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Report: War Costing US $12 Billion a Month

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 10:22 PM
One more to think about, I wonder if back in the times our government was selling our nation for money to a comunist country like china just to be able to support our debt.

We have come a long way baby.

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 10:46 PM
Considering that PRIVATE companies who send there "TROOPS" to Iraq actually now outnumber the actual US Troops in Iraq, this doesn't surprise me.

This Government is the most crooked Government EVER. Paying private Corporations to fight this war is the attributing factor to this enormous bill.

How much profits do you propose these Private Military Corporations are making??? Just look at this price tag and it tells you.

Lets consider the following facts, No Power to probably 90% of Iraq, No Sanitation provided to 90% of Iraq, No Security provided to 90% of Iraq, No OIL PUMPING OUT OF 90% OF IRAQ.....I ask you, what exactly are these PRIVATE Companies doing there anyway????

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 11:58 PM
guess what guys yes the war costs alot bush is a shmuck but .....

the united states because of a near monopoly on oil trade currency used in foreign country's transactions for energy= dollars

is the united states exports inflation and all other country's are paying for the war, country's have to hold high amount of dollars in there central banks to pay there biggest bills= energy

although some country's have been diversifying away from this and the united states doesn't have the ability to go to war with all of them , this has been something that for the last 5 years ASIA has paid a great deal of our war bill. p.s The united states has no intention of paying off there debt. NONE it's funny that it is talked about all the time, because the average sheeple (me included) thinks of debt as something serious that will have to be paid off, (the banks did a study and to there delight and surprise found that the poor as a matter of honour think it is there obligation to pay off there debts) and i think the sheeple expect the united states to hold themselves to a high standard

but instead (govt's) take the DONALD TRUMP philosophy

mr banker: mr trump you owe us 400 million dollars , are you aware of this it is nearly 40% of our outstanding debt

mr trump: wow , that seems like a big problem , *especially for you guys*, and then the banks says (dooh!) and they negotiate and trump pays because if he files for bankruptcy the bank get's screwed even more

because of the monopoly we have in others using our currency for paying there energy bills and thus having to buy treasury bills from the united states to do so, as long as we have this monopoly the bigger our trade deficit, the more countrys purchase us t-bills (which is good) because these other country's run big trade surpluses the bigger the surplus the more they take there profits and reinvest back into us -t-bills

that is why we went to war with iraq *they threatened to buy oil in Euro's and would threaten a huge sell off of foreign owned united states dollars before the fed-elite's greedy rip off plan was complete* This would have brought an end to the united states federal reserve plan to create the housing bubble and make millions from the managing of money accounts as well as transferring the wealth from the poor and middle class to the elite. the united states was not about to have this greed party canceled by IRAQ and we also needed to send them a message and other country's not to think about buying oil in dollars. the united states knew they could not bully everyone for ever. but country's holding theres dollars also had the misfortune of watching there currencys by devalued and inflation (price of goods soar) hurting economy, the u.s held off this sale just long enough to transfer the wealth to the elite, and now other country's are changing to euro's and people in the united states are about to have a rude awakening. falling asset prices (houses) Most stocks retirement portfolio,s as well as rising prices for goods, and less credit available to pay there bills, it was fun while it lasted.

[edit on 11-7-2007 by cpdaman]

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 12:17 AM
One thing that China has that US is lacking, the trillions of dollars of currency reserves that has earned with US trading.

While we are deeper into debt China actually has money to burn, and burn they will when they start buying part of American businesses out for sell.

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