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Breaking my mental barriers through a meditational process

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 10:21 AM
Thanks Jam, sounds good!
I'll try this along with some other things on my schedule. Thanks again for bringing this up.

- Chris

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 11:05 AM
Hi Chrisdee, I think your meditation technique sounds great. I was reading your other thread too about how to increase your energy and where to get it. When I was trying this stuff a few years ago I was taught how to take energy from trees, plants and other beautiful, natural things. When you're visualising your garden take the energy from there. It's free and there's an endless supply.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 12:55 PM
One thing about tapes and the like...I have read somewhere, I believe it was Edgar Cayce Institute (really not sure anymore), that it is best to create your own tapes.
These tapes would only contain your subconscious messages beliefs...whereas tapes from others would also, once you are in trance, link you to the subconscious patterns of all who worked on the creation of the tape at the time. You wouldn't just be soaking up what seems to be on the tape, that is only what your conscious mind perceives, but there is a lot more. For people (rare and far between) that know their own subconscious well, this presents enough problems, and for others who don't know their subconscious well, it can develop into a nightmare... as in adapting patterns of others (most times negative), or not knowing which is their own pattern and which is someone else's. Soaking up somene else's beliefs, so to speak.

I don't know how true this is, but it rang with something for me, so I stick to it. No tapes, CD's or anything, except my own.. I don't care how good they sell moon is in Virgo, and I am a hygienic nut. On spiritual levels as well, just the thought of spiritual infection...ugh. I know this sounds crazy to some,
but seriously...I work too hard to be set back by something like that.

There must be other ways if you can't create your own recording?

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 01:57 PM
i don't think that external stimuli, such a the MP3 aid thing you use is a distraction. If that were the case then the shammanic drums shouldn't be
effctive in tansporting ones mind into trance or meditative states...

but each individual has their own systems & props that work for them...


As for the idea that your seeking to 'breaking down the Barriers...'
[or de-constructing the walls (biases) we unintentionally (or deliberately)
...I'd explore that idea more deeply.
because it's said-> "For Everything, there is a reason"
we might not know what the reason is immediately.

but that's not the important point....
the "breaking down the barriers" , to my view would be more accurate
if you meant it as; My meditation, is to build new pathways of thought...

the older & most used neural pathways i am quite experienced with - -
as i know i am quick to react to hot items,
jump quickly from the strike of a snake,
can catch flies & mosquitoes in mid air with lightning reflexes,
recognize family & friends faces, I can even sense danger approaching,
but those are the neural pathways which are needed & used i daily living...

my meditations are about creating new linkages of thoughts & memories & experiences, still using the neural synapses that are physically there,

but these new patterns of pathways include the dialog & contemplations of my inner voice, my mental universe, the spirit forces dwelling there, and the innerface with the natural/ordinary/mundane world.
So, I'm not really de-constructing anything- -i'm rather setting aside some
preconceptions which are interfering with my newer created neural pathways. which are more in accord with the spiritual level, inner world, that has been fashioned through meditations and trance states...
or even embracing Zen,

A counsler, elder, mentor, cannot instruct you on your path, so don't look for sure fire answers & directions...they are however, helpful in describing what paths to seek & which to be wary of.

i hope i didn't get to schizo in the reply

[edit on 8-7-2007 by St Udio]

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 09:02 AM
I meditate fairly often and use a number of different techniques, i also do self-hypnosis and there is a difference between the two. I sometimes use the beginning part of self-hypnosis in meditation to get me into a relaxed state but from there i will focus on the meditation. Self-hypnosis is more about bringing out the subconscious so that it can be re-programmed and influenced by suggestions and affirmations. The hemi-sync and holo-sync MP3's are awesome, I remember ordering a free sample tape that lasted about 30 mins, and after trying it, I was in a deep calm state of mind for at least an hour afterwards. I often use binaural beats and some other good meditation tracks but it depends on the technique im trying. Sometimes i would also just prefer to meditate in quietness without any sound. A good way to still the mind is to actually try to listen with your ears to the sound of quietness. Often when people are having a conversation or listening to music, they're innervoice will go silent because it is concentrating more on the incoming sense of sound through the ears, so if you actively try to listen to the sound of nothingness, to the sound of quietness it will still your mind. As for the OP's question, I don't think that meditation technique will break any mental barriers for you, when you imagine energy it is more of a spiritual thing, not a mental one. It may indeed clear blockages in your energetic body and allow for more energy to flow through it, and you could see subtle effects in your daily life, like better health, luck and good fortune and opportunities but i think you should try hypnosis if you want to rid yourself of mental barriers.

Jams, thanx for that meditation technique sounds neat I will definately try it sometime. I was wondering though with the last bit where you imagine your self floating upwards? do you imagine it happening to your self or the 2 selfs above you or all 3? and also after you have closed each self off, do you still imagine it hovering there or do you imagine it disappearing?

I will leave you all with my own personal favourite meditation technique: (it is best practised sitting upright but can also be done laying down)

1.) close eyes, get comfortable and relaxed, etc.

2.) visualise a cord extending from the base of your spine going deep into the earth's core. Ask mother earth for its permission to access its energy (or rather warn her you are about to), then begin visualising energy travelling up through this cord and into your body. Imagine it like the root system of a tree sucking up all the etherical nutrients from mother earth. Do this with every in-breath and bring this energy up through your body and have it come out the top of your head. Now ask the holy spirit for its permission to access its energy (or rather warn it you are about to) and begin imagining your crown chakra opening up and allowing the energy of the holy spirit to enter through it. Try to bring the energy in from the sky above you, and bring it down through your body, down through the cord at the base of your spine and into the earth. Do this with every out-breath. So now you should be bringing energy up with every in-breath then down with every out-breath. Really try to visualise and feel the energy, after about 10 minutes of visualising this you should feel the energy coming up from the earth and down from the sky. If you can't, then try to make yourself feel it, strive for that feeling. There is also a variation of this where instead of just imaging the energy going up and down your body, you imagine it going through each one of your chakra's as it passes through. And as it passes through each chakra they light up and spin faster and faster, drawing in more and more energy. It is best to imagine white or golden light when imagining this energy, and when imagining the chakra's imagine the colour they are supposed to be. You can also silently in your head say the name of whatever god you believe in so if you believe in shiva you could say "shi-" with every inbreath and "-va" with every outbreath, or "Je-" with every inbreath and "-sus" with every outbreath. What I find works best is the name Heru pronounced Hay-Roo.

3.) Once you are able to feel this energy passing through you, connect with the source/god's energy. The first time you do this it can be quite hard, but once you remember the feeling of god's energy inside you and all around you it is quite easy to make it happen again, and the more you do it the easier it is for god's energy to be in your presence. So the first time you do this, all you have to do is imagine a path infront of you that leads over a hill, you are walking down this path over the hill and behind the hill is the source/god, it is this big source of energy that shines like a bright light, as you approach the top of the hill it becomes more visible and starts moving towards you, you are now both moving towards each other and as you get closer and closer you begin to feel its presence. Once you are in its presence you imagine yourself being absorbed by it and just standing in the centre of this bright orb of light. You should feel a tingly sensation all over your body that feels almost orgasmic, the kind of feeling you get when you get chills up your spine from listening to some really good music. You need to be doing the visualisation in step 2 the entire time, even whilst doing this step.

4.) once you have had enough, thank mother earth, the holy spirit and the source/god for sharing their energy with you, then stop the visualisation and bring your awareness back to the room, then open your eyes when you feel ready.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by ChrisDeemian

it would be more succesful if you performed astral travel then did the meditation without the mp3 though it really messes up the astral or etheric body its probably the sound waves that do it

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