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When Anonymous Attacks!! Next on 4chan!

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 03:43 PM
Oh dear God, this is epic win...

Just watch... for the LULZ!

Fear Anonymous!

For those of you wondering what the hell this FOX news report is all about, first check out 4-Chan. (WARNING: NSFW!!!)

Although it's never stated directly on the Fox News stroy, The main web culprit of this den of "hackers" and "terrorists" is 4chan and its' sister sites, 7chan, iichan, ko-chan, etc...

4chan is an imageboard that's spiraled waaaay out of control into a beast that has its' own culture, language, and way of thinking. It's kinda hard to explain what the site is actually all about, except maybe that's its' pure chaos binded by the the powers of anime, torrents, porn, and cats.

Who comes to 4chan and posts? Everyone from furry freaks, to camwhores, to college dropouts, to 16 year old girls, to weeaboos, and even Stephen Colbert. (Supposedly) Everyone is automatically "anonymous" in thier posts unless they choose otherwise. So thus, someone posting images on 4chan could be your neighbor, could be someone on the other coast, could be the FBI luring you in, or it could be President George Bush himself! Anon posting gives people the freedom to speak their minds without being accountable for what they say. If your mind is like mine, then it is probably filled with thoughts and opinions you would never say in real life or in a message board such as ATS. 4chan is a place to speak those thoughts without being personally harrassed. (although you may be told to "Lurk moar.")

All that being said, I was ROTFL when I saw this Fox News report. Wow, talk about saying black is white! Internet hate machine... Secret websites... hacker terrorists... buying a dog for internet security! Anyone who has been on 4chan long enough knows that everything reported on this story is either false or skewed to give it a menacing air. While the chans have carried out website raids and internet pranks, none of thier actions have physically hurt people or resulted in damage of real property.

"Oh no! They spoiled the ending of Harry Potter!"

"Oh no! they're crashing Habbo Hotel, dressed in afros and suits!"

"Oh no! they posted gay porn on some guy's myspace and his girlfriend dumped him!"

"Oh noes! A guy spammed his story about bombing football stadiums on a message board! Don't mess with football, kids!"

Yeah... So it's kind of like saying ATS is a website about overthrowing the goverment.

But interestingly enough, 4chan's members are savagely fighting back FOX. While individuals and companies cannot speak out or take actions against media slanting, Anonymous is attacking the FOXDC message boards with spam. The /b/tard who had his face covered in the interview has been identified as Alex Wuori and has his face pasted on 4chan's boards as a "betrayer." (The first rule of 4chan is to never talk about 4chan...) I expect more raids on everyone who was in this newscast to follow.

And that's what has got me so proud to say that, yes, I love 4chan and I am anonymous. While the media can go and use its' yellow journalism techniques to destroy anything it deems unworthy, it can't stop 4chan. Like a raging hurricane with a power over 9000, chan sites attack detractors in ways that cannot even be concieved of by the victim. I think there needs to be moar chan raids on bigger and bigger targets. Epic wins that bring accountability to major forces in our society today.

We are Anonymous. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget.


posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 03:47 PM

Srsly man, your post is probably going to get deleted anyway, but still... RULE 1 AND 2.

Edit to add:

But yeah, after watching that video, talk about fear mongering, lol..domestic terrorists. Oh noes.


[edit on 7/27/07 by aava]

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 03:05 AM
You just broke rules 1 and 2 yourself, haha.

Anyways, finally, another Anon! Whoo! (I was there at Otakon, too, haha)

This is pretty much undeniable proof of FOX's fear mongering.

ALSO.. if Anon focused, Anon could totally save America. =/

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 03:55 AM
I have yet to see why 4chan, 7chan and whatever other chan sites exist are very popular,
I mean like I know the general kind of people who post on them (I spent a semester in web
design with a class that half of them were on it), and I have to say, there can't really be
THAT many people like that in the world.

As for the story, well last time I checked FOX was technically capable of saying whatever
it wants, even if it's not exactly the truth (why d'ya think everyone except the far
right hate FOX), but still spamming FOX's messagboards has got to be one of the most
juvenile and ignorant acts, I mean really, can people not be mature?

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 10:36 AM
Hahaha, thats some funny stuff.

"And his girlfriend left him : She thought... She thought I was cheating her... with guys..."


posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 10:01 AM
First and second... ah knock it, too late now

I can't say I appreciate having anonymous called domestic terrorists. Unless you count sending pizza's to Hal Turners house an "Act of Terrorism".

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by Rikhart
Hahaha, thats some funny stuff.

"And his girlfriend left him : She thought... She thought I was cheating her... with guys..."


Haha. I cracked up at that too.

Really, though, they seem harmless. Everything in that video was a prank. Some people need a sense of humor.

posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 07:24 PM
I see this clip every single time i go to 7chan. And i watch it half the times, just because it makes me laugh. Laugh so very, very, very hard. Why? Because not only is Fox news now completely stupid to anyone who knows about the internet and saw that (as if they didn't know that about fox before), but by GAWD were the people they interviewed the most computer illiterate people around or what?

I cried for the people who believed this report. Really, i did. Then i went and browsed 7chan for cool wallpapers.

[edit on 11-8-2007 by D.E.M.]

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