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Non-conformists: Good or Bad?

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by Ghost01
Intresting analogy! In that way, thoes of us who are non-conformists are more leaders then followers. I agree with that veiw of the world. I pick my own path, and blaze a trail that others can follow.

it seems to me, to be a non-conformist, you must do a couple of things.
you must compare yourself to something, someone, or a group of things or people. this is the only way to know if you are conforming or not.

if you are a leader, you are the one by which all others are measured, and found to be either conforming or not.

you cant be a leader, and be a conformist, or non-conformist. because, to determin conformity, you must measure aginst someone or thing. a leader does not do that.

you can choose to be a non-conformist all you want. but, in a group of like-minded individuals, you have conformed to the group ideas. when you are compared to the group.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by JSR

if im a non-conformist, do we have to non-conform to all of the above?
if we pick one to non-conform to, do we have to non-conform completely?

im not trying to devalue what you posted. like i said, i agree with it.

aaah, that's choice. I think that non conforming to all the above is fundamental, but don't take it to extremes either. Don't denounce all religion outright. Don't bash the entire government either, there's some good people there too. Question science, helps learning, maybe you'll discover something new? etc. Everything has to have a limit, if you take it to the extreme you might aswell live outside of society, one must learn to live in one. But like I said, it's choice. What I don't like is hypocrites who pretend to be but aren't. You'll notice that alot now a days. Non-conformity starts with self betterment, trying to out do yourself, it's not a jealous competition. If I find someone to know more than me, I'm not jealous, I want that person to teach me! That's how I see non-conformity. Oh, and I pretty much agree with what was said up to now, so, there's not really a point for me to comment about it. maybe give a non-conformist pat on the back?

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