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Alien Evidence Found On Google Earth For All To See!!!

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posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:06 PM
This is how i search via coordinates on Google Earth. Go to the tool bar on top and click on "Add", then "Placemark" or just do ctrl+shift+p and it should bring up the coordinates screen. Once you complete the addition of the placemark, it'll be on your places menu on the sidebar.

Personally, i'm not getting good enough resolution to see anything well enough to make any kind of accurate judgement on what it is (or isn't), so i can't really say. I don't know the first thing about mines, so i can't make a judgement on that either. Sucks to be me i guess.

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by Shadoww
lol yeah i work for Shadow government thats why i call myself Shadoww....
Great Spy me..
look around the place guys..
I dont need to prove anything
My Intelligence is at least worth further investigation... you will see.

nothing better than hiding in plain site.

Why dont You tell the people what your talking about with "lots to see"!

I cross my fingers you dont have any kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:30 PM
What is the posting history of Shadoww? I've seen some of you experienced members expose people that way and advise whether or not we should place them on our "ignore" list. For some reason, this thread gives me the impression that it was started for fun and games, which most of us don't have time for.

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:33 PM
Threads like this really burn my patience for this site. I hope mods get more pro-active in ensuring misleading titles are corrected and the thread dumped into a more appropriate forum. Maybe you could have a separate forum dedicated to kids with too much time on their hands. 0 / 10

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:37 PM
Im out of here, but it did sound like something I would have been interested in.

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:57 PM
Yup, lost interest here too. No activity alien or otherwise. Too bad, Chile has some wonderful early history and I'm sure there are some bizzare undiscovered bits yet.


posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 01:03 AM
C'mon guys just look at it closer. As I have always known there is life on Terra. Those structures on the ground are so artificial there is no way they are natural geological formations. This planet is teeming with life. I'm still studying the entire area for evidence of water but undoubtedly there is water just beneath the surface. Excellent find.

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:15 AM
I see some large highways when I zoom out... And it's on the coast of South America.... Seems pretty close to a highway to be anything too crazy, but the resolution is low..

Give this link a shot, it should work for most people:

Then just zoom out a notch and you'll see it..

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:25 AM

Originally posted by SloS13
you know you could just post links instead of coordinates, right?

edit:nm thought you were using google maps.

[edit on 12-4-2007 by SloS13]

maybe those with google earth can utilise kmz files... a lot easier to see exactly where someone is referring to rather than second guessing with the iffy terrain that is google earth.

I can never work out the co-ords properly and end up in the ocean looking at blobs of nothingness.. lol

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by cmaracing
try this

Nice alternative !! Good options too it seems.

Cheers !

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:46 AM
If you guys dont see anything, means A) You dont wanna see. B) Are real Disinfo Agents.. C)- Blind.
Some very rude and arrogant idiots on this site...
If you actually studied and looked rather than try and be a smartass Debunker, maybe you will learn something..

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:52 AM
Dear shadoww,
i understand how you feel
but if you want some credibility,
don't mind how many will debunk you
do what you have to do and in the end
add a smily
as i do

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:56 AM
Here's another interesting structure close by:

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:10 AM
Interesting isnt it
check too.

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:17 AM
This thread is not yet finished
let's give it a flag
nice BIG pictures
as i like it

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:23 AM
They even gave us a number!!

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:37 AM
please put a flash earth link up for the first coords you posted in this thread.

[edit on 13-4-2007 by undo]

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:51 AM
I clicked on one of the icons to nearby North, about 8miles from the original coordinates in google earth and this image popped up.
The icon is highlighting it, if you zoom in you can see it

[edit on 13-4-2007 by squiz]

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:55 AM
hrm, nevermind, i found it

posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 05:09 AM
It is a copper mine... nothing alien about it.

Oh, but i suppose I've said that I'm a disinfo agent am I? Because I'm certainly not blind.


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