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Aliens, secret government, disclosure in an Anime

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posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 04:00 PM
I hope this is the proper section, and apologize ahead if not ...

I recently watched the two seasons of Mahoromatic. Please bear with me ... and if you don't want it ruined, go watch it and come back ... but most of what I reveal is an underlying plot (but some major key information as well), with the main story being more simple, light-hearted, and personal relationship based.

At first, it starts a little slow, but then it hit on a lot of things that have been mentioned on various thread on this site. I found that it may be something interesting for some of you to check out, if just to humor yourself.

It starts with you learning of a humanoid robot, used by a special military force (Vesper, which apparently sells consumer products as well) ... used to fight an invading alien force (Saint) since the 80s secret to the public. The robot retires and goes to take care a leader's child who is orphaned as his maid.

Skip ahead and we find that a secret group of people that control the media and the world governments, named 'management' are the real cause of the turmoil. They do not wish for disclosure and work to prevent, hide, and dismiss anything they don't agree with. The aliens, do not wish to fight, and have pre-programmed, un-manned craft that go around to be randomly spotted to acclimate the public to prevent a mass panic at full disclosure.

At some point in time, the current president wishes to go public with everything. The management work with the media to cancel the press conference and then they set up the hit with snipers. They even mention Kennedy and Oswald ... I do believe I remember a couple frames of Lincoln as well. They blame this special military group, that had been keeping the aliens secret and arrest them.

At a special meeting, the management discuss the release of the military personnel ... but one of their associates turns against them, and with a concealed alien (robot) attacks and all of them present (the vast majority of the corrupted) are dead ... the only only left 'alive' is the robot.

Following that, full disclosure happens, and the aliens invite humans to set up a colony on another planet with them for it was never their intention to inhabit or fight earth. They are on a quest to search for other intelligent life.

Now, I am not sure (would have to watch it again) ... but I believe I got the gist that the aliens may have originated from a earth origin, in search of intelligent life in the galaxy ... progressing in technology and evolving during many, many millenia (would fit in with the past civilizations eliminating themselves ... the grooved metal balls in million year old rock ... evidence of ancient nuclear weapons). The aliens have forgotten the name of their original planet, but remember it as a blue sphere. So I don't remember them coming to the conclusion that it is their past planet, but I think it is implied. They once again set out into space once their goal has been completed of an established human colony in another solar system ... and there was transportation between worlds.

I found the 'management', their control of government and media, and cover-ups ... planned sitings by the 'aliens' ... and other theories that are going around, all in one spot ... in an anime that initially ran on September 10, 2001 ... to be quite intriguing, and thought some of you might find so as well, so I shared.

Tell me what you all think, and please be respectful.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 04:51 PM
Thanks for the info

My wife is big-into the anime stuff (I do the conversions to DVD for her). I'll let her know about the title and see what we can find

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posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 11:55 PM
wow, interesting find! I'll have to check this out! It's a pity there not more anime in japan about aliens and the paranormal considering they don't seem so ignourant about it like the west.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 12:54 AM
Again, I want to forewarn you, it doesn't get to that 'meat' really until the second season, but, I enjoy anime ... and actually the simple love story ones (I am a hopeless romantic), so the slower pace at the start did not bother me at all.

I don't quite understand why they don't have more ... they definitely have a fascination with space robots (mechs). A robot fetish of sorts really. There have been a few lately that were robot based, including one that was sent back in time by the person's child ... who was hinted to be the product of the guy and the robot (Hand Maid May ... not to be confused with Hand Maid Mai, which the review was much more risque). They definitely are not short of interesting ideas if you are willing to search for more obscure things (at least to the american public).

It is nice to see a couple people interested. I hope you all enjoy it and please come back and comment if you get the chance

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 04:34 AM
So how exactly do we draw the distinction between 'disclosure' and .... erm .... 'fiction' in relation to this?

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by malakiem
wow, interesting find! I'll have to check this out! It's a pity there not more anime in japan about aliens and the paranormal considering they don't seem so ignourant about it like the west.
I've noticed a few alien related stuff in my son's anime films. In Princess Mononoke there are grey type entities that come out of the woods. They even "walk funny" like we sometimes hear from abductees. In Vampire Hunter D, right at the beginning, there are orbs that fly down and attack cattle and remove their skin. And in Castle in The Sky (?) there are creatures that fly by in the background that look like (the alleged) flying rods.If any of you take a look at these films please let me know if you see what I'm seeing, or are they just coincidence?

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 04:29 PM
I'm totally checking this show out. And I can't stand anime, but this seems really cool.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 07:58 PM
granny smith: I never meant to imply that real-life public disclosure is shown in this movie, BUT, if you watch it, or just re-read what I said ...

the procedure used in the anime for disclosure is planned random un-manned sitings (by the aliens) to adjust the public to the thought/possibility of life outside the sphere of earth. It wasn't mass sightings, the two examples I directly remember was one ... flying close to a plane so the passenger on one side saw it and one even snapped a picture ... two, near a school, so all the kids saw it long enough to remember it, but in both instances, flew away without incident and disappeared. Sound familiar?

Above government cover-ups in the events ... control of media ... the only place I believe the picture was allowed released was in a tabloid (don't quote me, I have watched it once).

I SAID, the similarities to a lot of other things going on were put together in an anime ... that had an initial airing in 2001 ... now the second season was a year later, which has a lot of the meat ... but, the structure and storyline did exist prior to the second season, as evident by watching it through.

Please next time try to READ and comprehend what someone has written before making a statement such as that. If you want to discuss the anime, or even say you dislike it, don't believe in aliens, whatever ... but pay attention to why I titled it as such, instead of just jumping on/starting an anti-thread bandwagon.

I have been finding way too many people wish everyone just to shut up and agree on this site recently ... here is a thought. If you don't agree, fine, debate. If you don't care ... go elsewhere ... but in no way, do you have the right to dismiss nor tell someone that they are wrong or not allowed to post on something. Not saying you did, but it is a disease at this site recently, and I wish to nip it in the bud so to speak before I start ignoring people who have no heart or mind.

Here is a prime example ... I don't believe in reptilians ... I don't go and tell people where is the proof? why do you post? or anything else, IN FACT, I will go and post counter to someone who is being rude and make a civil generalized statement that I don't believe, but to no end, it is a possibility, and that person has the right to express themselves, and their beliefs without being attacked in any way. Discuss with intelligence, not result to insults or complete dismissal with less evidence and substance than the original poster.

Sorry to get sidetracked, I have become irked about this habit people have decided to display on a site where freedom of expression should be of utmost importance.

again, granny smith, I took no real offense to you, but want to stop it before it starts ... btw, LOVE your apples. I don't eat any other kind.

wigit, I will have to watch those ... I have heard of them all, have almost bought the two movies once. Been recommended all of them a few times. Just haven't gotten around to it.

Just a reminder ... you can 'purchase' or 'rent' this series though a Torrent site usually. I am in no way supporting or suggesting the use of Torrent files in any illegal manner. Some anime is free through torrents, in English, because there hasn't been a subbed version out and the fansubs are availible, to be deleted and no longer shared upon release of a production version of the series ... my personal understanding of the exact legality of it is not known, so do at your own risk ... I like the DVDs better myself to check out the extras ... most have English subtitles and I am learning Japanese anyway.

Again, I will apologize as I did in my first sentence of the first post if this is in the wrong section ... it is about aliens, and relative to a lot of discussion imho. I just wanted to share an interesting underlying plot to others here, especially those who appreciate anime, and even those who just like to see a conspiracy exposed in a public media form

posted on Oct, 12 2007 @ 04:54 AM
Hey Freethinker!

Just been going thru this post from a couple months ago and it's totally interesting topic. What gets me the most is the air-date. A day before S11 seems like a big deal to me, anything that happened a day, a week before seems like it could relate regarding those who had prior knowledge.

It gets me thinking about a song by the group, Fugazi, called "Full Disclosure" w/ a bit where they're singing, "full disclosure coming sponsored by no one." It was on an album called "The Argument" from 2001.

Can I rent this anime in an indy shop in the city I live? Or do I have to goto a comic book store? Both of which I got plenty of where I'm at....

Also, what happened later in the series that season? Did they befriend the aliens? What did they look like? What planets are mentioned?

Thanks in advance.

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posted on Oct, 16 2007 @ 05:34 PM
Well, it is obviously Earth as the main setting for 99% of the storyline. There is another planet in the final episode. It is after the secret society/governmental powers are destroyed. People of Earth come to know of the existence, since most of the resistance came from that hidden government entity. Humans were wanted to inhabit this other world.

I need to watch it again. It was made from a manga series. 2 seasons and a summer special.

The aliens actually had very little direct contact with humans. They live much longer and are much more advanced. There was a marriage between a human and alien, and, one of the characters is the child of this union.

Vespa was the semi-secret military, which pretty much followed orders. The secret government had its own scientists and developed its own weapons separate of the Vespa group ...

Vespa was framed for something the hidden gov't did ... to keep disclosure from happening. Of course, since it was a fabricated story, the people were arrested, but secretly released ... just something for the people to see and move on. The whole JFK assassination being mentioned caught me off guard.

I guess you could try the indie stores ... I found it on amazon, box set, around 100 new 40 used + summer special. I do hope you can find it. I haven't looked really hard for it, since I have it on my hard drive ... some of the services have a decent price for the product. I still want a hard copy one day, just not in a hurry.

You can see here, it did get rather high ratings from registered users of the site Anime News Network

I will warn you, the ending theme song gets catchy once you hear it a few time ... though I am used to listening to Japanese music.

It was a beautiful series overall to me, since I do like the softer stuff, but the robots, fighting, and such did add a little action and suspense to it all ... the secret society, conspiracy was quite a shock ... I barely picked up on it at first ... I can't fully remember, but I don't think it really set in until the second season.

I think you would enjoy it.

I do find that if you know something, showing it through art, such as manga and anime is a great way ... since most people would blow it off as nothing.

Though a lot of themes are common, and life imitates art. Steel Angel Kurumi also deals with military androids. Hand Maid May is actually a little more relevant considering recent topics of marrying robots in the last few days ... since I believe one of the characters is a child of a human-robot couple ... too complex to get into, but, a lot of robots falling in love with a guy

The Japanese have some interesting ideas.

posted on Oct, 16 2007 @ 05:43 PM
Hajimema#e, FTI. The robot "left" is a interesting deliberate construct. A non-partisan teacher? A delivery mechanism for the parable? Or a parable for the delivery mechanism? Some anime is so well written one wonders what that ability delivered in another cultural channel might accomplish. I enjoy your writing very much.



Sorry; Censor-bot snagged the salutation.

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 03:38 AM
Konbanwa Kaminski-san, wow, I can't believe the censor picked that up in the middle of another word (and the i is silent anyway) ... I guess Japanese isn't an accepted language (I actually had to remove Japanese characters from the mini-profile, even though it was quite generic words, but people might 'freak out' or something).

That teacher was a shocker at the end ... She never really involved herself with anything, and apparently her lifespan is not so limited (because of non-confrontation possibly?). Maybe secretive, to observe, but also not be harassed (by Vesper or the Management). The vessel did happen to visit the school she taught, she could easily monitor the children and other teachers' reactions. She was supposedly '25' at the time he attended.

Like you said, a non-partisan teacher. Of course, they don't get into how many Saints lived on Earth ... and the main character has a secret that would be best revealed by watching. So it fits in the story line well ... even the fact that she moves to the other place to teach. It could be the same today, other 'beings' living with us, guiding us without our knowledge. Helping us transition and when the time comes, guide us through a greater transition.

I also noticed how there was a certain acceptance of things and emotional detachment when they were not on the planet. As if they evolved beyond the normal emotional bonds, though being near or around Humans spark that feeling somewhat (if they are evolved Humans, that would make sense that would still be within them).

Other than her stating she understood nostalgia, and the special gift in the final episode, it almost seemed callused of it to take that long to do such a thing, since it was possible and knew that it was needed ... and promised.

I think they used a great name for the 'aliens'. Saint ... since it has the religions connotation, and this is of course theorized by a lot of people, and have read such theories on ATS ... that religion could be based off of an advanced -alien to us- group/species that would seem to have incomprehensible powers ... both technological and telekinetic.

I find it fun to think about and discuss religious ideas or scientific theories regardless of my personal beliefs, for I have the ability to turn off my defensive side in a discussion/debate for the sake of argument/conversation and have regularly played 'devil's advocate' talking about almost anything. I actually find it quite sad that a lot of people cannot, and you have them blow up or get heated when you say something that doesn't fit in their perfect little world or contradicts something a book or teacher taught them in the wonderful public school system that is no way biased or out dated

I want to add the Please! Teacher series (Onegai teacher) ... it also has an alien race visiting us, and guess what ... working as a teacher
studying humans really. They have quite the technology, stuff we see in sci-fi like transport, cloaking of ships, intelligent robots (though not in the form you would assume from that). The story hits on the alien theme a lot less ... and not really about disclosure in any way ... but it is a theme of they are here, interacting with us, and it can happen without our direct knowledge.

Most of the stuff I watch does fit more in the romance or simplistic style (non-action ... otherwise NOT DBZ, Naruto, or anything else like that, no offense if you like that sort of thing

I am rambling, but it doesn't matter, it is my dead first thread anyway
I do hope that at least someone checked out Mahoromatic, it really is worth watching for a CT type person if you don't mind a little ecchi and romance mixed in with combat ... like I said before, the CT part of the plot comes in slow ... sneaks in on you until it smacks you in the face. It has a happy ending for all those NWO, UFO, and alien CTers. Oh well. At least I know one other person watched it!

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 12:57 AM

i found what seems to be the english dubbed version...

so far, so said it takes off in the second season......i'll wait

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 01:09 AM
yep, slow, a bit boring if you are into action anime. I don't mind the sappy stuff ... DBZ wore me out with month long battles
Got tired of violence as well. Still watch some of it, but not as enthusiastically, for now at least.

I am rather tired in general of video sources (tv, movies, games, etc.) ... as long as music doesn't lose it special feeling, I'm alright

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