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My Astral Projection

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 06:55 PM
So, let me first state that I love ATS... if it wasn't for ATS, then i would have never tried to astral project. The most knowledge I had on the same sort of subject is Lucid Dreaming.

With that said, I have come across some really neat AP (astral projection) threads and the topic has caught my attention. I used to be very religious in the Christian faith, however i feel as though i have become way more open minded in my years of traveling and going to school. IMO, people are people, and all religions probably have some truth to them, and being spiritual is a state of mind for anyone of any religion, even those with no religion. People are people, and we should all treat each other with love and respect. I know thats a little off subject, i just felt that you guys should know where i stand on that, because though I am very unexperienced with AP, i do feel people should look at the world unclouded before they try.

Astral projection to me, seems very much possible. I believe that AP is also a very spiritual experience.

Well, after i read a few threads, i did a few days of studying the subject. I was very intrigued, and kind of scared to try it out myself. I do believe in human possessions, and I once thought that I myself might be possessed (but that could just be my paranoid side). I thought AP could be another opening, even if all that stuff was just in my head.

A few days after reading a lot about the subject, I just had a feeling inside me that felt it was time for me to try. I cant tell you what it was, I just felt very calm and that I was now mentally prepared. I had a really good feeling about it, I felt calm, and a little tired (which i thought would help).

So, I laid down on my bed with the blanket on (in case my body was going to get cold) once i left it. I asked my guides (of whom I have never met, and could just be angels IMO) to watch over me as I tried to AP.

It took me a lot longer that i thought it would, i was expecting 15 min or so, when in reality it took me about 35min. Let me just say though, I don't really know if i actually projected... that is why I am writing this thread. Anyway, I laid down and tried to relax every part of my body. Once I was relaxed, both physically and mentally, I used the "rope" method (which is imaging a rope over your body and your spiritual body grabbing on to the rope and pulling itself out of your physical body) to try and AP.

This is where it got "weird" for me. The rope method wasn't really working (or maybe i was doing it wrong, it was my first time), and like I mentioned above, I was fairly tired when I tried to AP. I felt myself starting to fall asleep, but right before I fell asleep I remembered what I was trying to do, and let me tell you, I don't know how to describe it, but it just felt like it was the right time to release my spiritual body from my physical one at THAT specific point. I imagined my spiritual body leaving my physical one one more time, and I felt myself sit up in bed! At that exact point, I heard a woman whispering in my room and my house was completely empty! I wasn't scared or anything, I felt really calm, but I just laid back down in bed. My eyes were shut the entire time. After that, I heard a man talking to someone downstairs. At first i just thought it was my dad, but my dad is away on business, and like I said, the house was completely empty.

After that i fell asleep for about 4 hours... and this was at like 1130am! I had woken up for class that day at 7am.

Anyway, at first I thought maybe I had physically sat up in bed, but my thinking that I heard a woman in my room and a man downstairs, now makes me think that maybe it was my spiritual body that sat up in bed (and that is why I could hear the voices) and that i was in the spiritual world, or astral plane. Either way, the experience was very calming. It has been a little over a week since that first try now, and I haven't felt like I have been ready to try again, I haven't felt that same feeling as I did when I felt like I was ready the first time, which is ok with me, because ever since that time I have felt a sense of enlightenment. I still remember my dream from after i fell asleep that day, and i also wonder if i was astral projecting in my dream.

This post has two purposes.

One: i wanted to share my experience with APing (being a newcomer) to everyone else out there that is also new to the subject.

Two: i want to talk to those of you that can AP. I want to know what my story sounds like to you. Do you think i physically sat up in bed? or was it my spiritual self? When you AP, does everything feel physical? can you feel your body making a motion or performing an action? and what do you think the voices were?
I just really want to get all of your opinions and advise.

Thanks for listening everyone.

*NOTE: I created this same thread in the mythical beast forum by accident. I asked a mod to move it but it has not been. I want more input on this so this is the same thread as the previous one i posted. If you are a mod viewing this, plz delete my other thread that has been started HERE

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 07:21 PM
I think it is amazing you have had an experience allready even though your so new to OOBE.
There are4 many more ways to AP than just the rope technique. You may need to try out many different ways to find the one that suits you best.

Keep in mind that people meditate daily for years trying to astral project........

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 08:49 PM
Thanks RiverGoddess.
However, Im still not sure what my experience was, which is why i would love some input as to what the actual feelings are when you AP. Like i said, it felt as if i physically sat up in bed. it was also at that moment that i heard the voices in my room, but my eyes were shut the entire time. That is why i would love to know that when you AP, if it feels like your still in your physical body or not.

I still haven't tried APing since. i get a bit scared at night to try to tell you the truth, but i feel very calm during the day, which is when i first tried, but also, it just felt right my first time.

Have you ever APed? if so, what did it feel like, and did you also hear things you normally dont?

I would love some more input from anyone with some experience.


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