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Breaking my mental barriers through a meditational process

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 02:55 PM
While I was doing hemi-sync I crossed an exercise which could be used for virtually every purpose, but is was mainly aimed at exploring your (sub-)consience. I wondered if it was possible to lower the bariers I set up for myself throughout the years at once. I have yet to try this, and I think I will do this tomorrow to see if it works. But before I do so I would like to discuss my method with you guys, and I would like to ask any highly developed TK'ers and meditators to bear with me and try to perfect this.
My plan for lowering my bariers/negative beliefs about my capabilities

First step:
I use a hemi-sync mp3 to guide me into a deep state of mind, I use the mp3 file "Exploring 6 - Pathways" from the gateway experience.

Second step:
I'll calm every thought im my head by at first just simply let my thoughts rage and wait for them to cool down, after that clearing them all and relax.

Third step:
I visualise a comforthing surrounding, for me this means my grandma's garden, it is very peacefull and is filled with flowers. I visualise (I'm a very visually orientated person) the energy inside my body, remember, I'm sort of inside my mind right now, my surrounding is my mind, and let it flow out in any pattern that will seem right at the time.

Fourth step:
I will visualise layers of energy acting like barriers around me, each sepporated with 4 meters or so. Outside of them I will see an impossible amount of energy, peaceful energy raging around cleaning and purifieing everything it touches. By now I have faded my original surrounding by purely and only energy.

Fifth step:
I will let the energy inside of my body flow out further, piercing the barriers, but not destroying them yet, I have to keep it possible to believe for my mind, and right now I don't believe I can pierce the barriers.

Sixth step:
My energy will reach the energy outside of the barriers and will become a channel for it to me, the energie flow from outside will break the barriers and fully destroy them. Letting the energy flow through me I will return as the mp3 guides me.

Seventh step:
Evaluation, I keep a psychic diary (I use it for any idea experience or sometimes for dream logs) and I'll first describe everything I felt. Then I'll copy it and post it here.

I'd like to know if any of you thinks if this is possible in any way, I think it is (which is most important for it to succeed). I hope some one has tried something simmilar before and want to share his/her experience.

Thanks in advance

- Chris

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 03:31 PM
Meditation (quiet way) does this give you the feeling of been complete and full like oneness?

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 03:35 PM
I dont think its likely that this visualization exercise will instantly remove all uneccessary walls and barriers in your life. It may help you to see them in a more objective sense, thus allowing you to change your ways gradually. Meditation will help you to see the right path in these situations. Can you be certain that the barriers you seek to break down are even there?

Nonetheless it should help you in some way...

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:06 PM
Chris meditation needs you to focus internally. Not externally to an MP3 player. A lot of meditative practices involve chanting of mantras and I have used those methods, but the purpose of mantra is to sharpen focus.

With chanting, the object is not to focus on the mantra. This becomes robotic. The chanting's purpose in meditation is to replace distracting external stimuli.

Not wishing to be so negative, but I really wonder if an MP3 player as an external stimuli works the same way.

I have also tried silent meditation and that is very powerful but hard to stick with or attain. There are tantric methods too which were used by Tibetans. These also include a lot of chanting and in higher practice secluded meditation with powerful vizualisation.

I have found the Buddhist practice of these people to be very powerful and easy to follow in a modern busy life. Try contacting them through these links.

or in USA

The USA website is most easy to read and more informative. Find a centre and go along. see if it helps you. SGI or Nichren Buddhism does not require you to shave your head like a monk or become a vegetarian etc. If you wish to visualise for personal achievement that is encouraged too.

Final point experimentation doesn't hurt, because that's how you learn. Just that the methods you want to use may not get you the results you want for various reasons. I have experimented with different methods. The SGI method seems to deliver results. I have seen it turn people's whole lives around from pretty awful situations.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 12:42 AM
To sy.gunson,
Have you ever actually heard of hemi-sync? I've been doing meditations in many variations for some time now, and with hemi-sync I accomplished more in 30 minz than in the previous WEEKS.
I'm not concentrating on the mp3, its just a background sound stimulating certain brainwaves (it works on binaural beats). I suggest you try it once, it is really powerful and easy.
Thanks for your input though

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 12:44 AM
Another question just popped into my head:
- What is your view on energy
I mean this as in, what do you think it is. Is it your subcouscience? Psi? Chi? And how does it work.
Maybe after understanding it first it would be easier to reach it.
Any opinions?

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:12 AM
Yeah I have heard of what you call Hemi-sync, but by another name. You mean training your mind to replicate theta waves if I'm not mistaken ? Various forms of meditation do the same by various methods.

What you refer with energy levels etc, someone else replied by mentioning pranayama. I had an ex girlfriend who did pranayama to overcome alcoholism and associated problems. This Pranayama is a yogic practice from the Hindu religion. It is about raising your consciousness through the different chakra levels. It can be like putting a more powerful engine in your car without necessarily developing your driving skills, or beefing up the suspension and steering.

Yeah the point I guess is that virtually all the eastern religions and various Buddhist sects have a variation on this theme. By all means if you get results then don't stop, but don't turn your back on experimenting too. I really suggest you take in some of the more established philosophical principles as personal guidance.

This question came up at an SGI meeting which I went to once and someone asked (may have even been me) about following all these tantric methods at home alone ?

The reply was something along the lines that you are messing with a lot of energies and psychological effects which you may not be able to either recognise, or handle. It was said in response that it is better to be guided by others who have some experience in developing these higher levels.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:14 AM

Originally posted by sy.gunson
Chris meditation needs you to focus internally. Not externally to an MP3 player.

I have to agree with that. Any external influences can cause misdirection for lack of a better word in meditation, at least in my experience. Try meditating in a completely natural environment and see if you get the same level, effects, etc. If not then you have indeed tainted your results with attachment.
Also I wanted to say that visualizations are a great way to start clearing the mind, but ultimately they are a form of attachment as well and should be avoided once you get past the 'how do I start' phase. I learned to get past that by altering my visualizations to include an end point, like imagining a small white stone sinking into an endless clear sea, eventually that stone must sink out of sight though, or starting with my toes I would visualize my body turning to dust until I got to my head. I hope that makes sense, it's ok to visualize at first but you have to reach a point where that visualization fades or vanishes or you will come to rely on it, again attachment.
True meditation is a profound experience, I actually was jerked out and could feel myself being almost forcibly taken somewhere and had a bewildering vision that scared the crap out me, and I've yet to return to that state despite my efforts. But the only way I got to that point was a complete shut down of all thoughts and I can't imagine any music/sounds being of any benefit at all.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:23 AM
Chris, I've been intending to check out Hemi-Sync for ages. I used to have spontaneous OBEs, but not so much any more. Do they have cds specifically for that?

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:38 AM
Sy.gunson, I think you mean BWgen (brain wave generator) it is a free program. But I'm afraid I have to diagree with the statement that external scources are bad/negative for meditation, the frequency changes literally can direct you into any state of mind, I once got to a point I thought I was someone else who desperately wanded to be released, he/I was ties with blue fluorecent wristbands. The tapes/mp3's are very helpful in exploring and expanding your mind. If you u2u me I think I have a link of a preview file, it would certainly help you understand what I mean. The first files make the basics, but the series I'm in now have no auditory instructions anymore. The file lets you float between you and everything, I have no other way of describibg it. It is not the mp3 that is doing things to your mind it is "showing you the door, but you have to walk through it" (Quoting Morpheus here

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:41 AM
Yuefo, there are many hemi-sync cd's and tapes. I suggest you get the "gateway Experience" series. it exists out of +- 40 mp3's. Try googeling the monroe institute.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by ChrisDeemian
frequency changes literally can direct you into any state of mind

Exactly. True meditation isn't directed at all, nor should it be. I'm not going to convince you of anything if your sold on something, you're sold on it, but make real sure you aren't confusing a meditative state which is induced from introspection, with a hypnotic state which is induced by external sources, before you go letting some cd direct you through your own consciousness. I personally think you've bought some snake oil.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 02:00 AM
Twitchy, this series is deticated to showing you all the aspects of meditation. I can induce all the states I've learned via the mp3's. This is simply "the foundation for a house", I do meditation hithout the mp3's two since I was scared that I would become dependant on the mp3's. But trust me, they just show you the possibilities, and if you enjoy a certain state then the sounds will just show you another door, if you like the current state, don't go throught it, it directs you, not pushes you around.

- Chris

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 02:29 AM
I really do think you are confusing meditation with Hypnosis, it's easy to do especially for members of a gadget laden western society.
And besides, "Price: $499.00 Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience 18 CD Set"

500 bucks for something that's already there in your mind? That's the very definition of snake oil.

Their own website says it's self-hypnosis.

In this sense, it's somewhat related to self-hypnosis

Didn't they got started by selling self hypnosis tapes... I think I remember these guys hawking those quit smoking hypnosis tapes if it's the same company.
Also hypnosis has some telling etymology, Hypo (false) Gnosis (Secret Knowlege). Snake Oil...

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 02:38 AM
How many times would I have to do this before something happened to me? And what would I feel the first time, anything? I want to try it, what should I do since im a beginner?

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 02:47 AM
The following is a meditation / visualization technique that gave me very big results, an illumation if you will and a real spiritual breakthrough. Please feel free to use it...

OK find a place where you’re not gonna be disturbed and I would suggest you simply practice stage I at first as getting this right is the foundation for what follows. Get into a comfortable position, lying, sitting whatever works for you. You need to be in a quiet place and away from all distractions. DON’t put any music on as it will distract you later, if you can’t find anywhere without some noise then put some headphones on and set it to a dead radio point so the white noise blocks out the noise from your surroundings, actually just dead volume turned up is better as if a radio station suddenly kicks in you’ll be buggered

Stage I

Get comfortable and have a final scratch and move about because from here on you’re not moving at all. No scratching etc. Simply concentrate on your breathing, you need to breathe in circular motion so there is no big pause on the ‘In’ or the ‘Out’ but a fluid motion. The breathing needs to be deep but not too deep and regular and fairly slow. You need to get the breathing rhythm established first before you can continue. Note: This can take some practice. Also if you screw up at a later stage you need to come back here, regulate the breathing and begin again. If your breathing goes out at a later stage start again from here either immediately or next time. It can take some practice but you’ll be able to measure your progress by the stages at least

Once you have the breathing established then begin a series of 20 breathes counting up from 1 and on the 20th breath close your eyes. Your eyes will remain shut from here on in. Note you MUST maintain the breathing pattern all the way any break is a fail and you MUST start again. The same goes for movement or a serious break in your visualisation or a regression of stages

Stage 2

You are in Stage 2 now, you need to visualise yourself in the exact position you are in on whatever you’re on, chair, bed etc. You are now at one with your physical self, let any little itches or physical sensations you may have play themselves out while you regulate the breathing and concentrate ONLY on your sense. The bed or chair under you, any smell, what your eyes can see even though they are closed, like patterns playing out, what you can hear, what you can taste. Go through each of the five senses and recognise them. Once you are comfortable with that and your physical self you tell yourself that you are going to shut down the physical self, go back through those senses one by one and affirm to yourself that your visuals are now going to stop, say it as many times as you need to yourself (in your head don’t say it out loud) until that sense closes down then move onto the next. When you have shut down all five senses, concentrate on your breathing and affirm to yourself you are leaving your physical body behind. When you are ready go to Stage 3

Stage 3

Visualise a second you hanging in the air a few feet above the physical you, you are looking down at the physical you below you all serene. Visualise it closely. The you that is in the same position a few feet above the physical you is where you are now. This is the emotional you. Come to feel the emotions swirling around inside you while all the time visualising both the emotional you floating serenely above the physical you below you. Think of a lost love, a jealous moment, a time you cried last, when you laughed so much you couldn’t stop. Let the emotions play out for a whileNow like before you are going to close down your emotional self now, slowly begin to tell youself that your emotional self is closing down. (By the way if you have any physical sensations during this you have to go back to the beginning, a scratch or anything like that.)
When you are satisfied no more emotions are going to run through your belly then regulate your breathing once again and prepare for the next step

Stage 4

Visualise now a third body floating a few feet above the other two just like them and move into it looking down at the other two. Your emotional body and your physical body below that. This is your mental body. You have no sensations here and no emotion only thoughts remain, and that includes the little voice that tells you what to do. Let your thoughts run through you a while and then slowly start to tell yourself that your thoughts are shutting down, block out any new thoughts that try to start and get to where it’s just your voice inside you saying ‘my mental body is closing down’ and your breathing and nothing else. Any physical sensation or emotion at this stage is a fail and it’s back to the beginning. Visualise clearly your three bodies all lying or sitting there serenely. Regulate your breathing one last time and when you are ready prepare to make the jump into the void. Firstly you have to shut off your own thoughts and inner voice you’ll know when you’ve achieved it because the silence is deafening. Visualise yourself going forward or rising up and there without thought and without emotion and sensation something awaits

Note: You’re likely to get instant visuals now, that’s ok, explore it, enjoy it. The chances are your breathing will let you down because the excitement will knock it out. I suppose it’s like seeing something beautiful and not letting out a gasp and as soon as your mind goes to concentrate on rescuing your breathing of course it’s gone. It’s a real thrill and a real buzz. What it is I don’t know but it feels very spiritual and benevolent.

Word of Warning: You really must try not to fall asleep halfway through this exercise, it’s not good to put yourself into a semi-hypnotic state and fall asleep. You’ll probably feel # the next day so try and do this when you’re feeling fresh. You may feel tired afterwards though

Ok good luck and don’t expect results right away. It’s worth spending time to master Stage 1 as it all follows from that, the rest is simply practice and a little discipline.

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 03:59 AM

Didn't they got started by selling self hypnosis tapes... I think I remember these guys hawking those quit smoking hypnosis tapes if it's the same company.
Also hypnosis has some telling etymology, Hypo (false) Gnosis (Secret Knowlege). Snake Oil...

Twitchy is right Chris. It's a good party trick. Helps you do some interesting things with your mind, but it's not overall going to improve your life. He's also right that you can do some far more amazing stuff with your mind for free.

Also like Twitchy says why waste energy arguing if you've made up your mind. You started asking us for our opinions and advice. We offered and you didn't want to listen.

Maybe one day you'll figure it out for yourself. Good luck.

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 05:18 AM
I'm afraid that I used a wrong tone then. I deeply appreciate your opiniont but arguing with you is just me trying to fit your opinion into mine. My belief was that meditation is a variated form of self-hypnosis. Do not get me wrong, I don't say it IS this way, I'm just saying it is my belief.
About the party-trick point of view, it has improved my life, my learning is quicker, it is easier to reach out for energy (not easy, but easier) and use it for different purposes such as physical healing and/or TK.
On the matter of etymology, analyse consience, con (anti) science (eh, science...). etymology tells about the history of a word, it does not per deffenition define the essence of the word. But I'm afraid that I'm starting to argue again, my appologies.
Please understand that some statements can be provoking (in a positive sense), I'm not per deffenition arguing your point or saying it is wrong. I just show my perspective.

- Chris

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 05:24 AM
Kickoutthejams, sounds very interesting, does it require a dark room? Or is dim ok too, I can imagine that it won't matter later on but to get through the first few stages it migh have significance.
You say:

The following is a meditation / visualization technique that gave me very big results, an illumation if you will and a real spiritual breakthrough. Please feel free to use it...

Could you please describe what kind of results you got?


Ok good luck and don’t expect results right away. It’s worth spending time to master Stage 1 as it all follows from that, the rest is simply practice and a little discipline.

How long did it take you? Are we talking days or weeks?

This is deffenitely an interesting exercise, thanks really much.

- Chris

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 08:13 AM

It can be done in full daylight, the main visualisation element is with the eyes closed anyhow.

The thing that used to bug me was either the sudden itch or cramp or background noise kids playing in the street something distracting which is why i took to headphones and white noise.

My results were from that last stepping through when even thought has been switched off. It was like being floating in the universe among the stars except all the stars were pinkish red and there were clusters similar to galaxies. An enormous feeling of well being entered me and there was a feeling of deep connection - with everything a kinda understanding and joining with something sentient like a collective soul. Just breathing in and out through this became very difficult due to the sudden heightened excitement, there was even aq kind of sexual / horny factor although that may just have been from experiencing something so new and exciting.

After 10 minutes or so I had to concentrate on my breathing so much that I kinda fell out, plus also my eyes were starting to wobble about as I sought to explore the environment.

I tried again many times after this with no success as soon as I went through that final transition I would find I was holding my breath or my eyes would go into wobble mode.

However I did persevere and get back there and it was a very similar experience and duration.

Having tried many techniques this one was the one that really felt like I had gotten results that could be replicated. Plus I felt awesomely changed and humbled by the experience and spiritually lifted for many weeks after. It was this experience, along with a NDE and one other experience that leads me to believe spiritual illumination isn't 'a road to Damascus moment' but rather takes place almost constantly over a prolonged period.

It took me maybe 3 weeks and I made an attempt almost each day. I was working through different exercises to find something of value from Crowley, Kabbalah and shamanic techniques to name a few. I didn't give up on this because I was still trying to reach that final jump off point before packing it in and trying something else.

It's worth spending time to be confident with the foundation stage yes but that confidence can shake you out of your tree in the final follow through. I came to believe that probably we're not mean't to spend too long 'there'

However after this experience my meditation skills in general became much stronger to the point I could and can reach a fairly deep state even if on a crowded tube / subway train, or even if I only have 2 or 3 minutes to spare. This is very handy to tune out sometimes and also to calm yourself before an important life event or some such.

This happened for me between 15 and 20 years ago and yet remains one of the three most profound spiritual experiences of my life and gave me strength, balance and inner peace which I needed and also could build upon.

Good luck if you try it and please pm me or post up any results I'd be very interested to hear.


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