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Terror Level Red = Martial Law?

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posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 02:45 PM
Thought it was....

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

--Johann Wolfgang von Gthe

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 03:05 PM
i think i could only see im not free if i saw true freedom... but in the meantime, im fine how i am and i dont see what you lot are worrying about.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 03:07 PM
Here is one of the possibilities, if martial law is fully enacted. Read the whole article, it's implications are terrifying.

"In June of 1996, an FBI agent got hold of the Region Three BLUE List (from a CIA agent), and found his own name on it, and those of several others he knew in Virginia. The Regional BLUE List stated that the names on the BLUE List would be picked up 'within six weeks of the actual martial law declaration.

Mr. Sea elaborated on the two categories the RED and BLUE Lists, and what they mean: "The RED List is for pick-up and execution before unobtrusive preparations for martial law are initiated. The BLUE List is also for execution, but at a later date (within six weeks of martial law declaration.) There are no 're-education' plans for either category, just execution. When you get picked up on a RED pick-up, they'll take you from your home at night (probably around 4 a.m.) and put you in a black van, then drive you to a helicopter waiting to fly you to an intermediate point. There, you'll be loaded onto a big 64-passenger CH-47 Chinook helicopter all black, unmarked and illegally operating under the Treaty on Open Skies. Then they'll fly you to one of 38 cities where you'll board a 747, 737, or 727."

And for parents with school age children,

"School administrators in the Washington area yesterday stepped up preparations for possible terrorism, and most school districts told parents that they would be prevented, or strongly discouraged, from picking up their children in the event of a biological or chemical attack. "

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by jezebel
Here is one of the possibilities, if martial law is fully enacted. Read the whole article, it's implications are terrifying.

sounds wonderful

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 03:22 PM
I remember back during the whole sniper thing, watching the police search every white van on I95.
Armed with machine guns, they made people get out of their vans while they were searched.
I know there was a reason for this but I immediately thought that a cpl more serious attacks here and this would be common practice.
If two guys with a rifle could cause this much chaos, what could a large cooridnated funded group do?
I believe we still have more freedoms than most , but I also believe all those freedoms are skating on a sheet of thin ice.
I believe it's only a matter of time.
Most people in this country have never seen the horrors that people in alot of the third world have seen.
For them to be exposed to anything serious like mass chaos, bombed cities, war/ shoot to kill zones, enemy occupation ect.... they would simply panic and martial law would be needed.
It could take something as simple as a natural disaster to cause damage a heavily populated area.
Looting begins, people start killing each other, ect...


posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 03:27 PM
I'm still concerned about Las Vegas on or before New Years. (I haven't had any weird dream yet though). The local politicans say "It's safe... no worries here"). I guess this year....... there will be more tourists in Vegas than ever before! Another thing....if it's so safe... Than why is it they might enact a no fly zone anywhere near the strip. And why did a plane load of F.B.I. agents show up in Vegas on Christmas night? Can you even imagine what it would be like if something horrible happened there? I believe unrest would be so bad that Martial Law would be inevitable.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 03:45 PM
Dont know about you Yanks, but down here in Oz martial law would not hold up, the military just isnt strong enough to cover the whole landscape. They would hold the major cities but any regional centres and rural areas would fall into anarchy (oh how i love that word). But i doubt Australia would ever get there. Our Prime Minister might be old Georgies lap dog but the people here dont seem to blindly follow as readily as they seem to in the US of A (no offence to my fellow conspiracy theorists in the land of the 'free'). But any way martial law seems to be just around the corner for you guys, enjoy your freedom!!!

[Edited on 28-12-2003 by specialasianX]

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 04:03 PM
If we do resort to martial law, it won't be long before we start coming for you too. With America under complete military control, there won't be as much resistance. Our civilians are probably no match for our military. Hey, do you have oil there? Enjoy your freedom, too.

[Edited on 12-28-2003 by Satyr]

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 04:13 PM
We got some oil but the US has found us to be a conveinient 'sheriff' for the Sth East Asia/Pacific island region. we're a western foothold in an eastern hemisphere. if anything we'll become the 51st-57th states of america

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 04:19 PM
Yeah, no #!
I'll tell ya, if things get much worse here, I'll be headed to your country.

[Edited on 12-28-2003 by Satyr]

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 04:30 PM
Look forward to seeing you... just hope you like 45 degrees celcius for christmas coz thats what we got...

p.s bring some cute american chicks with you... i'm getting bored of the ones here

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 05:07 PM
If USA was to enforce martial law it effectivly closes the country down, which means the country wont make any money as the stock exchange will be closed for business and prices will inflate. You only have to play tropico to find that out.

Eventually asomething would have to give and it would all have to be opened up again, I doubt people need worry about martial law

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 07:24 PM
i don't even think it would take a terror attack to go red myself, anything that would freak people out such as a major natrual disaster would do the trick too.

posted on Dec, 30 2003 @ 10:21 AM
Honestly, I don't think any use of force will be required to keep the masses at home. If a prominent official gets on the air and says "we are about to be attacked, everyone is at risk" most people will just stay in their houses on their own anyways. My personal belief is that if they want people off the streets they can simply use propoganda and fear to accomplish that without lifting a finger.

posted on Dec, 30 2003 @ 12:08 PM
Red Alerts, Means: Closing all public facilities, Army will be called on duty and they will control every town in the US.FEMA to be everywhere to coordinate every agency...

This mean Martial Law... When you are restraining movement of person and closing public facilities its against the constitution so the Martial law is applied.

Are we so near of the Red Alert?

posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 12:23 AM
How would one explain this:


Providing it is actually true.

posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 12:29 AM
the question is, if Martial Law is declared, what do you think the chances are that we will ever have it lifted? I think not good. I believe that if we are put under Martial Law, we will stay there, well, at least until the civil war

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 06:30 PM
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