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Small Plane crashes into NYC Building

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posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 10:56 AM

Originally posted by Ox
That's my point.. Im getting at the structure held.. It didnt collapse as it did in the WTC and I'm not saying due to the impact.. Im saying due to the raging fire... Fire brought down the WTC.. it DIDNT bring this building down.. and it was a smaller building.. smaller aircraft.. it was proportionate..

What you fail to realize is the rest of the "official 911 story". The huge, forceful impact of a Boeing 767 removed much of the "fire proofing" off of the main structural supports, exposing it to fire.

The combination of naked steel without fire proofing, and fire, and structural failure caused the collapse. So, I still don't see your point.

Originally posted by Ox

And it wasnt a B-52..

It was a B-25, like I said in my first post, and like your source says. I didn't say it was a B-52.

Don't try so hard Ox, you will make many mistakes and damage your rep.

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posted on Oct, 15 2006 @ 11:08 AM
How can people say "Oh calm down, it's just a random plane crash"?

I have a job driving a boxtruck, and multiple times a day i see planes of all sizes barreling right over congested highways, buildings, neighborhoods...what have you..
Just friday a small plane like this swirved precariously right freaking over top of my vehicle about 50yds (hard to judge, too low!) above me, after leaving a small airport where theres a major road at the end.
I've said it here before, I understand flying is quite simple and crashes are rare to some degree. but the way they have it set up to where they put innocent peoples lives at what i described above..millions of times a day all over...We should be up in arms about where they have flight corrodors or somthing..
I saw this right when some channels still thought it was a helicopter.
LMFAO.. and what do you see?, a bunch of FRICKEN news choppers buzzing right next to the scene, god forbid the rotor would break one of these times and it crashes and kills a few more people for no reason..

Now ironically saturday they have The Airforce Memorial Commemerance Ceremony or whatever in virginia. glorifying air travel for war and what have you.
because you would think there would be people questioning the safety of where planes are alloud to fly now after this latest crash..they have this AF thing to ralley some of the retards back to supporting how they operate. most likely before any notion of "hey we have to change somthing here" even crosses peoples minds.

the fact of the matter is, airborne vehicles are not the same as standing along side a road with strangers driving past you, imo...
I think it should be alot more involved than what it is, and the amount of traffic should be decreased. Millionaires dont need to travel in private planes.
Just like military aircraft dont need to fly back and forth over residential areas for no reason. to me when a plane flys over my house anymore its really like a slap in the face, I call it endangering the lives of others, but who do we hold responsible?
well thats my take on the whole issue, more on topic, its odd that the plane hit the building practically dead center, guess its hard to comment on though.

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