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Ghost Experience Compilation

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posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 02:38 AM
So I think that some of these things should be subjected together like say OOBE, Ghost Encounters, Mental/Physical power/miracles, odd happenings and the likes.. so I am going to start with ghosts with my own experience, feel free to add your own and hopefully get a good base to go on.

Physical Movement:
So I have lived in many houses so I know its not based off of the place I am in.
I've always had doors closing things moving/dropping and my water being turned on off the usual things that I usually place off to faulty building and plumbing. But since moving to over 10 different places and being followed by the same things and getting them professionally inspected I came to the conclusion that something must be happening out of the ordinary. (Later part will explain more in depth how I can to the conclusion)

So I have in every one of my houses heard the same toned voice well over 4 years, most of which say nothing in particular and I always put into point "Ok so im crazy... so what a lot of people are" And left it be, but as time went on I started asking family as well cause.. its kind of bothersome and apparently they heard the same thing happen with them and noticed the same thing
we also noticed shadows which I always assumed as light reflections or the such, so when I noticed them moving in more.. natural/human ways I decided that im going crazy and that everyone in my family is... well.. Maybe I am or not but its usually centered around me and my mum.

So in my opinion I'm crazy and so is my family and that theres a logical explanation but I also have in the back of my head that theres a ghost following us from house to house

its also prolly good to bring up that 6 years ago my grandpa killed himself in my bedroom while I was asleep with a note that he'd see me soon which may have caused a tad of paranoia in my family.. I'd like to think that I find some kind of proof toward the supernatural so that I could post a more excitable story with facts... but until that happens I'll just go by the probable things like that I have faulty building and plumbing and professionals just aren't cutting it. I still in part of my mind think it may be a ghost but don't wanna scream it without further evidence

Peace The Bear/Wolf Man ^_^

Just cause mine was off of experience alone doesn't mean others cant post evidence as well as experience but I'd like to hear more from the other ATSers

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 02:50 AM
my neighbor says that sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and ghosts are re-arranging his garage and kitchen and putting stuff in weird places. Like one time he says that although his lawn mower wasnt working that it was just moving around his yard. My grandma works at Home Depot and she says that it was built on a black slave cemtary and like early in the morning when the morning staff gets there that stuff is like automatically building it's self. and ghosts of slaves are humming slave songs and stuff.

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 06:48 AM
I've lived at this house for 20 some odd years and I've seen alot of stuff. When we first moved in I was 7 or so and I was finally happy to get my own room as I have 4 sisters a brother and we only had 4 rooms. Anyway so the first night here I was in bed and looking around I wasn't tired and I was hoping to fall asleep. We got a new grandfather clock and it started chiming midnight anyway I got really hyper and I see this black shadow walk from the hallway and enter my room go past my bed and exit out the wall. I didn't sleep in my room for a few years after that. So the next few months maybe year my mom and I saw these white flashes out of the corner of our eyes alot it got really bad and would happen multiple times a day. They finally stopped and started up again for maybe a week a year or two after the first episode.

Also the first few months things would always fall off tables and shelves. Stuff that I know shouldn't have fell. The one time I remember was some paper plates that were on top of the refrigerator and was right in the middle I remember looking at them for some reason. Anyway I left the kitchen and maybe a minute or less later the plates fell. The weird thing is that we've taken alot of pictures and have had animals in the house and none that I know of really sensed anything and we've had no weird pictures. The other thing I saw was there was this hat on the fire place I was watching tv and it was commercial and I looked over at the hat and it started floating and then fell down. there were 3 other people in the living room yet none of them saw it. I've also had two radios turn on by themselves. One went from soft to loud and the other one went from off being on very low.

During high school I've heard talking coming from the room below me. At the time nobody was living down there so it couldn't have been anything. I don't hear it anymore though.

My neighbor who lives accross the street from me actually saw something too. She saw a man but he was between the screen door and front door both were shut. Then recently I was playing this video and I heard a loud bang come from downstairs I was the only person here. I played it a few more times the next day and a deer head fell off the wall and broke. the thing is that underneath the deer head is a table with pictures and it should have hit that and then the floor. The pictures were unharmed the table is probably three feet deep. So I did what every good ghost hunter does and cranked the video for 5 or so hours and I think he left. A week or so later I was in the bathroom and I heard a female voice call my name it sounded like it came from a recording machine and I thought it was one of my sisters well it wasn't and nothing was on the machine or caller ID.

About a week or so ago I was sitting in front of the computer and I stretched and I felt somebody blow cold air on my elbow/tricep area. it wasn't wind or a draft the window was closed and my fan was off. Plus I felt pressure there so it couldn't have been that my arm did get kind of cold after too.

I know sometimes I feel really uncomfortable in my room and even downstairs sometimes. I'm not sure why in my room but it gets really bad sometimes and I feel like I have to leave my room. It usually lasts a night or so and it's fine again for years.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 08:24 PM
Thanks sandman I was hoping for a longer one ^_^;;(As in not as short as the other guy's)

Most of the time with uncomfortable feelings though you can pass it off as faulty wiring or some kind of high electrical pulses.. I dont know why it does it but it does ^_^ The coldness happens to me a lot but I usually dont think it anything more then blood flow.. like when you stretch and you arm goes hot then cold.. Otherwise thanks for sharing ^_^

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by The Bear Man
Thanks sandman I was hoping for a longer one ^_^;;(As in not as short as the other guy's)

Most of the time with uncomfortable feelings though you can pass it off as faulty wiring or some kind of high electrical pulses.. I dont know why it does it but it does ^_^ The coldness happens to me a lot but I usually dont think it anything more then blood flow.. like when you stretch and you arm goes hot then cold.. Otherwise thanks for sharing ^_^

[edit on 23-7-2007 by The Bear Man]

yeah possibly. Because it only happens once inawhile. The cold thing though I felt a distinct blow on my arm so it couldn't be that. It felt just like somebody blew on my arm.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 09:07 PM
I'm not entirely convinced of the existence of ghosts yet, but I have had some very brief experiences that were fairly inexplicable otherwise, in my opinion.

It first started when I was sitting at home on my couch, with my dog. He started barking at an empty wall. He continued barking, but started moving his head to the side as if he was following something, but there was nothing there. I was a little spooked, and told him to be quiet. He continued until he was looking at our front door, at which point he stopped barking and all was quiet. But only for a second, because then the doorstop, (the spring on the wall behind a door to stop it from hitting the wall), suddenly made a loud sound like somebody had flicked it, and it looked as if it had been flicked cause it was vibrating.

I jumped up and ran up the stairs to my room and hid under my covers terrified, turning the radio on to try and get my mind off of it.

As I was listening to the radio, it began to change stations by itself, so I took off down the stairs and outside and went to my friends house until my dad got home.

The next day I was in my kitchen and I opened the fridge and it slammed shut on me while I was holding it. The same thing happened when I opened the microwave. I was able to open each after the initial slamming shut, but I certainly couldn't explain why they were slammed shut the first time I tried to open them.

On a seperate occassion my friend and I went to a house that had just been built and was still empty. I had read somewhere that ghosts like to explore new houses, so I was telling him there were ghosts in it trying to scare him. We looked in the window and not two seconds later the fireplace sparked up and there was a fire in the fireplace! (It was a gas fireplace.) We assumed it was automatic, and didn't think too much of it but went to look through the kitchen window. The faucet turned on by itself and we got scared and turned to run away when a man pulled up in a car. We told him immediately what we saw, and he got a scared look on his face, ran into the house quickly and locked the door behind him. So we left.

That's all my experiences, which all happened about eight or nine years ago, so my memory may have skewed or exaggerated some of the details, but those are as accurate as I can make them. They haven't been enough to convince me yet...

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 09:14 PM
Interesting... they may have been testing the gas in the house for the fire place ^_^ We had to do that in our house some weeks in a row before we could live in it.. as for the water im not sure.

My dog also barks at random things.. (though most of the time its my fault as im used to a big dog that I can scare from corners and expect to wrestle with it... not the case with small dogs I guess ^_^;
Just watching the wall and barking following absolutely nothing.. never thought it much since my dogs a little, erm.. special

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