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Another Journalist Murdered

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posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 01:51 PM
I know this women so I am going speak out about a few things that I know about this case.

Anna Politkovskaya was journalist and writer that around 2002 to 2003 started to speak to public radio talkshow hosts about matters of national security in russia. She and a few others testifed and it was later proven that at the time a russia defense minister died because of knowledge he had of around 100 suit case nukes missing from the russian arsonal.

DOE later tried to cover it up saying it didn't happen but the story was true. Russia for years has sold it's weapons on the black market threw a rail system that runs threw uzbekistan and a few other near by countries.

But this is what it really was about and its time some facts came out about this. Israel wanted some technology Russia was working on at the time and never got it there were two things they wanted.

First was something called the hellfire missle.
Second was a top secret project the russians will denigh making called a softball nuke.

Its a nuclear weapon the size of a softball. The hellfire was made to travel past 3000 miles why staying under radar and flying as low as 10 feet above sea level and still being acurate to hit its targets.

The hellfire also had the ablity according to what I understand to house around 50 to 100 mirv's in a single warhead. In 2003 after russia found out about bush confiscating gold that was surpose to be a deal between saddam and russia to hide saddam before the war and russia found out the gold was stolden they sold Iran two LWNR's.

Both of the LWNR's were +25 years old and even hanz blix before he was blackmailed by the powers that be knew Iran couldnt manufacture nuclear weapons for at least 7 years and this by the way was under the following.

Iran would have to import scienists to do so and they would have to sell there oil on the blackmarket to get enough money to be able to start to refine enough material to make a bomb with in 7 years.

Iran doesnt need to do that anyway they have passive radar systems that were given to them by israel and russia in case of a united states invasion. Thats one of the reason's why people now retired from the armed services without naming names warned about not attacking iran.

Korea got sold stealth tech from israel after the united states gave them stealth tech when bill clinton was still in office this by the way was still around the time that the rail gun tech was stolden from the united states lab's. The reason why Russia and China wanted to take down U.S. sattlites was so that they could be able to whipe out the last remining U.S. troups in bagdad.

I have always felt that Korea was to be the launch point to get the United States and Russia and China into a war. I thought it was India and Pakistan at first when they first started firing off missles after the expiring of the ABMT. This might be why Isreal gave stealth tech to korea.

I heard rumors of a stealth missle possibly being devolped in korea but I never had any solid evidnece of it. Anna Politkovskaya knew about the israel connection to the murder of the russian defense minister in 2002 time frame.

She also knew about the hellfire missle, the loss of the 100 suit case nukes and she knew about the trade routes of illegal weapons and the ties to the Oil for Food Scandal as it relates to Oil for Food, Drugs for Food, and Weapons for food in the form of United Nations Food Supplys.

If you wanted to know a few reasons why she got murdered there's your likely answers. There are other things here that are important but it can wait for another day.


posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 04:19 PM

DOE later tried to cover it up saying it didn't happen but the story was true. Russia for years has sold it's weapons on the black market threw a rail system that runs threw uzbekistan and a few other near by countries.

I thought russia would do that. You can't just let cold war nuclear arms collect dust. So what does that mean specifically?

About 100 Suitcase nukes are missing, potentionally having a blast radius of a mile or 2 probably then a fallout radious of another 40-50miles?

If al queda or someone else(terrorist faction/covert US military operations) they could be used to push the bush adgenda forward.

This was definately a murder if all your facts are straight. What did she know about the 100 suitcase nukes?

If that information died with her, so are innocent people.

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 04:40 PM
She died after the Defense Minister told her about the missing nukes. He instructed her put out the information because he knew KGB or some other force was going to murder him and he died. Shortly after the Defense Minister died Anna went public.

DOE found some of them but not all of them because the transponders that were in the nukes were removed. Russian Intelligence has been silent about this incident sense it was first found out about around 2002 / 2003. DOE knows because they tried to recover them I dont remember what happened after that.

Most of the 100 that were taken were 1950's and 70's style but a few from what I understand around 17 or 18 of them were recently made as in post 1980. DOE tried to recover them but I dont know how many they got only the DOE knows that and they wont talk to many people about this.

My understanding was that Russia and a few others were blackmailing each other post september 11th with some of these nukes placed in for instance the bottem of banks in N.Y. city for political blackmail and the removal of funds being held by the United States.

People might recall what happened around the 2003 power blackout and how the Saudis tried to pull there money out of wall street because there money was being used to prop up the war in Iraq. I have a theory and that's all it is. The gold that was taken out of the world trade center days or the day of the attacks is still in the United States.

I am close to figuring a few more things out on that avenue. My current theory is people in the caryle group and members of the bush adminstration used september 11th to steal the gold out of the world trade centers day's before the attack and is still using that gold for political blackmail.

I believe the gold is still in the United States. The Saudis Probley knew what happened by 2003 and tried to pull there money to get bush and associates to turn over there money bush stold out of the world trade center.

This would explain why the Saudis have a 50 million dollar bounty on Rumsfeld and Cheney each total of 100 million dollars for who ever takes them out. This would also explain that large amount of gold that was mysteriously sold to Africa in 2003 time frame in the area of "tons of gold".

What I think happened is members in africa were blackmailed by bush to pay more money to get back there gold that orginally belonged to them and that would explain the mis accounted for funds in the IMF world bank statement showing africa shortfalls.

Most people will remember the U.S. dollar was close to colapse on wall street and then we went into iraq to exchage Iraq currency with the U.S. dollar. This was also because Iraq was rumored to start using the Denar or gold backed based currency.

Im still looking into it.


posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 07:00 PM
It seems anna stumbled across the same thing I did no wonder she's dead. In 2003 I tracked down money laundering taking place inside of Yukos Oil Company. What happened was this, Leonid Nevzlin who was second in command at yukos oil company stold all the shares of Yukos Oil Company in 2003.

Shortly after that he flead to isreal, what I didnt know was this connection with the russian specialist on the helichopper.

Yukos colapsed as a result of Leonid stealing the shares and takeing them to Tel Aviv Russia from what I understand lost billions. These shares must have been used as blackmail to try to get russia to turn over the softball's and hellfire that israel wanted so badly sense 2002.

No wonder they so pissed. I dont yet know what anna knew before she died they only thing I know is she had "new information" that's all that anyone knows russia is trying to keep a lid on this what ever it was it was secret.

Related News Story.

Russia is more then likely wondering what happened to there money and they tortured anna's sources to get them to turn over the information when they didn't they must have killed anna knowing she wouldn't turn over the information.

As a long standing member of ats and having dealt with people around the world in these matter I will get to the bottom of this case. I am no fan of russians however as journalist to me a journalist being in the know makes you one of the people I have delt with anna I will find your killer you have my word.


posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 08:23 PM
You have voted falcon for the Way Above Top Secret award

You get it because you are saying all the things that many try to hide, and many know but cannot tell...

Gold, nuclear weapons and drugs / weapons/ cash for oil - its a dirty world, and digging for the truth is some times very, very dangerous.

This has gone into my favorites.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 07:23 AM
More on the possible motive for anna’s death.

Oil/Drugs/Weapons/ exc exc.

Oil food started with the exposer of Yukos Oil Company who’s shares were ripped off by Leonid Nevzlin a now famous Israeli spy tied to the mossad. This was first discovered around 2002 at least dealing with missing money the facts didn’t come out until around July to November of 2003.

I think anna died for this.

Southeastern Anatolian Project

Oil Deals being made by Russia / China and the Netherlands. With Texas and Chevron Oil having direct ties to it. Russia knew in 2002 / 2003 they had been screwed over by Haliburton, Richard Cheney and the Bush Administration including Chevron Oil Company. This so called new oil discovery in the gulf of mexico is a cover for the real deal about what was done to saddam after the first gulf war.

The united states could not get a oil deal with saddam so they did two things. Oil for food in this case Drugs for oil hidden in United Nations Food Packets along with weapons for oil along with food for oil on the black market when Iraq was under U.N. Sanctions. To cover up the evidence of Oil for food the United States invades Iraq to cover up that evidence and gulf war 1 weapons sales to Iran.

The second deal was for oil why one secret was going on with Oil for food another deal was made without the knowledge of saddam in this case the drilling sideways into Iraq to steal the oil from Kuwait. Same blood in the same mud nothing has changed anna more then likely knew about the future plans and to get her out of the way and to keep it from coming out they killed her over these plans.

Sense 2001 and a little bit before from what I understand Russia and China both have been hitting the united states with massive hack attacks this one recent today.

In 2003 Sasser and Netsky were traced to china and having ties to being developed in Russia both computer virus’s designed to penetrate U.S. banking computers. Again we have Russia and China looking for there money. They clearly haven’t found it yet because the attacks are still occurring.

When I looked into Wayne Madsen’s reports of data thefts at first it looked like a phishing expedition and after careful analysis without getting into too much detail these are focused attack’s on specific people.

Univ. of Texas, San Antonio was recently broken into and it’s all starting to make sense this is what they were after.

Here is the pre plan to take over the middle east oil fields drawn up years ago.

This is about water because you have to have water to pump oil. And to look where the most water comes from or at least the most accessible is turkey.< br />
CNPC is the China National Petroleum Corporation who just made a deal with russia threw a company called Gazprom.


Black Sea Map

Russia Missles found outside of ISI.

What’s in turkey? Water! You need water to pump it into the ground to get “oil”
According to some of the news stories Russia want’s to build a pipe line to Bulgaria. The Caspian sea basin is right next to Azerbaijan. As shown here.

Who do we see? Big oil companies russia is building a pipe line to Bulgaria so russia can do the same thing bush sr. did in the first gulf war. Drill sideways to get to the oil or water im not sure but a few things will solve this mystery real quick.

Evidence:< br />
What ever is at this pumping station will answer a lot of questions in fact it’s a good starting point. If we start checking every single pumping station in turkey along this river sooner or later we are going to find the answer. Where ever the water is being pumped too will establish motive for anna’s death.

This below water way is the start of the eufrates river, Bozova is a town located right next this water way.

At some point in turkey someone has to be stealing the water to pump future oil we find that we find our next clue. But the most important thing to remember is that during the start of this Iraq war everyone but Haliburton got screwed out of there oil deals. This would explain a few things why russia and china want a separate pipeline not associated with the caspian sea area.

Russia and China make there own deal because bush is not delivering on iraq promises to get oil to china. They are having a problem with iran so they make a back up plan. Originally the road map to peace was left in a Chicago hotel room when tommy franks and others were there in trying to prop up john ashcrofts patriot act.

The road map to peace of as most people no know is nothing more then Iraq with a bunch of oil pipelines drawn threw it. Pre drawn up by Haliburton and big oil before the war in Iraq. One of the only people that ever got a copy of this was greg palast of the bbc.

Palast gets threatened according to him: “Forget the orange suit. Exxon Mobil Corporation, which admits it was behind the criminal complaint brought by Homeland Security against me and television producer Matt Pascarella, has informed me that the oil company will no longer push charges that Pascarella and I threatened “critical infrastructure.”

Oil motivated a attempted arrest of palast.

Something Exxon Mobil was working on or up to they couldn’t afford to have exposed with is another place to look to figure this all out.


posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 04:58 PM
Again we have a tie in with a connection with another murder this time a banker associated with anna's case according to this news story.

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