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Rant about homeless people

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by doctorlove

Originally posted by Paresthesia
If you honestly feel the way you do, again, I pity you.

Please re-evaluate yourself.

so your saying to be a good person i should give my change to panhandlers?

Consideration for others is a start to becoming a decent person.

I suggest you at least attempt to think beyond the obvious.

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 09:35 PM
I would love to know what YOU people do when aproached by a dirty smelly panhandler begging for your change. How would you feel If you were in a rush and some shmuck gets in your way and starts pestering you for change like a leech??? I wouldnt be very happy about it...

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by doctorlove

it happens to me everyday and i just say nah i dont have any or yeah heres some quarters depends if i have $$ or's simple..or u can just choose to ignore they are used to it..but no need to be a dickweed about it homie.

posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 11:32 PM
This thread makes me think that the poster really is a kid. Probably not a highschool upperclassmen yet.

Now I grew up in a very wealthy family, among the top 9% in all America. But I don't have disgust for the homeless like you do. I remember back during the time of confirmation, I had to help a poor lower class family all day. I had to watch their kid while the mother does the bills because they can't afford to do them at home. That kid loved me so much, she said she never wanted me to go away. That was probably the most funnest and happiest time she ever had in her life. And I felt real sorry that she would never see me again, but if we did, I promised myself that I would help that family out. They also had a baby who couldn't sleep in a crib because they couldn't afford one.

So the lesson here today is that it is sick to think that all poor people are lazy. That family had two kids, and had to work at minimum wage.

Imagine trying to do that doc, raise a family with a baby and work two jobs.

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 02:58 PM
Doctorlove (the op, not the other one).... homelessness is something that can be avoided in the US, or at least should be. There is always Section 8 housing for those who need help and assistance, as well as food stamps and other welfare programs designed to help those who are homeless or poverty stricken to get out of that situation. This being said... It doesn't seem to be easy to receive or well known among those who are in this situation, which leads to this epidemic to continue. Instead of complaining about the conditions that surround you, how about do what you can to help educate these people in the ways of getting out of homelessness. Volunteer at a shelter, soup kitchen, or any other charity that helps those get out of homelessness. Don't complain that they are dirty, or accuse them of being lazy. It's probably a case of not knowing how to get help, or what to do.

Once apon a time... I found myself in a very bad situation. I don't wish to get into details, but while I was wrestling with despair and hopelessness a wise person, who I will call an angel for lack of a better term asked me if I knew how to use the tools our government have in place. I responded that I didn't want to be a drain on the country in using them, and she said to me "That's what they are there for. If people don't use them, and use them properly, then they will disappear." With her help, I got out of the situation I was in, and all because I didn't know or felt I shouldn't use these things. I'm sure this isn't an uncommon problem. So show some patience and understanding.

No one wants to be dirty, hungry, cold and alone. No one wants to be not seen or not helped. No one wants to be in that type of situation. Help those you see. You will never know if you will end up in a similar situation.

Here are some links to help anyone who might access this board and might be in a dire situation.

As long as there's a problem, it IS everyones problem.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 04:08 PM
Not sure about how you yanks treat your homeless, but theres nonsense here in Scotland.

One of my good friends was homeless for a while, and after sleeping in her car, she eventually went to a homeless shelter. Now, these little apartments are pretty good, and free of charge, but then comes the catch 22. While you are unemployed you can stay there free, but as soon as you get a job (that week soon) you have to start paying rent of 60 quid a week. So if you want a job you need a house, but if you have a job you can't have the house. Nonsense. She also shared a room with a swastika tatooed ex soldier, whos now in jail for murder. Not the best place for a 20 year old girl.

I made friends with a man called James who lived rough near my old work. I used to lend him books and the like. But he had kidney failure, and had to go into a homeless shelter, but they wouldn't let him keep his dog. So he didn't stay, and had to try and find 15 pound a day to sleep in a hostel. He disappeared last winter.

I hope that gives you a different view of the homeless people.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by JessicaS

Section 8, in most areas, have a 5 year or more waiting list because so many needy families are applying for it. Regarding the welfare program, so many cuts have been made due to welfare reform and people abusing the system that they barely give a needy family enough to pay the rent.

Doctorlove, of course you are not obligated to give your money to panhandlers. Just say "Sorry I don't carry cash" and walk away. It is true that some panhandlers can be aggressive and sadly enough, some panhandlers do use the money that they get to buy drugs and alcohol.

However you don't need to be rude or verbally abusive towards people who are less fortunate than yourself just because you don't understand what they are going through.

posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by doctorlove
I would love to know what YOU people do when aproached by a dirty smelly panhandler begging for your change. How would you feel If you were in a rush and some shmuck gets in your way and starts pestering you for change like a leech??? I wouldnt be very happy about it...

I will go out on a limb here. Doctorlove your anger is misplaced. Think about why those people are homeless. Most of the US jobs now are being shipped to Mexico or China. It seems like the government is more obessed with the war in Iraq and spending billions then trying to assist the people or allow the childrens' healthcare bill pass which is a mere 63 billion if it passes to the war bill 700+ billion since 2003. But Bush wants to veto the healthcare bill because it costs too much.

So tell me again why there is homeless people?

Gas prices are soaring, taxes are rising, land costs are off the scale, housing is a easy 300,000 to 400,000 for a decent house. Job's are being shipped oversea's. And your ranting about homeless people?

Get a clue.

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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 12:02 PM
Some homeless people are not crazy for starters theres plenty of lazy bums out there who make more money bumming than you or i and they dont pay taxes and still get goverment aid
so to those i say
get a job and stop asking me for
money cuz i aint never given it and never will

posted on Oct, 9 2007 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by doctorlove
It makes me sick when im driving my car that I own to work and pass by countless people in sleeping bags on benches or sitting on sidewalks with a hat infront of them full of pennies.

you know why people are homeless? they are lazy plain and simple. everybody has the power to get a job. some people just dont wanna get off their butt and find one.

they think the job will come to them but it wont. why are these people so dam lazy? get off your lazy but and look for a job. a lot of places will hire you AND get you working on the first day all you gotta do is look around walk right in the store and ask are you hiring its that easy.

these homeless people would rather spend their days sleeping in parks then contributing to society. im not suprized homeless beatings are on the rise!

[edit on 17-9-2007 by doctorlove]

Bullcrap, pure bullcrap. You know what most homeless people are? War vets that get screwed by there government. Those that are stipped of benes that they so hardly deserve. And what do these homeless get? They get to see ***ncs here getting rich. There told to shoot these people, and these foreigners take over the land. Most homeless people are the ones with mental illness who no one wants to take care of! If i hear one more person blaming god i will shoot them because it's people that do the majority of bad things. When you have an illness, no one cares about you. People try to suck you out of money, and if you don't have it. On the street you go. This is what a hardcore conservitive would say, your heartless doctorlove. I was homeless for a month. You think i deserved it? No, i was an innocent bystander. Doctor love, you are an idiot my friend and i hope no respects your opionon on this view.

posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by doctorlove

actually, I already have the change out, if I have any.

most homeless people do have jobs.

not all panhandlers are homeless. some live quite nicely.

not all homeless are drunk/druggies.

Maybe you should take sensitivity classes. Anger management. No offense, but, you sound like you have led a gifted life, don't act spoiled, appreciate what you have others have not.

Try being homeless. Try working a full time job, but, still not having enough money to have a place. Try moving out of your parents house. Unless you work two jobs and possibly a second person working with you ... there is no way to get ahead on the average income from a job the average person can get. 10-15,000 a year isn't really a living wage these days. You would have to have a studio apartment right next to your job becuase ... you can't afford a car, car insurance, car maintenance to work further away ... and not all places have affordable, wide-spread, or even available public transportation options.

Do you know what priorities are? Health of your loved ones, food, water. I know people who work as managers who live in tents.

I think whatever you wish or want to do to somebody is done to you.

THAT is great 'karma'. This way, you will want, think, and do unto others as you would have them want, think, and do unto to you ... if you were in their shoes.

Don't feel high and mighty ... you may be in their shoes one day.

I am disgusted by people who have no empathy or respect for others ... no dignity or virtue. It is a shame people can live in such a horrible and negative way.

You sound like a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum and spewing mindless hate.

You better pray no one thinks that way of you and acts upon those feelings.

posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 08:37 PM


Sadly it does happen alot in the UK, I was homless for 4 weeks down in southend before my family back up in scotland, drove all the way down to get me, either that I would have been another stadistic, in the homless population in the uk. Sadly it didnt work out when I went back to scotland and became homeless again, when you get yourself in rut weither it is your own fault or not, sometimes it is difficult to get yourself outof one, Iwas homeless for a year and a half before I gained rented accomodation, have a full time job took me 5 years, has a happy life now.

Fromt he experiences I have had, I know of many out there who are homeless, some are not homeless of their own choice, some are homeless as a result of other factors. (Family Breakdown, Abuse... is some to say the least)....

I shead a tear while reading the O/p statement, I felt like the way you did when I worked and lived down in southend. But one you have been homeless and seen how it works from the other side. You do not take life, on face value.

I felt such a ignorant hypocrite, while on one hand while working having the money I either choise to ignore or even not see any homless. When I did become homeless, it was evident to see how people passes, homelesspeople in the street and ignore them.

"One woman, whom I can't remember her name, came over to me, asked me if I had left my phone book in the phone box), the book had my sisters numbers init. I thanked her for returning ot to me and asked her if she had a couple of cigarettes? She could have said not, but she gave me a 20 packet of cigarettes. I stillvhave never went back down south to thank her for given me them.

Just show there is still some humanity in the world. I will give what I can give to the homeless as a result of that, just my own personal experience is all...

I know the o/p has his reasons, you go homeless and see how they see it. And then maybe you will come to respect if not some but most of them.

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posted on Oct, 27 2007 @ 09:40 PM
To say every last person who wants to live that way is enjoying it or lazy is very wrong. Things happen in life beyond one's control some such as mental illness, addictive personality, abusive family life in youth and domestic violence, may play a part. Others deal with strict probation/felony rules while finding housing. Well all know some may enjoy that as a lifestyle, others are picking themselves up from an unfortunate circumstance.

Now imagine someone very rich saying you're lazy because you don't have more than a minimum wage job or didn't go to college? Assuming that is, in fact, your situation.

I volunteer, helping out homeless families through an organization, so have seen the hardships first hand.

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posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 08:13 AM
Do you know that in this country it is against the law to be poor? There are loitering and vagrancy laws that insist you have money in your pocket and a place to live or risk going to jail.

I have been abyssmally impoverished, lived in my car, lived on the streets, slept where I could. I never panhandled. Some people took one look at me and gave me money (which embarassed me to death) but I didn't buy drugs or alcohol with it.

I tried to get food stamps but the welfare office said I had to have a refrigerator and stove (and presumably a house to put them in) or there was no point in letting me have food. I tried going to a homeless shelter but they wanted to take my kids away from me. I hitch hiked to work, hitch hiked to school, ate leftovers from outdoor restaurant patios. Finding a place to sleep was the hardest. In the summer, I would go to high dollar hotels. You can't tell if someone is rich or poor if they're only wearing a bathing suit and I would sleep on the pool side chaise lounges. In the winter, one has to be much more creative.

I stayed on beaches and ate the crabs that came up with the tide, knocked coconuts out of peoples trees and lived on those for a while. I vowed that once I got out of my situation I would never again be homeless in a city. If I ever get to the point where I can't support myself financially for whatever reason, I will just put on a backpack and go live on a mountain somewhere until the wolves get me.

It is dehumanizing in the extreme to know that you are not fit company for polite society. To know that you smell bad, have ragged clothes, no talents or skills, that your empty stomach is rumbling so loudly that people are staring. God forbid if I had a mental illness or chronic disease/handicap that compounded the problem.

I hope no one ever has to experience homelessness. Dodging the cops to keep from getting picked up for loitering or vagrancy. Dodging the predatory crazies that look for young women on the street. Trying to stay clean, dry, kempt and sane. Wondering if the next person to offer you a ride is a murderer. Wondering if the seemingly kind soul offering you food has knock out drops in it. It's a life of animals, not human beings.

Homelessness should be everyone's concern. When their numbers surpass those who still have food, shelter and clothing, do you think you will be safe? Instead of cursing the darkness, let us all light a candle because when one of us is degraded, all of us are degraded. When one of us is uplifted, the standard for all humanity is uplifted.

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