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I Have Found A Hypocrisy In Myself And I am Sorry.

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posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 01:38 PM
Hello, Speakthetruth long time no see.

Just saying that people on here do not understand the Old Testament well,
What Abraham or Moses did was even more ancient than some of the other Old Testament passages they were like small baby steps for mankind, ones that God had to take easy with their own manmade cultures otherwise his plans would have collapsed. The Animal sacrifices may seem odd but is the idea of Jesus being sacrificed in the same light odd too then? The sacrifices were some type of translation from our reality plane to heaven, what seems odd here might spiritually hold the key of covenants and agreement peace deal or steps forward for mankind. Remember the old testaments have even more advanced or socially acceptable wisdom for today as to how the first five books the Torah did. The ball game in the Torah is not to be used by mankind but by tribes of that day that went on to become nations. Why do people say it’s quite horrid when it’s an historical account and not an account that has been accomplished but only to be indexed, as a reminder that they have held God’s word and scripture is there to say look we passed that phase no need to redo it?

It seems the ignorant would use today these old passages again, since then mankind established a higher spiritual meaning one like Christianity which is not so bad a religion for mankind which Judaism was only for one type of people to bring fourth the bloodline of Christ through the ages as the ultimate sacrifice, even if Jesus lived we would have won even if he died as he did we have won, but his story was foretold so that 2000 years later we can say, why is there still suffering where is God now when we need him, every generation needed him since 2000 years ago but time will tell if man can do it his way before God comes back to say I told you so.

The Crusades started by the infliction of Islam on Europe one story that people forget, the Crusades then must have calculated that this was a spiritual battle of honour and history, distance did not favour them when going as far as Israel as the Muslims stance in Europe failed too as they were playing in an away stadium with their own forms of conversion and territory gaining failed too.

What we also have is the Inquisition, basically run by some royal family; the idea of burning witches at the stake is not exactly what Jesus can be held accountable for saying in the Bible, if not warns of mans treatment because of the truth. Like people have said in this post Islam is loop holed to do more damage on mankind than most other religions, the loopholes of the Old testament is buried a long time ago even half way through it you can see the message being of salvation bravery and honour and stories of persecution on individuals. Yes battles and wars did happen that is expected if you speak of a 4 thousand year time line, we have done a few in the last 400 years.

About the sorry issue that I am more worried about I hope its not paranoia or something else.

If at this climate Islam is the new communism of this age then don’t feel guilty, as they too see freedom as some type of pagan satanic threat. We are at the crossroads right now and to be honest I don’t see why mankind never sorted it out long ago, I guess now technology has stirred things up a bit and population growth and transportation has made the planet as one nation it’s at a phase as to which system will run it, and if wars happen then that is man’s way and each one can accuse their religion or system as being man corrupted ideology along with their God of faith when looking at the enemy. No need to be sorry overall but if you feel guilty towards individuals that’s another thing stay in your arguments circle as you are not the only one who just feels the sign of the times.

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by TheAvenger
I do not think Mcvay and Nichols were smart enough pull off this attack alone. Conspiracy? Yes in my opinion. Middle East connection? In my opinion, Yes.

To be honest, I really don't think those two idiots did it all themselves either (though they definitely played their parts). I am not sufficiently convinced of a mid-East connection, but ultimately very few things surprise me. The point that I was making: there is evil everywhere and human beings work it regardless of faith. Sometimes there is inter-faith cooperation to do awful things.

Everywhere and always, people suck.


posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by Dock6
The above post illustrates that pedophilia is very much content of the koran and it was no effort at all to locate it, so I'm puzzled as to why others would have this claimed difficulty. There are copious references to islamic pedophilia online, many of them exhaustively referenced.

The translation of the Qur'an that I have (the R. Khalifa translation) rendered that first verse you quoted in a markedly different way.

"As for the women who have reached menopause, if you have any doubts, their interim shall be three months. As for those who do not menstruate, and discover that they are pregnant, their interim ends upon giving birth. Anyone who reverences GOD, He makes everything easy for him."
--The Qur'an, Sura 64, Verse 4

If you notice, in the translation I am reading, "those who do not mensturate, and discover that they are pregnant" represent *one* particular demographic, not two. Thus in total we are talking about women of the age of menopause and women already able to menstruate who currently are not for whatever reason. We don't appear to be talking about children.

You also removed a good deal of context clues... The footnotes I see for verse one in this Sura are "*65:1 The divorcee's interim, before becoming eligible for remarriage, is a waiting period of three menstruations. This ensures that the divorcee was not pregnant (2:228)."

Referring back to Sura 2, Verse 228:
"The divorced women shall wait three menstruations (before marrying another man). It is not lawful for them to conceal what GOD creates in their wombs, if they believe in GOD and the Last Day. (In case of pregnancy) the husband's wishes shall supersede the wife's wishes, if he wants to remarry her. The women have rights, as well as obligations, equitably. Thus, the man's wishes prevail (in case of pregnancy). GOD is Almighty, Most Wise."

Now while there may be some things that annoy you about that verse, it seems pretty clear to me that the point is about ensuring that the woman is not already pregnant -- not condoning pedophila.

I hate to sound like an apologist (I adhere to no religion personally), but I also don't like the deceptive nature of your posts.


[edit on 6-4-2007 by teleonaut]

posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by teleonaut

To be honest, I really don't think those two idiots did it all themselves either ( Sometimes there is inter-faith cooperation to do awful things.


It is surprising that the feds wouldn't have jumped all over any possible Mid-Eastern connection even back then. Obviously, the two charged with the crime had assistance from someone and that someone was never brought to justice. The passing years, and the fact that 911 was more than 20X worse in death toll than Oklahoma City's 4/19/1995, has decreased the interest in the Murrah bombing. We actually had firefighters from California and New York here to assist us back then. In many ways, the American spirit lives.

posted on Apr, 9 2007 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by Togetic

But the person in the street? I'm definitely not willing to ascribe to them that view without proof. They're the victims in all this. They're the ones who are being persecuted. They're the real victims of all this terrorism. Their countries are shunned and too many people around the world think that the innocents are fueling this fire. A good chunk, maybe 10-15% are, yes. But most are horrified but afraid to speak out.

[edit on 4/5/2007 by Togetic]

Togetic, that's what tears me up inside. While there is a part of me that is a firm believer in the "war on terrorism," there is another that realizes that many innocent and good people are going to suffer. It saddens me a great deal.

posted on Apr, 9 2007 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by Demetre
SpeakerofTruth- It's obvious from the attention Your post has recieved that You have touched a common thread in many of Us. Somedays I feel completely defeated and wonder 'How in the hell can I, as 1 person do anything to change this world for the better?' I see that from the response You've gotten that sometimes it only takes one person. You can only put it out there-what others do with it, heh. Hopefully they'll pass it on....or take that learning experience and turn it into their own religious debate. Either way-You & Your post rock.

Peace. K*

Demetre, if I succeed in making just one or two people think, then I have succeeded. I don't make it my aim to "convert" anyone to my line of thinking, God bless anyone who does think like I do sometimes,
I just want people to think for themselves and quit taking everything at face value. If, at the end of my days, which hopefully is a while off, I can say, "Hey, I made people think, then I will have succeeded at what I was sent here to do."

[edit on 9-4-2007 by SpeakerofTruth]

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