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The FIRST Truth

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posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 08:50 PM
What would be the most fundamental Truth about the system that our society is subject to and a product of? What is the one concept that best defines where our nation has been led from day one, and can be applied to virtually any one point or example in our history? [And after we establish that we can get to the big story...]

If you answered "it's a civilization" then you're close. From our "American" perspective, it's important to distinguish "Western Civilization", so what then is "Western Civilization"?

If you open any basic Western history book to 'civilization' what do you see as the prime historical examples? You may be surprised to learn that each example can answer the initial question above. Each "civilization" that we're generally presented with is an empire: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and then last but not least European "Colonialism". With the "First Truth" viewpoint, it's rather striking to note that the period between the fall of Rome and the beginnings of colonialism is considered to be the "Dark Ages".

American Empire is thus the answer to the first question. It's the most fundamental, irrefutable, undeniable, in your face yet completely unacknowledged truth that can be said of the United States. Think back to virtually any historical American event or period and you can find American Imperialism behind it. Imperialism is our heritage.

You may have heard of the 13 Colonies, but have you ever questioned what exactly was their nature? They were imperial colonies. That's what "colonialism" was; it was the new breed of European naval imperialism. Virtually every European "civilization" took part in the domination and exploitation of every place they could locate to conquer. The phrase "colonialism" is what is known as a "euphemism", which is a 'soothsaying' phrase to remove the harsh reality of what the concept being symbolized is. These are used so the public doesn't think much about their establishment's behavior. It's a tool of propaganda, or the science of persuasion and distraction.

Our 1800's history is no big secret. We, or, our leaders maintained an expansionist (imperialist) doctrine until the border was expanded "from sea to shining sea". They mostly believed that it was our divine destiny to do so and that doctrine was known as the "Manifest Destiny". We 'stole' the land from imperialist Great Britain, and then the "Indians", Mexico, Hawaii and so on. (Alaska was bought fair and square). But it didn't stop there.

The Spanish-American War began in 1898. Many historians believe, and there is considerable evidence to suggest that it was started using a "false flag" attack against our own USS Maine for the pre-text (a common tactic used by empires throughout history). In any case, we won, and acquired most of Imperial Spain's territories including Cuba, Puerto Rico and the distant Philippines for our expanding empire. Our long history with the Panama Canal and even the creation of Panama began at this time. Up to 1 million Filipino's died as the result of U.S. occupation that resorted to torture and scorched earth campaigns to stop the aspiring "fore-fathers" of their land. The Philippine's remained a U.S. imperial colony until July 4th, 1946. This is but one example from this period.

Everyone knows WWI & WWII happened, but what's overlooked is the fact that they were each a war of the empires ("civilizations"). We won. So did the Soviets. The Cold War was a 45 year conflict between the Soviet and American empire's. Both sides used ongoing fear-mongering propaganda against their populations to maintain support for unprecedented war machines and "foreign policy". We won.

Immediately after the fall of the only the opposing empire this new "Islamic Empire" concept began to be fed into the American publics mindset, while terror attacks curiously began in the United States. Now, after 9/11, we have our endless war that "will last generations". We now have the perfect excuse for imperial war on policy: a scattered mindset that is the result of our imperial efforts since around the days of WW2. The common fallacy is that their religion is the source of their hate, but in fact they've just integrated their religion into their political beliefs much like the pro-American-imperialists have done (throughout our history and especially today). This is common in all lands and with all cultures that have religion. Many charge that the religion itself is to blame for literally all wars, but in reality virtually all wars are related to imperialism or 'simple' expansionism. The religion just adds to the ethnocentrism and justification, but rarely is the religon itself to blame.

Most of the overt wars were clearly US Imperialism, especially Vietnam. There isn't room here to list all of "our" overt wars, let alone covert wars and other imperialist activities. The overt conflict history alone is plenty to prove a clear and virtually constant imperialist nature from day one. We've since become the worlds greatest and most unprecedented empire phenomenon. We're mostly hated by Islamic "terrorists" for supporting harsh and even brutal regimes throughout their region (imperialism), including putting Saddam in power. The same applies in many other countries, especially all throughout Latin/South America.

The covert and economic fronts of the American Empire include a wide range of underhanded backroom tactics including terrorism, assassinations and the installation of military dictatorships, not to mention puppet regimes all throughout the world. Operation CONDOR is probably the best example of this. Throughout the 70's the CIA assisted in overthrowing nearly every democratically elected president in South America, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and disappearances of political dissidents. This behavior actually began in 1953 when the US and Imperial UK overthrew the US-friendly Iranian president for nationalizing the Iranian oilfields to remove the UK-US monopolies to feed his poor. To underscore the hypocrisy, the UK itself was a "nationalist"/socialist system at that time, and was until Thatcher in the early 80's.

So is all that the big story? No! The big story is that we have a population of 300 million yet virtually nobody realizes this most core truth about what "we" are, especially in the world's eyes. Why is this important, and how can it be?

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posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 08:50 PM
External (outsider) perspective is a most crucial view for any self-aware entity to consider when trying to assess itself. Why do you think world polls typically placed the US at the top of threats list even in the Soviet days? Yet the majority of the U.S. collective has no concept of this. The only comparison would be if the entire nation was a certain religion, yet nobody had a clue and had barely ever heard the name despite seeing reminders of it every time they turn on the news or see a magnet/bumpersticker on another car. The historical importance of the Nazi's Swastika is not the symbol itself, but how the elite establishment plastered it (a symbol) all throughout society to maintain a collective blind-nationalist/imperialist mindset.

It was propaganda, and propaganda is most of the reason that we have had hundreds of millions of people who somehow didn't or don't realize the most basic truth, or "rationalized" it when they actually delved into those realms of perspective. Our population has virtually always had propaganda to help us rationalize it, always an external threat to excite our emotions to drive out reason.This propaganda has clearly been in effect for many decades and overlapping generations. This isn't brainwashing, it's (constant) indoctrination. Look no further than a history book that mentions "civilizations" for an example of this.

The First Truth is the first proof of a system ingrained with propaganda and indoctrination. It's also the first proof that they lied about 9/11 from the very start. Within hours, officials were on TV declaring that the terrorists were attacking "'our' freedom", "'our' way of life" and "civilization itself". These same lines were parrotedby almost every member of the Commission and the other officials, in the very first 9/11 Commission hearings. When assessing the words of officials and the media you must consider what all of the words represent, even the most basic ones. Of those who are on the record, 10% of the population owns 82% of the nations wealth; 1% owns 38% of everything. Virtually all media, including the newspapers are owned by 5 mega-conglomerates. The same and interlocking elites/powers also pay for the elections and official obedience. Virtually every president in our history was imperialist, including the most publicly favored, and half were "Democrats".

Who does the media actually represent? Do you think the establishment is referring to YOU when they say 'our' or "US" "interests"? How is global domination and the hate it creates in "Our" interests? What about being taxed to death to fund the "permanent war economy" imperialist machine? Is that in "Our" interests? The current national debt is almost $9TRILLION, and at least 1 third of that is owned by foreign entities, all with 'interest'. Meanwhile, the Corporate Dogmatism that has hijacked capitalism is shipping our jobs overseas to slave-laborers (who are also oppressed and exploited by their elites) in sweatshops and massive compounds,.

This years Dept. of "Defense" budget has swelled to $530+Billion, and we now have, on the record, troops & bases in 159 of 193 nations worldwide. We have 12 "super aircraft carriers", while no other nation has more than 1. Within 5 years, according to official government websites and documents, they intend to have one mile long "SeaBases" and massive artificial intelligence systems fully integrated into the system by 2013. Their 2020 goal is a completed "Star Wars" system that is is stated to include laser weapons and major weather control technology which will surely to include nuclear systems.
Those projects are in progress, publicly researchable (yet not reported) and may be further along than we're aware.
Source: VIDEO:

Is this behavior of a simple nation trying to fight "terrorists", or is it the full spectrum dominance doctrine of the most awesome imperial force ever conceived? People call the War in Iraq an imperialist war, and their right, but that's just the latest example of overt military domination. Again, the big story is that somehow the majority of Americans don't see "US" for what 'it' is. Is that coincidence, or universal deception? You decide.

This is all on oversimplification. These truths are all right on the surface once you grasp this view.

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posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 09:57 PM
If I hadn't allready of given out all my awards, I'd of voted for you; that's pretty impressive and sums up the truth of the matter.

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 06:17 PM
Thanks. I've been trying to find places for people to debate me on this, but I haven't had no luck yet...

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 07:30 PM
"You have voted IgnoranceIsntBlisss for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month."

Awesome work.
You can't find debate because you nailed it on the head.

I really look forward to seeing your future work,
the two videos out now aren't nearly enough, I want more!

A question though,
I get the impression from the Darpa video that the US is close to having everything on lockdown. I'm curious to how China and Russia play into this with their growing potential. Do they have their own plans? What's the rest of the world's evil plans? Your perspective is appreciated.

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 07:49 PM

Primeur: Is that related to what you call theTHIRD-BRAIN?

Steve Chen:Not directly, theTHIRD-BRAINis a future Bio-Supercomputer. We can use current Supercomputing Grid to simulate and emulate theTHIRD-BRAIN. TheTHIRD-BRAINcan be thought of as an addition to the Human Brain - the First and the Second Brain (the Cerebrum and Cerebellum) inside our head.

Primeur: But theTHIRD-BRAINwill be a system still detached from our real Brain?

Steve Chen:Yes, theTHIRD-BRAINis outside and complements our own natural ones. It will do many jobs as well as or better than our Human Brain, but it will not decay, rarely be sick or can be self-healing. It can store a lot of information in addition to our Brain and will not forget easily. The Human Brain is better at higher-level intelligence. TheTHIRD-BRAINcannot catch up with that in the near future. Maybe some day. We however, when we get older, we tend to forget things. If you have both Brains, functioning together, you will forget less and think fast. TheTHIRD-BRAINwill be close enough to emulate a real human brain for these functions.

Allegidly they'll have some serious AI system over the next 5 years. While that guy apparently is a sort of pioneer, and his SuperBlade system is impressive, I'm stll skeptical of his claims to strong AI (it's taken US 50 years of the leading edge of computing, and trillions of dollars to even talk like we can do it here).

I havent seen any direct links, but there could be some sort of potential with Google and Al Gore being friends of China, but my initial looks didn't turn up much.

As far as the Russians, I've find Gorbechov's name popping up in transhumanist circles from time to time. I know he seems to be a pro-western-globalization type, but beyond that I havent stopped to look too far into his transhumanist roles. I can't say much else about the Russian programs, but since our establishment put out this document, they don't have to look to far for ideas at least.

The EU has followed suit with a similar NBIC prgram. I havent looked for AI quotes and content yet.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 01:38 AM
Here is a question for you, or I should say, something to contemplate: how to stop this.
Nothing is invincible, fact, nothing is impossible, fact, nothing is forever, fact (sort of, ideology is something that changes yet IS permanent to some degree thanks to influence!) so where does this all fit in then? So we can stop it, or we can not stop it.
This man knew what was going on possibly long before anyone else ever realized the "one truth" of things: Che Guevera. He made it in a simple statement which was never built upon:
"I envy you people of North America (refering to USA), for you shall fight the most important fight of all, you live in the BELLY OF THE BEAST."
Foreign groups shall be able to slow or stop the machine elsewhere but untill its home is destroyed or overthrown there is no peace. This is true for anyone at war, your enemies base must be erradicated or captured or the war shall never end. So shall we North Americans stand by and watch time pass us or shall we act upon the spur of the moment which is quickly approaching. Our enemies require one thing above all: complacency of North Americans. Why? There home is here, this is their safe haven. They are protected by two oceans and a navy, there chances here are higher than anywhere else in the world when it comes to surviving war.
Their move to solidify North America has been fast and furious to say the least. Every month something new happens that further digs our hole which will one day be our grave. Yet we must ask at the same time, who all is going to be put in this grave? Those who fight them. Those who oppose their imperialism. It is one thing to want a unified world for peace and another for power and greed. There is no room for the other, only one shall reign for if two exist there shall be ETERNAL WAR.
How is the grave being dug? As IIB has pointed out, it done militarily, yet at the same time it is done through laws, bills, police states, anarchy, chaos, and also military states or as it is also known: martial law. Each year they will be less likely to declare martial law. Why? Simply put, each law is a key part to any of those systems named, so they no longer need to declare it. They simply pass a new law, keep adding more and slowly build things up. This is also called boiling a frog by slowly turning the heat up over time so the frog never notices and jumps out.
However some have noticed, they have begun to yell, scream and spit. However they are ignored, they are ignored because the media is owned by 5 corporations who are part of the scheme. We have become powerless. BOYCOTT! PROTEST! RALLY! Is the cry we hear, yet the police show up and arrest, gas, and beat those who protest to a pulp. If they are lucky, they are simply ignored. Nothing changes. But wait! People say we have made changes! We have made "GREAT STRIDES" in stopping them, yet nothing changes, it only gets worse. Why? You must throw the public a bone or else it will fight back more fiercely! To throw a bone is to help them become complacent slowly. They still believe they have a chance so they are less likely to fight you in greater numbers and the battle becomes harder to win.
A battle on one front is easily won, a battle on two fronts is a challange, a battle on three fronts cannot be won without allies or a grand army. They know this. Thus each year we see police, SWAT and other groups become more para-military in nature, we see more foreign forces on our soil. They have called their allies in now. They have prepared for a war on three fronts, yet they have yet to fully prepare for the fourth front. The fourth front is the battle that is fought from within, the most dangerous battle of all. Winner takes all, looser is left to the buzzards and natures mercy. There is no room for error on the fourth front. How have they moved to protect it though? Pacifism, teaching the public to accept everything, to simply follow and not question, to close ones eyes and ears and do as told. To turn on your brother and sister, to turn in your mother and father. The methods cannot all be named, we have yet to see what else they will use. One other form of control yet to be used is incarceration, concentration camps to put it mildly.
What does this boil down too? It boils down to the fact the lines are being drawn. The ranks are being closed, the battlefield is slowly being staked out and places are being taken. There is no room for negotiation, there is no room for error, there is no room for the other party. Only one shall prevail, only one shall survive the test of time in the 21st century. This is a battle not just for imperialism, greed but a battle for survival. A battle for the survival of freedom, you cannot have power and greed imperialism while freedom exists.
The sands of time wait for no one. You only have one shot at this life, there shall be just one chance in your lifetime to do something great. Unless you sieze the moment and stand up for what you believe in, then you shall be consumed by the oncomming tide. A tide of darkness.
Should we falter, should we fail, should we back down... Then we have doomed ourselves and the future generations. Not just for this century, but for all time. This is a battle to change things once and for all, or not at all. Far fetched? Maybe to you, but none the less each century faces a problem, this is ours.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 07:21 AM
Wow, well said.

The key is the people just acknowledging it; it's awesomeness; its demand for respect in terms of what it means for US to literally be this massive empire (instead of just being a mere powerful military, that itself alone deserves this respect I'm talking about, but doesnt get) etc

It's kept 'secret' for a reason. The US Propaganda Model doesn't exactly want the entire population with nazi scale "party' drives. Ideally everyones caught up in selfishness and the rest. It's ideal to have two hardcore parties so then eveyone (who actually cares about anything) is too busy arguing and the rest to keep them off the truth: that the taxes resulting from the imperial power machine has our society virtually bankrupt in comparison to if there were no imperial machine. Distracted from the fact that the longer the machien turns the more it enslaves us.

Anyone can understand this concept (even if they dont appear to the first time you bring it up), and this core truth is the best solution, in my view, to finally get everyone out of this fraudulent left/right paradigm. The problem isn't the values that the population hold sin their party views, its that the parties are all imperialists and use the emotional moral issue to keep everyone wound up and at each others throats.

In short, the left/right loyalty has to go, as even the leaders aren't loyal; the 'first truth' is the key to that, and at the same time it's the source of it.

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posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 11:09 AM
You named the first truth which would make what I said the second, however there is still more to come.

Two parties, two sides of the same coin, which to choose? The third and fourth parties are thrown around like spare change, they have little to no power outside of their home state. The two parties are funded by the elite, the enemies of the people. Their funding is grand and complex, yet it comes with a price. The price of subserviance, which has been accepted. Those tiny few who push it back, who deny that funding for the price are kept in the beurocracy and lost in the paper shuffles. They are pushed hither and to so as to keep them from power. This process is simple yet effective.
The ideal society has the smallest percentage of rich people, a middle class that clearly dwarfs the rich and also the poor population. The poor being just as small a number as the rich. When the middle class and the poor are reversed though, we get Rome. Society collapses. However, there is a catch, changes within the elite structure allows the poor to survive yet not live freely. They are controlled easily, they have not the money to fight them nor the time. The middle class is too cought up keeping what little they have left in their name or too busy trying to become a part of the richest population. Due to slavery they can import the cheapest foods to keep the poor happy yet food that seams luxurious to keep the rest happy. This is their key. The second key is their dependency, by causing dependency the people cannot fight, if they do, they are cut off without hesitation. To be cut off is to die. To be cut off and to live, is to live in hardship.
Control takes many forms, many faces, many ideologies and philosophies. This is the second and third form of control, the fourth is as stated media. The poor cannot afford or do not know about the alternatives, so they are trapped with only the elites five. How can they be trapped though? Debt. Debt keeps them in this predicament, 65% of the population is over its neck in debt. What else do they do? They give them false hope. False hope so they will not rebel, false hope so they will be complacent while their machine rolls forward. False hope so they will not question. False hope can also take another form, by offering them the chance to get out of their hole, by serving the elite. To serve the elite is to leave your rags behind is what we are taught from birth, to serve is to be honorable and noble, or is it? To join into the machine and fight for them is not honorable nor noble, it is the exact opposite. Yet they have caught them up in this for generations.

How does the hammer fall? Who shall the hammer fall upon first? What will happen should the hammer fall? Should the people allow the elite to drop the hammer first and not fight back or loose is to take society as we know it and multiply its evils by ten fold for the first generation, one hundred fold for the next, and two hundred for the one after. For the people to drop the hammer first, is to bring the good out in society unless the people falter, the prevent the evils from overtaking us and the darkness from consuming us.
How can the people drop the hammer? FIGHT! It is all we have left now, the ability to fight. This is their key to success, to keep us docile, but for us to fight, to spit, bite, claw, scratch and burn what they throw at us is to prevent their victory. Yet one cannot fight alone and win without the luck of the wind. To fight as one is to be strong, to fight as millions is to be weak and chaotic. One twig can be broken easily, but a bundle of twigs held together cannot break without great effort.
One thing must be realized though, should they drop the hammer on us, and not us on them first. Then we have lost the first battle, the battle that would stop the bloodshed. Should they drop the hammer first then we shall be broken and scattered. Yet we have one advantage, numbers. The will to fight. The will to survive no matter what. Should they detain us, should they massacar us, then it is time to let forth what we keep hidden. Our ancestors were afraid of those who were able to control it within themselves and call upon it in battle. It is called "The Beast Within." We all have a beast inside of us, every animal has the same primitive instict as well. What is the beast within? The best within is our primitive nature, the will to survive and fight. To fight as a beast and a monster, a demon. To call forth what demon and to use it in battle is to break and scatter the elite. Their forces rely on blind loyalty and bribery. We fight for our very survival, our very right to live free. The beast that takes hold of us should we release it in battle will consume whatever should stand in our way unless used foolishly and unwisely. The beast within increases our power ten fold and our willpower a hundred fold.
When the cannons roar, the bullets let fly, the air turns foul and the ground shakes, let this demon out, let this beast SHINE BRIGHTER THAN THE STARS AND SUN put together. It is our means of survival, to deny this part of ourselves is to deny our very existance. To accept it is to become one with it, only when we are whole can we fight.
Never be afraid, not of the outcome nor your actions. Being afraid will cause hesitation and give the elite the edge they need. To stand resolute and as one is to be stronger than they. Yet one must also admit to the darker sides of the elites actions. That they very well may use peace against us to allow this hammer to fall quicker. The chess board is settup, the pieces are ready to move, white moves first, and it has. Black to E4, white to D4, we are blocked. Yet the battle is not over, it has only just begun.

posted on Mar, 29 2007 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by Vekar
Two parties, two sides of the same coin, which to choose?

I see what you mean vekar, and I understand you completely. Let me ask you this, what if you flipped that coin many times, and one day the coin lands on it's edge? Does this mean that there really is 3 sides to a coin? The way I see it, and you see it, it is useless to pursue a change from within the political structure. The corruption and one handedness that exists is very hard to weaken because it has had more than 100 years to establish itself. That is our disadvantage. IIB is correct that the only way to see some hope of change would be to present the information to as many people as can be, so that they are "aware". Awareness is key, then comes research, then comes organization, then comes action. To me the third side of the coin is the people who are willing to let "the beast within" free. It is our nature, our instincts for survival, but many have lost this. Look at how many people have viewed this thread. Not even 200, that is not enough to even make the Machine laugh. This is why those COINTELPRO idiots reading this aren't scared. They see the truth exposed, everybody else sees it, but they are not scared. Now I ask you this. Where should black from E4 move? Why don't we try moving a piece that has not been moved yet in the game? But which one would that be...

posted on Mar, 29 2007 @ 03:07 PM
The next move is theirs, we had our move already and it was blocked quickly. Now they are moving again. To counter a block you move the knight. Two sides of the same coin, one side being neither, it is the edge. You may flip a coin a million times and never get it to land on its side, however if you discard the coin and make your own game... Now you stand a chance. To play by the rules of your enemy, to play on their ground, with their ball, in their court is to accept defeat. To force them into the field, where the ground is uneven, hard, muddy, damp, and slippery is to increase your chances by a quarter. To make new rules as you go, is to gain a quarter, to force them to fight you where you want when you want is to gain a quarter. The last is to outwit them and overpower them.
Know thyself, know your limits, know your advantages and disadvantages. Most of all, know your weakeneses. Never let your enemy see you bleed.
Knowing you can strike, but they cannot, this is half the battle.
Knowing they can strike, but you cannot, this is half the battle.
Knowing they cannot strike, and you cannot strike, this is half the battle.

Know the field, knowing the field will give you half the battle. Know thyself, know thy enemy, this is the last half of the battle. By knowing each others capabilities you can win, but you must also know your weaknesses so they cannot use them against you. We know two of their weaknesses, pride and arrogance. The third has now shown itself true, over confidence. Can a nation withstand a battle from within?
The oppent faced now has no face, yet it has a name. Its reach is vast, its power felt, yet it too has limits. To force the enemy to show themselves is to have a target, to see how many they are. One must force the enemy into the open so that their true colors will show. One must also force the enemies supporters into the open, thus showing true colors and numbers. When you have the two, their numbers and their faces, you have a target to aim for. From there, it is a matter of subtraction.
To cut off a hydras head is to have two grow in its place, to cut off a hydras head and sear the wound shut is to kill the hydra. How many heads does this hydra have now? Have the wounds been seared closed or have they not? The hydra is multiplying.
One can suppress their nature but never destroy it, to destroy it is to die or change and take on a new nature. The beast inside you cannot be destroyed though, it can only be shut out and ignored. Yet what does it take to unleash it? What does it take to force this beast out? The beast will answer to your call, for it is a part of you. Yet one must also be careful of the beast, teach the beast to be dark, and it will reflect evil in actions. Teach it to reflect good in actions, and you shall counter the darkness. Teach it to hold both in its claws and it will become more devastating than any beast ever known. Let this binding of the two shine, and one will find a beast capable of great good or evil.

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posted on Apr, 2 2007 @ 10:56 PM
You should be a writer, if you aren't already

posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 06:38 PM
The Art of War is an amazing book.
I'm curious where you got the inspiration for
the second half of your post. The beast part.

Actually, all of your posts are great

Any book suggestions?

wise words

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posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 10:46 PM
I have read so many books I cannot name them but for a few:
Sun Tzu: Art of War
Mao Tsetungs book of quotes (gives you a strong idea of how the world really works politically). This quote I took to heart: "Government comes out of the barrel of a gun."
A Bright Shining Lie
George Orwell 1984
Those are three off the top of my head, some things I say are based on interactions I have had with others or my own personal studies. I study humans and I find them amusing to say the least, so I spent the bulk of my youth watching and studying other people and their actions. The people I interacted with and continue to interact with are WW2-Vietnam veterans. Those who were US navy, army, AF, and Japanese Imperial Army. Those are my mentors on most subjects. I also study history closely, both sides. So I spent a large time also in libraries going through history book after history book on anything I could get my hands on.
Like I said I have read so many books that I cannot name them but I still hold their ideology and understanding. My true inspiration in life is to simply stop cold all that is going on before we slip into the grave and get burried. The "beast" part is from my own personal studies of human nature in the world around me and also books I have read through. Letting the beast out came from historical reports by the Romans when they fought the Celts in Britania/Britanica (modern day Britain). The celts were feared by the Romans when they fought because they would strip naked, spike their hair, paint their bodies blue and men and women would charge howling like demons into the Roman legions. This completely unnerved the Romans. Also the Viking Bersearkers are an example, they became so "blood thristy" in battle nothing would stop them, not even severed limbs. It scared the Viking king so bad he put these Berserkers on a suicide mission and ironically they kept winning till they were simply whittled down till they no longer existed. He then passed an edict that "Berserker training" was illegal and punishable by death. None the less these two are examples of what happens when you let out that beast and let it control you during combat, NOTHING and NO ONE will stop you untill you suffer a fatal wound such as major artery severy or having your head cut clean off. Even today the name Berserker is a title used to describe someone so blind with rage they understand no reasoning. Yet nothing will ever come close till you examin the Viking Berserker warriors. An example of letting that beast have ABSOLUTE control over you is the civilian slaughters the Mongols wraught upon the Eastern Roman Empire though. So do not let it go that far.

posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 10:59 PM
That is very very interesting! Could you tell me what are the major world empires that followed the Holy Roman Empire up till today? I'm trying to figure them out for the 6, 7 and 8th empires of Revelation. If the USA is one of them, which one, and fill in the others too, if you can?

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by undo
That is very very interesting! Could you tell me what are the major world empires that followed the Holy Roman Empire up till today? I'm trying to figure them out for the 6, 7 and 8th empires of Revelation. If the USA is one of them, which one, and fill in the others too, if you can?

In the "West", it was European Colonialism. Virtually every European nation, or "power', had their hand in it for as long as they could. Then the empire wars (WWI + WWII) cleaned house, eventaully leaving the USSA and USSR. Now it's mainly just US, and the UK. I'm still not sure who's whos beotch out of the entire relationship...

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 01:33 AM
Undo I sent you a PM about the empires after the Holy Roman Empire till today. I might have left some out however I did not see ISB's post here untill I already sent it. So repost what I sent you on here so he/she can read over it too.

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 01:35 AM
You have posted some pretty deep stuff, and I don't mean to simplfy it, but since the topic in the thread reads the First truth we have to go back to all the stories of original bad relationships, Cain and Abel, Enki and Enlil, Adam and Lilith. These are all spiritual to some degree, but that is where the old teachings rest,.

Thanks for indulging...............

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 01:36 AM
You know you're in a prison when all the space-based weapons are pointed AT the Earth. So you know whats missing that might turn them around.


posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 11:15 AM
Interesting dialog. Personally, I still feel that viewing what's happened in history as imperialistic expansion is an oversimplification of the truth. It does show a pattern in our human nature, once you see the pattern and its roots it is possible to change its direction. I don't think you can stop it, no more than you can stop a train going downhill, but you can bend the tracks ahead and divert this beserker. Its primative and predictable.

There is another pattern which has emerged in the past 70 years, one that appears to have been responsible for some interesting changes in the track we are now on. It has taken full advantage of the "First Truth" laid out here.

If you want to carry the chess metaphor forward, for those of us that can see the new pattern and bigger picture, its not which square to move our next piece too, it is simply the act of taking our king and removing it from the board. Raise it up it up and acknowledge that there is a greater purpose for this piece, one not controlled by governments.

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