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Skinwalker: Our experiences

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:30 PM
Wow, I just read this all in the past 5 or so hours. I knew Skinwalker was bad, but.. d*mn, man. What's it like living so close, Utah? Any weird feelings or anything along those lines?

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 08:41 AM
Wow inteteresting. I would like to go there one day.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 03:21 PM
Hmm, very interesting.

Sounds like a place I'd like to go someday ..


Video games are excellent.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Very interesting thread though I don't buy that any of the "Faces" are beings etc since the human brain seems to be predisposed to seeing faces and patterns anywhere a person looks for a substantial period of time.

This is why people see the Virgin Mary on windows and Jesus on toast etc.

Its very easy to see things when a person really wants to believe in something or doesn't completely understand what they are looking at.

I keep an open mind to this sort of thing but it just doesn't jive for me personally.

The Dog looks like a run of the mill Australian Shepard mix , actually it looks a lot like my neighbors dog and I would say the "Wolf" is actually a Coyote.

That said this is a fantastic thread and I am enjoying everyones input a lot.

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 10:55 PM
most of this story of myself and Ryan, is now written in Ryan Burns (utahbigfoothunter) new book "Skinwalker and Beyond". check it out!

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:21 AM
I used to Live in Las Vegas, and I read The Las Vegas Weekly newspaper. George Knapp was a Columnist in the paper. I don't recall if he did Any of the Skinwalker stuff in the paper or i just found out from some other means, but I recall stories of the skinwalker ranch.

That whole region has a strangeness that I am unable to explain. I had more paranormal things happen to me in Las Vegas than I thought my sanity could endure. 2 orbs in the sky, almost like a jellyfish or old 60 watt lightbulb kind of look to them. transluscent but had a "core" they floated like balloons but at an angle which seemed contrary to the wind. that was at nite in nov 2007. I saw another of a slightly different color a week later and my friend Dan witnessed it with me, this time it was almost a silver white orb with a core. the first one was more pale yellow.

Next topic

the gentleman with the entity issue, i get it. they are teeming out there and yes they will stick to people places and objects like mud on a shoe that won't come off. they can "communicate" with stimuli like static, i started getting zapped in my shoulder blades when i became more aware of their presence. i used to just be an empath, but these entities if you will seem to get a kick out of bonding with people. and being general pests, but also helpfull in their own way.

I'm sorry if that all seems disjointed, i just wanted to address the few relavant things.

Oh and the fishing in utah is pretty good up at pangiutch lake, trout!

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 04:13 PM
I've had a skin walker experience. First of all these beings aren't able to harm those who have the protection of God or Higher beings as I experienced. I first saw signs of the thing one snowy morning in rural Virginia. I went down to the farm early, nobody was there. There was a thin layer of fresh white snow with no prints in it of any kind. The snow was had just fallen maybe 10 minutes ago. Then I came to a puzzling set of prints. There were bare foot human prints that came from the woods, they formed a straight line until about in the middle of a small field and then made a perfect circle but half way through the circle they turned into deer prints and finished the circle then the deer prints led back to the woods. I was puzzled and thought my crazy friend that worked at the farm with me was playing a trick, but I couldn't figure out how he would do that. There were no other foot prints any where. Anyhow not long after that, I was camping at night outside maybe a quarter to a half mile from the farm on a hill. I started to have a very bad dream about a very scary witch in black cloths and a typical pointed black hat flying toward me. He/she/it was making the most horrible repetitive sound and flying rapidly towards me. I woke up with a start and was horrified to find that the sound was real and was approaching me rapidly. My instinct was to try not to listen to the sound, as felt that it would harm me. I was terrified, just as what ever it was was right behind the screen cabin where I was lying I starting to fervently pray for Gods help. As soon as that prayer for help entered my head, the sound immediately and quickly retreated. All the way back to where the farm was. I could still hear it all night, but it was very faint and far away.

The next morning I saw my friend as we were getting ready to go work on the farm. He asked my why I looked so tired. I said I'd had a bad dream. He asked about what and I told him only I made it sound like a dream. He said he'd had a bad night too. He also dreamed about a witch and woke to hear that sound. Anyhow, I was afraid to be at the farm alone after that. I always felt that someone was watching me.
I'm so grateful that God protected me from that thing though. Evil is real, but God, Buddha, Jesus ect... the powers of Good are so much stronger then the powers of Evil.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 10:42 PM

I'll tell you one thing, if I was out looking to catch something on camera or audio recordings and the night started out like that, there's no way I would go to sleep and possibly miss something big. I mean even if I was with friends and I felt like I needed a little rest then we would have to strategize and have watch shifts..

The fact that you all decided to go to sleep and no one was on watch tells me only one thing. I mean it doesn't make since that you would set out to get some proof and when you have a good chance of doing so what do you do, SLEEP!! LOL

Who else sees it like me?

I like to go night fishing. When the fish start to bite you DON'T go to sleep. I'm surprised I'm the only one that sees right through this fictional story.

Sorry, I just think if you're going to make up something and put it on this site you could at least make it believable like, we stayed up all night just in case we might get proof but unfortunately nothing else happened. Not we went to sleep after hearing weird noises and seeing weird lights.

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 09:23 AM

I am just 50% into George Knapp's book "Hunt for the Skinwalker".

USUALLY I reject anything as nonsense and disinformation which is heavily hyped on shows like C2C. However, i was VERY positively surprised by the book, it's a real page turner.

I am used to a LOT of "weird" and scary stuff, reading, movies etc. and I am not easily scared, but THIS book seriously gives me chills, at one point I even bit my nails.

I would think *multiple* times before I might even remotely consider "making camp" at the Skinwalker ranch. What drove you to camp there I cannot fathom, I would probably have (BEEP) my pants simply if just anything from the book is true.

HOWEVER, even if the book is a very good and haunting read...I want to caution. I cannot exclude a government op or major disinformation campaign going on for various reasons. There are various people, book authors and other circumstances where skepticism and criticism is warranted. Not ALL of those people have good motives.

If one wants to "spread a story" sure they will do so and their motives might NOT always be what you think. I especially want to caution in regards to ANY person who is associated with the C2C show. Ask their motives before you believe their stories. This is all what I have to say.

The fact that the Skinwalker ranch is so hermetically closed up and there is big $$$ at play at well also is somewhat a red flag. Something just doesn't seem right here. This is not how an independent scientific investigation works, in my opinion. WHY is the ranch so hermetically closed up with incredible security measures in place like it's a military installation?

Why are not more independent journalists allowed but rather ONE single journalist has the exclusive right to report? What is George Knapp's involvement and reputation anyway? Why is a TON of money invested into this investigation and there is hardly any "results" aside from the tales in the book which cannot qualify as "evidence" for least at 50% into the book?

For me, the likelihood of a major psych-op or whatever "experiment" being conducted is as high as the assumption there is paranormal activity going on. The ranch is at least as mysterious as Area 51, means literally NO ONE actually knows what's REALLY going on and all we have is anecdotal accounts and then books which are sold...

That being said, the book is very "entertaining" in a creepy sense. I liked the references to some findings Jacques Vallee made in the well as other references in the book, eg. Cash/Landrum case etc. ALTHOUGH....I am at a point right now where I am also not sure what to think about Jacques Vallee anymore, especially since I now know he worked together with LMH on a book. As I said above, there are *some* people in the field of UFOlogy and "paranormal" where I question their motives...
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posted on Feb, 11 2014 @ 05:04 PM
Army colonel reveals amazing Skinwalker Ranch stories

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas October 30, 2013

Retired Army Colonel John Alexander was part of a group researchers and scientists who investigated reports of cattle mutilations and other strange occurrence at Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch is located southeast of Ballard, Utah, and was previously known as the Sherman Ranch. For years stories of cattle mutilations, sightings of UFOs, orbs and bigfoot, among other paranormal events, have been reported on the ranch.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 02:13 AM

The fact that the Skinwalker ranch is so hermetically closed up and there is big $$$ at play at well also is somewhat a red flag.
reply to post by NoRulesAllowed

Not really. Bigelow has money, thus he can provide security, even if there is nothing to secure. If you go to the Tonopah Mining Museum, the reason all the old mining gear wasn't stolen over the years is Howard Hughes provided security at his mines, even when they weren't active. Hey, he had the money. It was his junk, and nobody touches Howard's stuff.

As an aside, if you want to look important. hire a security detail. It is an old trick.

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 03:17 AM

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posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 04:10 AM
So I haven't been to this location myself, but it seems like a really good investigation could be done on what is really going on here. If I had the resources I would want to do a few things:

1) Monitor ALL traffic that goes in or out of the place. 24 hours a day. Note everything. You would begin to get an idea of how many people are there at any one time and if people are staying there for short or long periods of time.

2) Every expedition member, unless people want to stay at camp need to be in very good shape and very comfortable quietly exploring in that terrain without even bothering animals. These people would sneak around at night and try to collect videos.

3) Everybody has got to have a good camera strapped onto their body and turned on every waking hour. Go Pros with lots and lots and lots of memory sticks would work. For night vision you want to get infrared spotlights. Don't worry so much about getting a really expensive night vision camera. The invisible lights are super effective. They are not really that pricey and they light things up on night vision cameras like daytime yet they are hardly visible at all in the darkness except for a very faint red glow.

4) Lots of other cameras recording everything 24/7 that can be recorded. You want these set up with long lenses on tripods, trail video cameras could work (if they have them). You want people to be replacing storage devices on cameras constantly. You can go through the terabyte or two of video later.

5) You want a sound guy with a shotgun mike who can mess with the levels in real time.

6) You want everybody on radios, preferably the ones with the "secret service" setup with an earpiece and lapel mic. Even better would be subvocalizer throat mic radios.

7) Drone! Hopefully a drone you could hook up a really bright invisible infrared spotlight to.

8) This is probably the most difficult to procure, but you could cover a lot of ground really silently with some electronic motorcycles.

9) Do all this for at least a week. Have a couple people on the computer sifting through the enormous heap of data while this week is in progress.

I honestly wish that there was a paranormal investigation show with all this. If I was going to go out at night looking for cryptids and such I would want to do it this way.

I did the analysis of the earthquakes at Dulce. It might be interesting to do the same thing for this area.

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