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Pondering the state of the day.

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 03:30 PM
Go ahead folks,write all the letters you want,enjoy your automated responses>having your friends write with you will just get you that many copies of the same automated response.

We will look into these issues blah blah blah blah

Thanks for your letter,(and still being sucker enough to think this will work)

America has changed,the days of protesting to bring about change has gone.Now you will just get arrested.I want to fight the good fight but i have no idea how...

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 10:55 PM
That kind of cynical apathy is what they've driven into you Americans. Look at my earlier post for a bunch of things you can do. I just thought of another one too. Go to Second Life and teleport to places with lots of people and shout 9/11 truth,,, whatever... you reach thousands of people an hour. There are other similar networks like Second Life which you can try as well. Stay positive and fight the good fight. Don't be a male cheerleader.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 11:33 PM
It's s hame that in a country founded with the focus of freedom and liberty, there are so many prople afraid to protest in fear of losing both instantly.

ProfTom is the exact kind of die hard ignoramous that has sent this country into a downward spiral. Blindly following their daddys down republican road.

What is there to protest and or have changed?

How bout the companies profiting ever so greatly on the deaths of our young men and women being sent into a false war? For one thing, I think it should be illegal for any company to profit over a certain amount from wars. It should be more about the honor of getting the contract that the wealth. The honor of being selected to produce something to help defend the nation.

#2. If you are running for presidential office or a high ranking member of an administration, you should be absolutely restricted from being paid by a company that profits from your efforts in developing a cause for war in your position. In other words, Cheney making money from a war he started is beyond redemption in so many ways and the man should be hung for treason.

#3. If you are the president of a country and you send people to die in a war based on false information, I dont care how you justify it or who you blame, you should be fired without question.

This is by far the most corrupt, careless, lawless administration there has ever been in the white house and anyone that can honestly continue supporting it are in flat out denial of what this country is becoming.

You cant blame people like ProfTom too much. The man obviously lives a very simple life where he is most likely untouched by the plages of most men. Living in a trailer park in the hills of boofunk animal reserve poaching pigeons isn't exactly the life style one would associate with a common voter. I'm guessing there is a Rebel flag somewhere in his house or on his Chevy. People like that simply dont know any better.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 08:18 PM
Your not alone, plain fact is Most people do not vote or stay active in issues voted on that effects our lives every day. People like Lou Dobbs are doing what the American people Should be doing...make congress and the senate accountable, they work for us. No one seems to understand this. The news stattions like CNN tell half truths and never tell the news at all..well, its all about control and them wanting you to see things their way. Crazy. Its only going to get worse unless we as a country don't become more active in what goes on and take part in the process...other countries protest and trash the city...all we have to do is get together on an issue and make our voices heard, NumbersUSA is a great place to start, we stopped the imigration bill by calling so much it broke the phone system down.
We can get our country back and make our elected officials answer to us, and do the right thing.
Being a good American takes an active role in out political process, most will do little more than complain to a neighbor....we must go to the source.
We are still the best nation in the world...always have been. Not perfect, but the best nonetheless.

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