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Psychic Vampirism - Awareness & Protection methods

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:18 AM
I was hoping to come back to this discussion and find some decent progression.

I find forum arguments so... draining.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:46 AM
Hi not_fazed. Apologies for the momentary thread derailment there, someone was trying to discredit a very esteemed source whom I referenced in my OP, so I had to address that to try and avoid other members being confused when they visit the thread.

When you put time and effort into producing an informative thread on an interesting topic, and give special attention to providing credible references... it doesn't set well when someone frivolously trots along and basically tries to discredit all your work. I hope you understand.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by seeingevil

Originally posted by Enyalius
And if I have to list all my degrees we'll be sitting here tomorrow as well.

Really now, well personally I'd be very interested in reading a list of all the degrees you have, no matter how long it takes. By all means, please do share

I suppose that I could list some in which I have a degree which equals that of univesity level and is also accepted as such by corporations and institutes. Keep in mind that these were all done in the netherlands. You can take home courses in which you get topic specific studies while at school you waste 3 years getting a lot of extra stuff around it which have no use or association with the subject and are only usable as a foundation if you would fail and want to go in a different direction. The way I did my studies it is possible to get a degree every 2-3 years, with parapsychology being an example and was done in 10months.

Theology, antroposophy, (para)psychology, IT network (wanted to make my job out of it but didn't like it at the end), logistic manager (which I use for my job). I think those are enough seeing they actually relate to paranormal, religious, spiritual, occult topics or tell a little something about myself. Next to that I have nearly 10 years of experience as a practicing occult magus. As such I spend a lot of time with different types of people and study books that you don't find at every bookstore. Before that I've walked almost any path possible ranging from Paranormal, New-Age, Paganism etc.

Also I don't discredit your effort in providing useful information. However you should be aware that Lewyllin is deemed by many serious and devoted practitioners from many different streams as fluffy and lacking in the credibility department. As if they print everything without checking it for quality. Therefore it is difficult to take anyone serious using them to put writings into the world no matter what degree they have.

I've read many papers, thesis and such that were written by professors. As a true practitioner it was difficult to take their writings serious since they write from an outsider point of view. Understandable since they are mere theoretical academics with little true experience in life. Someone who sits in his comfy chair doing some basic research and making logical assumptions about it. And how can you come up with some decent material in such a way.

In my eyes one should live and spend time among the society they wish to understand. Live like them for a while and then you'll get a better understanding. The easiest way with these type of communities you can follow discussions between self-proclaimed vamps and also go look for them in the underground scene and many more places. So the so called amateurs over at occultforums can teach people more then they think if you'd just simply observe them.

It is also entertaining how experts in the field of psychology read about satanist rituals and then come with all sorts of wacky theories

I'm not saying the individual here is also doing that, but you should ALWAYS stay skeptical and alert. But seeing you're so hung up that your source is credible there is really no reason to be part of this "discussion".

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 06:55 AM
Great post, thank you. My quartz crystal was helping a bit. Through the hand circle exercise I should be protected, finally(in hope this is working)!

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 08:05 PM
When I heard about "psy-vampires" I'll say that at first I was skeptical:

1) it is a concept that suffers from a reality parallel. The notion of good vibes/bad vibes "rubbing off" on other or people who are emotionally insecure reaping havoc on others is a very obvious parallel.

2) it seems that the concept is very timid. vampares leave dead people. I'm serious if it isn't a body count or a fantastic spectacle of an injury it is passe in my book. I'm looking for events of significance that put power behind words.

3) the cosmic # does nothing for me. You can put that crystal in your pipe and suck. The only thing crystals do is provide an iconic object. Something that solidifies _______. The myspace hand signals again will get you grazed at best.

But I am an openminded person, not all death and destruction, in fact I can be quite spiritual and am very sensitive to these things. And I will tell you that the "psy-vampire" phenomenon does coexists with actual work. It is in fact quite a powerful force and is recognized by individuals and the selfish.

Children learn by sweet things. Adults know that what they do is wrong or what they should be doing. They already do what feels good.


I have reviewed this before so let me get right to it.

First let me identify the phenomenon of the "Holy Spirit" or "Holy Ghost". This "spirit" is a ghost. The connotation with emotion and life-essences is arrived at by the actions of the supernatural (which is the real "Holy Ghost" -- "Holy Ghost" is not specifically drugs or a "high" although it may accompany this).


There is a spiritual force, a drive, that make it happen. Love is the name of the game. People connect onto this. The phenomenon, emulates the Love like a repeater replicates and a stereo amplifier amplifies sound signal strength. When it is removed it is like a cosmetic glue strip that bonds to the gunk in the pore of the skin -- it pulls that gunk out.

Like pulling teeth, like pulling the troops out of Iraq. Not pretty.



"The mimic is a type of psychic vampire who takes on the characteristics and mannerism of their victim."

Mocking is a large part of lyrics and the force that is the vampares. Mocking occurs on several occasions. Sometimes it is an insult and sometimes it is of respect. Sometimes the mocking is a way of airing ill will. The vampares does this. It is an excercise of a leader and although it can be very real world it is predicated in the vampares of the supernatural. Even knowledge and analysis is prompted by the supernatural. The mocking is sometimes done of death victims and also of saints who have died. The crux seems to be in the respect/insult.

It is done of the name. It is that vampares has "taken" your name -- your very essence. It is a the name, as in a surname, that is never insulted of anyone -- ever. It is a badge of honor regardless of how stupid it always respected.

It is less to do with taking on somebody elses role or character. Works of art and science and philosophy are assumed as such. There is no supernatural element to this other than the guidance to do so.

vampares has sense of humor and vampares entertain vampares. This is funny business.


And I will also say that more often than not the good people of this world do not get what they deserve. This is true even more for those who do God's work. And so you might find that the world that you felt you were entitled to moves and shifts under direction of someone else. I is very disconcerting to think that the very substance that your body is made up of, you do not own or have rights to. It cannot be vampirism if you not own it. It is vamparism. The mechanism is quite different. And yes vampares make good lover and vampares does not attack unless vampares need to and the vampares is very good person -- the best even (just a bit troubled sometimes
Please Help!).

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 09:09 PM

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 03:37 AM
i'm new to this but my experience is that there is another plane that is fun to play in. i suppose you could call it a psychic plane but that makes it seem complicated and the door to this plane, for me atleast, seems to be through the crown of the head. the other day, i was at work and we were having a meeting. it was quite dull so i focused on moving into what i like to call the "5th plane." which is where i believe psychic abilites are able to be produced. any ways, i was swirling around the room checking others out when all of the sudden, i encountered an energy vampire. a strong one as well. it was my first "battle" with an energy vampire and i lost. after the meeting, i was really fatigued and was able to singal out the psi-vamp both in the meeting and afterwards. he was an elder fellow, about 50, and clearly more experienced than I when it came to this "5th/psychic plane." i see him every day and after our battle, he was much more upbeat and energetic. it pissed me off royally that i was so fatigued, but about 4 hours later, i returned to normal. does anyone have any advice on how to "play" on the psychic level?

i forgot to add, that when i went to lunch (about an hour after the meeting) i left the facility and went to my routine eating lunch spot which is a nice scenic view of nature, but i stay in my car with the windows up because the mosquitos will eat you alive. anywho, i've never seen a moth in all my months of working at this place come anywhere near my truck when i'm eating lunch. i know for a fact that this psy-vamp was in the parking lot/his car on break because i passed him on the way to my car and i could still feel the "connection" from the meeting. this moth, i'm quite sure of it, was him! similar to how crowley could shape shift from a wolf into a donkey. i hate to get off topic, but supposedly he would turn into a wolf and gain vital energies through the wolf's actions but would shapeshift into a donkey when a human was near because no sane englishmen would shoot and kill a donkey but they would a wolf. anyhow, i am just sure this man was that moth checking me out because the moth landed on my side mirror and watched me eat for a good 5-10 minutes and just seemed to be toying with me through the window. plus, when i got back he asked me where i drove to on lunch and i told him the truth, but when i told him i looked into his eyes and he knew that i knew he was checking in on me during the break. and i did tell him the truth. when i asked him what he did, he stumbled around a bit and didn't really have an answer even though i know his body never left the parking lot. if this is in fact true, would one classify this psi-vamp as having the ability to have OBE's as well? I want to see how strong this soul is before our next battle.

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:05 AM

Originally posted by LooseLipsSinkShips
I want to see how strong this soul is before our next battle.

With all those questions in your post I would seriously reconsider doing battle again!

Was that dude the moth? Doesn’t matter really, you believed it and that’s enough for him = energy.

Here is a theory that might explain your experience. Imagine that there is an entity, like an overlord of all energy stealers in the world. It directs it's underlings through manipulation (of course) and sets up "coincidences" for their victims. What I’m saying is, if this theory is right then the 50 yr old didn’t do anything but act a bit strange and ask you questions, the entity will have arranged the moth visitation thus gaining energy and a foothold into you for more energy later.

Anyways... do you have any protection methods you can share with the class?

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:22 AM
first off, i liked your synopsis.

you are probably right but i know that the "5th plane" is a wonderful field to play in and i'm not going to let the neighbordhood bully have his way with me.

i almost get the sense from him that i could get to know him better and he could teach me his ways, however i'm all for the good and he has negative vibrations that i want nothing to do with.

i am determined to gain strength in the psychic field as i am a nice person who has empathy and comapassion for all living things that is off the charts (as told to me by multiple people as well as winning most friendliest person in high school). i know i can make a difference on the 5th plane and i am intrigued by this psi-vamp who i encounter on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

this occurence/meeting happened yeseterday. i see the number 13 every where. in the clock, how many dollars i have in my wallet, the number of minutes left on the washer or dryer so i was fearful of what today would bring so i chose to do zero playing on the 5th plane at work. it was either that or because this psi-vamp completely whooped me the day before and i had learned my lesson. but something is differernt in this 50 year old man's eyes since our "battle." before i saw an emotionless tired man but now i see eyes with fire and intrigue.

he's a meager man on Earth but I know I can learn much by "playing" with him now and again. besides, him stealing my energy totally screwed half my Wednesday and I want to get stronger.

My protection methods, that seemed to work post-meeting where visualizing a golden dome around the top of my head while also envisioning defensive karate moves in my mind. it may sound silly, but he didn't get any of my lifeforce like he did in that meeting.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:45 AM

3) the cosmic # does nothing for me. You can put that crystal in your pipe and suck. The only thing crystals do is provide an iconic object. Something that solidifies _______. The myspace hand signals again will get you grazed at best.

Crystals are atomically significant. They resonate.
They create fields of energy. They focus energy.
They boost electromagnetic signals.

Even if I'm not a big fan of the idea of psychic vampirism,
there's plenty of science backing up the powerful influence
of crystals.

Even the bible makes reference to the special characteristics of crystal. Consider the gems of the high priests breastplates. Consider the composition of New City Jerusalem - streets of transparent gold, like crystal. Walls of crystal.

Something's up with this crystal thing.


posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by LooseLipsSinkShips
My protection methods, that seemed to work post-meeting where visualizing a golden dome around the top of my head while also envisioning defensive karate moves in my mind. it may sound silly, but he didn't get any of my lifeforce like he did in that meeting.

Oooo thanks! Now thats what I call a shield and I love the karate mind moves - I can already visualise mine now.

Heres a thing Ive just remembered. Someone I knew is a psy thief and he told me about a visualisation technique for feeling braver or stronger while walking down the street. He imagined angel like wings made of energy that would span the width of the street - now I think, "hold on, did he just use a technique to harvest energy from passers by??" Goes to show really, gotta do the shielding thing everytime you go out the door!

posted on Nov, 14 2007 @ 10:34 AM
enyalius, your "ill" energy methods will not work, you can only offer them the bad energy, they have to take it themselves, akin to the old horse to water saying.

i prefer to use bone rather than crystals, its harder to "cleanse" than crystal but it has a better chance of working in my experience

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