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Can Children See "Dead People"

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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by WestPoint23
And Marge that whole window thing, umm... you really think we have some special connection until we're three?

That is usually when children starts to adapt to the family environment and they start to form with the help of parents or guardians the basics for behavior they also learn what is considered right or wrong.

Many children's window stay open until later in life but they learn to keep it to themselves due to observation by adults around them and their reactions to what they say.

I was told to keep it to myself and pray to go away, also I grew up in a religious environment in which I was confuse and for a time the whole thing because tabu and bad because it was against my religious upbringing.

While my father would not have any of it, my mother try to help any way she could.

Is many factors that influence our behavior until as adult we pick and drop from lessons to make our own version of what is OK and not.

Val makes a great point about spirituality and the ability to recollect or bring back the ability that we lose as children.

Many will never see anything or remember anything because that is mean to be.

So is nothing wrong with been skeptical or not be able to see or remember anything from childhood.

I will tell you the problems my son had with that window, he used to described as a hole opening under his bed in the ceiling and on the walls.

He would scream because he said that it was trying to take him away.

Until he was about 11 he will run scared from his room because he could see people around his bed at night.

While my daughter was different she would see floating lights all over her room and she would not stand having dolls because she said that they will try to talk to her.

My son as an adult understand what is going on but he doesn't want anything of it, so he learned to block and forget.

My daughter says that she has not time to deal with that right now so she also has made a mental block of it.

People deal with certain things in a way that is comfortable for them, while others just spend their lifes trying to understand what it is all about and how it conflict with their religious believes learned by the environment and family also.

Others never understand and become mental unstable.

In my case I deal with it, my memories are fine, just getting fuzzy now as I get older.

I only talk about it when I feel is ok to do so like in this thread and a few others.

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by WestPoint23

Originally posted by Valhall
Yes, I believe children see much more than we see. And I have several anecdotes to supply if you are interested.

Please do, I'm always interested to learn new things. And Marge that whole window thing, umm... you really think we have some special connection until we're three?

1976 - my grandfather died. I had a nephew at the time who was 2 years old (so this would have been his great-grandfather who died). Of course, my sister (his mother) didn't say anything about the death to him, and did not take him to the funeral but got childcare when she and her husband went. That night she had him laying in his bed and was putting his night clothes on and he started pointing up in the air and laughing. My sister asked him what he was laughing about and he said "PAPA - angel!"

1993 - my daughter was about 4 years old. She is an artist and started drawing fairly detailed pictures very early. One day she came in to me and my mother as we were visiting at the kitchen table with this big picture from the drawing pad. It had a circle of people holding hands with another littler person in the middle, and a man sitting on a big chair (kind of like a throne - in fact, he looked like a king) at the top of the picture. She brings it in, and as usual I asked her to tell me about it (because you learn real fast as a parent it's not wise to try to guess, they'll get pissed when you get it wrong). She pointed to the circle of people holding hands and said they were angels and that that was her in the middle before they brought her to our house. She said another boy named Michael was taken to a gray house. I asked who it was on the chair - she said it was God.

1998 - my husband's youngest daughter was 4 at the time. He had taken them to Wal Mart and was walking through the parking lot toward their car. His daughter kept turning around and looking back at the building. Finally he said, "What are you looking at?" and she said "The man sitting on top of the building. The man that looks like a bird." There wasn't anybody on top of the building (as far as he could tell

2003 - I moved into this house and around June of that year my grandson, who was 2 at the time, was playing in the middle of the living room. Me, my son and my daughter were sitting on the couches watching him. He looked over me and my son's heads toward the side door and waved and smiled real big and then all of sudden busted out bawling- very much like the original poster was trying to describe...with a frightened look on his face and just crying his heart out. He ran over to my son and it took about 5 minutes to get him calmed down. My daughter was sitting sideways to the door he was looking at and kept looking over to try to see what he was waving at - there was nothing there (as far as she could tell
). He also would not go upstairs alone...but then again, my house is spooked, so, if you can see things, it might be disturbing.

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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:52 AM
You have watched the 6th sense one to many times perhaps?

Good movie though...



posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 11:06 AM
I say YES with out a doubt they can or some can. My son was born @ 1 pound 12 ounces 3 months early and almost died several times. He has been surrounded by mystery every since then, One of the biggest things is how he talks to me of my grandfather who died 2 yrs before he was born.
He has never been told a shred of information about him but when he was 4 1/2 yrs old he managed to tell me all about my grandfather that visits him and has even taken him on a snowmobile ride describing the model snowmobile ride right to the T and it was my grandfathers snowmobile he had back in 1985 for 2-3 yrs my son was born in 2001.

so dont let know one tell you it is impossible because it is they either havent experienced it themselves or refuse to accept the possibility.
I could tell ya alot more about what my son has seen, said amd done however i dont have time right now but if i can later i will get back on here and see how this thread has worked out.

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