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Possible way to gain video of area 51?

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 04:45 PM
After watching this video of someone flying an RC aircraft with a wireless camera attached over the US Space station, getting really good footage ( I thought why not try this with Area 51? Ultimately they are very likely to intercept the aircraft and proberly destroy it if it gets any where near the base but maybe is it was designed small enough and fast enough it could get some footage.

A small turbine engine could power this aircraft giving it the speed to get there before they pick it up on their radars, thats why if it was made small enough it would hold off for longer. Record the video as its broadcasted so even if it is destroyed there will still be the footage. Would be interesting this.

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 05:16 PM
Why don't you try that Xx and get back to us on that. The white explorers with interceptor engines will likely pay you a quick visit. There are literally eyes in the rocks for some miles around the 'area'.

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 08:18 PM
They also probably have some sort of Phalanx CIWS, which according to my cousin while in Iraq, can shoot down mortar rounds. It probably wouldn't last more than 200 yards into the fence.

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 09:50 PM

Its a old post but they talk about this very subject.

This biggest problem with any "rcplane over area51" idea is the range. No matter what you do to a balsa rc plane body, it would be severely difficult to cover the 25-30 miles to the base and then reverse course and come back. Just as a side note, the nearest mountain/hill top that allows you a view of Area-51 is about 26 miles away if i remember correctly. There may be close places, but I doubt that youll get much closer than that. Then after adding a camera youll have lessened the range of the plane even more. Even adding more fuel capacity cant get you the range needed. Using electric batteries arent a real possibility either, last time I checked they didnt have the efficiency of a gas engine, but I think that today the gap between the two power sources are very close. Youll also want to be far enough away so that if anyone comes out of the base looking for the plane or the person/people that flew it in, you could be long gone in time.

On the other hand. If you could build something like the "Desert Hawk," The Desert Hawk has the range and flight duration time need for a flyover of Area-51. But, Im pretty sure that it doesnt use run of the mill RC plane rechargable batteries and electric motors. If you could even get your hands on both it would probably cost you a ton of cash.

As for missle and lasers ringing the perimiter of the base. Its irrelavent. We do not know if they are there and if they arent, then it could be possible to do a flyover with a plane that has the capabilities needed. If there are anti-air defenses that can shoot down a RC plane, then we will know they are there and this idea can finally be brought to a close.

In the end, I dont think its worth the time or large amounts of money to do something like this. Even if you do succeed, whether in day or night, what do you think you could pick up that hasnt already been filmed and photographed? Not trying to be a downer, Im personally very intrigued with such a idea, although not for flying over Area-51.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:57 AM
Nothing going on during the better do it at night..

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 08:56 AM
Hi everyone, I just feel the need to point a few things out.


2e.) Illegal Activity: Discussion of illegal activities; specifically mind-altering drugs, computer hacking, criminal hate, sexual relations with minors, and stock scams are strictly forbidden.

Attempting to perform any of the activities suggested in this thread is a crime.


Trying to spy on a known Top Secret government facility in a time of war could be construed as an act of treason. With the total disregard the current leadership of the country has for the constitution already, do you really want to go down that road?


Flying ANY aircraft in a restricted zone, much less over an active airport like Area 51, is a SERIOUS violation off FAA rules and you WILL get MASSIVE fines if not federal prison time.

You will get caught if you try anything like this. They have very high--tech monitoring devices for miles and miles around the base. They can pick up rabbits hopping around out there. They are always scanning for and sure as hell can triangulate a simple radio signal to find you as your controlling your blimp/plane/RC car.

What do you hope to see? Do you think we have captured alien spacecraft sitting on the other side of certain buildings that you can't see from public land? Maybe they forgot to build a roof on the alien hybrid center and you can get a view of that.....

You're not going to be able to see anything you cant already see on Google Earth. You can get better information by researching certain sites on the web as they have done things like camp outside the gates for a month or two and some of the sites even have taped conversations between planes and the tower out there. You get the added bonus of not risking prison time too.

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 01:11 PM
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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 01:52 PM
Another problem to look at is jamming. The Air Force has jamming equip. that can shut down just about anything electrical. We can shut down another countries radar and air0defense network with the flick of a switch, I don't think a RC aircraft operating on a known and required freq would be a problem for them. Also we can triangulate a cell phone or radio call to within a meter with a two second transmission, sitting there with a big box transmitting a known freq for the time to get the plane off the ground they'd be all over you.

Good plan on paper, just wouldn't work in practice.

If you want to know what happens in A51, go to other countries, they know and openly talk about it.

posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 01:55 PM
Did you ever see an r/c plane reach the limit of its controller's range or fly through radio interference? They either just keep flying and flying and flying... or, and this is the more likely scenario, crash. Even if you could get past the range issue, there's a good bet that with all that techology that they've got stashed away at area 51, they could either take control of the r/c plane or cause that deadly interference.

What you need is a polaroid, a monkey, and a jetpack. That there's a recipe for success!

"Another problem to look at is jamming." PLaprad beat me to it.

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 01:56 PM
You can just go to Google Earth and see it from a few years ago, changed a little. There would be no advantage in having a video of the outside of it.

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 10:01 PM
I have also thought of a way to get footage within the gate, well i have a few good ideas but nothing concrete yet. And Tiloke, I do understand the rules and such, and that this could be concidered conspiracy. The chances of capturing video and slim to nothing but, getting video well Tiloke, will not accomplish too much. BUT, I believe, it will give hope to those who seek the truth! I dont plan to see a UFO, honestly I'm not an UFO-ologist, I just think that if even a few seconds of video were captured, it would give people hope and show them that nomatter the powers that be, they all have weaknesses. And to discover that I would surely accept the punishments and stand strong to my actions. I think we all should do our best to figure out our nation's secrets.

Have a good night all.

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 11:03 PM
you could just launch a glider or something from a plane that has a pre set course... it would would probably be harder for a radar to track it and there would be no noise... the only problem would be getting it to land...

but like other people said it is not worth the risk

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 04:32 PM
I dont believe a skyward approach well is the best approach, Gliders are slow and normally large, would be spotted MILES away. Pretty much the ONLY thing you might be able to pull off, with the "birds eye" approach, is a large solid engine powered rocket with a long rang mini camera transmitting wireless video to a dvr or other recording device. Video will only last a few seconds and be shakey at best. Longer video could possibly be accomlished by utilizing the pressure of the ejection blast for the parachute to throw the camera out further! But, all in all going this way really isnt worth it, it would be traceable, 1:smoke from the rocket exhaust; 2: having to be within decent range between transmitter and receiver; 3: Once they lock on you, they wont leave you be. But this is all just in theory, an opinion, the're better ways to go about this than through the air!

Have a good evening!

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 12:08 PM
I also think the air route wouldn't be a good idea,nor even on foot or in a car of some sort.
The only way to get in would be working for the government for about 15 years and getting a transfer.
The radars cover alot of ground for miles and miles so what ever they are hiding it must be good.
IMO when they are ready to show us they will.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:09 PM
This was discussed in another thread.
Plan to infiltrate area 51

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:11 PM
Why not use a remote control snake with video surveillance capabilities?

Would ATS be liable if any of these suggestions are succesfully used and implemented?

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 08:23 PM
Ok. This is the best way possible. First you need a small remote camera . Next a friend that don't mind a day or two in jail if need be. First friend (you with camera) hides in bushes. Second friend . Gets the guards to chase him . He gets to where your hiding and jumps out of car and runs other way. While there foot chasing him . You plant camera in the truck/grill. If you have time you bug the truck . Never know what info you may learn . He may get back in the truck and say "If only theses people knew about (location X)

Thats the best i can do . Best idea is getting them to bring it in . Heck you may even get footage in a hanger or better.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 08:52 PM
there 1 other point that has to be mentioned

theres a good chance that they already know about your little plan
who's to say they aren't reading this post now and they relayed the message back to out for rc toys.....

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:20 PM
hahah that is why the smarter ones dont post their plans
all on paper baby!!! woo!

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by xXBondyXx

this is good reconisence work i think it would work but could have bad consiquince me i would fly it lower without getting caught

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