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Everybody Jump in on this one....

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posted on May, 11 2007 @ 02:36 PM
The bones began to break, loudly, as he grappled with the creature,
trying to make it release him. No give at all. It was as if all hell was
casting its fury on him. Warm blood began to spurt upwards as he
struggled and fought. Golden felt himself getting close to passing out, and
just as he was about to emit the scream of his life, another hand clamped
down over his mouth, stifling even his gasps for air. He found himself
staring into angry yellow eyes, and his temples began to hurt, badly.
Then there was nothing.
Alpha now turned and scanned the entire control room, seeing and under-
standing it now through the asimilation of Golden's memories. He went to
the switches that powered the self-destruct systems, and turned them all
off. A quiet calm settled now into the farthest structures of Sandia2. Alpha
realized that most if not all of the Controllers had evacuated hours ago.
All except for Golden that is. Golden would be the salvation of the Klan.
Of course he didn't that he would, but he'd come to know it. Yeah . . . .

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