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Are the next demensions governed by thought?

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posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 10:38 PM
The Thought Demension

This may throw some people off but if you're able to connect on any of the understandings it will not seem "as" paradoxical.

Okay we're going to talk about other demensions and more importantly we're going to try and wrap our finite heads around something quite infinite. These are baby steps of course. Okay now most religions and spiritual deciplines have an everlasting soul as their conventional wisdom. If you can subscribe to this we'll move on.

Try to understand what it could be like to detach your soul from your physical body. Now this may sound unpractical, but to some that are familiar with astral projection know where I'm coming from (if not google and research). It is important to know we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Human nature is temporary. Imagine that our eternal beings are in a spiritual cocoon so to speak, and this life is being played out within that cocoon. Consider it a second womb. We are in this cocoon to develope into our butterfly. Except most of us don't know it, because they can't understand it. This can be directly attributed to falsehoods that have been implanted inside your thought process over your years if blind developement. You must unlearn. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, "The falsification of history has done more to impede human developement than anything else known to mankind." I tend to agree. This world is ran and governed by evil. Beings of darkness are what distorts the true message of life. Beings of light are what we are and what we hope to become.

There is a spirit and it works outside the boundries our natural world. It is a collective force from the omnipresent/Potent/scient creator for which most can't even fathom. The only force in the world that is worthy of worship is "LOVE." Love is what will bring your creme to the top. Admitting your foibles isn't hard, you just "think" it is. That is an ego-develope illusion. It is actually empowering to admit guilt and hold yourself accountable. The point is that if you can't relate to my words as of yet, perhaps you need more love in your life. Love is what rips away the layers of blind ignorance. You can only get as much love as you give, remember. Okay, back to the Thought Demension.

We have little understanding of what the next demension is. We can study quantum physics, entertain theories like string, super-string, or "M" but there is lacking frame of reference in all these. If you can believe that our spirits are only temporarily in the physical world, then you must strip all your physical understandings when thinking of our spirits and other demensions. I am under the belief that the spiritual world works more closely with the laws of dreams and thought patterns than what we know. When we sleep we are still, yet we can be anywhere other than sleeping within our minds. This is because the spirit has left the body. Not for good. Yet. Until we pass away our spirits will always be connected by an ether cord. Which is a transparent ambilical cord that keeps us connected to our bodies while we escape (near death experience testimonys validate this cord, as do astral projectors).

Take memories for instance. You can remember beautiful things from your past within your mind. You don't really see them, you feel them. Try to remember a good memory and focus on it. It is different not only because you aren't seeing it, but also because it is registering on receptors that are spiritual rather than physical.

I believe the next demension is transparent and is made up of our ability to dream. Not dream like I had a dream last night about showing up in class without pants, but a conscious lucid experience within the fragmentations of space and time (I realize this will sound strange to some, hell maybe most, lol).

Everything comes from thought. Everything. There isn't one this that has been made, performed, played, or created that didn't start with a thought. Think about it. I want to go to college, I must first apply and meet requisites. If I want to create a being of light, I must first develope it. The universe was a thought first.

What is renunciation? It is leaving your comfort zone in hopes of a deeper understanding. Every prophet renunciated before becoming great. Why is that? Why did Jesus go to the wilderness for 40 days? Why did Buddha leave his family and escape to the mountains? So they could think. The evil in the world doesn't want us to think. We escape when we think. If you were to leave your home today and go to the desert for three weeks by yourself, what would you do? Think. In the city, with the world spinning around you, your bills, your addictions, your obsessions, they are all distracting you from thinking.

I know you can say, hell I think in my appartment. Good. But to what depths are you reaching? You don't know until you know. I'm not saying we must all go to the desert to live, hell Jesus came back, as did Buddha and Mohamad. But if you've never cast aside the material world for a deeper connection with what's timeless and not temporary, you are not living up to your potential. Because once you reach the understanding, it doesn't ever go away, you can't unchange the epiphanies that will redefine you. You just are now able to see the world as it is... a game of children. This is when you can really think. Think.

So in closing I'll just like to say that thought is eternal and making the most out of your cocoon is paramount in becoming a being of light. Because thought is where I believe we're going.

BTW, all additions and subtractions of my point of view are welcome.


posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 10:30 PM
I like what you've said. I understand your comparisons to dreaming and all, and what you said about this body being a "second womb" was really good.

I can really entertain the idea that we are here to develop. My questions are with the way we develop. Just questions for your opinion. Is it important for a person to understand this development process? Is it only important that we develop our ability to love?

Why doesn't a life, any life, develop a person well enough?

Can't we just fix whatever is wrong with us in the next dimension?

I'm sure you have good answers for these, just want to hear more about this.


posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 10:44 PM

Originally posted by Novise
Is it important for a person to understand this development process?

As important as it is for a lawyer to study law. The more comprehension we have of the structure of life, will enable us to segregate what is of no real intelectual worth. The deeper your understanding the more tools that are at your disposal. Image an average height man stabding in a crowd. Now image the same sized man elevated 10 feet over everyone. How much more aware is the man elevated? The person in the crowd is distracted by all the people around him.

Is it only important that we develop our ability to love?

I believe it starts with love. Love is the water that feeds the seeds of life. When the sun is distracted by clouds the flowers may die. The same with our lives and the material distractions that deter our prgress.

Why doesn't a life, any life, develop a person well enough?

Because some lifes that have been directed towards darkness do not recieve the same benifits from their actions. Our choices dictate our eternities. We are here to build our futures. I guess it is the difference in buying a cheaper built car and finding out later that you could've afforded the luxery with just a little more awareness of such a possibility.

Can't we just fix whatever is wrong with us in the next dimension?

Not if what you do here is what dictates your direction.

Thanks for the nice words.


posted on Nov, 2 2006 @ 07:15 PM
i think the original poster is definately on the right track ,i recently came to the same conclusion that all evolution will take place on a consciousness scale rather a physical scale , hence high dimensions will be in our consicousless or our minds

heres a link to my theores which actually links with yours in some ways how you find them interesting


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