treatments for cancer, not only would chemotherapy, radiation and surgery be at the top of this list (along with other orthodox treatments), but for a typical cancer patient, an orthodox treatment plan would be more expensive than almost all 50 of the most effective and safest treatments - combined!

It revolves around cash and profits, not treatment of patients. NOW LET ME SAY THAT NOT EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR, OR EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE PROFESSION IS AN EVIL, SICK AND TWISTED PERSON WHO WANTS TO KILL THE HUMAN POPULATION. No! While it is true that the pharmaceutical industry has provided America and other Western cultures like the United Kingdom with a marvelous standard of health, the pharmaceutical industry has gone into areas it has no business being in, in order to enhance its "earnings per share." It would be safe to say that virtually all (but not all) cancer research today is a search for ever more expensive and ever more profitable treatments for cancer.

There are much better remedies that getting nuked with radiation etc. Much better!

I mean ffs, how can you trust the health service and governments around the World when THEY INTRODUCED AIDS!? Surely it takes a leap of faith to do that?

Also, I'd bet that while your healthy now, you'll sing the praises of dung tea with carrot flakes as a cure all for ebola.

But, I'd bet a huge some of cash that if you were diagnosed tomorrow (God forbid) with cancer, you'd be more than willing to listen to your doctor than place your life in the hands of "Dr" Moonbeam and his hippy herbal remedies.

Sigh, getting tired of the sarcastic remarks now. Let me explain simply with a few sentences. I've never said I'd run off to a herbal person to treat me with herbal remedies. Do not hire an M.D. who promises to "look into alternative medicine with an open mind" or you are wasting your money.

On a final note before I leave, here's a few interesting books that you might want to read before you go ahead and let yourself be nuked:

World Without Cancer - G. Edward Griffin

The Cures For Cancer, Cures and Cover Ups - Barry Lynes

The Assault on Medical Freedom - P. Joseph Lisa

The Politics of Cancer Revisited - Samuel S. Epstein

They might just give you some food for thought. See ya and take care

[edit on 4-11-2007 by Arawn]

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 08:34 AM
If you think that was sarcastic, then you haven't heard anything yet! Only people who don't how to be witty and sarcastic claim it to be beneath them...

Besides sarcasm, I do love a bit of irony too.

Especially the bit where you bang on about the evil corporations and their money grabbing ways, claiming your alternative methods are better, but then proceed to not only fail to inform us of any of these methods, but direct me to to purchase books!

The writers of which, who on closer inspection, seem to churn out a HUGE volume of books on the subject, making a substantial financial return, I should imagine. I mean, just how many books on "cures" for cancer can one man write? Quite a few, apparently. And you know what, people will buy the books and believe him, because it sells false hope, not a cure.

If these methods were as successful as you claimed, we'd all be doing it. The fact that these books are on the market proves there is no cover up.

Oooh, I love it... The sweet smell of irony..

You also dodged the question nicely. What would YOU do if you found out you had cancer?

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 08:48 AM
One of your authors, G. Edward Griffin, was once one of the leading proponents of a substance called Amygdalin from the bitter almond. He claimed this was a cure and preventative to cancer.

Clinical studies showed that it did alleviate some symptoms associated with cancer, it still had side affects akin to cyanide poisoning in several subjects and in all cases, failed completely to halt or even slow the growth of the cancer.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 09:05 AM
Well, it's not going to be any part of a "cure for AIDS".

You have to get past the "magic" thinking and consider what the machine does.

The RF part of it is a butt-simple diathermy machine. You can buy one with a prescription. His has a bit more power, and where most diathermy machines are fix-tuned, he can choose multiples of a common diathermy frequency. No magic, no crystals from Atlantis, no bits of rock from Stonehenge. He was using a Yaesu ham rig for all his initial work, but needed more power and wanted it to be simpler and cheaper. Otherwise he could have gotten the next bigger Yaesu.

The function of it is to heat the nanoparticles. You engineer the nanoparticles to be taken up preferentially by the tumor cells. Then you cook them. That's it in a nutshell. The really tough part is to design the nanoparticles and whatever coating you're using to get tumor cells to ingest them.

For AIDS, well, viruses don't ingest anything, so that's out. Once a T4 helper cell is infected, the virus is written into its DNA. So you'd have to find a way to distinguish an infected T4 in such a way that it would take in the nanoparticle and die. And you'd also have to bind and inactivate the virus in the bloodstream. So this treatment is probably not going to be very useful that way.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Tom Bedlam

For AIDS, well, viruses don't ingest anything, so that's out. Once a T4 helper cell is infected, the virus is written into its DNA. So you'd have to find a way to distinguish an infected T4 in such a way that it would take in the nanoparticle and die. And you'd also have to bind and inactivate the virus in the bloodstream. So this treatment is probably not going to be very useful that way.

Hi Tom,
The part related to aids was use of electromagnetic frequencies, attempted, some say successfully since Royal Rife in the 30s, for isolating the vibrational frequency of virii or bacteria and destroying them. I added three links in the original post, one a very recent wired story about using lasers, another form of electromagnetic radiation, tuned to specific frequencies to destroy virii and bacteria. Royal Rife even documented specific frequencies for many organisms at which he said they were killed, leaving surrounding tissues unaffected. It would be interesting to see if that research could now be applicable to the mainstream. I personally don't know enough about his research to have an opinion of it's efficacy.

My general thought is now that we have tests of nanoparticles that can cook tumors via electromagnetic excitation, and there also seem to be very useful applications of electromagnetic resonance at specific frequencies being used against pathogens or cancers, perhaps we're on the verge of a revolution in medicine, one that uses targeted electromagnetics with or without nanoparticles to fight pathogens and cancers.

It certainly seems harder for something like MRSA to become immune to being blasted by the resonant frequency of its outer cell membrane than to an antibiotic that in spite of losing its effectiveness, always has the side effect of killing beneficial bacteria.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 09:47 AM
In the 90s there was a guy who found a way to cure aids in a patient. He supposedly began looking for investors to prototype his cure and market the end result. What he proposed was something similar to a dialysis machine. The machine would cleanse the blood supply of an aids victim by heating the blood to around 115°, thus destroying any virus, than cooling it back to 98.6 and re-enter the cleansed supply to the human capillary system. I knew about this from a business partner who invested in the guy. I think he was shut down by big pharma and the medical association.

Theres a cure for cancer from the 1930s with the same fate as the aids cure. Folks, big pharama and the medical association don't want a cure for this stuff. Think about all the research grants, cancer telethons, donations from dead rich people who died from cancer and pill production they would loose. There is an industry built on human suffering and only false promises for a cure because a cure would end the business model of the industry.

Its all false promises to get us to fall under there spell to keep money loaded in there pockets while keeping the victims broke from supporting them and there phony practices.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 09:49 AM
There are foods and herbs that cure cancer and it's well-documented but people don't believe it if they don't hear it from their "trusted" media.

Regardless of the FDA's strongly biased opinions, the fact remains that foods and superfoods do cure cancer. Broccoli reverses breast cancer. Carrots help reverse lung cancer. Ginger, onions and garlic shrink tumors throughout the body. These foods are healing foods, and they do in fact reverse serious disease. I've often said that if broccoli could be sold as a precription drug, it would be headline news. That's because it offers a vast array of cancer-fighting compounds, including antiangiogenesis phytochemicals that help "starve" tumors so they die, all without harming healthy cells.

Source: Now even scientists say broccoli can cure cancer, not just prevent it

Sunlight emerging as proven treatment for breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers

Spirulina research shows treatment of breast cancer tumors, HIV virus, and other viruses

Harry Hoxsey used to cure cancer using herbs but the government ran him out of the country:

Harry Hoxsey, a coal miner with no formal medical training, began promoting his great-grandfather's cancer formula -- which contained a number of herbs, including bloodroot, burdock, red clover, licorice root, pokeroot, barberry root, buckthorn, prickly ash, stillingia root and cascara -- in the 1930s. He also marketed a salve for external cancers, called an "escharotic," which essentially burns off external cancers. His treatments proved amazingly effective at curing cancer, and word of his cancer treatments spread. People from all over the country -- including "terminal" patients conventional doctors had given up on -- sought out his treatments, no matter where he was practicing, and a high number of them were successfully cured.

Source: The Abraham Cherrix cancer story the media won't print: Harry Hoxsey's cancer cures and the US government campaign to destroy them

So cancer actually is cureable using natural herbs, but the government will not allow these practices to be used here in the U.S.

People "think" there is no cure for cancer because that's what the government wants people to think. See how much power they have? It's pretty disturbing.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 10:11 AM
Listen , you have every elite in the world saying we need to depopulate this planet in order for mankind to progress.
Do you think they will ever allow a cure for cancer or aids to go public.
Not a chance.

Birth control and to a lesser degree eugenics are going to rolled out as a viable means of reducing carbon emmisions and pollution.
Its all just a farce.

Not in the next 50 years will they announce a cure for either of these 2 killers.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 10:24 AM
i had to forward my mother this
article to give her some hope.
crossing fingers this guy goes to market with this and he doesn't get "offed" by the guv...

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