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Green Candy

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 10:42 AM
I had a dream about a month or so ago, that seems now to be a prediction.

I dreamed I had this airplane in my front yard. It was an old cessna 182, old and decrepid. I got in it feeling great joy that I as going to fly away, I knew I was going to fly to a dream I heald close to my heart all my life. Over the rainbow I was giong.

A sat in the pilots seat and started prepping and going over preflight, hit the starter button, and nothing. I hit it over an over, nothing. I sat there looking out the dirty windsheild at this beautiful sunset and wept.

The dream then shifted locations and I was standing in my living room. It was dirty and neglected, like it had not been maintained in years, how old people get sometimes. I turned and looked at my wife.

She looked back at me with a cold stare. She was extremely old, I fell to my knees in despair knowing I had missed my dream.

That old airplane just wouldnt start.

Spelling typos, my hands dont fit my laptop keyboard.

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