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Your Opposition: The Person in The Mirror

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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 04:53 PM

Originally posted by citizen smith

The thing is, is that I still have that strange feeling of inner strength and agility, and my mind feels calm and clear...

weird eh?

Awesome experience! I would hazard a guess form my limited experience that what occured was the result of transformation of thought. In our minds we can tell ourselves alot. If our inner-image is that of sadness, weakness, we will come to feel powerless in our day. However, when we are motivated and taking action, the inner-image or self-image changes.

In doing martial arts if I'm not in the mood for it, everything I do falls apart and does not work for me. If I'm in the proper mindset, I have no issues at all.

It was similar when I was doing mma grappling, sparring and mixed work. If I was "just trying things out" I did terribly. However, whenever I had a "combat" mindset I had a vast improvement.

The wya we approach things in our lives will help to determine what level of success we're going to have with it. So everything we do should have a proper attitude. If you think of your work as harsh drudgery that is definately what you'll feel.

Your story is a stunning example, showing the benefits of taking charge of your life. Thanks for sharing!

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:45 AM

Yesterday was a strange one indeed, not only from my own positive karmic experience, but also a very negative one that my housemate experienced that so aptly demonstrates your ideas...

My housemate had been in a foul mood all day, from the moment I heard him get up in the morning I could hear him muttering profanities and cursing the world for one reason or another. As I sat at my desk working on my studies, I could hear doors being slammed, irate phone-conversations being made, and finally a top-of-the-voice "FFS!!!" and the crashing sounds of a keyboard being thrown against the wall adjoining mine.

The atmosphere in the house was beginning to feel unbearable and was starting to feel really affected by the pervasive negativity, so took myself off to work in the university library instead. Things felt a little easier and was able to get my work done, but my mindset and thought patterns felt 'polluted' in a way by the earlier events at home...later that evening I had the positive-karma moment I described, as I helped the stranger with the broken car, but what really brought the lesson home was hearing what had happened to my housemate earlier that day whilst I was working in the library.

He told me that after I had left for uni, he'd had an encounter in the street with a guy who's company he had worked for, and who lives locally. There had apparently been a history of 'bad-blood' between them over a legal/financial wrangle, and this guy and my housemate apparently started arguing and shoving one another, culminating in the guy punching my housemate in the face.

A prime example of Karma working in both positive and negative ways and has really woken me up to the fact that, even subconciously, you should be careful of what you 'wish' for, as Karma has an uncanny way of granting them

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 01:21 PM
Fallen Angels Are We.

I am not trying to get biblical on you here. I'm going to use some new imagery to try and explain the state we're in. Surely others have used this same imagery. Hopefully this will help my message resonate with others.

Before I begin, just because I'm using biblical imagery, do not think I'm rying to reinterpret the bible. It's been done to death. I'm just telling a story. The story I tell will not be quite the same from what you've heard before.

In the begining, we all were Angels. Children of God, made up of the same stuff as our Father. We all had an intimate connection to the power of God, we were all conciously aware of our interconnectedness. As the divine spark permeates all things infinately, and all was perfectly designed to work together, everything is essentially "one", yet still individual.

However, as Angels we were adept at creation, our art was beautiful, expressing the very nature of our souls. Among the Angels, there was a strong movement to look for fulfillment through our own works, rather than from within. It seemed so much more challenging to try and best one another with infinate talent, and to also outdo our previous efforts. This concept "challenge" became as a drug, and with each challenge overcome, the Angel's awareness increased.

Over time it became an obsession. We were no longer satisfied with the infinate, but they longed for the risk of failure. We became possessed by our own works. Our own achievements, and creations. This collective longing for failure, and the need to feel superior was eventually granted. With this wish we had clipped our own wings, it was not the work of God, but ourselves. In an instant, our wings had vanished, our divine mantle had faded, and we fell from God's grace, and found ourselves in a Hell by comparison.

We no longer had instant gratification, we became possessed with the need to feel superior. But as everyone strives for the same thing, most could not reach it, and so, as Angels we had become aquainted with Failure en masse.

But failure became frequent. Life became a competition. We began to further program ourselves with the hellish feelings of this world. We all further developed seperate indentities from "God" who it seemed had abandoned us. But it was simply causality that we recieved what we saught so hard.

We further began to project the remainder of our power into the concept of failure, by worrying about it, falling victim to fear. Those who had aquired more success hated those who were failures, they were of no use, and those who were not successful either projected hate upon the strong, or looked to them for leadership. The strong became transfigured by their own hate and the hate of the underlings. They then became Devils. But these Devils were also looked to as leaders. But the Devils loathed becoming such, losing their beauty and determined to siphon the remainder of the divine spark from all of the lower masses. They began to further program the populace, us into believing that in fact, God was simply a dream, and that we had a place, at their feet if we served faithfully.

As Angels in Heaven, we were intune with nature, and lived in the present. As Fallen, we became consumed with the failures of the past and the possibilities of the future. Now we drift further and further from nature, and become even more obsessed with things of our own making. These very objects that lead to our fall in the first place. We projected even more of our power into these objects, and when the spark of life faded from these we saught to find it in other objects.

But we no longer looked within for answers. We no longer lived in the present, and worked in harmony with nature. We began to try and work in opposition to it, and live in grand cities of our own making, to further displace us from the horrid works of the cruel boogeyman, God, if he even existed.

Our leaders siphoned our power for themselves using programing. The remainder we projected briefly into objects, looking to them for fulfillment and satisfaction.

Our fiendish leaders have no desire to share our power with us. The wish to horde it. "Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven." In Milton's words.

They've even managed to convince so many of us that there is no Heaven.

In order to begin to regain our power, we need to return to nature. Stop looking at things for fulfillment and start looking within. We need to live in the present, instead of being ruled by petty thoughts. Only then can we begin to wake up. We need to shed ourselves of our programing, our false identities, and remember our true nature. From the Devils we need to stake back our power. Then, we will be able to see Heaven once more. Once we are rid of falsehood, we can regain our wings, and reclaim our rightful place as divine beings.

But until that time, we are denizens of Hell, and the shining light from Heaven cannot penetrate the clouds of our murky world.

Fallen Angels Are We.

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 02:01 PM
Thanks for making this thread. I read the whole thing, it's very inspiring and i just may subscribe to your guidelines to better my own life.

lately, i've felt i'm more easily controlled by those around me, rather than empowering myself to change my own life. I've made a few changes already by getting away from people who i consider "black holes of negative energy" and dropping all my paralyzing addictions. It seems like everyone else i know is stuck in a loop while i'm becoming more enlightened every day. I guess i'll just get them all to listen to that michael jackson song or something

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 02:25 PM
I've very pleased that you like the thread.

Those that we surround ourselves with are vitally important to growth. We can be programed by them quite easily. One way or another, and then we are controlled, and giving up our power again.

However, the more of us that break through the illusions, the easier it becomes for others to do the same. It is very important that we take charge of our lives, not only for ourselves, and for others.

Good luck on your growth!

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