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What I would do with world order...

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posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 02:07 PM
I got a second opinion from one of my collegues on this matter, this post is his take on your "What I would do with world order..."... scheme?

Your first post seemed to rip-off Stargate SG-1 alot. In not so many words you described the social system they have on the world each own.

Your second post ripped-off the prequel Dune novels. You seemed to take that from Omnius.

Extermination is useless. It brands you and your government the "Bad Guys". Eventually one of your fellow "Elite" would become a contender for the power you seem to love. Your government would collapse eventually and then Humanity would have nowhere to start, and we'd be 3000 years in the hole.

Undereducated people are useless to enslave. You have to guile and influence the intelligent or 'informed' to do what you need before disposing or displacing them. Kill only the people who wish to harm your government openly, barter with those below the radar and keep your black-ops teams on speed-dial.

The "Destroy enlightening books" idea is silly. There will always be copies and destroying them makes them coveted and 'True' to the mis-informed. Anything the government doesn't want you to see must be right, right? Instead use the literature as the base of your political cartoons. If someone is laughing at the 'enlightening' concepts, they wont take them seriously.

You say people can be bought or that everyone has a price. If you're in power then you control the economy. Don't let them have the wealth to offer bribes. I'd like to quote one of the Dune books here: "Take the money and the courts, let the rabble have the rest." People can't have prices if there isn't a market.

Looking down to stamp-size is stupid. If you lose the 'bigger picture' in any way, you yourself will be manipulated. Macromanagement is just as important, if not more so than Micromanagement.

"this is a conspiracy fourm correct? TOO much of 'our' data is missing to prove 'us' right. "

There is plenty of data and information. You gotta look in more places more often and for less time. Take the gist of a concept or event, look behind it, and move on.

"what you miss is that i am explaining this to you because i feel it has already happnened and will happen again. "

If this "Shadow Government" has taken control and influences us... Since when has this stopped? A true shadow government doesn't follow any rules of law. You start any sort of threat and you dissappear or have an 'accident'. A new "Shadow Government" can't take control until the old one is routed. This doesn't occur easily because most people don't know they're being manipulated. If by chance you find a ringleader, he'll either be boobytrapped or die before information can be obtained. It would take a grave error on the part of the "Shadow Government" to leave a power gap for you to fill.

"i am more so asking how you think this will be achieved and what your thoughts or insight into this claim are. "

Your methods of mainatining power, while understandable in concept, really isn't feasible. To maintain a population needed to properly use Earth's resources in a reasonable time, you would need about a Billion uneducated people. This mandates a minimum of at least 10,000 "elite", though more would probably be needed. Somewhere around 150,000-250,000 would be my guess. Thats a small society by itself. There's plenty of room for ambition there, especially among the people that understand what you're doing.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 02:23 PM
The theory that if educated populations were overwhelmed and subdued by tidal waves of uneducated peoples who do not expect self rule, justice, or equality, it would enable elites to have a stronger hold of absolute power is a sound one, though this control would eventually be lost in the manner mentioned in The Art of War.

Absolute monarchies and oligarchies are not new and the cure is known.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 06:42 PM
I think this was supposed to be a fantasy "what if" scenario.

If I was the leader of the NWO, I'd do alot of really bizare, but fun things.

I'd first declare some arbritray day "hamburger day" and use the tax revenue to buy each person on the planet (yes, all 6 billion) a hamburger.

I'd also set off nukes in space. Why? Because it might look cool. I'd also maybe shoot a few nukes into the sun to see what kind of a light show that might produce...

I'd also build a full-scale enterprise-D...with non-working warp drive (because warp drive is impossible, right?) in orbit. It would serve as a reminder of our loftiest goals (as well as a huge space station).

Maybe I'd also blow up one would miss it right? It might look cool in slow-mo...


Anyway, I would have FUN if I ruled the known world.

[edit on 3-11-2006 by MystikMushroom]

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