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Article about FEMA quickly taken off MSNBC regarding Katrina Trailers

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by Bassscholar

Fema Campers are not something you just accept to live in fool,

i thought i explained the trailers are not 'FEMA Trailers',
that are just mass marketed Trailers that FEMA bought to act as 'temporary' shelters !!!

People HAVE to live in these metal boxes.

They should have used the same restrictions on the trailers, that they have on any other more expensive camper.

People elected to move into the FEMA supplied Trailers,
they were not forced into occupancy...
you can argue that they were between "a-rock-&-a-hard-place"
but they felt the FEMA campers were the best alternative,
make a decision--& live with the consequences !!

I know of many that have burned down, causing many other to go down with it. Poor electrical wring or whatever.

IF.....thats the true case, then the 'codes' that are followed are not suffucient...the USA needs to revamp the trailer building codes...
for all models of trailers/campers, whatever models...the cheaper models
that only the 'poor' can afford (if i follow your reasoning) should be brought up to the standards of trailer models that the rich can afford....
what kinda BS are you spewing???

please ~read~ and try to comprehend posts
before ranting & raving in the future....
i try to remain an open minded and civil poster

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 09:23 PM
I just don't understand why the government is expected to magically take care of all these people.

First we complain the government is too big and steals too much of our hard-earned money and we want them out of our lives, then we demand they hold our hand and deliver us from evil (disaster).

What ever happened to taking your life into your own hands and not waiting for someone to come rescue you?

We would get mad at the government if they didn't rescue all the people, but when they do, we complain they didn't do it fast enough. If we didn't provide FREE housing to them, the government would be blamed for not doing enough. So we provide free housing and still can't win, because now the housing we provided wasn't comparable to a 5-star hotel. There's harmful chemicals in clothes we buy, cars we drive, million-dollar homes we live in, pools we swim in and the air we breath. Are we supposed to sue the government over that? We all know they won't do anything about it! It's about time we took matters into our own hands, just like those displaced people affected by Katrina should instead of seeing how long they can hold out in free housing. Heck, some of those people moved UP in quality when they lost their homes to the storm and got a free trailer.

There are no guarantees of a safety net in nature, and the more we try to create them, the weaker (less productive) we all become.

Oh right, right...the poor people deserve to have the government save them because they can't help themselves...sorry, what was I thinking?!?! They were born into poverty down in Louisiana and the man is holding them down.

If you are one of those who still holds to that belief, you do know there are plenty of wealthy/successful/happy/healthy people who started life in poverty, right?

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