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A better society (close to a utopia)

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 05:01 PM
If everyone able to work, worldwide, would just be: assigned randomly to a job, forced to train prior to working it (if it's not one where you can be trained as you work), then forced to work it for no money, then everyone participating could live decently in a money-free society. Production of life's needed and wanted things would still go on under this being forced. All the things you normally pay for with money wouldn't cost a penny. All there has to be then is a regulation on how much of something you need or want you can purchase for free (yes, it'll be hooked up to an unhackable computer system that'll keep track of what all you can get for free so it can be regulated).

It would be one form of slavery in exchange for another form of slavery. Think about this: Money to earn a decent living (still slavery) vs forced to earn a decent living (still slavery). With one though there would be no one left behind without work for a decent living.

The penalty for not cooperating would limit you in getting what you want, but not what you absolutely need as a part of being human. And you'd be confined for a specific amount of time in a prison for punishment with having to do some forced labor still until it's seen you are ready to conform to the new society. In such the kind of society I doubt ppl would choose not to cooperate.

Think about it... Everyone would be treated equal in the process of this new society. And if you dont do well in your first randomly assigned job you'll be simply transferred to another randomly assigned job. Training for any randomly assigned job would of course be free since you'd be apart of a productive society, where everyone is helping everyone whether they like it or not. Also in such the kind of society you can do work that you're not forced to do aside from the work you're forced to do.

What do you think? Would you conform to such a society? Would such a society work better than this current society in how it is?

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 05:01 PM
Oh and ppl that arent able to work in this new kind of society get a free pass because there either too young, too old, or too disabled to work. The stuff they need/want would still be regulated to keep the society in check/balance. Wouldnt want some ppl with way too much free stuff than what the others are able to have that could have went to someone else.

The kind of society I think would be called a "civil forced society" or a "forced civil society" (or else what would it be called?). In this current society you are already being forced to make money for survival. Like why not just cut the middle illusion (money) out? If it takes money then it dont make sense.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 06:35 PM
In a money based society no one is actually free because they "have to" work for money to make it. And it takes that earned money to only TRY to be free from any legal situation you're unfortunately crossed with. Turn the tables differently and all lawyers to defend you in a court of law are free to help you out. Now wouldn't that be better off? Wouldnt it be better off to be this kind of slave rather than the current kind of trapped slave? In the current form of modern day slavery you're a slave to the system and a puppet to its money. I tell you, in such the new kind of society the court system wouldnt be so unfair by far any further. They wouldnt be able to get away with it with all the free help to fight for justice. The court system is the back bone to so much of the injustice and modern day slavery going on in the world today. Some ppl are stuck paying child support when under my kind of new society they wouldnt have to. The benifits outweigh this kind of discomfort in being forced to simply work.

Plus, isnt everyone sick of having to pay taxes? And isnt everyone sick of gold diggers (tricks and pimps)? I bet folks are tired of being pimped and scamed for money.

I ought to make a name for the types of slavery so ppl can see which bracket they are already in and which bracket they'd rather be in. Face it, life is slavery one way or the mother#ing other. You just got to pick and choose the lesser evil.

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 06:57 PM
What is so great about being equal?

Getting up everyday knowing that no matter what you do, you can't make improvements, or better yourself.

You may call it utopia, I would call it hell.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 07:12 PM
I'd have to object to your proposal, and I object for the following reason.

  • Abolishing our money based society may solve some problems, but it creates just as many as it solves.
  • Randomized careers? That would never work.
  • Unhackable computer system?

    Your society goes against everything that Abraham Maslow referred to in his Hierarchy Of Needs.

    Originally posted by Mabus
    If everyone able to work, worldwide, would just be: assigned randomly to a job, forced to train prior to working it (if it's not one where you can be trained as you work), then forced to work it for no money, then everyone participating could live decently in a money-free society.

    People would not work in randomly assigned jobs. Those that did, would hate it and have to drag their ass to work everyday. A pissed off worker is a pissed off mother or father. A pissed off mother or father spells out into a child that is living in less than ideal situation.

    So your proposal for our work force is going to lead to a pissed off population who hate their jobs, and hate their lives. So before we address any of the other proposals, is it already diminished to the point where it is not worth it?

    For me to find happiness in life, I need to have a career where I feel important and needed. I need to know that I have made a difference, and that some randomized individual from anywhere in the world, could have done the same job.

    Your views of our current workforce, using slavery as an analogy, I can't help but feel it is only generalized towards those that have careers they do not enjoy. To solve this problem, we are going to take this fraction whom hate their job, and mix them with everyone who loves their job, and give them all jobs that they hate? Does that seem like it is going to fix anything?

    As for the justice system, can one without accountability really be a stride in the right direction?

    It seems that your system is all geared towards equality. But is equality on a scale this large, really an ideal situation? Do we really want to be the same? The discrepancy between rich and poor in today's society is enormous. It is enormous, and growing larger each year. This is a problem, and this is something that should be addressed. But a state that is based 100% on equality, I think that is only opening the door to other problems that our current one does not have to look at.

    While it solves some, it creates more.

    That Maslow was a smart guy. I think he had something with that hierarchy. If we were to move to your society, I think we'd all know how smart he was very quickly.

  • posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:49 PM
    The world's leaders need to all get together and make this ideal scenerio happen. The next batch of world leaders, following, would be elected just as well, and would all make no money too just like the rest of us because money under my kind of new society money would become all so useless. Say good-bye to puppets, and let true colors of individuals flash forth.

    Under my kind of new civil forced society the higher the damand for things go up the more productivity will simply go up. That's work for everybody abled to work. Work worldwide would be forced part-time labor. Full time labor would be voluntary only. All self ran businesses (since just about everybody would have the means to run a business) or extra education would be optional for anyone as long as they themselves still conform to the random assigned part-time job.

    Since ppl are assigned randomly to training/jobs it would cut any possible discrimination off at the source. This new kind of society would prevent this kind of discimination.

    Amd this spells economic genius in the making because all nations debt would wiped away. Money related sanctions would be cast away for good. Less stress on a nation less war to no war is the possibility.

    Picture health care for all worldwide. Think of all the 'pay nobody' to travel you get to have to and from anywhere on the globe.

    With freedom of movement, which everybody will finally have (because remember under the money related society it took having money to do certain things like move around), you can relocate to anywhere in the world and still get yourself a similar assigned job as the previous or another randomly assigned job with training to train for prior.

    ^^^And it's all worth simply being forced to work a random job.

    posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:14 PM
    In this society, who is going to entertain me?

    Say goodbye to the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Say goodbye to the motion picture industry, goodbye to television.

    Travel and relocate anywhere you want and don't pay for it? Man! Hawaii is going to be crowded!

    What good is free healthcare if you have inept doctors? Who is going to volunteer to be a doctor in a society like this?

    Where is our next technology breakthrough going to come from? Why take the time to do this when you can be planning your next free vacation?

    No thanks! Lets stick with the best society ever created...A capitalist one!

    posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:24 PM
    As long as there is a demand for something (like enertainment: movies, sports, and whatever else) it'll be. It'll just be done for free. But, lets not forget the best of the best will be awarded like they usually do for their acting or performance. The random jods will include jobs in the sports industry and in the motion picture industry. Ppl with skills--and usually picked for them--can still do what they do with them--and still be picked for their talent. It's just that they'll still, aside from that, be forced to work part-time. Work that involves soley skills would be optional side work for ppl to do to voluntarily meet the demands of ppl like you that want to be enertained.

    Let me add this:

    If any of you think ppl would slack off in productivity or call in sick as much as possible to work the least in this civil forced society, then have I got news for you... The remedy would be right there awaiting...

    With everyone able to see a doctor, if sick or having some kind of problem, it can be prooven whether or not they are truely sick or having some kind of problem. If they are lieing then it would be seen as them not conforming to this new kind of society, and then they'd be facing the penalty I mentioned.

    The ppl's work performance must be monitored by other's forced to work as supervisors... So if they dont do well to meet at least an average standard in working productively, depending on the kind of job, they'll be simply re-assigned to another random job and have to train.

    ^^^Throw in a three strikes law and you're not allowed to be re-assigned over three times, but will simply have to face the penalty, or otherwise, conform to the latest assigned job to avoid the penalty.

    As for location of whether it's in the city you want it to be or not...depends first on the availability of a job in the area desired by you. So ppl do get some fair chance like how it is now. A sure preference that will go into consideration. If they are furtunate or lucky they'll get the randomly assigned job where they want it to be at.

    [edit on 17-9-2007 by Mabus]

    posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 09:40 PM
    I would like a couple of very nice cars, a fishing boat (a Ranger or Tuffy would be nice) and a truck to pull it. I also want to live in a 2500 to 3000 sq.ft. house. I don't need a mansion, but I want a nice master bathroom and a large kitchen with a professional style range with at least six burners and char broiler. There's a lot of other things I would want and need. Golf course membership, football tickets, etc.

    If I'm understanding you correctly, in your Utopian society I can have all these things if I just work whatever job is pulled out of the hopper for me? And everybody can have a lot of nice things? I noticed you said there would be some regulating of "stuff", but these are the things I need to be happy, and I think others would have their own list. When the "stuff" quotas are being decided, who decides how much "stuff" makes a person happy? I would need a lot of nice things to make me happy under your scenario, and I bet others would feel the same way.

    Seems the logistics of supplying all this stuff to 6 billion people might be a little difficult to work out.

    posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 07:46 AM
    I dont think I'd like having a surgeon who was 'assigned' to be one then subsequently 'trained' to be one. Trained by who? Government?

    I suppose this could work if nobody minded where they lived. If every human had equal capacity to excel at neurosurgery, diesel mechanics and dishwashing.

    All personal desires, hopes, dreams, anything that qualifies us as human were to suddenly disappear.

    Oh, and the simplest would be my sense of spite. I promise to be a busted cog in any system. Especially this one proposed so I guess the first thing you should do it put me against a wall and jam a bullet in my brain.

    We're not slaves to the dollar. I walk past hordes of people everyday who do not work, do not earn 'money' and dont care to. Some of them live off of my work. Some dont. We all get to choose how to earn money should we opt to earn money and we're all free to earn as little or as much as we'd like.

    The only things we're slaves to is government. I could live perfectly happy without a job or an income but because of taxation I have to at least work to pay Uncle Sam or he will take my owned property from me. I bought it. I paid for it. But the government is extorting money every year from me or I lose it. I could live each day hunting, planting, preserving, fishing, building, living as a truly free man on my land if it werent for taxation. Taxation for a system that if it were not for the tax bill I would have no need to participate in.

    Thats what Im a slave to.

    posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 08:47 PM
    sounds like Red China under Mao, the problem is, even if the bureaucracy than ran such a system was not curropt, people would not have the psychological investment required to be productive, no incentive. I think it may work, though, if people were only required to work three hours a day, the rest could be up to them.

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