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Color E-Paper from LG

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posted on May, 14 2007 @ 09:49 PM

The e-paper -- which measures 14.1 inches (35.9 centimetres) across its diagonal and is just 300 micrometres (0.3 millimetres) thin -- can display up to 4,096 colours, the world's second largest liquid crystal display maker said in a statement.

It is designed to be energy-efficient, only using power when the image changes on the display, it said.

"This represents the next generation in display technology," Chung In-Jae, chief technology officer and executive vice president, said in the statement.

unf unf unf!

Like the black and white flexible display, the color version uses a substrate that arranges Thin-Film Transistors (TFT) on metal foil rather than glass, allowing it to recover its original shape after being bent. This model includes a color filter coated onto the plastic substrate, allowing it to display color images.

LG Philips LCD’s use of metal foil and plastic substrate rather than glass substrate makes the flexible color E-paper display bendable and durable while maintaining excellent display qualities.

It's about time something truly sexy came from the land of E-ink.

It's not yet a true replacement for paper, but I do have to wonder how long until "newspaper" sales actually make a comeback thanks to the evolution of this technology.

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almost the same technology but smaller. Good videos in this thread.

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