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Anyone Know of a Good Antidote for Chemtrails?

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posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 01:17 PM
Is anyone aware of an antidote for chemtrails. Is there anything that can be taken to cut down on the physical/mental side effects of chemtrail spraying. I did not post this to debate the existence of chemtrails, so don't waste you're time trying to debunk it. All I want to know is if there are any vtamins or supplements or the like that may help out with this. Thank you and any helpful comments would be appreciated.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 01:28 PM
Wow I thought someone would know something, seriously is there anybody out there?

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 10:55 PM
I think the questions that need answering first are:

Anyone know if "chemtrails" actually cause health problems, with conclusive evidence?

Anyone know what "chemtrails" are made of?

Anyone actually have proof of a "chemtrail"?

Not to be a downer, but you can't speculate a cure without even knowing what the problem is, or if there's even a problem in the first place.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 11:39 PM
Was about to say the same thing, Astygia.

Without knowing if they are real and what they're made of, who can say?

It's like asking for the antidote to Vampyrism.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 05:55 AM

Originally posted by greydawn
Is anyone aware of an antidote for chemtrails.

Yeah, quit flying.

The more commercial airflights there are the more 'chemtrails' you'll see - not to say the increased environmental damage and contribution towards global warming.

Edit: 'chemtrails' being what meteorologists call 'persistent contrails', which, as high altitude clouds (they're comprised of ice crystals, like cirrus), produce a net warming effect in the atmosphere.

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posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 10:59 PM
Greydawn, the first antidote to chemtrails is to relax and realize they don't exist. When you accept that these streams are just water condensation, you'll already start to feel a lot better. If you're having physical problems, you might consult a doctor, or consider the fact you might be a hypochondriac. There is absolutely nothing going on in the skies above.

Did anybody buy that? I didn't. Greydawn, sorry. I was making a point.

First, the unpredictability of your response to the particulate matter emitted by certain aircraft - what is commonly called chemtrails - depends on your age, gender, health and immune vulnerability. In many cases, these exposures are a serious health threat.

It has been posited (often tested and verified) that several chemicals, metals and/or other material may be ejected by these craft. These include, aluminum, barium and quartz.


"Analyses of chemtrail fallout overseas have shown up a biochemical-warfare soup of toxins, pathogens, fungi, moulds, and genetically-engineered organisms such as Mycoplasma Fermentens Incognitus and Psuedomonas Flourescens. Some of these organisms have been linked to the 'Gulf War Syndrome'. Most are extremely antibiotic-resistant."


During what people have come to call "heavy spray days", when these aircraft coat the sky with these streams, hospitals report an influx of admissions for severe gastrointestinal and upper respiratory ailments, lingering flu-like symptoms, lethargy, digestive problems, confusion, sore throats, etc. Flu epidemics that often jam hopsital ERs and wards across the US are not flu cases at all. This is what is reported by the confused hospital staff.

Thousands of people in the U.S., and around the world, are complaining of acute asthma-like attacks, gastrointestinal problems, and lingering severe flu-like illnesses including a persistent dry hacking cough that eventually goes away – only to return. Other symptoms of chemtrail-related illness include sudden acute gushing nosebleeds, dizziness, migraines, joint pain, twitching eyelids and sudden extreme fatigue. Short-term memory loss and the inability to concentrate or enunciate simple thoughts [also halucinations] are also common complaints.

What is occurring in increasing numbers are "flu-like" symptoms often manifesting as repeated pneumonia attacks, first-time asthma and other severe upper-respiratory ailments.

One site discusses the "flu-like" symptoms, which are strangely absent a fever:

FAC 7: What symptoms are you ascribing to these chemtrails?

Ans. Thousands of North Americans are complaining of acute asthma-like attacks, gastrointestinal problems, and lingering severe flu-like illnesses including a persistent dry hacking cough that eventually goes away – only to return. Other symptoms of chemtrail-related illness include sudden acute gushing nosebleeds, dizziness, migraines, joint pain, twitching eyelids and sudden extreme fatigue. Short-term memory loss and the inability to concentrate or enunciate simple thoughts are also common complaints. In Espanola, exposed townspeople all started forgetting where they’d parked their cars.

FAC 8: So it’s the flu.

Ans. Except there is no fever. And patients test negative for flu. Doctors, nurses and the Centers for Disease Control all say they do not know what is causing these “mystery ailments”.

FAC 9: How can tiny airborne particles cause such severe symptoms?

Ans. According to medical studies, once in the bloodstream, microscopic pollutants can attack tissue – including the walls of the heart. (Check out hospital records in Phoenix – a hotbed of chemtrail activity.) An Idaho naturopath examined more than a hundred people complaining of chemtrail-related illness. According to Dr. Joseph Puleo, almost every one he examined was host to a fungal infection. Instead of contracting the fever of a flu, when you’re blood temperature drops during an illness you know you have a fungal infection. I suspect that chemtrails are bringing down UV-mutated viruses, bacteria and fungi now known to be widely circulating in the upper atmosphere. If so, our immune system would not recognize or be able to cope with these novel pathogens.

So you are dealing with metals, chemicals (ethylene dibromide), synthetics (similar to asbestos), viruses and/or bacteria, among other things. My advise is to first, try not to be outside during "heavy spray days".

If you see symptoms (shown above, see also Gulf War symptoms - 1, 2, 3 ) you should not let them go. You may need to see a doctor, and may need antibiotics.

It's important to keep your immune system up. This will fight the hazardous organic components that might be present, and it's just good sense. (link, link, link)

If you want to put on your scientist's cap, you can try a homemade kit invented by Don Croft he calls the "Cloud Buster" (link, link). He actually has a photo of chemtrails vanishing over this device. If you've ever seen a chemtrail abruptly stop at one point and then reappear as though someone had switched it off, then back on again, it could have something to do with orgone energy. I've seen clouds that look like a hole was shot right through them...Try and judge for yourself.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be aware. Be aware of what's happening around you. Try to be up to date on this phenomena. Keep your eyes to the sky. If you feel sick, dizzy, confused, or suffer from any of the symptoms above, try to source that illness. You never know where it may be coming from.

Finally, simply keeping positive thoughts has power in itself. Thoughts (and words) have power. Your thoughts should dwell unflinchingly on the knowledge that this universe has your best interests at heart, and everything happens for a reason. Hang in there.

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 11:07 PM

Show us one of these lab reports and how the jet exhaust was collected.

Quartz? Thats a new one. Aluminum too? Wow, I bet those arent found in the soil and in the air at all!

How much of that aluminum and quartz can a plane carry? How much does it take to cover the sky? I bet a lot! Yep, we got planes out there dumping sand and aluminum powder up there.....laugh..

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 06:07 PM
People are probably fatigued going back and forth about this issue (look for dozens of ATS threads), but I will provide links to try to give you an update on what the concern is - around the world.

I'll say a couple of things. First, greydawn started this thread by making a simple request,

Is there anything that can be taken to cut down on the physical/mental side effects of chemtrail spraying. I did not post this to debate the existence of chemtrails, so don't waste you're time trying to debunk it.

I was following up on his specific request. Based on what has been "purported" to be in these unusual streams I offered a number of suggestions.

I'm not an alarmist, but the lack of acknowledgment from any scientific institution, health organization, or our government to a growing public outcry that is being made in earnest, verbally, through providing samples, letter writing, etc., has angered people who are concerned about their health and just want an investigation. We deserve that much.

Thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people around the world are confused by aircraft streams that they claim are different from the streams they have seen since birth.

People who live by airports and see heavy air traffic daily - who know the traffic patterns and are used to seeing planes above - are seeing streams unlike anything they have ever seen before. Period.

The fact that this is going on without any prompting by pro-chemtrail people is significant beyond words.

Also, I said,

It has been posited (often tested and verified) that several chemicals, metals and/or other material may be ejected by these craft. These include, aluminum, barium and quartz.

I said that it had been "posited" (asserted, supposed, purported, etc., take your choice); i.e., I did not say that I, myself, had witnessed these elements under a microscope. It is possible that all or only some of these particulates exist in these streams.

The bottom line is everyone has to do the research and decide for themselves. I will list some links where you can start. There is no longer a question of "if" something is going on, the question being asked now is "what" is going on.

There is enough circumstantial evidence to at least open an investigation, if not to indict the responsible party(ies). And that is all that us confused and concerned onlookers are asking.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 08:44 PM
Oh I know more about the chemtrail conspiracy than the chemmies do. I have followed it since 2000, and been banned from most chemtrail message boards simply for disagreeing.

There actualy is not a single chemtrail conspiracy, its more of a catch all for collassal ignorance for people that know nothing of aircraft, navigation, meteorology, etc.

Want to make your own chemtrail conspiracy? Here is a multiple choice quick and easy way someone can be a chemmie too! Just pick one of the letters!

DIY Chemtrail report

I looked outside and saw unmarked aircraft miles and miles away, whose contrails :

A. Were parallel
B. Intersected (were not parallel)
C persisted longer than usual

It Looks like the spraying was done by :
A. UFOS flown by reptilians
B. Military aircraft
C. Airliners.
D Small jets
E Cessnas

I think what was being sprayed was
A. Barium
B Aluminum
C. Red Blood Cells
D. Virus like SARS and AIDS
E Ethylene DiBromide

And it was being released by

A. Spraying from the aircraft
B. Released from the engine exhaust.

See, you too can be a chemmie! All you have to do is to pick any choices you want from each category, heck you can pick every choice if it makes the "chemtrail report"

Oh just dont forget to also turn off critical thinking so that you are open to believing what anyone chemtrail conspiracy believer says, so that yo think that it is not cold up high, so that the air does not move, and that it must be the same temperature and humidity all the time, and that every plane flies at the same altitude and that every contrail must look the same, and disappear quickly.

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 10:24 PM
This is not a fad or a club. And critical thinking is causing people to question what it is they're seeing above their heads that they know, to their core, they have not seen before.

Please research the available threads. If you follow the links, do the reading, and see what's happening and still disagree something different is going on, that is obviously your prerogative.

The people making noise about this don't want to convince their neighbor as much as they want to see more from the scientific community in response to their outrage than the dismissive treatment they are receiving and do not deserve.

A legitimate scientific investigation, done properly and publicy, with the results made available to the public is what we're asking for. But these demands are met with silence. And this inexplicable silence is what is driving a lot of the call for action.

The media has covered this subject in numerous states, but despite this there has been no response in the scientific community. Why? A legitimate scientific study would end the speculation once and for all. The debate would be over. The scientific community is ignoring this like it doesn't exist - the phenomena and the outcry. And it has to be glaringly obvious that they can only ignore it for so long, because they're actually adding fuel to the fire.

So given the "potential" health concern, the evidence that something is going on, including our government's own documentation proving the existence of such programs (do the reading), and the stonewalling the public is receiving on this subject, I'm afraid it is not going to go away.

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 10:31 PM
Do you actually think that something in an aircraft contrail over you, is going to come right down? Ever seen cropdusters doing any work at 30,000 ft? Guess what? Even when cropdusters spray from 5 ft, they still occasionally get stuff blown where they dont want it to go.

So do you think the conditions at 30,000-50000 ft are warm or very very cold?

What do you expect should happen then to water droplets at that altitude?

Can you show me a detailed picture of a "sprayplane" or tell me where they fly out of? They have to takeoff and land somewhere

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 10:49 PM
These streams are being dispersed below 30k feet (do the research). And they are disbursed by low-flying, commercial-sized aircraft that often fly side by side in threes and fours, while commercial aircraft fly at all altitudes without persistent streams (do the research).

It's been posited that whatever particulate matter this program wishes to disperse at ground level is carried by a synthetic (nanoparticle?), weblike, or fibrous material that carries it to the ground.

This material has been collected (do the research) and tested, but it has also been reported to have dissolved, or disappeared. One would imagine if this were a carrier, once it dissolved, its cargo would be free to float and adhere to its living target (which could be human, animal, or food, you decide).

Anti-chemtrailers (and NASA) love water particles and ice crystals. These seem to act as a wand that waves away common sense in the listener - the wand's broken. Sorry. Do the research.

I don't wish to submit any more photos (do the research). These planes are not jacked up with spray tanks the size of Cadillacs bolted to the side that spew green toxins into the air for obvious reasons. Come on!

I wish you the best of luck. I'm not the be all and end all on research. I can only share my conviction, which comes from seeing something I know is unusual, and to point the way to a wealth of information regarding this "non-issue". Do the research, I would love to be an Encyclopedia on this matter, but I haven't the time...

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 11:16 PM
"Do the research"??

Show me any real data, of low level trails? If it is out there, then I am sure you can give us a link to proof of such low level trails.

Also prove your claim about all these large aircraft side by side in these spraying operations. If they are as low as you say, then there should be some great photos of them!

Where are these chemplanes based at? Can you show us a picture of a chemplane so we can see what kind of plane it is?

I am sure you can also point us to these lab reports, and tell us about the methodology of the sample that proves it came from an aircraft?

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 11:58 PM
Hey firepilot, $5.00 say he links to carniclowns furnace filter "tests."

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:13 AM
do aircraft lose toxic microscopic particles while flying?
of course, thanks to a little something called air friction!

will those particles fall to the ground (eventually)?
why yes, thanks to a little something called "gravity"! what a novel idea!

assuming the particles are dropped naturally (as discussed above), is there a negligable amount? negligable enough to not make any difference whatsoever in your health?
the answer is clear. hint: its not no.

now, do "they" intentionally "spray" them (in large quantities)? who knows! then again, why would "they" do it in the first place? (both rhetorical questions)

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 07:07 AM
With respect to all of you, greydawn was not asking for this.

There are plenty of threads to argue your points. Howard opened one called "Chemtrail Science?". It's especially a good one for skeptics. You can go there and bathe in your absolute correctness.

This is not an argue post. The people assisting greydawn presuppose there are new streams in our skies. Period.

If that is not your supposition, you can respectfully and politely avoid this thread. Or, you can also be an extremist skeptic and post derisive, pointless posts everywhere you see the word chemtrail. That only shows poor etiquette, and is disrespectful to the owner of those threads.

No personal offense was intended to those of you who post these insulting, derisive, empty insults; but your posts inflict the same offense on posters who were not asking for that.

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by greydawn
Is anyone aware of an antidote for chemtrails. Is there anything that can be taken to cut down on the physical/mental side effects of chemtrail spraying. I did not post this to debate the existence of chemtrails, so don't waste you're time trying to debunk it. All I want to know is if there are any vtamins or supplements or the like that may help out with this. Thank you and any helpful comments would be appreciated.

Echinacea and garlic to help build up your immune system. St. John's wort or Valerian for the calming qualities. Perhaps ginko biloba for help with memory loss.

Goldenseal is a good purifier. Makeing tea from goldenseal root is better than tablets, but it is VERY bitter tasteing to me.

There are many herbs that may be useful.

Just go to your local health food or vitamin store and tell them your symptoms, hopefully someone there could help you pick the best thing to take.

If you're wanting to "purify" your system tell them you want herbs or supplements that help get rid of toxins from the body.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:05 PM
Gimme a hug...

The board won't let me post a message that short,
so I'll ask for another hug...

How hard was that (to follow "on" topic and give someone
helpful advise)?

Thanks a lot!

Honestly, I think thinking and being healthy is the best thing
anyone can do for themselves.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 05:15 PM
Here are some of the pictures i consider to be good evidence of something not nearly as natural as some parties here would suggest.

One unique type of cloud is manmade. Contrails occur when exhaust from jet engines condenses. A narrow line of moisture makes up the contrail. Winds eventually dissipate it; in some instances conditions permit the contrail to survive for many minutes (their straight lines do distort). Contrails are believed to affect weather by raising both short and long-term temperatures (one estimate is for about a third of a degree per decade). Here is a MODIS image taken over the southeast U.S. on January 29, 2004 showing a large number of contrails (at times more than 2000 planes are over the North American continent at any one time):

So why not say 'many hours' like so many other websites? Did they forget to edit this one or does not normally talk about 'many minutes' when sometimes goes on for hours?


1. Why the differing contrail colouration?

1. As above the colours seem quite strikingly different...

3. Who's this plane turning around for and if so where did it go?

4. Zoomed in there is even less evidence that this is somehow 'normal' 'i forgot my luggage' situation..


8. Looks to me like their converging, why?

14. Turning around?

16. Does it not look like a marker to discover wind shear? If so why the huge
effort if it's natural atmosphere 'current' and can not be stopped?


7. Since when do commercial planes fly in formation and change direction at the
same time?

8. What happened to that contrail? What exactly in the sky can make break up a
contrail like this?

9. As above

10. As above

11. As above

15. As above( orbs)

17. what short of wind shear can twist a contrail like that?

18. Why is that contrail so deformed and why is another appearing nearby in the
exact area of the deformation?

19 Formation flying and then each going their own direction...

20 some kind of disturbance of contrail ( orb)

21 More disturbed contrails.

22 More disturbances ( orb)

25 More disturbances

26 More disturbances ( orb)

28 Hole formation ( orbs)

29 Black contrail?

34 More disturbances.


5 Where does the wind come from that formed the specific 'hole' and look at how
the trail is twisting... ( orb)

6 more twisting ( orb)

7 numerous planes ,twisting ( orb)

8 Holes and twisting, clearly flying around cloud formation as if to discover

something about it's direction

9 Very many forces at work in such a small area.

12 opposing forces at work in cloud ( orbs)


1 contrail changing form ( orbs)

3 contrail and wind shear ( orb)

4 Contrail breaking up with another appearing in the area of hole.


1 What is the odds of three aircraft arriving at the same point in the sky at
just about the same time and that the conditions in that area allows for
contrails while the sky not 5 km's further does not?

2. Are those engines really running at a different pitch and if so could it
affect the contrail formation so drastically?

3. Two engines seems to be leaving entirely different contrails..

4. Two planes leaving different contrails

8. Why do the trails intersect in the openings between clouds?

9. As above but now it can be seen that the intersect points marks apparent

10. Contrail marks area where cloud seem to be expanding.

12. Contrail marking center of hole in clouds... ( orb)

13. Contrails marking cloud edges. ( Orb)

17. Contrails marking wind shear and hole formation in contrail.

21 Symmetry in the sky? Dipoles in the sky?


14 Two planes deciding to turn around in exactly the same area of the sky.


2. How close do civil flights get to each other?

3. Numerous contrails being laid by formation of planes.

12. Contrail formation with two planes laying additional contrails trough wind shear area and
'hole' area.

16. Contrail with numerous holes punched trough it.

17. Extensive rippling effect visible in cloud ( orb)

****** Very low altitude contrails ( orb) Very low altitude Contrails (Orbs?) Very low altitude Contrails

ttp:// Very low altitude Contrails (orb)


4. Contrail with gaps

8. X Marks the spot ( orb)

12. Three paralel trails with various disturbances ( orb)

14. Contrail with square gap...

19. Contrail being torn apart by cross winds ( orb)

Plane activity

1. Intense trail

2. Dumping something and if so what?

3. Trail formation from entire wingspan with differing colours/intensity, ( many orb)

4. Two planes flying formation and leaving quite different types of contrails

5. Same planes with one contrail fast fading...

6. Are these dense contrails normal really 'normal' contrails?

7. More dense contrails with quite distinct colour variation..

8. Can contrails be switched on and off to form gaps? Squares in the sky are no more natural than contrails that can be switched on and off.

14 Contrails weaving it's way trough to 'holes' in the cloud cover.

16. Contrails being torn about by strong wind shear while a plane leaves contrail apparently marking the boundy of the event... ( Orb)

17, Contrail being slowly torn apart by various forces operating in a relatively small section of the sky. Observe the directions of the 'fingers'

18. Very strange rectilinear force being introduced on this contrail drawing it out at a precise 90 degree angel.

19. New contrails being introduced into this part of the sky to intersect older one's in their most disturbed sections showing strong evidence of at least planned direction of air traffic. What sort of acticity in our skies can lead to the redirection of commercial airliners?

20. Square opening in overcast with contrail starting right in the middle of it. What are the odds against a contrail starting by natural means in the center of a square gap in the overcast?

21. Zoomed out perspective of above event ( orb)

23. Are these planes piloted at all as this does not seem like commercial flights coincidently all doing course changes. I have seen few pictures that so clearly disproves the conventional view of contrail formation, by commericial flights.

24. Strong forces introduced on this chemtrail with other contrails marking some of the areas. (orbs)

I am of the opinion that any health problems that arise from these 'contrails' are quite accidental and also unimportant in the grand scheme of weather warfare... There are obviously admitted instances of the the US and other governments spraying their citizens without biological or toxic agents , to presumably see what would happen in strategic war, but i am not taking those into account.

Contrails are imo clearly being laid to mark or find the boundaries and directions of the energy being introduced into NATO skies ( well these observations come mainly from people living in NATO countries so i am assuming non NATO intervention?) by whoever is responsible.


posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 05:22 PM
So you would be happier with me if I just went along and offered forth nonsense like some imaginery feel good snake oil remedies offered up by various hoaxsters. Its amazing how some of the biggest promoters of chemtrail, also have "remedies", videos and books for sale too?

Conincidence huh?

You would be happy with me if I just said "Yeah, take lots of colloidal silver, thats stuff is great!" Never mind that people end up turning gray if they take too much, and silver in that form is useless to the body.

If i had some false belief, I would want someone to take the time to correct me, rather than just play along to make me feel better.

I would rather someone take time to learn about aviation and meteorology rather than spend money on something being sold by some online snake oil salesman.

Face it, there are no photos of any "chemplanes". Just fuzzy photos of distant aircraft, where people claim to be able to tell from miles away that it is not marked. I wish I had that kind of visual acuity. have tens of thousands of high quality detailed aircraft photos, many with trails. You have to be able to find something there.

But now that it is winter coming up, expect to see more posts about "Wow, biggest spray day ever!". Psstt...its because its getting colder up there, increasing the change that the exhaust moisture will freeze into ice particles.

I am pretty damn sure there has been no sampling of an aircrafts exhaust, am I right? Guess what? Research and investigation is not where you just take to people that already have the same opinion, and know nothing about the topics of aviation and meteorology, and who couldnt tell apart a Cessna and Piper, or a 747 from a 767.

Why it is in all these "investigations", they dont talk to people in aviation?

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