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Everybody Jump in on this one....

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 04:27 PM
I've always loved the scary sci-fi drama's that took place in the middle of a dark snow storm, or the dark ash of "Silent Hill", etc. You know the ones where any wrong move around the corner could be your death.

I'm starting and hoping the rest of you will join in.

Glenn Stevens limped slowly down the path between the trees. The pain that covered his whole body made him just want to lay down and go to sleep. But the part of him mind that wanted to survive refused to give in to it. Left foot..right foot..left foot...right foot, he told himself as he went into automatic. His mind drifted back to the the crash. Why was he the only one alive, he cried as a picture of Jessica's death flashed before his eyes. Laying so peaceful except for a large piece of aluminum from the plane stick through her abdomin. Glenn started to cry again...

Come on you wuss, man up, he thought to himself as he returned to the left foot...right foot monotone that had gotten him this far. He pushed on for what seemed like several hours before before he saw the town. His step began to liven as he started to hop faster.

As he limped into the town he realized that the place was empty. All come on, can't I get a freaken break, he thought to himself. He finally stopped at the next wooden house he saw and went to the door. He knocked several times, and waited with no response. Finally he tried the door, and like some kind of miracle he it opened unlocked.

The house reminded him of the old wooden houses of the early 1900's. Wooden planks on the floor. It was obvious that no one had used it for some time. The place was ice cold, but luckily it had a fireplace with wood sitting next to it. He tried to start a fire but had trouble with all the pain he was in. After remembering the lighter from his pocket he started one. A quick search of the bathroom gave him only a real old bottle of aspirin that he didn't recognize the name of. He slamed down several without the aid of anything to drink. He sat down on a wooden rocking chair and pulled the blanket that was really a rug over him as a cover.

He dreams were a nightmare of precrash, crash and aftercrash. Then his brain twisted him further as he swore he saw Jessica walk right past the front window of the house he was in. She still had the blood on her abdomin but she didn't look hurt anymore. He tried to get up and go to her, but his body wouldn't respond. He screamed for her and she either didn't hear him or chose to ignore him. She walked right past him and farther into the town. With a scream Glenn woke up, settled himself and passed back out.

Feel free to jump on in

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 04:26 PM
That'll teach'em. The plane went down before it crossed back into the
restricted fly zone, meaning that the wreckage should be on civilian land,
away from the closely guarded test area known as Sandia 2. They had
no business being anywhere near here, the stupid sob's. And when they
strayed a second time, the EM beam was used to shut their engine down.
Security would send out a reclaimation team, find the crash site, and
dispose of any questionable evidence. It didn't matter if anyone lived
through the crash or not, they were all dead now anyway.

Glenn awoke again to the pain his body was feeling. The fire he had
started before passing out still flickered, and he summoned enough
strength to throw a couple more pieces of wood into the fireplace. He
tried to stand and after a brief bout of dizziness managed to do so. The
wind blew through the house making moaning sounds as it dispersed sand
and dust evenly. He walked slowly over to the front window and looked
out, . . .right into the eyes of Jessica! Dead eyes! Her eyes,right there
in front of him! Jesus !
She was propped up into a sitting postion, in the back seat of an old Jeep,
not three yards away!
He looked around, trying to find anything else moving, but saw nothing.
Dropping the rug from his shoulders, he pulled open the door and went

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 11:36 AM
Glenn ran to the jeep. He found her lifeless body slumped in the seat. "Yep, still dead", his smartalic mind responded. He told it to shut up. Looking down at Jess his eyes started to water at the woman he was going to ask to be his wife, when they got back from this trip. Before he could further fall apart there was a scream from a block away. Two rat-tat's that sounded like gunfire followed, the scream was snuffed out quickly, as if god hit the mute button. Then more gunfire, this time there was no pause inbetween the bullets, another quick scream. The scream sounded like that a small animal might make on the discovery channel. This was followed by a loud smashing sound that brought back memories of Wrigley field.

Glenn watched amazed as a man in camo flew threw the air. He hit the roof of the house Glenn has just came from, flopped then fell into the snow drift between the houses. He ran over to the man, then manuevered past the blocking boxes and found the man. There wasn't much left of him, just a twisted bunch of bones and blood. There was a big claw mark across his chest. But the man was still alive. He knelled down to the man. The man's eyes were wild with fear, "'s not huma..", were the only words he got out before his eyes rolled back and he gave way.

While Glenn was busy with the man in the drift he felt a presence coming down the road. Survival instincts kicked in an he ran. The sound of a jeep being smashed could be heard in the background as he made his way franically to the trees. He worried that he would just die in the forest of Somewhere in the States of Washington or Oregon. The snow was coming down hard, and the wind didn't help. All he knew was he would rather die of frostbite than meet whatever was killing those men in the town.

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posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 02:28 PM
Had Glenn looked closely at the dead man before running off into the
woods, he probably would have recognized him as the co-pilot of their
downed plane. His survival was in itself a miracle. The whole front of the
cockpit had been smashed together on impact, killing the pilot sitting
there and ejecting him out into the snow, where he lay unconscious for an
hour an a half. Coming to, he inspected the crash site, finding his friend and fellow pilot John, dead, as well as one of the two passengers, the girl.
The other passenger, her boyfriend, was no where to be found. Making his
way to town, he had no idea that he was being stalked, no idea that any
danger lurked nearby, and no idea what came out of the shadows to
quickly end his life. The next second found him flying through the air like a
broken rag doll.

Security team one called in to say that they had located probable crash
site. The plane appeared to have carried four people. Two were dead at
the scene, one had been terminated after a brief search. Status on the
fourth was pending.

Glenn peaked around the tree again but saw nothing. Had they given up?
He sincerely doubted it. He turned and ran as fast as he could into the
trees, and continued to run until his sides began to hurt. Huffing and
puffing, he slowed down to a fast walk, looking for a possible shelter.
Snowflakes fell lightly as he found a dry place to sit under a thick-branched
pine tree. Almost a natural lean-to. As he sat there, he quietly began to
slow his breathing, so he might hear better.

Security team one checked in again. They had picked up trail of survivor
and were closing. Will update at 09:00 hours.

posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 12:35 PM
Glenn stopped paused long enough at another tree to try and catch his breath. He could feel something off in the distance closing in on him. "I've got to draw it off, what ever it is", he thought to himself as he grabbed a tree branch and began to cover his footprints in the snow. Glancing up he saw a crack in the ground that might go deeper. He walked to it and looked down. It was the entrance to deep cavern. A plan formulated in his mind. He covered his tracks back to the tree. The walked for a while away from the cavern. Stopped and placing his feet in his old footsteps back walked to the tree. He walked to the cavern, carefull to cover the places in the snow where he left traces. He climbed down in to the cover and waited for what ever was tailing him to pass.

Golden drove his jeep at a fast pace trying to keep of with his scouts. Shadowrider, and Griffen moved too fast for him to keep up. They were at least a mile in front. Checking his ear mike he asked for a status report from them. "Negative Golden. Closing on tracks will update with change". Was the response he got. Golden worried about his two genetically engineered scouts. Mostly he worried what would happen to him should they go rouge like some of the past experiment. Ones that had been made too powerful to control. Like DeathDreamer, he had started off well until he went into a beserker rage and broke out of the camp. They had hunted him down and killed him as he fell down into a crack in the ground that was too deep to recover his body. He's mike lit up again. Shadowrider was reporting in. "Golden tracks end. Maybe he got wise. Can't get a scent in this weather. Please advise, over". "Roger Shadowrider, you and Griffen start a search radius from where the tracks end. Raven and I will join you soon. Over".

Glenn watched as two men in camo stopped with the end of the tracks he had made and began to search outward. "Damn, I knew I should have gone farther away. If only I had more time", he thought to himself as he watched in the distance. As they moved closer to him in their search pattern he started think about trying to climb down the cavern. If only the crack in the ground was easy to climb down he could hide. "God, why didn't I learn to cave dive", he thought to himself as something grabbed him. As he heard one of them speak his bones chilled. " I'm going to eat this one when i find him", the larger one said to the other.

Golden drove up to the site were he's men searched. It was creepy to watch as they sniffed the air like wolves, and acted like animals. It brought chills to his body. Just then a scream was heard, and everyone's eyes turned to where it came from. A man flew through the air, and Shadow rider and griffen charged. "Hold", golden got out and like good soldiers they stopped. Something came up out of the snow, something that almost made his bladder lose control. A beast charged toward the man. "Oh my god, its Deathdreamer. He's not dead". Well it was what used to be Deathdreamer, this was something different. Something more primal, something alot weirder. Before he could say anything else. He's three men unloaded their weapons on the beast. "Headquarter..Headquarters this is one. We have a situation. Deathdreamer is alive. I repeat Deathdreamer is alive. He's transformed into something else. Send backup imediately." he mouthed as he trained his weapon on the beast.

Glenn looked up dazed as the bear that hit him was now being pelted with bullets. Survival instincts took over as he crawled for the crack in the ground. "Must get out of here", he thought as he crawled to his. Luckily for him the bear or what looked like one charged the soldiers. Looking back at the malay he was stunned at how fast the creature was. He watched as it split one of the men chasing him into two seperate pieces. Panic took over and he crawled franically to the crack and slid down into the hole.

posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 03:17 PM
Deep down in the cavern, in a cave of no consequence, an aura of light
flickered like a frantic moth trying to escape the flame. The light appeared
to be encased in milky quartz and something that looked like topaz, and
because of this, its aura appeared more yellow than white. Around the
light, scattered all over the cave walls and ceiling, were hundreds of
pictographs and etchings carved into the rock. The light had been there
for eons, waiting. Now the light sensed something approaching. Its aura
grew brighter, then went out completely, leaving the cave in pitch-black
darkness for the first time in centuries.

As Glenn slid down into the hole, the grade steepened, until it was almost
45-degrees. Unable to walk, Glenn just slid down. Faster and faster he
slid. It was like being on a water-slide, going down faster and faster,
turning and cornering, and turning again until finally he reached the end
where he literally flew out and down, landing in wet sand. He lay there for
a minute, catching his breath and letting his eyes adjust to the darkness.

Back topside, the creature formerly known as Deathdreamer fought with a
fury that bordered insanity. Having dismembered the unit called Griffen,
it now turned on Shadowrider. Golden pulled out his ultimate detractor, a
high-intensity pulse rifle, and aimed it at the raging beast. Pulling the
trigger, he saw Deathdreamer get lifted off his feet and thrown to the
ground roughly. This gave Shadowrider the opening that he needed and
he immediatly jumped onto the chest of Deathdreamer and slit his throat.
A mournful cry floated away, and then, . . .silence.

Glenn sat up and tried to see his hand in front of his eyes. He could not.
He asked himself how long he thought he could last down here in this total
blackness, but realized he was reluctant to answer himself. He waited still
longer, opening and closing his eyes regularly, trying to see . .anything.
He was about to go to panic city when his eyes told him there was a glow
of some kind coming from further down in the cavern.

posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 01:37 PM
Glenn scrambled quickly towards the strange glow. It wasn't great light but his eyes adjusted faster than he expected. He ignored the burning sensation of his body as his mind focus on the light down near the bottom. But the terrain finally got the better of him and he missed the ledge he grabbed for. Fear went in full mode as his body felt the sensation of free fall. He feel towards the green light, and just as he could finally see the greenly lit cave floor he hit the ground and felt many things break all at once, then the world went black.

Glenn opened his eyes, he could tell that it had been sometime since he had hit the ground. "Oh god, I'm not dead", he thought as he realized that he was probably a cripple who couldn't move. But then he moved his arm, it hurt but it still worked, he cried to himself in relief. He's body burned deeply like a inch way inside he could not scratch. He pushed himself up, and fell back down. "Ok, I'll take it slow", he said aloud to no one in particular. He crawled to a wall and put his back up against it and tried to survey his surrounding. The place he was in looked like a cave with a varied fifty or so feet radius. There was a pile bones that covered a hole in the ground. There were several jars of green stuff that glowed brightly that sat in dug out holes in the wall. Looking further he saw wat looked like big chairs of somekind. It was as if someone tried to make a house out of this cave. He wanted to get up, wanted to explore, but his body implored him to sleep.

When he awoke there was the face of the same beast staring right back at him. Startled he tried to shove himself back further into the wall. The creature only stared him quizzily. "Ca", he heard a voice in his head. Confusion overtook him as he stopped fighting. "Calm down", the voice said. "You are going to be ok", the voice said again. "What the hell, is going on", he said aloud. The creature looked at him again. "Why haven't you changed, you have his scent", the voice said in his mind. "What do you mean. What change", he asked the creature. "You are one of us now. You have the scent of my mate Ron, where is he", she had a somewhat womanly tone now. "How are you speaking to me in my head", he asked. "Its how we communicate, it will become easier as you learn. Where is Ron", she told him. "What do you mean WE", he said scared. " You are one of us now its in your blood, in your scent. Answer the question, where is my mate?" "The beast I met was being attacked by soldiers with guns", he made out. Before he could ask further, she jumped up high to a ledge and was gone. Glenn heard a lonely howl echo through the cavern a few seconds later.

posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 04:44 PM
Many years before the construction of Sandia 2, a race of humanoids
walked the passageways and caverns of the undergrouind here. Although
they were strong of limb and sound of mind, they were not advanced
intellectually or socially, and their population remained constant but
peaceful. That is, . .until they found "the light". During an exploration up
a side passage, they found a cave with "the light". It was as if the light had
also found them. Settling in around the light, they began to think of the
light as their purpose. Generations passed and the humanoids found that
they now could communicate simply by thought. Respect for the light had
turned to worship of the light. The klan now found itself planning
construction projects. They built living quarters for every member of the
klan. They built underground power generation plants and water transport
systems. Farms were developed in huge, nearby caves. Life was suddenly
very good for the klan, and they prospered. Over time, it was as if the
klan developed "one-mindedness". Individuality was lost. Personal need
became a thing of the past. And then Sandia 2 came.
Tons and tons of TNT were used to blast holes in the earth. Huge
tunnel-boring machines were brought in and operated almost twenty-four
hours a day. Passageways and caves utilized by the klan were destroyed
completely or rendered useless. Members of the klan were killed outright
when tunnel-boring machines would inadvertantly bore into an existing
passageway and keep on going. After a year or two, the surface dwellers
became aware of the klan's presence and sent raiding parties out to hunt
them down. Orders were to shoot to kill, no prisoners.
"The light" became aware of this dangerous new enemy. During worship
services one night, it projected its plan to counterattack the intruders to
each and every member of the klan. The underground network of
Sandia 2 became a living hell for the next two years, a nightmarish
battleground that drew the ire of NSA because of the continuous delays
to the construction of the complex as a whole. Experimental, genetic
engineered warriors were brought in to fight the klan. Almost immediately
the klan felt the tide turn. Half of the klan was killed outright. Survivors
made their way back to the light, where they were empowered with added
strength and a missing ingredient, . . .anger!
Anger brought hate. Hate brought death. And so it continued. Until at last,
"the light" found itself with only one she-wolf left. The light instructed the
she-wolf to bring one of the newer, genetically engineered warriors back to
the cave, if possible. Days later she dragged a seriously injured, but still
alive Deathdreamer into the cave. The light healed Deathdreamer and at
the same time "empowered" him. Deathdreamer became klan. The she-
wolf had a mate.

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 02:12 PM
Glenn dreamed of fields of blue grass and red trees. He woke with a start, bring back memories of college and trying acid. He flinched as he saw what was in front of him. Before him were a mass of beasts all spread out, through out the cave floor. He tried to count them but they were so many. A head popped up and looked at him, it was like the other beast only much smaller like a mere pup. The beast agilily made its way to him without disturbing the others that were asleep. It stopped in front of him. "Are you my new dad", the creature spoke in his head.

Glenn tried to make sense of the little pup. "What do you mean, little one", he said to it. "Grandlight said that you would lead the me and my clan into the future". Glenn was now fully puzzled. "Grandlight?", he asked the pup. "You have not met with the Grandlight?", he asked. " No little one, I have not. I don't even know what you speak of", he responded. Before the little beast could respond several voices spoke in his head. "He's awake", "Your awake", "Gather", there were so many it was like they were all trying to talk to him at once. "Quiet", a comanding voice finally spoke. When Agra, the eldest female, and mother to all but a few spoke everyone listened. "Make way, he must meet with The Light", she pronounced. The crowd of wolves parted and she motioned for Glenn to follow.

Outside the cave, she jumped from the ledge and disappeared down into the darkness. Glenn looked down and thought better of following her. "Why do you not come?", she asked in his mind, even though she was not near. "I'm not superman, I can't see anything. I would probably fall to my death", he shouted to her. " Do not fear Alpha. You are already far superior in strength and speed to me, I have smelt it", she responded. "How is that possible", he shouted back. " You have been alterted by my mate, and healed by the messangers of the light. Come jump down, follow me. You will not be hurt", she thought back to him. " Well WTF, why not", he said as he leaped off the ledge. As he fell farther down his he could see without seeing. It was as if his mind was receiving data from the surrounding with such clarity that he didn't need to see. Soon he was right next to her. "See was that not easy", she said as she leaped further down. He followed with a renewed vigor. He enjoyed the rush of the senses. Until they finally stopped.

She paused before an hole in the wall. "Go forward alpha", she thought to him. He started to go, before he realized that she was not following. "Aren't you coming?", he asked her. "No, this meeting if for you alone. Do not fear. You will so be greater than any of the clan have ever even thought of being", she voiced. With some reluctance he stepped in to the entrance and into the cave. As he did a rock rolled in front of the hole, and hundred of glowing worms came out of tiny holes in the wall. The room illuminated to a almost unbareable measure. "Sorry, we radiate so brightly that it would give away our position to the enemy, should we not close of the cave", a voice spoke in his head. Glenn felt like a mere child standing before great masters as he listened to what they had to say.

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 04:40 PM
A silent hush fell over the entire cave. Glenn waited for the "masters" to
speak but they were mute. Seconds passsed and the light emitted by the
glow worms lessened, becoming fainter and fainter. Abruptly the worms
withdrew to their holes, leaving only their heads visible. At the same time,
near the back of the cave, another light began to radiate, and Glenn knew
that this indeed was "the light". Strong yellow mixed with cave darkness,
changing to scorching white. Glenn's eyes hurt but he could not close them.
He watched as the white once again became strong yellow, and blinked
finally when the voice in his head said, "Welcome Alpha."
Glenn acknowledged with a nod.

"You are the first of your kind to enter this cave Alpha. Eons have passed
since my arrival, yet no true surface-dweller has ever stood where you are
now. At first I thought there might be only the Klan on this world, those
humanoids you passed on the way in with wolfish-type behavior, but then
the gen-warriors came, killing and destroying my gentle Klan friends. To
save ourselves, we had to attack them back. Many more of the Klan were
killed, until I was forced to alter the gen-warriors themselves, making
them stronger and part of the Klan, just to survive. What you saw outside
at the entrance to this cave is our new Klan, one made up of hybrids from
the original Klan and descendents of my enhanced gen-warriors. We still
continue the war brought to us by your creators of Sandia 2. Yet, as you
have seen, almost all of the Klan are pups. Inexperienced and unable right
now to stand up to the continued attacks of the genetic warriors. And it
seems more and more gen-warriors come. Why do you surface-dwellers
continue to try to eradicate us?"

Glenn started to talk before remembering to project his thoughts.
"Everyone on the surface is not of the same mindset", he blurted out.

The light flickered, then became calm again.

"You mean that all of the surface-dwellers think as individuals?"

This time Glenn did not move his lips. He "thought" about his answer.
"Yes, they all think independently and separetly."

The light again flickered.
"How can that be productive? Does it not bring chaos?"

"They cannot hear each other's thoughts. They use verbal communication."


A short, quick flicker.
"Alpha, you are no longer like them.You have been altered."

"That is true."

"Would you consider helping us?"

"There is nothing to consider. You have made me what I am now. I would
surely help you and the Klan!"

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 11:29 AM
"So be it", he heard in his head.

With that the light once dim radiated back to its former brightness. Then it went farther than Glenn's eyes could take and he had to close them or go blind. He felt himself beginning to burn and float upward at the same time. He tried to open his eyes but they hurt so bad he quickly closed them again. Then his mind drifted inward and his body felt like it was calapsing in on it self. He finally lost consciousness, and drifted off to a dream world.

Time passed and the man who was once Glenn finally stirred. He opened his eyes and looked around. "Rise Alpha", a voice spoke to him. "What happened", Alpha asked as he stood. "Many of my brothers have sacrificed themselves to honor us", the voice said. "Sacrificed, is that what happened. I thought you were killing me there for a second", he voiced back. "In a way we were killing you, my brothers killed old you and remade you. You are now a new being, a mixture of the man you call Glenn, the Klan, and now the Light. You are the warrior who will free us all from the Humanoid species who lives in the dark. You will destroy Sandia 2, and free all this planet from the dark ones who seek control over it", the voice answered. "Dark ones?", he thought to himself. "You have proven that not all surface dwellers are evil, only capable of it. You have been honored with the task of freeing them from the darkness we sense has taken control of them. Once you have done this we will all be able to live as one", the voice responded. Alpha was a little disturbed by what he heard, "I will not turn the surface dwellers into a collective. There are many in human history who have sought to destroy their individualism, and create a hive mind. It that is what you are after, I will not inslave them to it", he responded. "You misunderstand, we only wish to share this planet with them. It is impossible while the 'dark ones' rule them like they do", the voice returned.

"Ok, what should I do next", Alpha asked the worm named light. "First you must travel farther down, away from all and practice how to control your abilities. You must stay safely away from the surface, and away from the klan until you are ready to do what must be done", The light responded. The bolder moved and Alpha exited the cave to find Agra waiting patiently. Her wild eyes told him he had changed drastically. "Do I look that strange Agra", he asked. "Not outwardly, your smell is totally different. Like changing from a pup to full grown in a few moons", she responded. Alpha walked to her, "The light has altered me further, I must go away for a while", he told her. "Go away? What about the Klan?", she worried. "Relax, I must go away and learn some things far away from the Klan, I could hurt them right now by accident. I must become more proficent with what the light has done for me", he moved past her and quickly left traveling deeper, and deeper away.

The Control center of Sandia 2 buzzed with voices. The Master felt like anything but the master as he took a pounding from his masters over a teleconference. "General, we have killed Deathdreamer, and brought him back to study. Yes he is fundementally different than the failure that we thought we killed. We hope to learn much from him", he spoke to them. An Admiral screen overtook the others, "What other creatures did he come in contact with? I will not have a 'Day of the Dead' happening on my watch. All we need is superhuman squirrels running around the west. Maybe we should table the whole facility with a nuke", he rambled. "Admiral that would be a mistake that what only make things worse. Trust me, any animal that came in contact with Deathdreamer is a dead as dead can be", he tried to pacify the group. " I want some proof of this. You will send Security teams One through four into the forest to eradicate any possible problems", the Admiral stated. "That is overkill Edmond, and you know it", another voice overroad. "Master, you will send out a search group and find if any possible targets need to be killed. You will only need to send One and two", the Chief of the Generals responded. "Very well, I will do as ordered. Sandia 2 out", Master responded and closed the conference before any of the others could respond. "God, what a bunch of children", he thought to himself as he paced the control room.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:33 PM
(There was a plane crash . . .Jessica was dead . . .nobody survived the
crash except me . . .somebody tried to kill me . . .escaped into the
tunnels . . .met the Klan . . .learned about the hideous gen-warriors . . .
Sandia 2 . . ."The Light" . . .my purpose . . .Agra!)

The deeper Glenn ventured, the clearer his mind became. His last thoughts
were of Agra. Maybe he should've brought her with him. She would have
made the sleeping hours so much more enjoyable. No, leaving her back
there was the right thing to do. No telling what might happen when he
began to test his new powers. He had to deal with this on his own, at least
until he understood and was able to control all of the nuances that went
with the powers.
After two days of traveling down and deeper, the tunnel leveled off and
he made camp beside a wide underground river. Of course he was Glenn
no more. He was Alpha the Enhanced, and he had work to do.

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 11:51 AM
Golden liked the pace that his teams had as they searched and destroyed any animal they came across. All were stuffed into the mobile freezer that would be taken back to the lab for testing. He personally had plans on the venison once the scientist were finished. Hopefully they would only rely on blood test and not destroy he meat he hoped to himself. He watched in wonder as one of the newer units leaped from a tree to catch a white owl in mid flight.

Agra searched for the horror the animals had spoke of. She could barely catch their thoughts as they flew by her in a panic. A grizzly which would normally stop to challenge her, walked right up to her and told her to take her pups and run. He told her that the shadow humans were in a frenzy killing everything. Hastily she made her way back to the klan. Should they run, should they hide deeper.

Alpha slammed his claws into the mound of rock and watched it turn to dust. Breathing heavy he paused to catch his breath. His long claws retracted back into his skin, and the scraps and cuts that had developed healed quickly. His thought drifted to Agra and the pups. He had only known them for a few days, and a month ago any one of them might have walked up and killed him. Now they all felt like more than family to him.

One of the lab assistants radioed to Golden that the freezer was full, and would have to go back to the lab to unload. He radioed to the squad leaders that they were to halt any progress and meet up with him. His teams looked tired as they attacked the van that carried their nutrient food cannisters. Shadowrider, Griffen, and Scorpion, grabbed their cannisters and patiently sat infront of him. They were his favorites, the ones who held the best control of their facilities. They were also the only ones who could keep the rest in line.

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 03:41 PM
Alpha the Enhanced moved with lightning speed as he reached out and
snared a bat making its way up the tunnel. He had risen from a sitting
position to leap high up close to the ceiling to grab the bat, in the dark.
Landing silently on his feet like a cat, he held the bat in his huge, closed
hand, feeling its heart beat madly. He smiled to himself, satisfied that he
was adapting to his new powers. His coordination and control had been
refined over the past week or so, to a point where his confidence had
grown two-fold. He raised his hand upward and released the bat, knowing
that it posed no danger to his presence.
He went over to the river's edge, sat down once again, and mentally
reviewed what he had learned about himself these past few days. One, he
was hairy. His hair had grown everywhere all over his body, and he now
resembled a Klan member. Wolf-like and hairy. He was okay with this.
Two, his recuperative powers were awesome. After pushing himself to
exhaustion over and over again this past week physically, twenty minutes
was all he needed to recover, and go again. If hurt or injured, his body
healed itself quickly, sometimes in hours. His cells would re-generate four
times faster than they did when he was Glenn. Three, his mind seemed
keener than ever before, and he was able to anticipate things much
faster. Four, his strength had increased three times over, enabling him to
lift heavy weights and jump great distances from a standing start. His
hearing had improved drastically. And lastly, in the deep darkness of the
underground, his eyes had turned yellow, and he could virtually see in the
He was ready.
During one of his training escapades, he had discovered a tunnel that went
to the far side of Sandia 2. It was in that tunnel now that he began his
ascent to find and destroy any and all gen-warriors.

Golden was a pragmatist. He really never had any orders to kill everything
that moved, only to eliminate the problems caused by the Klan when it
came to finishing the construction of the Sandia complex. He took it a step
further like he usually did and decided that his genetic warriors would kill
everything alive. Why not? Prevent any future problems, right?
His complete disregard for anything living would come back to haunt him.

Alpha made his way cautiously through the winding tunnel until he was
sure he was across the entire Sandia complex. His ears picked up sounds
ahead, and he slowed to make recognition. Coming to a complete stop, he
determined that three gen-warriors were sweeping the tunnel he was in,
and they were headed his way. Finding concealment in the rocky tunnel
walls, he waited.

The light had made him this way, and he was grateful. Stronger, better.
Yet he had retained memories from all parts of the enhancement. At the
moment, he was visualizing through Deathdreamer's memories. He found
little contempt for the approaching gen-warriors, but he suddenly felt
hatred for the creators. The gen-warriors were being controlled ! It was the
makers of the gen-warriors he had to find! The controllers! The surface-
dwellers running Sandia 2!

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 02:10 PM
"Stop" he projected to the warriors that made their way to him.

"Do you really want to do this? Don't you want to be free?" he projected to their minds.

The gen-warriors paused, one grabbed his head. "What was that", one asked the group. "I don't know, but i'm going to kill it".

The group walked walked forward ready for attack, they didn't even notice when the last one of their group was pulled into the darkness. Alpha didn't allow him to make a sound in his death. The second of the two felt razors reach right through him from behind and stop his heart. The last one was ready. He kicked Alpha across the head and knocked him back in to the darkness. He managed to mouth the words" Control, we are.." before he joined his group in death. Alpha panted and breathed in the smells, its sickened him that he had to destroy these creatures. " They were so new, so young, they didn't know enough to be a nuisance. I must get to the control and stop it. I will avoid any of these cousins of mine if i can", he thought to himself.

Agra and the Klan stood outside the sacred cave that held the light. She alone walked into the chamber. "We must go", she announced to the light. "We have nothing to fear. Alpha the Enhanced will protect us all", the light responded. "I cannont find him, and the Sandia 2 warriors approach. I cannot allow them to find you, or harm the Klan. We must go deeper, they will be here soon. They are killing any and everything", she told the Light. "Very well Agra, we will stand together", the Light responded. With that she chose the bravest and the strongest to carry the light in their vessels.

Shadowrider paused as he reach the hole in the ground. "Golden, this is the spot that Deathdreamer feel into, and made a home. Do you want us to search the whole area. It could take days to search.", he asked his master. "You and Scorpion search the area. Griffen and the rest of us will move on and finish topside", Golden responded. With that the two Gen-Warriors disappeared into the opening.

Alpha stopped in the shadows as he noticed what was a head of him. Two camera's cover the entrance that was probably Sandia 2. He grabbed a rock and nailed the first, then the second camera. He hid in the shadows, waiting to see what the response would be. A loud siren went off and a red flashing light which gave away his hidding place started. Alpha moved back farther to cover himself as he waited for the response.

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 12:55 PM
Panic swept through the security detachment ordered outside to check
the cameras. Leaving the confines of Sandia 2 for the unknown tunnels
always brought panic. A lot of security personnel had been gruesomely
murdered in the tunnels, and still more disappeared completely, never to
be seen again. Ten regular guards and one gen-warrior came out to
determine the extent of the security breach.
Alpha was amazed that they couldn't detect him. Not even a whiff! They
had walked pass him numerous times, but his presence in the shadows
remained unknown. He watched as the gen-warrior and guards searched.
Forty minutes later they evidently felt that the threat had lessened, and
so they called for the maintenance crew to come out and change the
cameras. The security detachment departed to the interior of the complex.
Alpha continued to observe.
The maintenance crew consisted of four workers with their tools and
equipment. They worked steadily for two hours before breaking for lunch.
Sitting around and discussing the fact that they were indeed in an outside
tunnel, (something to tell their friends), they ate and talked and acted
casual, trying very hard to not think about the rumors associated with this
place. Maybe it was this "forced" casualness that allowed a shadow to
enter through the steel doors left ajar. Alpha was in!

He had slipped by the maintenance crew with little effort. Inside, he found
the re-inforced concrete hallways almost claustrophobic. The walls, floor,
and ceiling all seemed to blend together. Too smooth! There was no
personality in the surroundings at all. Very bland.
Alpha immediately drew on the memories of Deathdreamer. He had been
here before! Closing his eyes, he let the memories form a map in his mind.
There, there . . .that was the way to administration! Without so much as a
second thought, he was off and headed down the hallway to another hall-
way that would give him a better chance of getting nearer his goal without
being detected. Dull green light from aperatures in the walls aided his
progress. He saw no more cameras, and thought that strange. Was the
security really that lax?

The blow to the side of his head came very unexpectantly, and he went
down hard! Just as quickly he was back on his feet, looking for the cause.
Another blow knocked him down again. He had seen nothing! Another blow
knocked him down again as he was trying to stand up. He lay there,
unmoving, surveying the area around him. Nothing! At least nothing
visible. And yet, he sensed something there. What was it?

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 03:43 PM
Shadow warrior smiled as he pounded on the furball who thought he was getting past him. He wished he could do this where the rest could watch how powerful he was. He paused and looked around searching for someone to see him at his finest. When he looked back down the furball was gone. "Well at least you are going to give me some fun before I end it", he said aloud trying to draw his prey out. He searched and searched unable to find anything.

Alpha layed still on the floor watching the invisible warrior. Having absorbed this creatures ability, he could see how usefull it was. It bothered Alpha that the creature could not see him when Alpha could see the invisible warrior. His eyes tracked the shift of the air and formed a picture in his mind. "Well time to end it", he thought to himself and he rose to face the creature.

Agra and the Klan moved further down and moved quickly towards the west. "They are coming", the light whispered to her only in her head. "Should we stand and fight, or run", she asked. "Run, the time to fight will come soon enough. Hopefully Alpha will be back from his journey soon enough", it responded.

Griffen and Shadowrider paused to search a cave that was once Deathdreamers home. He smelled the sent of many creatures. Deathdreamer had been busy. "He must have been popping out pups every other day. I smell at least twenty", he told Griffen. "Golden..Golden..", he tried his mike. "Its no good..The reception is lousy down here", he told Griffen. "Should we go back for back up, or you up for this", he asked his partner. "I've been waiting for some fun for a while rider. Giddeup", he said as he jumped down following the scents.

Shadow Warrior's search for the intruder ended when he felt his throat close off and being picked up into the air. He tried to suck in the air but could not. Swinging with his arms, and legs he tried to beat the fur ball who had gone invisible. But the creature was too strong. A mixture of curiosity and fear crossed his mind as he saw stars, and then blackness.

Alpha lowered the creature down and showed him under a table. He checked the creature and was glad to see him still alive. He would give it a chance later if it so chose once the control was destroyed. Searching Deathdreamers memories he worked toward the center. He didn't see the soldier with the laser weapon. But he did feel it. The blast threw him through the air. He hit a wall as his ears focused on the siren now going off.

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Men stood around Alpha as he slowly regain consciousness. He opened a slight slit in his eyes so as not to give away himself. "What the hell is this..Dr. Schmidt?". "I don't know I never worked on anything like this. We need to get him back to the lab for study". Alpha's listening was disturbed by another laster shot to his abdomen. "What you didn't think we forgot about you did ya", a voice said as alpha passed out.

He awoke this time strapped to a table. He tried to yank his bindings off but they would not give, what ever they were made out of were stronger than anything his brain had ever heard of. "Try if you like, but these cuffs are build out of a pollimer that I'm going to patten once I get to the private sector. Their stronger than any metal know to man", a sickly old man in a lab coat told him.

"As you can see we captured your little tribe. Some wouldn't come easily so there are a few bodies for us to dissect", he said with a laugh. Alpha strained his head and saw what was left of the klan in holding cells with laser bars like a movie he once saw as a child. They had only captured the Klan and he could not see the light. Probing the mans mind he found nothing. "That's just like the movie child, it only works on weak minds. You won't get in here". I smiled and reached for something. " I do wonder about this light source. If we could replicate it, it might solve a lot of the worlds energy problems", he showed a jar filled with the worms of the "Light". A voice popped in his head. "They did not find all of us, only those we thought you would need to destroy this place. We will sacrifice ourselves to give you the extra power you need. Do not worry about us, it is our way". The old man reached for a small saw. "No need to worry about anastisha since the patient will not survive the operation anyway", he hummed to himself. Behind him the jar glowed to an intensity the Alpha had only seen once. The old man stopped in confusion at the lights intensity. Alpha felt the power flow through him, but he also felt something else...rage flow through him. He went through his restraints like paper.

"''t", the man said as he backed up and reached for a button. He hand reached for the button but stopped unable to function with it no longer attached to the rest of him. He tried to scream before he realized that his body refused to respond. Alpha reached into and destroyed the panels controlling the cells. "Wait here", he said to his Klan. "I will return, when I am finished". "But we came here to help", Agra responded. "You have don't your part, now its time for me to finish this. Your responsibility is to protect the Klan, not me. Hide in the ducts until I come for you", Alpha told her. The power and rage he felt glowed off of him and scared Agra and she did as she was told.

posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 01:41 PM
Alpha walked right out into the hallway with a purpose. He's mind worked like a computer, it did things for him that he didn't have time to think about until already done. As he made his way for the control room security camera's began to explode and melt. Crossing a corner he saw a guard twenty yards away reaching for his gun. He killed the man before he could pull the trigger. Then he ran into another special human, the battle last a few seconds. Alpha let out a growl that reverberated through out the complex.

Golden sat in his control room thinking of the escape hatch that was near by. Things that had once looked brighter only an hour ago, now seamed dier. He called all forces he could get a hold of to the door of the control room. "Hurry up he's comming". Then a growl that reminded him of the Jurassic movie plowed through his building. The instinct to survive, mixed with a little cowardness took over as he pushed the button to open the escape hatch, in the floor. Knowing that he was in a no win situation he stepped into the shoot and slid down the slide to a control capsile.

Alpha bypassed the hallway leading to the control room, and instead smashed through a wall and found the control room. Searching he looked for the computer that controlled everything. The only thing he heard was a beaping sound. Looking at the widescreen television on the wall, he saw numbers, and they were slowly counting down from nine minutes, thirty four seconds. He knew what ever this countdown was it wasn't good. He ran was fast as he could back to find the Klan, back to Agra. They had to get out of here really fast.

posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 02:34 PM
Alpha the Enhanced slowed to a gentle lope, and then slowed even more,
coming to a complete stop in the dark tunnels. In his rush to save the
Klan, he realized now that he had over-looked an obvious way out, . . . .
assimilation! If he could defeat and assimilate the bodies and minds of the
Gen-Warriors, could he not do the same with the Controllers? And if he
could assimilate with a Controller, could he not learn how to operate the
computer, and shut down the self-destruct sequence?
As he opened his yellow eyes, he turned back towards the way he had
come. He began a deliberate, rapid trek back to the control room.

Golden pressed the release mechanism and the door shot open. He was
pretty sure that by now the creature had departed the premises. Still, he
was cautious enough to check all of the cameras as soon as he had climbed back into the control room, and, finding nothing unusual, made his
way over to the base's self-destruct system. Blaring sirens and horns
and a computerized voice merged together to give evacuation orders.
Golden reached to turn off the self-destruct sequence that would destroy
this whole section of Sandia2. He would leave on the destuctive sequence
in the tunnels though, just in case there was a chance of getting that son-
of-a-bitching thing of a creature! As his hand neared the switches, he
watched in horrified fascination as something grabbed his hand and began
to crush it.

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