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Mandy my Guardian!? Can my dreams become any more crazzy??

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posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:07 PM
I am really a little messed up at the moment.

My thoughts running from one corner of my mind to the other and I don't get what's going on in my dreams anymore. This is so crazzy..
If someone else would tell me this whole story I don't know if I would believe him or her.

I read ATS mainly because of the 9/11 and Alien topics.


Somehwen in september I had a very vivid dream where there was an old TV and in the TV was man's head telling something. The TV was 'flying' in the room.
I became very attracted to it and something was wrong with the movie-reality or the storry the man told. I flew toward the TV and wanted to 'enter' that 'scene/reality' to figure out more when I noticed a girl/woman in somewhat a brown-grey clothes. She told me 'Not to enter that TV-reality! It's dangerous!' She worried eighter that I would become dragged into the story the man told or become trapped in his TV reality and can't get out anymore. (well the second was most probabily rather my worry) I indeed feelt something was dangeours. But I am not one that backs off so easy once I want something.
When I was very close the man was looked at me with evils eyes. I never meet a demon, but that had a lot off a evil-demon. I thouched the screen and stopped.
The man/demon looked at me waiting to 'suck' me in. I then knew the woman was right. It was too danger to enter this 'reality' and I didn't.

Hardly 2 days later I found this thread

That was the TV that was the Man/Head (you see him in the first 30 sec of the movie) and he indeed did tell a (CT) story about 9/11.
That move is really good... to my 'knowledge' 9/11 was an inside job... but my dream gave me a lot to think and I am no more that sure about it although really everything leads to that conclusion including my own WTC Collapse Calculation.
Was the warning of the woman wrong?


Two month later I always had forgotten that dream.

I was reading Alien Agenda's 'Proof Positive of Alien Comm' thread and I sure tried his exercise. Not with much success except that my dreaming became messed up. I always had bad alien dreams after doing AA's exercise before going to sleep.

I am not sure why I actual did but I shared a few of my bad alien-dreams.
(I know it all look slike a setup up but really I did not know that I will somewhen later be glad that I can refer to them)

you should read the first one:
Also you might be interested of the 'interpretation ' of probedbygrays later two pages later (not that I agree in this interp. but it's interesting

What I did not tell what happend when I returned to the house. I found that woman. And now you may guess which one. The one of my TV-dream. It was her. And it was she that called me back 'Do not Jump. This is Real' although with my mothers voice. I did not connect the dot's I had completly forgotten my TV dream. But her appereance was equal.
Again she keept me from 'jumping' although this time there was absolut nothing dangerous outside. I was really angry after when I awoke.
(as a side note, also the 'big head wolf like beeing' that I stopped with the pencil was there (with pencile in head) and I appologized to it .. that makes sense (do that often in dreams in afterward) but thats not so fast explained and another story)


posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:10 PM
Some days late I had another 'alien' dream that puzzeled me because one thing 'the name that I saw at the office door'.
It was so big that it was screaming that it should have a meaning to me that I posted it, in the hope someone can make out something with the name:

or Monrones.

probedbygrays interpreted that older and intelligent woman as my guardian.
I dissagred. But without shareing thought about my first alien dream that I posted.
Although both woman were blond, the first one was young and this doctor one was old and somehow my impression was that she was an huamoid alien. At least her office was alien. The TV dream I still had completly forgotten.


again few days later (or 2 days in the past now) I picked up AA's exercise that I had dropped when I knew AA's aliens are the dishonest ones and the thread became closed (on another reason).
I had some wired alien dreams again. Really whenever I feel the need of a bad alien dream I only have to do AA's exercise before going to sleep. But don't get a wrong picture, they are not cool nore enjoyable and sometims really no cacke walk but has a certain degree of strangeness that is interesting.
Anyway the alien dream was not really importand. But in the late sunday morning I went to bed for half an hour again to catch up some missed sleep.
I then dreamed about a telephone conversation with 2 people at the same time (conference switch). The one was a man with hwom I had to solve a technical problem and the other was was the young woman listening closely. She was guarding the communication ready to help me when in trouble. I don't know why I knew but it was without question the young woman of my first alien dream and she was like a mother guarding.
Unfortunatly I was not lucid I had asked her right away if she is my guardian.

Still I have forgotten about my TV-dream and I thought I had only meet that younger women twice.


Today I was watching TV a german channel next by surfing the web on my PC.
And suddently there was that name on the screen:


very uncommon name for a german channel.
And at that moment it made *dang* in me.

That was the name on the door I dreamt. I had trouble with the ending. Couldnt remember it well. (you see I gave two names).

But know I saw it written clear on the TV and there was the ending 'ose' I couldnt much.

Monrose..really meaningless to me.

but they told about a popgroup and music.
And so I went on the search in the net.

Didn't take long to find it:

by all means the middle one is her!
And that was the moment my TV-dream came all back into my memory because that was the clouth and the postion she had in that dream.

that's a new german casted popstar popgroup.
(I don't like casted popstar-groups I did not whatch or read anthing about that casting because of disinterest.)

reading the pages, seeing videos on youtube and it really looks like her.
If I read that right her name is Mandy and is 16? (looks older to me)
Sings ok but might be better and doesnt makes such an intelligent impression to me. (well she is young so it's ok).


posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:11 PM
That young woman 'Mandy' appeared 3 times in my dreams (4 when she was the older woman too, what I don't know, but extrapolating the age it might hit)

1 time she keept me from 'jumping into dangerous place' (tv dream)
1 tims she keept me from' jumping out of trapped dark space' (first alien dream)
1 time (older woman) she was an alien-island in an action-dream (I like action)
1 time she guarded my phone converstion with an to me unknown man.

in 2 of this 4 dreams I found an 'object' in reality after:
The 9/11-video
The word 'monrose'

Conclusion: that 16 year old casted german pop girl looks like to be my guardian!? huh??
What the...
I don't get

All coincidences?

I thought I understand my dreams but that now is just too wired for me..

I am also not even sure if she is a positive contribution to me (my dreams) or rather a negative.

After all she craked my understanding in 9/11 a little. keept me from jumping out the trapped dark space into
safety and listened to a telephone conversion I had with someone else.
Just that I dont experience her as something evil but much more like a mother also when I am much much older than 16 I have to say.

Probabily that the young woman in my dream and Mandy looked the same must be a coincidence or it was wanted that way by the woman in the dream.
That the real pop girl Mandy is my guardian I think can not be, that would be very strange..or can it be?? ahhh...... guardian thoughts -> delete.

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 07:49 PM
Trust me. I had alot wierder dreams.

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 02:10 AM

Originally posted by Dragonoligist Zac
Trust me. I had alot wierder dreams.

I can think of that. But were they also mixed that wired with reality?
As long as I just have a wired dream it does not bothers me. But when I start finding my dream elements and persons days later in real..aehm :/

I had a lot dreams in my past (I am an active dreamer) but this kind of dream is a new experience for me.

If you have such a dream feel free to contribute I would really like to read them.

That kind is interesting and it also would help me to understand my own dreams/dreamcharacters better.

At the moment I really dont know what to think about my 'Mandy'-guardian or if I even shall think about it. Her equal look might be coincidence but the 9/11 movie and the big name on that door not. That were just to 'nailed on the head'.

Well I will certainly hear some music of that group in the future, maybe the music is telling me more. Look forward to that.

hmm. maybe I also should switch on my TV more often to see if I find some other 'dreamcharacters' of my dreams on TV

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posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 11:13 AM
It is 2 or 3 days back now. But I had another dream where 'Mandy' was part of. She did look a little different than the 'pop Mandy' this time.
She was in a good adult age. Not young, not old. But it was definitve her.
We, our group of about 4 or 5 ppl were climbing high cliffs. We were on a small beach sourrounded by the clifss before and had packed the most improtand things in a 'calm hurry'.
Something deadly was comming toward the beach. I dont know any more specific than that. But we had enough time to pack and climb. And we had to climb all up!
Once again I had this mother relation feeling to her. Not guardian. More like I have a second mother!? But at the same time I had this 'equal' feeling as she is no more importand than other friends.
She reached the top of the cliffs as first. When I spotted her, she stand exposed on a dangerous spot and had gotten a phone call on her handy.
(didn't know she even had one). I didnt like to see her standing exposed.
When I saw her I knew she will fall bevore I ever get up to her. And short after the call stopped I saw her falling off the cliffs. Backwards. But I saw her face and she was smieling toward me and waved 'bye'.
I've felt as I have lost someone importand in my life.
(I really hope not, because I have still no clue who she is, and I want a chance to figure this out.)
Our group was safe. And on own feets now. I was on my own feet. But I always was on my on feet. Wasn't I?

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