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Your Opposition: The Person in The Mirror

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posted on May, 27 2007 @ 07:06 PM
I'd like to offer a concept. One that's not new, not in the least. Not even very original. You are responsible for what happens to you. Not God. Not Uncle Sam. Not the neighbor(damn that bastard). You. You have more say in your life than anyone else does. You are the dominate force in your life. The God of your own little world.

masqua recently mentioned an interesting lesson. Try to be happy all day. Try to smile, be friendly, cheerful, helpful. Keep your chin up, and chest out. This will do a number of things.

#1 You'll be creating. What you were designed to do.
#2 By assuming cheerful body language, and maintaining it, your mood must match.
#3 Your projected mood, and attitude becomes contagious, and will spread to those around you, and everyone you encounter.

Let's do this in reverse. Lower your head, set a mean gaze. People will leave you alone, the room will soon be full of "tension". Your mood will change. Again, you are creating the situation.

This is the easiest way to observe this phenomenon.

Now, onto "positive thinking." There's been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction lately. How you attract what you think about. But that's just part of it. The LoA(Law of Attraction) is one of a few dozen laws that were taken out of the law "As above, so below, as within so without." These "smaller" laws were created to help people understand the concept more easily. Making the law "bigger" in a sense, by breaking it into many laws. Remember when you first learned to write? You would write the A really big on 3 lines. Eventually we become more skilled at writing it, and were able to make it legible smaller and smaller. It's still "A" but much smaller than when we started. They made "As Above" larger, so that we could learn to apply it.

Now here is how the LoA really works.
#1 We need to have a vivid picture of what we want, a goal. Picture it regularly. Write it down, speak it out loud. Picture strongly.

- People will detract and say we think of things we want all the time, but don't recieve them, why? If this law worked, we'd all be rich. See step 2.

Once you have your mental image, it's time to fuel that picture.

-Think of our imagination as a vehicle with which we can interact with reality with. But like our car, in order to engage the world. The Mind assigns ORDER to the Chaos of collective reality. It assigns order, this order is our perception, our reality. So, how do we fuel our vehicle?

#2 Fuel the image with intense emotion. Emotion is the fuel, but you must have positive feeling, to match positive thought. Having a negative feeling associated with your thought, such as frustration, or doubt, and that's like trying to shovel coal into your gastank. wrong kind of fuel, you wont get anywhere.

Ok, once mind and emotion are engaged, working together, then we need to assist it physically. Take action.

If I want a girlfriend, I can sit at home, and want her and picture her with feeling all I want. But if I stay in my house, and don't expose myself to society, I will never get a girl. I need to go out.

Say instead of a girlfriend, I want a job. Well, I picture the job I want with feeling. Then I start putting the word out that I want a type of job. You'll find the mental images fueled with emotion will start to attract the resources I need to get that job. I'll become aware of various companies, or a friend will reccommend me to someone, or what have you. But I need to get out there, go to that job interview, post that resume, whatever the case may be. #1 and #2 attract the resources. #3 you must take action.

To determine the most appropriate action, find someone who has what you want, find out what they did, and follow the same formula, or as close as possible. No need to argue with a proven method.

I'll expand more on this in the next post. Please wait to reply until I'm done, then you can call me a hippy. lol TBC-

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 07:43 PM
Now, let's continue. The above will just give you an idea of how to apply this knowledge. Allow me to continue.

What I'm trying to show is that we create all of the resistance, opposition to our objectives in life. We are responsible for what happens to us. We waste so much of our energy fighting ourselves at various levels.

Energy healers, instead of focusing on the the cells growing healthy, the tissue closing, the bone resetting, should focus just on healing. The subject being healed knows the anatomy of the effected area better than the healer. By getting needlessly complicated in the imagery, much energy is wasted. Focus the energy on healing, not the specifics. The body will use it.

We're fighting ourselves all the time. Anyone who has done a physical activity, specifically an art, learns that our bodies don't always do exactly what we want. Sometimes we waste effort, sometimes, we waste movement.

I do martial arts, and one night during class I had a revelation about this. If I feel proud because I'm the most experienced student and I'm so good, my technique will fail. Or if I expect to have a hard time with the technique, I do. Once I mess up, then I beat myself up mentally, and it just gets worse.

When I started looking at each mistake as a learning experience, a chance to correct my errors, the flaws in technique went away. In doing this, I learned a lesson about the power of Humility, it greatly assists progress.

A major obstacle to understanding this type of thing comes from the "want it now" mindset of modern life. If we don't see the results we want/expect right away, we give up, beat up on ourselves, whatever. However, by perservering, by enduring, we reprogram our self-image(the mental picture of ourselves that we have)and at that point our results will come quickly.

Yes, the Self-Image. The Self-Image is like the navigator to the Vehicle that is Imagination. We have programmed into it alot of false beliefs about ourselves. About how impossible everything is. I'm stuck in this job. I have to follow THIS routine. I NEED to do THIS or else! People become very rigid, and this rigidity is creates tension, or resistance. Beliefs, fears, all of this will effect everything right down the line.

However, because our Self-Image is currently programed with tons of crap, we are still living off of the results of our bad habits.

Allow me to illustrate my point. Fill a sink full of water. stir it in a clockwise direction with your hand 100 times. Pull your hand out of the water. Even though you may no longer be moving in that direction, the water still churns that way, for awhile. This is Causality, karma, whatever you want to call it. The self-image acts as your hand, in this scenerio.

Now, imagine if you stirred the water in that direction your entire life. Could you imagine how strong the current would get? Even if you wanted to change direction, your arm wouldn't know how to do it for awhile. This is where most of us are at. WE don't even know HOW to stir in the other direction, and most dont even think it's possible. But after awhile of practice, we became able to stir, and eventually, we're able to change the direction the water churns in. We might not change the direction right away, or even get our hand to go in the direction right away, but by remaining vigilent, we will succeed in changing the course our lives are taking eventually.

You are responsible for what happens to you in your life. You need to find where you're creating resistance, and eliminate it. If you have any questions, or want me to expand on it, now's the time.

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posted on May, 27 2007 @ 10:06 PM
yea i think the same not going to say god doesnt exsist because i dont know that but i will say that i am in charge of my life if there is a heaven and hell then i chose where i want to go not god or anything like that....i believe that you can get anythin you want in life if you believe in it like if i want to be a rapper or a conspiracy theorist or scientist i can be that all i have to do is think that it can happen and wallah there i am..i feel the brain makes things real it interacts with reality and anything you believe in will exsist..if i believe that pigs can fly then they will fly one day because i believe that may sound kind of confusing to some but i understand what you are saying

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 12:47 PM
Now things are going to get a bit more complicated. While you have absolute control of your life, others can have a substantial say in your life for various reasons.

#1 You let them have power over you. Usually friends and loved ones. They're always out to give you advice. "You can't start a new business, it's too hard." These sorts of thoughts can program you to believe it. Their words and emotions can also have power over us, if we let them.

-The jinx phenomenon. Sometimes people unconciously give you power over them. I had a friend with a knee condition on the left side. But I said "You have bad knees." plural. A few days later, the other knee was injured badly. Or saying things like "one of these days he's going to hurt himself, screwing around." This can also have power over a person, if we let it.

#2 You let another person's actions make you upset, whether angry or sad. Many of us have this problem. We argue with a loved one, someone cuts us off in traffic. That stupid guy at the hot dog stand kept messing up your order. When you allow someone to effect your mood, you are in turn, giving them power over you.

#3 Another issue comes from when someone has plans that either conflict with yours, or, has plans for you. If someone, especially several, conciously want to do you harm, more than you want to be safe, they will win out. The subject of rape came up in a discussion about responsibility one time. They said that the victim was in no way responsible for what happened. I said "Not true. if she was wearing revealing clothes in a bad neighborhood, ignored her "danger sense"; that gut feeling...If she is being repaid for past crimes(perhaps she knew her attacker(s) in school and amde fun of them) or perhaps she just didn't want to avoid them as much as they wanted to assult her." It's very sad, but it's a game of awareness. If we're goign through life, not concious of our actions, the results they can have, if we don't take precautions, or listen to our instincts, if we take our safety for granted we open ourselves up to the possibility.

#4 If you go through life unconciously, unaware, you will catch yourself falling into many pitfalls. If you walk into traffic, it's your fault if you get hit by a car. If you're walking through the woods and your walk right into a thorn bush that pokes you in the eye, it's your fault. You need to be aware of what's going on.

#5 If you have a goal, say be the best wrestler on the team, reaching the goal may be harder for you, because others strive to do the same thing. They may have more experience than you, may train at home more, go to camps, what have you. It's still possible for you to reach your goal, but you might be the best on the team after some graduate, or you might have to try a new workout routine that'll give you the edge.

Again, the idea is accessing your potential. If you fight yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, it's as if you have a jam in the plumbing and the wtaer can't flow. When everything is clear and working together, you can begin to access your potential. The less resistance you have to your potential, the more you'll be able to achieve. This potential is your Creative Power. When you use it to create the world you want to live in, you are creating, which is what we are designed to do. However, when we are not aware, not very concious in our lives, people can steal this power, or gain control of our lives, or we could needlessly waste it. The more aware we are in our lives, the more effectively we can use our power to live the lives we wish to live.

I hope this answers a few more questions. I can expand on anything you'd like, answer questions about specific applications, or take random insults for this new agery.

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 01:59 PM
Breaks in the line.

How can we obstruct our potential unconciously? There are a number of ways to help and hinder this process. First I'll point out some hinderances, and then some methods for clearing the path.

Say you want to be rich, but you have a negative opinion of those with money, this could serve as a blockage.

You see, we don't recieve everything we think of fleetingly. This would install an even greater level of chaos into our world. There has to be a certain formula followed for it to work. It's telling the universe you're serious. You picture in your mind what you want, and fuel it with positive feeling. Then, you take action to move in that direction. Positive thoguht, feeling, and action results in less resistance. The Formula must be maintained for some time to allow things to fall into place.

Doubt. When we begin this work, we often find our actions and results seperated by time or circumstance. We don't relate what happens to us with our good deeds. So it seems like coincidence. Many of us begin to practice these principles, but don't see the results right away. Instead, we still see the results of our negative actions and disjointedness for awhile. This is natural. Even causes we no longer engage in must all have an effect, so our good deeds will sometimes have their results delayed. Causing us to stop practicing because we don't see the benefit.

These are just some examples that popped in my head as common hinderances. Now, let me give some tips for getting more out of your life.

Stretching. Yes, stretching. What we do with our bodies reflects upon our personalities. You see, when our muscles are tight, it constricts the natural life energy that flows through the universe. It is related to my concept of "Spirit."(See Differences between spirit and soul) This energy flows through us, and animates our bodies. When our muscles are tight, it has a harder time flowing through us, like water through a kinked hose. When it flows more freely through us, we become more open-minded as well as more conciously aware of our world.

Deep breathing. Another good one. When deep breathing, with inhale, let the stomach expand, the ribs/chest expand, collar bone rises, we hold briefly, and then exhale. The inhale, exhale, and hold should all take the same amount of time. whether that's 4 seconds, or 5, or 10. The deeper the better, but keep the balance even. if you cannot extend your exhale 10 seconds, but your inhale you can, practice until they're even. Doing this makes you more conciously aware of the world around you, it increases energy flow, health, and many other goodies I won't get into here. Deep breathing along with stretching helps your results. hen we're conciously engaging the energy flow, we can start to become capable of directing it.

Smiling. Practice smiling into the mirror brightly 3 times a day, for a count of 215 seconds. It'll force a certain time limit on you. Look into the mirror, and smile brightly, even if you should feel angry, sad, fearful, keep smiling. This just shows you have inner scars that need healing. Smile big and bright, in a month, you'll be a different person.

Finally, take 10 minutes a day to picture yourself at your best, as you'd like to be. This'll reprogram your self-image. Picture yourself as the person you'd like to be, and when you go out into the world, act as that ideal person. You will find that before long, this act becomes real, and you are that ideal version of yourself. You've transformed yourself.

If you practice the principles, and living, conciously aware of each moment of your life, you stretch, practice deep breathing, and being a better person, work on smiling in the mirror, you'll become someone that you never dreamed you could be. You'll begin to awaken your vast potential.

Live Well!

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 05:18 PM
Infinate potential.

Like any other practice, you can never complete learning. There's no skill you cannot improve on. The practice of concious living makes you better at every skill, and you can always get better. Now that I've introduced the basics, allow me to point out some more advanced concepts that will allow you to take you practice further.

The practice of Godly qualities will grant you more creative power than any other avenue of development. These are the qualities of God potential. Developing these traits will make you powerful.
These are the main Virtues, there are others, such as Charity, Hope, Temperance, Prudence, Gratitude, Patiance, etc. Cultivation of these qualities will make you like God. They'll make all of your works more potent, awaken you to a deeper conciousness, and that's just for starters. By contemplating these regularly, and then practicing living them, you'll see your life change before your eyes, as you take on the role of Creator.

Your Creative Power is your ability to create the world and life that you want. By practicing the Virtues above, you'll be in a constant state of Creation as your mood takes charge and begins to transform the lives of those around you. You'll have a different energy about you. Being in a constant state of Creation, you'll become more adept at conciously using your power.

You can also increase your Creative Power by deepening your conciousness, by meditation, contemplation of Virtues or concepts, or chakras, or teachings. There are countless practices for deepening your conciousness. As you become more aware of your power, and the flow of life through you, and everything else, your works will become vastly more powerful.

By living conciously, I offer, that you can become a master of yourself. Be concious of the impact your words, or smile will have. There will be an effect to your cause. Only through the practice of Self-Mastery can you access your Godly nature.

You can waste energy, by holding onto the past, or you can know freedom and power, by living in the present, and knowing that everything occurs in the moment, and can last only an instant. In turn, you'll be able to do anything, for a single instant, with practice. That instant can be extended as your discipline grows.

The present is the only time that exists. The past is the instant it occured, and the future is theoretical, and is determined by the present. To control the future, or predict it, there are two methods. #1 understand that history repeats, and when you can find historical parallels, you may be able to determine what will happen in the future. Also, once you're concious enough to know what the effect of each cause will be, you'll know what's going to happen.

You can develop yourself infinately in every direction. Merely choose to become concious of every moment of your life. You'll be living a life of Magic and Miracles. What I have taught thus far in this thread is all of the preliminary homework one should do before engaging in magical practices in order to be effective. Then of course, each technique will also have preliminary work that will educate you and prepare you for whatever may come next.

Engage your life. Live conciously. Become your own Master. You can indeed do it. It will take a lot of practice, and effort, but it will amke your life so much more enjoyable.

Once you understand your responsibility, and begin to cultivate the Virtues, your life will be transformed. I invite everyone to try the practices I described in this thread for a month, be faithful to them, and see what happens. I guarantee you by the end of the month, so long as you practice diligently, your life won't be the same again, and you won't wnat to return to living unconciously.

Live Well!

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 08:03 PM
Resisting autopilot-

As we go through our lives, much of the time, we are on autopilot. There is a disconnect between our mind and body. This can be seen especially when we're performing actions that are part of our daily routine.

Have you ever walked through your house, and stubbed your toe on something? Or put the cereal in the fridge and the milk on the dog's food? Very often there's a disconnect. If you're in such a state, and walk through the woods, for example, you'll find yourself tripping, and walking into branches. Walking around in nature forces a more concious state, because if you don't pay attention, you're going to end up being hurt.

When we're in this semi-unconcious state, we're simply moving, missing a lot of detail. "Not paying attention" has been a culprit throughout most of our lives. Whether in school, or when we're getting up, and throughout the day.

Moving unconciously, we're creating resistance. The mind and body are not working together. We can usually get away with it, however, absent mindedness leads to many accidents, sometimes fatal. When we just go through the motions we're missing a great deal of what makes life worth living.

When your mind is present, you are awake, alive, and in the now. You're more sensitive to what's going on around you, more aware. This type of sense can give you a type of 6th sense. There was a book called "The Power of Fear" I believe. In it, they mention how after interviewing quite a few women who were sexually assaulted. Every single woman had a feeling of dread just before the assault.

Those of us who have walked through cities at night also may have felt eyes boring through us. Or have you ever been in a bar and feel like someone was staring at you? If you are concious, you can more easily pick this type of thing up, it doesn't have to be dangerously close to before you became aware of the threat.

When learning a physical skill, just going through the motions will not allow you to pick up on smaller detail, nor will it allow you to apply the movement in action successfully. In physical activities, when there is a disconnect, you are losing efficiency, wasting movements, and if there is opposition, it will be more difficult to move successfully.

When in life, I'm encouraging you to be more concious. Don't let your mind wander. If you feel it dancing off, start deep breathing, and try to pay attention to everything. How you're standing, the consequences of what you're going to say/do. Pay attention, project good, virtuous feelings. Live in a state of creation.

All too often we're on autopilot. This is a result of modern living. Going through routines. To help fight this, I suggest changing things regularly. Which hand you brush your teeth with, the order to make your breakfast in, try picking things up with your toes instead of your hands. Doing things differently will make you smarter, and keep you grounded. You'll be able to adpat to change, it forces conciousness. On the way home from work, take a different route. When getting ready, change what shoe you tie first.

This is your life. Pay attention, and you'll start getting more out of it. Reclaim your life. You're not a machine, don't act like one. I ahve some relatives who go through the exact same routine every single day of their lives, and if ANYTHING messes up the routine, a calling friend, a mishap, their day is ruined. Do not become a slave to habit. Be concious. Wake up! Living conciously is the key to self-mastery. If you want to get more out of your life, WAKE UP!

Again, I encourage you to practice some of my above suggestions, engage in living the philosophy, and within a month, you'll be and entirely different, more happy and successful person. Gain access to your power, and above all...

Live Well!

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 08:37 PM
"Your life is a reflection of your perspective on it. If you go around seeing things as being terrible they inherently will be."

In one sentence I just said everything you did in a thousand words.

You're dealing with the MTV generation here. Make it short, sweet and quotable. When your message becomes a lecture you will lose 90% of those you are trying to reach.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 10:22 AM
As TGS wrote:

When learning a physical skill, just going through the motions will not allow you to pick up on smaller detail, nor will it allow you to apply the movement in action successfully.

In response to the other post, maybe that's why the MTV generation are so shallow in general? Instant gratification, no substance. Always anxious to move on to something else, 'new'. Stimulate me stimulate me. Keep it fast and short, snappy (and shallow). To me, they are like armchair sportsmen only the sport in question is life.

I had a friend who wanted me to write up everything I'd taken 15 years to learn, but wanted it in a short book form. I actually asked him, 'you want the MacDonald's version of wisdom for the remote control generation?' No thanks.

Yes, being fully conscious, I agree is the way to self-mastery.

Thank you for taking the time to write in such depth here Grey Swordsman. It's appreciated.

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posted on May, 29 2007 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by Nebankh

Thank you for taking the time to write in such depth here Grey Swordsman. It's appreciated.

[edit on 29/5/07 by Nebankh]

I'm glad you appreciated it. It's the "I want it now" of the new generation that will make many of them quit before they see progress of any kind. Continued practice is what will show results, and if I can't expect someone to endure a few minutes of reading, I certainly don't expect them to commit to a lifetime of practice.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 12:50 PM
Do you think that maybe Norman Vincent Peal deserves a mention?
This seems to be a rehash of his book he wrote in 1952, not to mention all
the other "positive thinking" new age, spin off books that have gained such
popularity by the terminal neurotic.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 01:09 PM

Originally posted by whaaa
Do you think that maybe Norman Vincent Peal deserves a mention?

I have never heard of Norman Vincent Peal until just now, so I don't think he deserves a mention. However Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz, Wallace D. Wattles, Carrol Runyon, Michael Berg, Yehuda Berg, Yogi Ramacharaka, Clint Forrestt, Stacy Statler, Thich Nhat Hanh, Carlos Castenadas, Howard McKim, David Lieberman, Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, Mark Mazzarella, and Tom Brown are among those who have influenced my opinion. I apologize for leaving anyone out.

Oh, and can't forget the founders of Buddhism and Hinduism.

As I prefaced this whole thread with "This is neither new, nor original".

Edited to give credit to a few more.

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posted on May, 31 2007 @ 11:58 AM
Mind Expansion-

When we have rock-solid beliefs..When we "know" the truth, this prevents us from being open to new possibilities. New interpretations of the truth. It keeps our minds narrow.

The exercises described above(no particular order)-
#1 stretching 3 x a day
#2 Concious deep breathing
#3 Practice and contemplation of Virtues
#4 Living conciously, in the present
#5 Meditating on your ideal self, and acting this way in your life
#6 Smiling in the mirror 3 x a day for 215 seconds.
#7 Going through your day, happy and vibrant, helpful and cheerful
#8 Aligning mind with body with emotion

All of these have a particular function. The help you reach your potential. To give you more access to your creative power. None of these are particularly new concepts. Some of the things I've talked about were discussed by Plato and Socrates. Others are tenants of Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Yoga, Shamanism, Psychology, Body language.. I cannot take credit for any idea I present here.

Several of the practices above focus on the expansion of your mind. This is another key to your personal power. As your mind expanses you become more conciously aware of your role in life. Instead of thinking about the past or future, your energy becomes focused on the present. Go through the exercises above, diligently. I have explained each in great detail in this thread. Practice daily, as described, in a month you will not be the same.

It's a lot like working out. You will get a level of results, if you actually do it. If you do some curls for a week, and then stop, you're not gonna see a difference. Anything you do, if you want to see the promised results, you have to continue to practice. If you want to be a good artist, you don't make a sketch and then quit. You practice. Refine your skills, refine what you're trying to express. It's the same with the practice of living conciously.

Those that would follow the instructions, and actually stick to it, are the only ones I'm speaking to.

The practice of Mind Exansion takes time, but more importantly, effort. I'm trying to make you more concious of yourself, and the world around you. I'm trying to open your mind to new possibilities so that you can have a more fulfilling life. As you become more concious of your role in life, your works will all be more powerful.

If you find your state of a mind a bit stuck, try these exercises. They're guaranteed to help you let go of what you're holding onto.

#1 Go outside, in a park, or your yard. Picture an animal you feel akin to, and mimic it. Make the sounds it makes, walk or crawl or jump as it does. Try to do your best impression of this animal. Continue for 30 minutes, refining your impression.

#2 Again, go outside. If possible, cover yourself in dirt and mud. You can jump in a lake with your clothes on, whatever. Just do whatever you want to do. Climb a tree. Roll around. Jump, run, do cartwheels. Let go of the image of an adult you hold in your mind. Become a child, become free. Enjoy yourself. Continue for at least 30 minutes.

Once you're no longer locked on this idea of who you're supposed to be or what you're supposed to represent, you'll begin to let go of these self-imposed restraints, and see things in a new light. If these exercises are coupled with those above, in 6 months your personality will make a complete 180 and you'll have a much greater level of enjoyment in your life.

Make concious living a practice. Practice letting go, practice being happy. Practice practice practice. It's not about positive thought. That alone can hurt more than help. It's about positive thought, positive feeling, and positive doing. Combine the three and you will see the world in a whole new light.

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 08:00 PM
Mr. wupy well said but i am from the MTV generation and the thing is when anyone feels enough pain if they have the will they will do what it takes to find a way to make it though, if only they knew where to search to make things better

to the grey swordsman i would like to add some techniques which CAN be proven to work for people if they allow themselves to believe they can.

one is dealing with emotional scars. this is important before people force themselves to move forward because sometimes the hurt is very strong and it makes it difficult for them to concentrate. admitting things is very important. you can't hide from yourself, you can lie to others and imagine things didn't happen but you can't fool yourself

what you can do is be honest with yourself forgive yourself and allow yourself to see things from another perspective. allow yourself to first see things from whatever perspective it takes that allow you to move in the direction you would like minus the distractions of "limiting beleifs" or old scars.

some techniques called EFT just google Dr. mercola EFT (there are many others who explain) and i could here but it would take a bunch of paragraphs and i may lose the MTV generation if i haven't already.

another way is though the use of herbs that can surpress the imprint of emotions of the part of your brain that remembers them, this helps you move forward a whole plant extract of saint johns wort can do this. again there is actually proof to this but not unless you beleive as well.

More importantly if you find yourself stuck you may want to ask what you are really trying to do. And why. if the reasons are greed and not from your heart then you will be battling an uphill battle. you see greed is a human emotion part of the human condition and when knocked down from this mountain you may be pissed off when you are on the floor. that gives you the will to change and the beleif that you could enjoy a more happy life because you already have. the key is being honest with yourself seeking forgiveness and love for yourself knowing you were only doing the best you can, and then taking a look at your life the roads you went down the lessons that can be learned and then the ways you can improve your life like you want BUT in ways that Your HEART desires that have a positive intention. not something greedy not something selfish. don't get comfused by the wording. a lil bit of greed is ok a little bit of acting toward getting what you want is ok, but seek it though a perspective that enriches others lives as well. and use your creative mind to do so.

here's a secret seratonin is the chemical for creativity

dopamine and noradrenaline are for concentration and high levels are detremental to getting back on track

you see you need to learn to teach yourself to think in better ways, give your self the ability to use words in better ways to attach for lack of a better term positive energy to them and think outside the box, give yourself the *option* when going down the same behavior of letting your creative mind find a way to think outside the box, certain thoughts may have left an imprint temporarily in your mind in the neural networks use NLP or creative thought to interpret these thoughts and words in a differnt way and add words to these limiting thoughts or beleifs that make them appear more resouceful at least enough to give you an option to move forward. and disrupt that neural path that may have been created in your behavior, being in a resouceful state of mind ( which you can get from deep breathing, positive affirmations, and also nutritional supplements that increase seratonin can give you the help you need to make this easier. i.e 5htp, ashwagandha saint johns wort kava kava things like this that put you in more calm aware resourceful state.

be patient and ask youself to allow your creative mind to use its abilities to find a way to lead you into resouceful states and ask yourself what you are willing to beleive in order to reach your goals, WHAT EVER IT TAKES, use your heart with your will, and you will witness what i am talking about.

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 08:42 PM
Thank you very much for the contribution cpdaman

I personally do not put emphasis on herbs and such. I do not dispute their wonderful properties, myself and my training group have really benefitted from their use.

I really want people to understand that there is more out there, and that their wishes are possible. They can live good, even great lives. The key to self-mastery lies in self-reliance, not in external reliance.

However, as stated above, there are tools to help you get started. Many of us are in quite a state as is. Starting and maintaining a healthy diet will also clear up many emotional issues, and health problems. For other ways to treat various woes and concerns, please reread this thread. There is a lot of information.

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 09:02 PM

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change

This is one of my favourite songs from Michael Jackson. It sums up a fantastic attitude, one that changes yourself and changes the world. It all stems from an internal change.

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by SilentShadow

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change

This is one of my favourite songs from Michael Jackson. It sums up a fantastic attitude, one that changes yourself and changes the world. It all stems from an internal change.


posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 03:16 PM

Your threads are Amazing as far as I am concerned!


posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Termite197

Your threads are Amazing as far as I am concerned!


I'm quite pleased you like them! I was afraid that I spent hour on this thread for very few to read or appreciate it.

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 04:24 PM
Hi TGS...sound words indeed, and even though I have heard and read much the same before, it does something powerful to read/hear them again and again in a kind of positive reinforcement

Just this evening I felt touched by a Karmic moment much as you describe of when all's in harmony...

I was walking to the store with a head-full of bees, and trying to cut-off a tape-loop of negativity. About 1/4 mile further down the road, a guy who's car had obviosly conked-out was trying to push his car to the opposite kerb as it was obstructing traffic. I reacted and spoke without conciously thinking and said " Do you want a hand?" He nodded and smiled and as I took up position behing the car to push, another stranger walking-by also offered to help.

Together the three of us pushed the car across the road to face the direction of traffic to be safe, but at almost at a running pace--where previously I felt hunched-over, walking with head-full of nagative thought, I suddenly felt fit strong and agile. After we had parked the car up, the driver came up and even before he offered his hand to say thankyou, again, the words came out before I could think, and said "..Anything to help a neighbour" he smiled, shook my hand, and we all went our separate ways.

The thing is, is that I still have that strange feeling of inner strength and agility, and my mind feels calm and clear...

weird eh?

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