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Not So Easy...(blackwater,NWO,Police state)

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posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 03:30 PM
I only post this because i know what it's like for these guys (thugz,gangstaz,hustlerz ect.) cause i been there done that...i'm now old enough to know better and one of the lucky one to have had the chance to put a 180 on my life.

I dont put these guys down because they do what they have to..and most of them are in situations where thats the only choice due to the location they are born in... but to what i was going to say.....

this is just one "type" of group the NWO would have to deal with if they tried to pull the martial law thing off in america... from this documentary i was watching called "Hood 2 Hood" show's the viewer a glimps of what is going on in the streets where most people never go... or even know's about.

kids....16 dealing with keyz of dope every day! they even show one kid about 18 count out over $160,000.00 just from hustling in his hood... just 1 kid. and most if not all love their AK 47's... most if not all wear vest's...and alot of them carry more then one 9mm, but they look like average street thugs.....dont be fooled...erach one hase a killer instinct like you wouldnt belive.

my only beef with this.. is if they all were on the same page...with the hardware they have... and the money they generate.. they could have an urban army that would be very hard to beat.(NWO...dont underestimate these guy's!)

Kid with key of herion

Kid count's out over $150,000.00 from a shoe box

counting money in the bathroom


weapon of choice

it wont be so easy.... IMHO.

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