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The real truth that hurts!

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:48 PM
The media and governments control everything! If they don't want people to know the truth, and most of the time they don't, then people will either be misinformed on events or just plain uninformed!

Most people don't have enough time or energy to really care about digging the real truth whatever it maybe. We, the sheep, from every country are told what to believe and who to believe. If the government says something than IT MUST BE TRUE and everyone else is either a traitor to his country, a delusional paranoid or a terrorist! Sound familiar?

My parents for example are both 60+ and they don't want to hear anything about ufos or even modern technology! Whenever I start such subjects they always find a way to change the subject or they just walk away disgusted and angry! They prefer talking about their mundane childhood, korean war or simply just gossiping about relatives!
My point is that its all relative to your upbringing and bag of beliefs and when people get old they don't wanna hear anything radical! The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is really an understatement for some people! Don't get me wrong I love my folks even with their shortcomings but sometimes its just too frustrating!

I think the same rules apply on discussion boards. Some people just can't handle the truth NO MATTER HOW MUCH EVIDENCE IS BROUGHT TO YOU!!! I only have one question for these people: WHY ARE YOU HERE WASTING MY TIME AND YOUR TIME TRYING TO DEBUNK EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OR VIDEO WHEN YOU COULD BE SPENDING YOUR TIME MORE PRODUCTIVELY ELSESWHERE????? If I was sure ufos and aliens are science fiction I wouldnt bother signing up on a conspiracy site but other people do and I must question their motives!

(A)Are they here to intentionally misinform the skeptics with irrirational judgements and idiotic debunking or

(b)(sigh)They are trying soooo hard to believe but somehow just cant get enough evidence(/sigh) or

(c)they are so anti-social, cheated and frustrated from their pathetic life that they have a constant urge to ridicule "easy targets" such as us!
Since 90% (thanks to governments and media) are "mainstream thinkers"
(but severly cheated in reality), we the remaining mavericks are easy prey for ridicule and harrassment.

I have posted many times here stating my views that are usually based on articles i found on other sites and most of the time people don't "buy it" or say "where is the proof". What is proof anyway and can you prove what proof is? I would say 70% of the people fall in this category. THEY WANT PROOF even if that means sacrificing your life for it and even if you got proof its FAKE! Its a vicious circle of asking for proof so they can "debunk" it and if their lucky and persistant enough they might even try to expose your source so they can "silence" him/her!

THIS IS OUR REAL WORLD! One of deceit, ignorance, "skepticism", belittlement and TONS OF HYPOCRISY yet we put up with it and there is nothing we can do about it either. Also, I thought conspiracy sites like ATS where for open-minded people and not for "pretending skeptics"! Was I wrong?

PS>I don't recommend raids or conflict as this is destained to fail before we even get started. The only real alternatives are propaganda on an epic scale, such as advertising, but that costs money and most people who can afford this choose not to! These are the people that can really make a difference as they have the resources and connections. Disclosure project is a great initiative and more influential people should jump aboard!

Thanks and sorry for my rant but a lot of people are begging for it and I will give more abuse if necessary!

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