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who pulled the strings

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 07:34 PM
my problem is this
the more i watch the video of BUSH being told that morning about the "towers" i get the feeling his heart falls out of his chest and he sits there thinking "OMG they done it".
i got that feeling the first time i seen the video and still get the same feeling.
we know "osama bin lid" didnt do it and we know the aircraft didnt bring down the towers, so who did.
my personal belief is, bush knew about the attack but was powerless to stop it, i am not defending or justifing anybody here..........
i would just like too know what everybody thinks on "who pulled the strings" that mornring...........

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 07:35 PM
Bush is just a puppet. I think Israel was the real powerbroker here.

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by spliffy
my problem is this
the more i watch the video of BUSH being told that morning about the "towers" i get the feeling his heart falls out of his chest and he sits there thinking "OMG they done it".
i got that feeling the first time i seen the video and still get the same feeling.
we know "osama bin lid" didnt do it and we know the aircraft didnt bring down the towers, so who did.
my personal belief is, bush knew about the attack but was powerless to stop it, i am not defending or justifing anybody here..........
i would just like too know what everybody thinks on "who pulled the strings" that mornring...........

powerless? I think he was more powerless as the owner of the Texas Rangers...

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 11:09 PM
People who pulled the strings had to hedge their bets before the op so that means the Rockefellers and the Windsors because they run most of the worlds oil and would need to prep for the coming wars.

The Rothschilds would need to have veto power on the op because they run the worlds money system and would need to be informed if there was somthing that might hurt that.

Israel isn't evil Zionists are and they live all over the world so maybe some were involved but they did not have final say.

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 11:13 PM
Spliffy, I don't know if you've seen this, but at best it explains alot of the string pulling behind 9-11, at worst it identifies and establishes a motive behind one of the most horrendous crimes in US history...

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 01:55 AM
I think Spiffy you're essentially right. W is a puppet and I honestly don't think he was in on the planning of 9/11, though doubtless he had an inkling something was up--alarm bells were ringing throughout the gov't through the normal institutional channels throughout the summer of 2001, and the pack of lies Condi Rice dropped before the 9/11 commission cannot be taken at all seriously. They'd like us to think they're all incompetents and morons.

The best proof he didn't know was his isolation and abandonment down there in Florida and later on AF 1. Over a half an hour sitting in the public school, against the most basic secret service emergency protocols of getting him immediately to safety. Then they flew him around the US, for the fisrt hours without fighter escort, though they were available. None of this sort of thing happens by chance at these levels.

He was out there undefended and isolated, with his butt hanging in the wind, and I believe he was offered an ultimatum--join us and become our cheerleader (one job he was actually qualified to do) or you become another casualty of 9/11, we're fine with it either way.

And I'd go so far as to argue that the whole tableau--putting him in a class of preschoolers, reading "The Pet Goat," was a set-up to show the world that the real pet goat was the Preznit.

In this day and age, the President's appearances are kabuki theatre. It's all scripted for message. Well, they made a fool of him, that was the message. They were in control.

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 03:23 PM
thx people

i have not done a whole pile of digging about who done it but i was sure mr. bush didnt have the power to pull that off. his face that morning said it all and he was ALLOWED to sit and listen to "the pet goat" when normal procedure would have been to get him away to a secure place, FAST.
my way of thinking is this, if the usa wanted to start a fight with osama, there must be a million other ways of starting it other than what was done on 9/11. war makes money but does it make enough to justify what happened that day and when you talk about the pentagon being hit, why hit your own security, i know the pentagon was getting ready for an attack (just where the airplane
hit) but too take the risk of killing so many of your own military personnel, it just does not figure, for me anyway.
i just cannot imagine who would have that amount of power and to reap benefits from 9/11 and i agree with GOTTAGO, he was offered an ultimatum and i dont think he was able to argue about it.

uberarcanist and Beefcake said israel, that surprised me but

i actually seen your post before and i honestly meant to go back and watch the vid, but i had forgot about it so that is my task tonight, thank you

i agree with all you said and the pet goat part

i believe the government are not guilty of causing 9/11 but guilty of hiding who did do it.
i am now gonna watch a vid and find out a little more

thanks people

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 04:28 PM

really no surprise about the Pentagon--I think Rummy was deep into it (that's why they basically couldn't get rid of that madman)--and what better way to deflect attention from your own culpability than attacking yourself?

It's a psy op classic. On the face of it, no one would believe it. If only they'd bothered to actually use a plane!

and you obviously have a better heart than me--I think these guys would do absolutely anything for money and power and control. Anything.

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posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 07:09 PM
You all may want to read my post on 911 a snap shot...
The Rockefeller Foundation is a few blocks from ground zero. When the Process was pushed out of the west coast (for the most part) most of that group went to NY to join “the Foundation” as their assassins put it back in 1974. I know the group is across the US.
As for money it looks to me an easy $10 Billion or more was expected to be made within the first month before any war profiteering was even started. $7 Billion was expected from the insurance alone on the white elephant property. Most of the tower space was empty or rented well under market. So to be bought six week prior to the event seems odd.
On 911 I was trouble shooting the largest LNG facility in the US, near Logan Airport.
FBI told the security manager they expected terrorist scuba divers to hit us. Since properly “hit” the explosion would leave an 8 mile crater and take air away for 12 miles.
However this was not a target. Why, because the person that the Governor was working for (mentioned in my thread) was in that area. We verified $146 million annually going into Ted Kennedy’s account that was from unaccountable sources back in the early 80’s.
I looked around and found a pedophile ring outside Quincy in North Weymouth. Now at this time the FBI still had no direct contact with Scotland Yard and they were not even sharing data with each other. But since 911 all FBI branches were going to open up with each other! Wow what a novel approach actually work together. Unfortunately less than a week passed from when I reported the local ring than that prospect was cancelled. The feds kept all their walls up and shared nothing.
I knew it was stupid to try to work with the FBI. They were dangerous enough to work with when the people I worked with could arrest them. Yes really. The only bigger “badges” (paper really) were the US Marshalls, in theory anyway.
So after the funerals back home I decided to change tactics and get ahead of the curve.
I know what some of the next big moves by the bad guys are going to be.
Look I know all kinds of cover-ups including 8 planes that were shot with shoulder fires by terrorists here in the states. Five of them thankfully were still on the ground and did not kill anyone. The rest were officially “wind shear”. Just like a young cop that took my place on an operation was beat up, carved up, castrated and head blown off …yep officially a “hit and run”. Well at least everyone keeps some kind of since of hummer.

I think there were a lot of cooks in this soup but somebody had some military shooters with demo experience. I wander if Halliburton employs anyone filling that bill?

posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 01:16 PM
i remember sitting at home on 911 and looking at the pentagon thinking, no plane hit there, no way would it leave a round hole

i sat there in amazment, omg the pentagon has been attacked, in my eyes that was just a big no, no. nobody messes with the pentagon
as you say "phy ops" is about the best answer, sadly.
money, power and control can make some people do horrific things.
its just very hard to believe.........

i sat and watched the vid last night

scary stuff but a very good vid, thank you
the start of the video reminded me about,
some guy went into a pub for a quick drink and was sitting at the bar watching the t.v. the news was on and the president came on. the guy sitting at the bar said "someone should shoot him". the guy went home and the next morning the SWAT team called to arrest him.
i had read that a long time ago some where on the internet and i found it hard to believe, i am not so sure now.
it must get very nasty high up in the security and intelligence world, risky business........
there is a lot of different companies and power famlies involved..........

your "911 a snap shot" post is horrifing but very plausible
a real eye opener

but does this all go back to the 70s and 80s
yes comforter, there must be a lot of cooks with both hands in the soup

i knew this question was going to be complicated but not too this extent
i have a lot of food for thought
thx guys


posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 09:30 PM
The root of this weed does go deep. I was told by several of the best before they were poisoned or stabbed or beaten to death that this group was too big, leave them alone.
I wonder if they knew me so well that those words were a challenge.
I spoke to the Director of Homeland Security once and realized this former Marine had no idea of the true past of our country. No way does that organization have ties to what they need. Funny thing is after our conversation they mistook me for their Sky Marshall and brought me into the cockpit and let me choose my seat, impressed me.
But tell me who pays for stopping terrorism? If a plot is foiled there is no money in it but if there is death and destruction money is no longer an object. Cash flows for new weapons, new positions and new construction.
I have only given a little of what I have been involved with stopping in the past. But now let me tell you what to look for in the future.
A shipment was removed from Iraq just prior to the start of the war. It was escorted by men in Russian Uniform but our satellites lost the fuel trucks in a sand storm and low clouds. When you see the release of a bio-fungal agent called red rain from the boarder of India onto southern Pakistan then know the weapon to be used in the US has been tested.
The next move will be to gather as many US children as possible and lead as many good members of law enforcement into an ambush as they can. After they fumigate 10 to 20 million Americans including our best cops there will be advancement from this group into several key posts and money will flow into their bank accounts like water.

Did you notice the Bush Administration is trying to change out our nuclear war heads with ones that have not been tested?

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 05:32 PM
yes comforter
war makes money, big money
and some one has to start the war, probally the biggest payee
but i find it very hard to comprehend that what happened on 911 was done just to start a war, it is very clear that we were meant to think it was osama and as i was told they might have hit the pentagon just to deflect the truth a little more. i do not believe the facts that we have been given but nor do i believe bush had the power to pull that day off.
if 911 was all about getting a war started, hiding a few bits of paperwork/evidence and a lot of people making billions, is there not an easier way of doing it other than what was done.
as you said, there is a lot of cooks making the soup and if one of them companies or individuals gets cut short and starts talking, there will be panick too get it all silenced up, again....
i do hope your wrong about the red rain but i will keep looking out for any info about it being used.
i might be reading between the lines too much but it sounds like this group is very close to home.......

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 06:45 PM
I believe Bush was introduced to the controlling powers during his “pretzel incident” if you recall he claimed he broke a tooth and got a black eye from a pretzel and fall.

The controlling power is a small inner nucleus group led by a particular Senator here in the states. They have in the past taken a nine year old daughter of a member of the State Department from her home. I came to the scene of what was left by the biker group “Iron Cross” after night fall. ” The bikers were paid by this Senator and his assistant. The child’s mother was present. The group had gang raped the child while she was skinned alive and from the teeth marks in bits of flesh and in her thigh was eaten while alive. They had tried to make it appear to be Santeria by cutting off her head. It was not until I started to close her eyes that I noticed they had cut her eye lids off so she would not miss the entertainment.
Much later the perpetrator admitted his deeds. I had one very good person at my back and he had 19 of his people with him. His side lost. Too long of story for here but the point is these people are so ruthless they make Satan himself blush with shame. Believe me they don’t have leaks on board their ship. No one is too anxious to tackle them. Another under cover agent was told he could drink the poison or he would find his son after ten of their men with through with the boy. Well he would find the head anyway. The agent drank the poison. In one state over thirty agents were killed in a four hour period. Again this group is not big on compassion and are well connected as well as financed.
When the towers fell all the lives of the agents that had been laid down tracking this group came to zero. We loss what little evidence had been gathered. Information and paper trails were lost forever. That I believe was part of why the Arabs had help here state side.
I have heard we loss a particular general and a certain investigative group out of the Pentagon attack.
I know in 2004 I couldn't find anyone in the Pentagon too concerned about the electronic files I offered showing corruption by Iraq contractor groups re-issuing work too pro-al Sadr supporters. Building up our enemies and allowing military munitions to fall into the hands of terrorist.

At his late date it will take smart enough police in the field to look the other way now when members of this organization start dying. Like in the example of the nine year old girl, when the perpetrator rode into a shotgun blast all Jonny Law had to say was: “Before every federal agent in the country comes down here to live hunting season is closed on these bikers now. You hear?” His death was officially a hunting accident.
There is no way the guilty parties behind 911 could ever be taken through our court system. But that does not mean they should escape justice.

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 06:47 PM
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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 08:01 PM
yes i do remember the "pretzel incident"
he must have spoke when not spoken too..
i could not and would not want to think of all them children suffering, what they have to suffer.........
i know the guilty ones will never stand in front of a judge and answer for their actions, but what goes around will always come around and when you play within that group, well, nothing is ever safe is it............ any ship can spring a leak......

have you spoke about this before on ATS?

thanks a lot comforter

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 06:59 PM
The group core believes in white supremacy but keep this very low profile. They have hired Santeria Priests from Nigeria to teach them the “old ways of the Orishas”. However this is more in way to pin blame on blacks and Hispanics. The earlier children that were not sold but tortured were autistic or had some handicap. One “hatchet man” as they are called was arrested way back in the 70’s for 36 murders but the actual number is believed to be over three hundred youngsters that he mostly hung upside down and beat to death. I met him while he was in maximum and gave him a message: “Tell your master I’m coming for him”. You’ve never seen 480 lbs more frightened, I loved that moment. Then I was removed by two US marshals. I only regret it took so long to arrange his master’s demise at the end of the 90’s.
When I first started I was told by a seasoned cop “we don’t know if their taking 5,000 or 50,000 a year, we didn’t know we could touch then till you came along”. I say this not to brag but to let you know this has been going on for a very long time.
They prefer to grab kids from their bedroom. They also use corrupt Vice cops to supply drugs to be used by older children to get the young ones for them to sell. They claim to be the largest group of successful assassins and many are in martial arts. They use poison (tetra toxin) extensively in sodas as heat renders the toxin useless. Although wine also works (unfortunately). I have an antidote that works (written in Chinese). I don’t want to give up too many details as these groups will evolve quickly if methods are revealed. The last work with Law Enforcement directly that I had was shortly after 911 but the people I had previously worked with had already went way undercover or were dead.
My primary point is that many of our politicians and military leaders are under control of this group either by membership or blackmail. I know when a member is caught they simply act totally insane, you know “my dog told me to do it” otherwise their family begins to have accidents.
I am sure other paramilitary groups and specialist are also use but this network is used as handlers so there are few links left to track to people of importance like T.K.
Not to cause any lack of sleep but the group has people in key positions in at least one commercial nuclear power plant here in the US and that one close to where the “ambush” and “massacre” are planned. I suspect when they are through these key people will be taken in with open arms around the US, after all they will have survived such a horror. Then these same people will simply sabotage that industry and thus increase even more our dependence on oil.

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