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JFK Assassination: John Connally - A Question of Position and Angle

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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by RFBurns

Howdy RFBurns,

In answer to your question "does government really think that they can continue with the 3 bullet one gunman BS?" I must say that the government can say any idiocy it cares to, for, after all, it's the Government!

But let's consider who the Government really is. Surely, we all understand that the postman, the IRS agent or the USDA food inspector is NOT the Government. They are only workers, good and conscientious people for the most part, who serve their superiors. When you speak of cover-ups and Government, you actually mean the folks who determine policy and give orders.

These people don't particularly care what you know or what you think. They're in charge and they act like it. Now, of course, these movers and shakers don't want the entire population to overnight understand the truth about such things as the JFK assassination. That might cause a rebellion or at least a demand that justice be served. Accordingly, these high-level persons simply issue official pronouncements that are often pure BS (remember "light at the end of the tunnel in Vietnam" or "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"?) confident that the corporate mass media will
uncritically pass them along to the public. As in the case of both the JFK
assassination and the attacks of 9/11, this creates controversy within the public which stymies any effort to bring out truth and justice.

This is cover-up by obfuscation and it has proven quite successful.

Jim Marrs

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by dr_strangecraft

Oswald was obviously a link and only that---the weak link---the intentional weak link.He was likely hired to shoot Conally and was entirely wrapped up in that reality and the main organiser anticipated his eventual capture,actually there is probably evidence somewhere that was planted waiting to implicate oswald,he didnt need to be captured in Dealy plaza he was already done,he and his target were a distraction for the pros that killed the president,three teams minimum and observers and signal men.I posted the method required to solve this already,here goes again.

Most of the millions of pages written about this event are not needed to solve this,just a computer.Already a man has taken a photo and reverse extrapolated the path of the fatal head shot and it came from the sewer at curb height,computers dont lie and technology cannot be bribed or threatened,this curb team was military,another team shot from Kennedys left side from the building across from the repository this was also military but not the same group that shot from the curb,all teams were operating like terrorist cells independant of each other but orchrestrated by one organiser .

The lynchpin is simply this,and it actually pinpoints the main motivating entity out to us as you will see,all teams were ordered to do one thing that exposes them all,an emotional thing ,a thing that is out of place in the dynamic and accusatory in its context.they were all ordered to shoot from angles and positions that allow us to identify and locate them all,they were all ordered,not asked,ordered to NOT HIT JACKIE,and this is their achillies heel,an emotional reaction by the main entity.

All three teams chose snipers nests that allowed them to take the best shot within the operating parameters they were given,and they followed these parameters to the T which points out military.Take an overhead shot of dealy plaza at the moment of impact on kennedy,then take a ruler and draw lines or shooting lanes that allow you to hit your targets but not Jackie,,both conally and kennedy were targeted.,you will see obviously where the snipers were located.There you go,its called reverse extrapolation and it uses human emotional motivators to identify sequence of events and specific dynamics..It gets even better,if you freeze frame every film available of the shooting from every angle available then add every available picture of the shooting ---download them into a computer,then,this is SWEET,use your software to draw cgi lines in direct lines from THE EYES of everyone you can vector just prior to the shot in several time frames right up til and then after impact ,you will find that there will be a number of involved parties that LOOK AT THE SNIPERS NESTS,simply because they absolutely with 100% certainty know that no one can possibly read their minds SO THEY LOOK---ITS HUMAN NATURE.

Technology has given us the tools and I have given us the idea now someone needs to take the next step and give the world the answers we all want,use your techy know how to do as I say,it is worth it.

Does anyone understand the implications of what I just said,because we not only are now able to find the nests using emotional radar but we also get to actually watch each peripheral member of the dam criminal gang of traitors as they worm their way away from the snipers nest observation points which are as easy to find as the snipers are,remember their eyes and the timing of their looks and movements will be predictable therefore not random and they are as we say BUSTED and identified by picture as they watch a hero be murdered,sorry i have an emotional stake in this.

The rest of the seemingly undecipherable millions of pages of evidence will all fall into place if you take my advice,reverse extrapolation starts with the answer and identifies the questions,we start with the conviction and work towards vindication.

Sorry for going so off topic,but I want justice as far as can be projected.If anyone can find the time or resources to do as I say they should become famous in some way or another,so there is a fiscal component to solving this as I say.

Dont forget the commie[methinks coming from across from the repository--I smell navy] that marches across the plaza carrying a rifle walking in a military cadence because of the pressure he was under and because some traitor dressed him in a policemans uniform,with flood pants no less.He was doing his absolute best to play his role of policeman ,EXCEPT his geographical homing beacon caused him to give us as any actor HIS PERSONAL INTERPRETATION OF THE NORMAL BEHAVIOUR OF A POLICEMAN----except cops in western countries NEVER walk in military cadence,especially under pressure.

Never mind the fact he was carrying a rifle,NOT a shotgun as had been issued to real cops.There are pictures on the net somewh

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 02:33 AM
check 2 minutes and 7 seconds into the bell film and look for a person looking out the only open window facing the plaza.

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