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Stream technique success stories

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posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by thedangler
I don't really care who streams something to me, as long is it happens that's fine by me.

Well, if the who is the the grays: They will hook you with a vast and wrong 'knowledge' and will stream you a lot of mindblowing but nonetheless wrong things. Also they will give you predictions that will not happen. If you are not rooted well in our world with a solid base of knowledge you will become a 'victim' of them on your own will in your desire of knowledge.

Oh and they will for sure violate your privacy and they will manipulate you in mind and possible even physical of course unasked. That you contact them they seem to see as a general agreement that they may do as they pls (check the old thread).

Simple put. They lie to you and they manipulate you the bad way. Enough of such 'gray contacting and calimed hybrids' exemples are all to find on the net.

As far as I see it it's partly because that's their (the greys) kind to deal with us and partly it's because they lack in understanding of the universal law and the origin of life (spiritual) themself.

If you can handle that, then it's a good idea to contact them. Else I would suggest to listen to that poster before and better look around in the higher astral planes and contact the knowledgeable spiritual beeings of light and love.

A good start platform for such a really awesome experience is lucid dreaming. And a good way to get to lucid dreaming is realaxing/meditating before going to sleep (simplest form just lay there and dont move is all that is required) and awackening with an alarm clock where you can set multiple interval (most successful with unpredictable intervalls).

posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 02:35 PM
I wouldn't discount outright what g210b is saying...I wish we knew more about these beings...

The bottom line is that we're getting mixed messages, and these beings, if they are good, or well-intentioned, don't seem interested in correcting this viewpoint if it is in fact wrong...

Plenty of people say these beings have their own interests at heart, and pursue them to our detriment if need be, some say they're neutral observers, some say they're trying to advance our race, while AlienAgenda suggests there are "greys" and "grays", and the "greys" are bad, while the "grays" are more enlightened beings that want to engage in a positive form of contact...

TOo confusing...

I've read articles on witness accounts, abduction experiences, experiencer descriptions, read Whitley Strieber's info, seen his movie (Communion), read countless websites describing contact - often ongoing - researched websites with alleged ET info and revelations, and read posts from sleeper, probedbygrays, observe50, earthsister, smallpeeps, AlienAgenda, amongus and whoever else has posted on the subject and I can't see a consensus anywhere.

The subject seems be split equally between good, bad, or indifferent, and everyone thinks they're right.

Now, putting all of that aside, I don't doubt people have often felt violated by these experiences, but I don't feel it prudent to take an individual's interpretation or perception of these events as a definitive and clear indication of malice on behalf of these beings.

It's also important to note that these beings have evinced their technical superiority frequently, but have not harmed us (I'm excluding negative personal accounts of contact).

It's important to allow for the possibility that there are other individuals or beings that may in fact be able to, and have in fact, taken on the appearance of certain beings to mislead us as to their true nature.

If any of these ET are well-intentioned and see these offenses occurring they may in fact be trying to clarify the situation, but their message is getting lost. It may be getting to the right people, which doesn't include the general public, OR the truth on a grand scale will be made plain in an appropriate time frame...

Until then, I'm going to pull every last hair out trying to find out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are...

posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 05:08 PM
Just an update on my progress. Since I last posted I've tried three more times. I get to stage where I feel my body swirling around me, like I can feel my body parts but I can't quite place where they are at any one moment, even though I know I'm laying still. I feel like I could go beyond this stage but I admit I'm somewhat afraid. I don't know what I have to gain by doing this anymore than I have so I guess I'll just monitor this thread and see how other people do. So far I'm unimpressed.

posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by Gunney
Just an update on my progress. Since I last posted I've tried three more times. I get to stage where I feel my body swirling around me, like I can feel my body parts but I can't quite place where they are at any one moment, even though I know I'm laying still. I feel like I could go beyond this stage but I admit I'm somewhat afraid. I don't know what I have to gain by doing this anymore than I have so I guess I'll just monitor this thread and see how other people do. So far I'm unimpressed.

You are close. onthedeck's post was very well put, the only thing I would add is that when you find your mind wandering to other things, focus on saying the color name. . like RED. Say it in your head over and over. Soon enough it will drown out everything else. I would also say that my best experiences happened when I was getting ready for bed at night, not during the day. Go to bed 30 minutes early and lay in the fetal position on your side and do the exercise. You will be successful when you feel the vibration (it will shock the H#ll out of you when you first feel it), but you must not be scared. Let it go, and see what happens. Once again, I still think this is more about meditation. . .but I've been wrong before. I also still use the technique and have seen some things that are quite frightening to me. However I still dont think they are evidence of anything else except my mind.

posted on Dec, 11 2006 @ 09:12 PM
does this vibration feel like the chills by any chance?

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 01:21 AM
The buzzing doesnt feel like chills, it feels like a hornets nest is in the back of your head. I DO get a chill go through my body right before I start to hear the stream and see the white viewer. THe first time I had the chill feeling I ALMOST backed out of it, but stuck with it. It was one of the coolest experiences in my life. . .

Like AA mentioned. . dont be scared, have fun.

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 02:00 PM
Although I've slowed down with this technique, mostly due to demanding social schedule (yep, pretty much..hahah), I will say one thing.

I wasn't, to my understanding, able to reach the stream. I would get to a point where I was really aware and alert. I felt at times that I was on the verge of something. Like a palpable anticipation - some might say it felt like there was another presence in the room...but I felt on the edge...I really felt at these times that something was "about to happen", but nothing has yet.

I did not, however, during my meditations feel like I got to the stream. However, I'm writing this to say that a couple of times upon just falling asleep I would be half awake/asleep and hear a loud squelch and static. Almost like a CB radio. The sound was static or fuzz, without a doubt. I think I need to be in a deeper state to reach this stream, or to connect, but I'm convinced there is something to this...just not sure...

Anyway, I had other experiences, but at the point that I felt I was on the edge of experiencing something with this, AA suggested I revert to a meditation I was familiar with, and my color technique meditations diminished...

When things slow down for me I will get back into it again...

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 05:17 PM
Had to chime in after following this post for awhile on and off. A couple posts mention the "vibrations" you experience during self hypnosis. I too have experienced the vibrations, feeling like your body has lifted or moved "out of body" so to speak, etc. There are tons of materials available on this subject, from books on Astral Travel to Out of Body instructional books. What I find interesting here is that I have never read any of the Astral or OOB books that a person had experiences with aliens. Certaily some people have experienced some very interesting things, pretty much you name it, but I can't recall any of them speaking of Greys or other "ET" alien life forms. Doesn't mean they are not out there, they have just not made there way to my bedside table as yet. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but again, I've read a lot, from Frued to Jung, many books on hypnosis etc, and I find it interesting that you are finding exactly what you are looking for, much like books I've read where people have experiences with loved ones that have passed, remote viewing, etc.

So, taking it to an even more interesting thought, are the aliens just a part of that "other dimension" where so many other things seem to exist, at least to the observer. I mean if you have two groups of individuals, each doing very similar self hypnosis excercises, and one group interacts with the dead, and the other interacts with Aliens, it would seem a possibility that they both exist, and possibly even in the same exact space/time arena. Or not. But I would be hard to convince that you reach this "point" of relaxation where you choose door #1, Door #2, Door #3, or, what's in the box on the table in front of you. I tend to believe we create more of our reality around us than we could possibly imagine, in a very low unconscious level, so as to keep surprising our conscious selves. If you read any of the new age stuff there's plenty of it there.

This isn't a "debunk" attempt. But if it made anyone think, well, then it wasn't a waste of typing. The mind is a vast place to get lost in, have fun, live out your fantasy life, have lucid dreams, fly, whatever you can imagine is your only limitation. When the first person here snaps that photo of the Grey by your bedside, I'll eat my words ;-) It's the age of everyone having a video camera, so next time you prepare yourself to do this excercise, video tape you and the room. I know, there will be nothing there as it's not on this dimension. However, you may find that you "catch" something unexpected. Do it and see. Also, WRITE DOWN all your experiences, as that brings them into this dimension. Then, when you start experiencing trouble telling the difference between this world and the others, do some reading and study everything you can on the subject.

posted on Dec, 12 2006 @ 10:20 PM
I've done something like this and had what could be communication but I have no physical proof, so to me it's nothing....

[edit on 12-12-2006 by Dracotic]

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by Alien Agenda

Some very clever humans reached out and grabbed this “forbidden knowledge” that the power that be would squash and they took this technology and techniques are applying it a wide range of products and services for the betterment of mankind.

I just now found this thread. Hadn't seen it in my ATS travels. I felt I needed to comment on this particular mention because of a "dream" I had. While sleeping after doing the exercise I was in a half wake/sleep state and all that I could think of was the position of my body which was in the shape of the "hanged man" from the tarot. I had one leg crossed at the knee, lying on my back with my arms crossed. The feeling was of hanging upside down. This was prevailant enough that I told my daughter about it so when I saw this post by AA I felt I needed to share the image that was seared into my brain as I "slept" Since the hanged man represents the bridge between two worlds and sharing forbidden knowledge I felt it was in line with the post quoted.

Also I am unable to access any of these links on this thread posted by AA. They all have the Forbidden error on the page not letting me in.

As I mentioned before I haven't been sleeping in my bed of late. When I get brave enough to sleep there I am startled awake by some kind of loud pop or vacumn pressure like noise/feeling which makes me uneasy. I have had no visuals, but lots of unearthly audio in doing this exercise. I don't do it anymore since I had the "scoop" mark upon awakening I felt like I needed more info to expose myself to this.

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 06:50 PM
AA - in your 'evolution is now under way' thread, the last post i made stated that if you had a technique that didn't require the impossible use of frequencies i would try it, just out of courtesy.

Well last night i attempted this technique, and i got to the same point i get with normal meditation, and that was all.

So you can no longer call me a 'sheep' for arguing against you, because i have indeed tried your technique and it failed at it's supposed goal. Oh, and before you say i'm 'not ready' or 'didn't try hard enough', i went in with a completely open mind and did exactly as the directions indicated...

The use of meditation and self-hypnosis can be very fulfilling, and that is all this is.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 03:38 PM
Can someone make "Page 2" color picture bigger, because it was good to meditating. Now when i tryed open that, it was just little picture, so can someone make it to bigger? Somekind big size or make sizes 1024x1280 1024x1024 and so on. You know what i mean. I have been thinking why it was changed to little picture.

But this was interesting color thing. Its easyer to focus to computer screen than in mind. But its now bye, i hope that bigger version come's again from that color thing. The other ones said at that first color thing "Page 1" was somekind wrong and they changed middle thing to left and right, but now bye.

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