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NAZI connection to 911

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 04:50 PM
I would like to present a possibility that maybe noone has considered. The Bunge corporation was linked to large scale short selling on the NYSE back in late 1963 when it positioned itself through weakening Allied Crude by pulling its credit. The result was on 22nd of November the market crashed after the Kennedy Assissanation and the Stock Exhchange was closed early.

Now I hear you ask what has this got to do with 911, Bunge Corporation also known as the "Octopus" and had its roots in Fascism and was controlled by the Born family Argentina who just so happend to be German Expats. Well Bunge Corp made Half Billion Dollars in one day from short selling and this barely made the news anywhere in the world because JFK was taking all the pages up.

I portend that a similar thing happend on 911 and the reason it was covered up was so many people had something to gain from it like Larry Silverstein and his massive insurance payout, the Neocons getting their never ending war and everything else that has been talked about on this board.

The 1000 year Reich I beleive refers to a German/Prussian ideology ( in competition with the Romans ) that involves world domination by a single group of individuals and encompasses many Secret Organisations and is entering its 4th stage beginning with "Operation Paperclip" and culminating in Fascist America becoming its instrument of destruction this time around.

Its also possible that this 1000 year fight between the Fascist German/Prussian group and its Roman/Jesuit adversary is complex and may have been construed as one and the same movement but are in fact 2 separate enemy organisations.

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 06:21 PM
Sorry mate you're going to have to back your statements up with proof.

As for Silverstein - He LOST one hell of a lot of money from 9/11. He didn't gain a cent.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by mazzroth
Its also possible that this 1000 year fight between the Fascist German/Prussian group and its Roman/Jesuit adversary is complex and may have been construed as one and the same movement but are in fact 2 separate enemy organisations.

I think you might be right. There is a clash of ideologies occuring. It's a question of just who gets to be free. The Puritans were protestants who took on thier beliefs from Martin Luther who was a German.

I'm gonna post several excerpts, some reading may be involved, but they are relevant to your theory. the time of the American Revolution, Catholics formed less than 1 % of the population of the thirteen colonies.

The main source of Roman Catholics in the United States was the huge numbers of European immigrants of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. These huge numbers of immigrant Catholics came from Ireland, Southern Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Eastern Europe.

The Puritans were originally members of a group of English Protestants seeking "purity" — further reforms from the established church — during the Protestant Reformation, though many later sought separation from the church.

With the arrival of the Quakers in Pennsylvania in 1656, the path was officially paved for other religions to migrate to the colonies. The Anglicans were already established in most of the colonies and were even part of the group of people that were "persecuted" by the Puritans. However, after the dispersement of the Puritans, the number of other religions in the colonies began to increase. Baptists appeared in a majority of the colonies, Roman Catholics and Protestants organized in Maryland and even some German religions surfaced in a few of the colonies. Later came the Lutherans, who formed in the German communities in Pennsylvania, and the Presbyterians, who even had an appearance in the Massachusetts Proposals of 1705.

The Intolerable Acts, called by the British the "Coercive Acts or Punitive Acts, were a series of laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 in response to the growing unrest in thirteen American colonies, particularly in Boston, Massachusetts after incidents such as the Boston Tea Party. Enforcement of the Acts played a major role in the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War and the establishment of the First Continental Congress.

American Whigs, however, were alarmed by the Quebec Act as much as the Coercive Acts, and they labeled it one of the "Intolerable Acts". Their main complaints over the Quebec Act were the protections granted to the Indian territories and to the Catholic settlers in Ohio. These were viewed as attempts to halt expansion into the west and to strengthen a church that many opposed and resented.

Protestantism is one of three main groups currently within Christianity. The term "Protestant" represents a diverse range of perspectives, denominations, individuals, and related organizations. While no particular belief or practice can be said to define this branch of Christianity (indeed, its most commonly given definition is merely "any Christian denomination which is not Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christian"), those denominations considered to be well within the realm of Protestantism all have firm roots in the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther's 95 Theses during the sixteenth century.

Protestantism is currently the dominant religion of many first-world countries such as the United States and Germany.

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posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 08:13 PM
Doctor Fungi

Thank you for enlightening me on the Silverstein issue as best I knew he gained massively but there appears to be evidence to the contrary. As to your request for evidence there is no smoking gun or clincher for the theory, but as I wrote that article I didn't want to spell out everything as people here can line up the dots very adequately by themselves.

Insider trading of United Airlines ? short selling stock ? no proper investigation ? and the purpotraitors of this event go unchecked. The fact that it had been done before on a large scale by a Nazi offiliated group tends to lend credence to a modus of operand.

There has been numerous ( un-numberable ) accounts through modern history of people reffering to the shadow govt. in the US and Eisenhower is the main one I will quote when he reffered to the Military Industrial Complex and that it was actually a group of private companies ( a form of fascism ) that controlled the US and that a link can be made with Operation Paperclip and that the Re-Patriated Germans that had gained control of these organisations and research will provide you with the facts of this statement, NASA and Werner Von Braun is a good starting point and the fact he tried to build the Saturn V rocket inhouse.

Please feel free to comment as I would appreciate any links/info on this subject as after reading "Thee SS Brotherhood of the Bell" my eyes have opened to an alternate history and the main concept of that being the Nazi/Fascist ideals live on and now no longer have Germans "ONLY" in their ranks but powerful players that believe that our capatilistic-democratic model has served its purpose and we are now entering a less free period in our existance controlled by an evil group.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 10:25 PM
Not to be a downer, but it would be prudent to find the most likely party and stick to it, rather than think something up and find a way to make it work. The more parties that get added to the list, the less likely it gets.

For example, if we put all the current theories together, we've got a partnership between:

*U.S. Government (Executive Administration Agenda)
*Feds (CIA, FBI, NSA, maybe OA)
*Local Civil Servants (Firefighters, Police)
*Aviation (Traffic Controllers, Pilots)
*Middle-Eastern Terrorists
*Zionists (or just Jews, I haven't studied this theory in depth)
*Now add Nazis to the list.

That's not a likely set of conspirators, even if we claim OA/Shadow involvement.

Now we look at all the proposed methods:

*Official Story (actual planes with actual passengers used as missiles), no wrongdoing.
*Official Story, add pre-planted explosives
*Official Story, administration bungled and/or ignored the situation for an agenda
*Holographic Planes, pre-planted explosives in the buildings
*Holographic Planes masking ICBMs
*Holograms w/nukes in the WTC basement
*Legitimate Planes crashing w/nukes in the WTC basements
*Unknown planes shooting missiles from landing gear seconds before impact
*Remote-controlled planes w/nukes in the WTC basements
*Remote-controlled planes shooting missiles from landing gear seconds before impact

You could take a few of the methods and mix/match them to find other theories people are into.

No offense intended here, but not all of these things are likely; most of them aren't even plausible. Including the official story.

So where exactly do we draw a line and seriously look into the most likely and backed-up scenario? Or does this go the JFK route, speculated upon forever and thereby forgotten for all intensive purposes?

posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 04:45 AM

I have to defend myself here and point out its not my idea and I have never tried to portray it to be, science often uses the accumulation of data and unrelated evidence to provide evidence combined to make a "theory". An example of this would be ... we introduced cane toads to combat an insect in the cane crops and all of a sudden all the large reptiles went missing. Even though noone actually saw a cane toad Kill a Monitor it could be safe to link the 2 together in the reduction in numbers of the said reptile. You could at an early stage debate wether the cane toad ate the lizard or vice versa but the fact remains the reptiles numbers dropped off.

Now as for combining a whole heap of things together to make it all fit you would need an agenda whether it be for self importance or money making as these are the first to that come to mind, Iam in pursuit of neither I must point out. I am merely suggesting that all this talk of the USA becoming a "Police State" is well documented by people like Webster Tarpley, Greg Syzmanski, Sander Hicks, Pat Buchanan, Olbermann, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones and the list is so $%^&*@# big I am not even going to pretend to know them all.

So my point being that if 1000's of alternate media personalities are saying that the USA is heading toward fascism then who were the progenitors ( designers ) of it and what possibile link could they have to today's version of it.

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posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 08:49 AM
One of the people who helped to carry out Operation Paperclip was Prescott Bush, W's grandfather. He was also one of the key players in putting Hitler into power. Hitler was supported by many American elites who contributed money to his party. Within 10 or 15 years, Poppy Bush was working for the CIA, later became VP, etc. and there you have it, right on up to the present Bush president. If you do the research you will see 3 generations of the Bush family who have somehow been involved in moving this country closer to Nazi/fascist ideals.

posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 09:02 AM
Not attacking you mazzroth.

Just seems that there are more theories based on loose or out-there scenarios at this point than one could easily digest. The more theories, the less likely it is for a hardwired, gung-ho, official story-type to consider that something's wrong.

Happy posting.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 12:53 PM
There really was a definite connection between the Nazis and 9-11. It had a heck of a bite, and cost the lives of most if not all, of the people in the South tower.
The excerable F.B.I. deep sixed the real story of the twin engined bomber that T- boned the Empire State Building in 1945.
This mission was sniffing out clandestine radio transmissions, miles, out over the Atlantic, and was ordered to follow one back to it's source. Unfortunately, it's source was eminating from the Empire State building. Since it was an overcast, and cloudy day, the pilot didn't see the skyscraper until it was way too late. He nailed the radio beam's transmitter, and the entire Nazi spy ring, manning it. Their cover was that of a Catholic Relief Agency, operating on a Saturday, when most of the building was deserted. Two elevators were manned at the 83rd floor, I believe, and both elevators were apparently booby trapped, so that these two hapless girls went all the way down, in their cages. One was critical and one not so bad, but in 1985, when the NY Times did a forty years after piece, this sole survivor, slammed her door in the reporter's face, outside of Topeka, Ks.. Such is the bully boy tactics of the F.B.I.
Where the damage was really done, was that John P. O'Neil, the bon vivant ex F.B.I. agent, in the towers, didn't have this crucial piece of history. On the
'severe clear' day of 9-11, he should have evacuated both towers immediately, since there never had been an truly accidental collision, of a multi engine aircraft, into a NYC skyscraper.
The F.B.I. coverup of the 1945 destruction of the Nazi spy ring blithely transmitting from the top of the Empire State Building, out over the Atlantic, while their stupid loop antena vans, puddle ducked along, at street level, was a major contributor to the casualties in the towers, on 9-11. My great uncle, Otto, H. N. was flown to NYC, from a Manhattan Project plant, in Texas, to replumb the Skyscraper, to see if it could be saved. He told me the story in the summer of 1963, in Atlantic City, N.J. where he spent his summers. His call was that the port engine barely missed the number three elevator tower, which carries the structure's load at that level. If it had been a few feet over, the top of the building would probably slammed down into Wall Street, like the recent Hollywood version, in Armegeddon, of the Chrysler building's decapitation. Even so, the miserable F.B.I. was still going to protect J. Edgar Evil's reputation, at all costs. Maybe it's time to rake these toadies over some coals.

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